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Chapter 239 – The Situation is Changing too Fas

Martial Peak
     Yang Kai squatted down and stared at her leisurely before asking, “You’re really willing to obey me?”

    Zi Mo quickly nodded, the pain she was experiencing from having her Soul tortured made death seem preferable to life, but she was unable to resist; such torture was impossible for anyone to resist, it had nothing to do with her will or determination, it was simply that Yang Kai had been too ruthless.

    “You swear not to disobey me later?” Yang Kai stretched out a hand and lifted her chin, his eyes staring into hers maliciously.

    Zi Mo desperately squeezed out a smile on her tear stained face, “I swear not to disobey you!”

    Yang Kai smiled viciously as he stretched out a finger, gently pushing it into Zi Mo’s small red mouth and probing around, provoking her sweet tongue.

    Zi Mo stared at him wide eyed, but did not dare reveal the slightest dissatisfaction, quickly fixing her expression and then obediently using her snake like tongue to accept Yang Kai’s finger, passionately licking and sucking it.

    Her skills were outstanding, or else it would have been impossible for her to make Leng Shan lose control of herself as she teased her. Rolling her tongue around his finger, sometimes tightly, sometimes loosely, it only took a moment before she became wet with excitement, her breathing becoming ragged as she let out a perfectly timed seductive moan.

    Leng Shan quickly turned her head and cursed under her breath, “Shameless!”

    Yang Kai looked up at her and sneered, pulling back his finger from Zi Mo’s mouth and wiping it on her clothes before ruthlessly pinching her cheek, causing her eyes to tear up again as she put on a pouting look while staring at him.

    “I know you’re only acting, but your expression is still good!” Yang Kai continued to mock her.

    Zi Mo simply laughed, “We Tian Lang Dynasty women worship strength above all else. You are strong, so my being attracted to you is normal!”

    “My Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage strength is considered powerful?” Yang Kai laughed dismissively.

    Zi Mo’s smiling face twitched, but she quickly managed to recover, “Your realm isn’t everything, and you are still so young. With enough time, you will definitely be stronger than anyone else!”

    “Hahaha! You speak well!! I like it!” Yang Kai laughed as he stood, ordering her, “Get up!”

    “Yes!” Zi Mo stood up as well and quietly tidied her clothes.

    In front of Leng Shan and Jin Hao, she acted like a master, but in front of Yang Kai, she became an obedient servant, not daring to act out.

    Having tasted such torture, Zi Mo was determined not to experience it again.

    Finished with Zi Mo, Yang Kai turned his attention to Leng Shan and smiled pleasantly. Leng Shan’s expression was quite unnatural, a strange mix of embarrassment, anger, humiliation and unwillingness.

    Not to mention her past grievances with Yang Kai, her betraying him just now was more than enough to sentence her to death.

    The person she took the initiative to sell out now had the power to decide if she lived or died.

    As the saying goes, the river flows thirty years to the east, then thirty years to the west, but thirty years will pass with a simple snap of the finger.

    (PewPew: Life always had its twists and turns and was filled with impermanence)

    (LZM: I think I heard somewhere that it’s also saying don’t pick on young people, because before you know it they might have an advantage over you.)

    Zi Mo looked at Yang Kai, and then at Leng Shan, before coldly whispering, “Do you want her life? I can easily let her die!”

    Zi Mo was a smart woman; naturally she could see the murderous intent in Yang Kai’s eyes.

    Leng Shan’s expression instantly sank as she hurriedly taking a few steps back, warily watching Yang Kai and Zi Mo, her face filled with resolve.

    If Yang Kai really wanted her dead, Leng Shan would definitely launch a desperate counterattack.

    But after moment of silence, Yang Kai shook his head. Leng Shan could not help breathing a sigh of relief, glancing towards Yang Kai in confusion before asking, “Why?”

    “Why what?” Yang Kai said impatiently.

    “Why are you letting me go?” Leng Shan could not suppress the doubt in her heart. “Our elders have grievances, there is also resentment between us, and I do not believe you are such a good man to let me go now that my life is within your grasp!”

    “Actually, I am a very kind man, isn’t that reason enough?” Yang Kai laughed pleasantly.

