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Chapter 229 – Asura Sec

Martial Peak
     Hearing all this, Yang Kai’s expression sank as he secretly regretted his own careless actions; uncertain if anyone else had observed this scene. If they had, it would likely lead to something troublesome.

    How could he have known that a trivial healing pill had actually become a rare and valuable treasure?

    “Brother Chen, can you come here for a moment?” Wu Cheng Yi suddenly called out, which prompted Chen Xue Shu to whisper to Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, please wait a moment, I’ll be right back.”

    “En.” Yang Kai simply nodded.

    After Chen Xue Shu left, Yang Kai looked around and found that many people were staring at him with great interest.

    This group of people had not seen a new face for a very long time. They had long since thought that the scattered Great Han Dynasty cultivators had all died, but now, seeing this unfamiliar Yang Kai, naturally their curiosity was piqued, especially since it seemed Yang Kai was alone. They could not understand how a single person could escape the grasp of the Tian Lang Dynasty cultivators.

    Yang Kai also swept his eyes over the crowd and received a slight nod from the four Ten Thousand Flower Palace girls.

    These four girls had entered Nether Mountain together with Yang Kai, and although they had not spoken, they had once traveled and faced danger together, so naturally they were more comfortable with each other.

    Yang Kai smiled in return.

    While observing this group, two people suddenly stood up and walked over, led by an exceptionally beautiful woman. She had a tall stature and wore a tight fitting green dress, which completely outlined her enchanting body. Her full breasts and well-rounded bottom were naturally highlighted along with her slender legs and fully exposed lotus like arms. Her skin resembled a pure white jade-like crystal, sparkling like fine porcelain tinged with a slight seductive luster. Even her delicate fingers, adorned with a bright red nail polish, seemed to enhance her charm. She was no doubt an alluring beauty.

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    However, what drew everyone’s attention the most was no doubt this woman’s towering pair of trembling breasts, full and shapely, exquisite in every way. Among the women Yang Kai had met, only Lan Chudie could possibly be compared with her.

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    She exuded a mature and dangerous charm, like a beautiful snake charming its prey. Leisurely standing there, her pair of spring-like eyes stared towards Yang Kai, a meaningful smile adorning her seductive lips.

    Behind her followed a towering bear of a man, a proud tiger like presence with an exceptionally sturdy figure. His stature was several times more grand than anyone else there, and he stood with a cold, indifferent face completing his imposing look. A ten centimeter scar adorned his cheek. All around, his domineering physique gave him a murderous appearance. His eyes sparked with lightning and revealed a kind of frigid and ruthless taste.

    Whether it was the woman or the man, both of them gave off a kind of savage bloody aura.

    Su Xiao Yu wrinkled her brow, “Are they coming to us?”

    “Apparently.” Yang Kai also frowned. He had found that this glamorous woman had actually been staring at him for a while before deciding to come over.

    “Junior Brother Yang, do you know them?” Su Xiao Yu asked somewhat puzzled.

    Yang Kai shook his head in a confused manner. He had never met these two before, and although Ling Tai Xu had previously informed him about the majority of the Sect’s present and the strength of their disciples, the lake was simply too large. So for the people occupying the opposite shore, Ling Tai Xu could not provide any information, so Yang Kai really didn’t even know where these two had come from much less who they were.

    “Perhaps it’s because… they saw you take out those healing pills?” Su Xiao Yu’s expression suddenly changed.

    Yang Kai’s face also became heavy, secretly becoming angered.

    “Junior Brother Yang, you must not argue with them, the two of them are very strong!” Su Xiao Yu quickly warned, a trace of worry appearing on her face.

    “I’ll try.” Yang Kai nodded slightly. After all, in the current situation, he did not want to start a conflict with the people here. If he suddenly became enemies with these two, then he would inevitably be seen as an enemy by everyone here, and if that happened, a bad ending was destined. However, if someone insisted on bullying him, Yang Kai wouldn’t show any weakness.

    As the hot glamorous woman and the cold towering man came over to him, all other eyes in the group turned towards them. They all wanted to know what this seemingly lascivious woman intended to do.

    After a moment, the woman came up to Yang Kai and carefully looked over him. Without so much as a word, the man behind her also observed him intensely, his cold pair of eyes, like razor sharp swords, stared at him, as if to look directly into Yang Kai’s heart and soul.

    Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning, “Do you two need something?”

    The woman did not answer but instead continued looking at him seriously, and slowly leaned towards him. Her mouth still showed a pleasant smile while her beautiful face came right up next to Yang Kai’s and breathed in gently through her delicate nose.

    Yang Kai’s face was now completely flabbergasted.

    Although he did not feel the slightest murderous or malicious intent from this woman, her current actions left him and everyone else around him scratching their heads.

    However, the woman completely ignored all of these stares and, like a playful little puppy, kept sniffing around Yang Kai’s body. A few strands of her hair brushed past his neck and cheeks and tickled him in more ways than one.

    Her own alluring scent wafted into Yang Kai’s nose, a strange mix of flowers and feminine sweat, which simulated a strange sense of arousal.

    With her deep open collar, the sight of a deep and uncharted valley sandwiched between her breathtaking snow white mountains was firmly imprinted into Yang Kai’s eyes.

    Facing such a fantastical scene, Yang Kai could not help swallowing, his throat was now completely parched.

    “Hey … what are you doing!?” Su Xiao Yu finally recovered from her shock and cried out, her cheeks a deep shade of crimson, as her pulse racing rapidly.

    This woman’s actions… she was blatantly teasing him! Other than those who were in meditative recovery, everyone present felt like their hearts had suddenly sped up, not to mention Su Xiao Yu, this young innocent girl.