    Zi Mo nearly collapsed while Leng Shan also contemptuously sneered, retorting, “If you are really such a kind man, you should order her to remove the Soul Controlling Inset from me! You say you won’t kill me now, but you still hold the power to decide my life or death, is that something a good man would do?”

    “What qualifies you to question me?” Yang Kai sneered. “Are you, a Ghost King Valley Evil Sect disciple, a good person?”

    Leng Shan scoffed, “I never said I was!”

    “You have a sharp ivory tongue!” Yang Kai coughed before glancing at Zi Mo, ordering her, “Take your insect out of her, so she’ll know what a real good man is like.”

    Zi Mo’s body twitched as she stared at Yang Kai in disbelief, she had never dreamt that this kid would make such a decision.

    [Is he a moron? Without the Soul Controlling Insect, how does he plan to control this woman?]

    Even Leng Shan was stunned for a moment when she heard this sentence, but a burst of joy surfaced in her eyes immediately after.

    “Don’t make me repeat myself!” Yang Kai glared coldly at Zi Mo, the latter only able to wryly smile as she walked over to Leng Shan, her heart filled with a feeling of defeat.

    She and Leng Shan had a major difference, although Leng Shan and this youth had their grudges, in the end, they were both Great Han Dynasty cultivators, so in these circumstances they really should band together.

    “You’re lucky!” Zi Mo whispered to her, her voice filled with envy, before stretched out her hand and resting it on Leng Shan’s abdomen, concentrating her will while pushing her Yuan Qi.

    After a moment, Leng Shan complexion went white as she made a vomiting sound, spitting out an insect from her mouth.

    Zi Mo quickly put away her insect while Leng Shan could no longer endure, rushing to the side and vomiting non-stop.

    After she wiped her mouth she walked back slowly, her face filled with a complex expression as she looked at Yang Kai.

    Having suddenly regained her freedom, she was both surprised and confused.

    “Did you kill Jin Hao?” After a moment of silence, Leng Shan asked.

    “Yes!” Yang Kai nodded. “If you want to take revenge, I can give you a chance.”

    “I won’t seek vengeance for that bastard!” Leng Shan slowly shook her head, a vicious glint suddenly flashing across her eyes as she shot a palm towards Yang Kai, coldly smiling, “But I still do not believe you will really set me free!”

    A ghastly howling face appeared from her palm, directly burrowing into Yang Kai’s body.

    It was the Ghost King Valley’s ultimate secret skill, Ghost King Seal!

    Zi Mo’s expression sank as she stepped towards Leng Shan, but Yang Kai simply raised his hand to stop her.

    “You…” Leng Shan hurriedly retreated, staring at Yang Kai in shock, when someone was possessed by the Ghost King Seal, it was normally impossible for them to control their own actions; the remnant soul fragment’s resentment would first destroy a person’s sanity, and then occupy their body.

    Leng Shan’s understood her situation quite clearly. Inside this isolated world, riddled with danger, even if she had regained her freedom, she didn’t have much hope of survival, and if she encountered the other Tian Lang Dynasty cultivators, she would certainly either be killed or worse, enslaved again.

    Having considered all this, she decided it would be better to destroy Yang Kai’s consciousness and seize control of his body.

    Controlling Yang Kai was equivalent to controlling Zi Mo, which would give her enough capital to live.

    But now that her Ghost King Seal did not have any effect, how could she not be shocked?

    “You really aren’t a good woman!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. He had already seen through Leng Shan’s unwillingness and ambitions. His actions up till now were simply a ploy to get her to use her Ghost King Seal.

    “What did you do with my Ghost King Seal?” Leng Shan asked.

    “You want it back? Fine! Take it!” Yang Kai coldy snorted, that ghastly face suddenly escaping from his body, once again returning to Leng Shan.

    Leng Shan did not dare to remain any longer, quickly turning around and dashing into the jungle.

    Quietly watching this all happen from side, Zi Mo eventually couldn’t help but ask. “Are you really going to just let her go? She tried to kill you just now you know.”

    “Those who plot against me, always pay the price!” Yang Kai grinned maliciously, and as soon as his voice had faded, Leng Shan collapsed to the ground while howling miserably.

    Hearing this familiar sound, Zi Mo couldn’t help trembling.

    Just now, she had experienced this very same torture, the unbearable pain was enough to make one beg for death while being completely helpless to resist. But this time she had only become a spectator.

    [How the hell did he do it?!] Zi Mo was utterly confused.

    The torture Leng Shan suffered was far more miserable than what Zi Mo had endured. It was only after a full stick of incense that she stop screaming, but that was only because Leng Shan had completely pass out.

    Yang Kai coldly ordered. “Bring her back here!”

    “Yes!” Zi Mo quickly went forward, picked up the unconscious Leng Shan, and carried her back. As she looked down at Leng Shan’s sweat drenched body, Zi Mo could not help giving birth to a feeling of camaraderie.

    (Silavin: Hahahaha! I lost myself here.)

    “I’m going to recover, do not disturb me.” Yang Kai walked to the side, saw cross-legged, and began to meditate.

    Half a day later, Leng Shan slowly woke up, but just as she did, she began screaming again, falling into a coma shortly after.

    Seeing this sent a chill down Zi Mo’s back, prompting her to serve Yang Kai even more carefully. She now knew just how ruthless this young man was, even against a woman. She and Leng Shan were both first-class beauties, but he still did not hesitate in the slightest to submit them to inhuman torture when they defied him.

    (Rosy: only an idiot would be caught up with your looks)

    (LZM: You overestimate some men)

    (Silavin: it goes both ways)

    Such a person was too terrible.

    He was simply a cold-blooded monster!

    One day later, Leng Shan woke up again, but this time Yang Kai no longer tormented her.

    After all, she was still just a True Element Boundary cultivator who hadn’t yet opened her Knowledge Sea and was unable to cultivate her Soul. If he kept torturing her like he had, she really would become disabled.

    Leng Shan looked towards the distant cross-legged Yang Kai, still filled with lingering fear.

    It was only after Zi Mo spent most of the day persuading her that she finally walked over to Yang Kai, her lips still trembling, her face still drained of blood, giving off the feeling of someone afraid to even breathe too loudly.

    Although before she had been under Zi Mo’s control, ultimately it was only an insect inside her body which could threaten her. But now? Her very soul was being controlled; this High Heaven Pavilion disciple only needed a single thought to let her suffer endless torment or even just drop dead.

    She had just escaped from the wolf’s den, only to fall into the tiger’s! Leng Shan couldn’t help feeling a sense of despair.

    *fff…* Yang Kai breathed out, completely aware of the two women before him, but choosing to maintain his meditation, pretending not to notice them, curious to see what actions they would take while his guard completely down.

    After a while, he was quite satisfied with the test results, whether it was Zi Mo or Leng Shan, both of them were now very well-behaved, not daring to take the slightest aggressive action.

    Finally opening his eyes, he first looked towards Leng Shan, causing her to retreat backwards until Zi Mo caught her.

    “Quickly apologize!” Zi Mo gently pushed Leng Shan forward, softly encouraging her, her own mood somewhat complex at the moment.

    Leng Shan’s face flashed a trace of humiliation as she gently bit her lip, timidly looking up at Yang Kai before quickly avoiding his eyes again.

    “If you hesitate again I won’t help you anymore!” Zi Mo was somewhat annoyed with her, but as a fellow woman, how could she stand by and do nothing? Even if they were women, they needed to act like a man and be resilient and adaptive to the situation.

    (Silavin: So strange… when someone gets hurt with you, you form a bond with them… it does happen all the time in RL but nonetheless, it is still strange… I get why people feel this way and it leaves a bitter-sweet sensation in me.)

    Leng Shan was truly unwilling, standing there silently.

    Yang Kai simply kept a light grin on his face while he stared at her.

    “I was wrong…” After a long time, Leng Shan finally managed to speak, her words almost inaudible while her two hands gripped her dress, thoroughly embarrassed.

    Yang Kai simply continued watching her, saying nothing.

    Leng Shan grit her teeth, obviously suffering greatly, until finally Zi Mo lightly sighed, “She understands her mistake, from now on she won’t dare act against you. Come on now, don’t cry.”

    While speaking up for Leng Shan, Zi Mo reached out and gently wiped her eyes.