    She was sitting next to Yang Kai, so the view she saw was clearer than anyone else.

    The sound of men swallowing their saliva came from all directions, and many of these young cultivators hearts burned with jealousy. Since they had assembled together each of them had fantasised about this woman’s full enchanting breasts, but because of the towering presence of the man behind her none of them had dared to act presumptuously.

    They had not even gotten the chance to speak with her so how could they possibly be able to get so close to her?

    But now this woman seemed to have taken a strong interest towards Yang Kai’s body, not even waiting for permission to get close to him. The scene that played out before them was simply too hot and spicy, especially in this crisis filled place right after a fierce battle, everyone’s blood was already boiling.

    “Girl, you…” Yang Kai’s whole body felt uncomfortable. Although he was certain she had no harmful intent, this woman was just too strange. They had never met before yet she was openly being so intimate, and it was completely baffling.

    “Shh…” The woman smiled even more sweetly as she stretched out a jade-like finger, and gently pressed it onto Yang Kai’s lips, which instantly suppressed his question.

    She then continued to sniff him unscrupulously as Yang Kai turned bright red all the way to his ears.

    “Mmm… Junior Brother Yang!” Su Xiao Yu finally could not stand it and swiftly delivered a kick to Yang Kai’s backside.

    “Hahaha…” Seeing this scene, the woman suddenly giggled happily before looking straight at Yang Kai. Her delicate beautiful face gradually showed a puzzled expression and gazed at him as if in some kind of trance. Her big wet eyes clearly flashing a confused light.

    “What do you think?” The woman suddenly looked back at her towering companion.

    “A thick, bloody, murderous aura!” The man obviously treated his words like gold and offered only this comment.

    “En.” The woman nodded slightly then suddenly laughed while putting on a warm smile, “Little Brother don’t be alarmed, it’s just because we Senior Sister and Junior Brother pair felt a sense of intimacy with you that we’ve acted so forward.”

    “Hmph!” Su Xiao Yu gave a firm snort before turning her head.

    She obviously did not believe these naive words.

    Of course, Yang Kai did not believe them either.

    Seeing his reaction, the woman still just laughed, “I know this reason is not very convincing, but I truly am not lying to you, in fact, I do not understand why I have this feeling either.”

    “Ah right, my name is Ye Qing Si and this is my Junior Brother Zhou Ba!”

    “Yang Kai!”

    “So you are Junior Brother Yang …” Ye Qing Si smiled warmly, a carefree expression upon her face, like a gentle autumn breeze. She quickly followed up, “We Senior Sister and Junior Brother are from the Endless Sea Islands, Asura Sect, I’m afraid Junior Brother Yang may not have heard of it.”

    Yang Kai’s face twitched imperceptibly before he quickly hid his reaction. He now understood why this woman had suddenly come up to him and acted so familiar.

    Endless Sea Islands Asura Sect! A first-class great force!

    Since the two of them were elite disciples from the Asura Sect, they had certainly cultivated their Sects most profound Secret Arts, and the Asura Sect’s Hallowed Treasure, the Asura Sword, at the moment, lay refined inside his body. Perhaps they had vaguely sensed its presence.

    No wonder she said they felt a sense of intimacy! Knowing this, Yang Kai did not dare to show any outward signs. Right now, these two felt a sense of intimacy with him, but if they knew the Asura Sect Sacred Treasure was in his possession, that intimacy would immediately become murderous intent.

    Of this he had no doubt.

    Pretending to be ignorant, Yang Kai put on a puzzled expression and asked, “Endless Sea Islands?”

    Ye Qing Si nodded, “At the Southernmost end of the Great Han Dynasty lays The Endless Sea and within that sea there are many Sects. Junior Brother Yang comes from deep inland, so it’s reasonable you don’t know about us.”

    “Is it only for you who have come here?” Yang Kai showed interest in a timely manner. He was actually quite interested in this point, seeing how he had many other Hallowed Treasures on him right now.

    Ye Qing Si laughed, “A few people came from Gemini Island, but only one that is left now is that guy over there!”

    Done with the explanation she lightly pointed out this person.

    Yang Kai casually glanced over, and his nerves settled greatly. Thankfully, no one from the Falling Blossom Temple had come, or else they would likely show intimacy towards him for no reason as well, which would force him to explain himself.

    “Where does Junior Brother Yang come from?” Ye Qing Si inquired. It was clear that the doubts in her mind had not yet been dispelled.

    For no apparent reason a complete stranger produced a sense of intimacy with both Senior Sister and Junior Brother, naturally, they would be curious.

    “High Heaven Pavilion.” He replied, and in an attempt to not conceal his origins he gave a plausible explanation, “Perhaps because my Secret Art and Martial Skills emphasize slaughtering intent, and because, in this isolated world, I have been stained with a lot of blood, you two have produced a sense of intimacy with me.”

    “Perhaps so.” Ye Qing Si slightly pursed her lips and slightly nodded before returning to her friendly demeanor, “Well, even if we’ve met by chance, Junior Brother Yang should act with us; don’t worry, just stick by Elder Sister’s side and I’ll protect you, hahaha…”

    “Thank you for your kind intentions.” Yang Kai quickly began pondering how to say he wanted to leave, but then he saw Wu Cheng Yi and Chen Xue Shu coming towards him.

    “Enough with the idle chatter!” Wu Cheng Yi said with a serious face and walked up to Yang Kai while looking down at him, “I heard Brother Chen say you’re a disciple from High Heaven Pavilion, correct?”

    Yang Kai frowned, slightly unhappy with Wu Cheng Yi’s domineering attitude, his overbearing and arrogant tone indicating that no dissent would be tolerated.

    “That’s right,” Yang Kai decided to play along and nodded for now.