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Chapter 405 – Give Me An Explanation

Martial Peak
     In the study, the Yang Family Fourth Master was sitting behind his desk while Dong Su Zhu stood nearby, but in addition, there was also a man and a woman sitting nearby. The male was burly while the woman was refined, it was the two Blood Warriors who had escorted Yang Kai back to the Central Capital, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian.

    When they saw Yang Kai walk in they quickly got up from their chairs and cupped their fists to him, “Little Lord!”

    Yang Kai smiled in response, “Sit down.”

    Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both took a seat once again but when they looked at Yang Kai they couldn’t help feeling amazed. They quickly discovered that Yang Kai had actually broken through again to reach the True Element Boundary Eighth Stage.

    [How long has it been since the last time? Wasn’t it less than two months ago that he had his last breakthrough? Isn’t this cultivation speed a bit too unreasonable?]

    When Yang Kai had broken through to the True Element Seventh Stage, they were also present. At that time, all of them had just met for the first time. At that point, the two Blood Warriors only thought that the Little Lord’s aptitude wasn’t bad, now it appeared that it was far more than just ‘not bad’.

    But if so, why was it rumored that he only managed to last half a day in the Dragon Transformation Pond? Thinking about all of this, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both secretly shook their heads, more and more feeling like they couldn’t understand the Little Lord.

    “Kai’er, you sit too,” The Yang Family Fourth Master quickly said, “There are some things we need to discuss with you.”

    “En.” Seeing his father’s serious expression, Yang Kai also realized that something was unusual and promptly sat down with Dong Su Zhu.

    Once everyone was seated again, silence filled the room. Yang Ying Feng’s brow furrowed after a while and finally said, “First off, let me tell you that yesterday, the Elder Hall released an edict about the upcoming Inheritance War. It’s good news, for this Inheritance War, the Blood Warrior Hall will be involved!”

    Yang Kai’s brow lifted slightly, a light smile appearing on his face.

    The Blood Warrior Hall was the headquarters for all the Yang Family Blood Warriors. Each member was an elite amongst elite, all of them basically high-level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who could even fight against cultivators who exceeded them by a minor realm.

    With the participation of the Blood Warriors, it would be a lot easier to win the Inheritance War.

    “This is good news!” Yang Kai nodded happily, unable to understand why Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, even his father and mother all wore frowns.

    “It is indeed a good thing,” Yang Ying Feng nodded, “But the Elder Hall has also decreed that although the Blood Warriors will participate in the Inheritance War, their mission will be limited to safeguarding the security of the Young Lords and cannot be used for other matters.”

    Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled and thought for a moment before saying, “What that means is, they can only passively counterattack, and can’t take the initiative to attack, right?”

    “En, the Blood Warrior’s strength is too strong, if they were allowed to proactively attack, they could solve most opponents singlehandedly,” Yang Ying Feng nodded, “There is a concern that the Young Lords will rely too heavily on that power, which would run counter to the point of the Inheritance War.”

    “I understand,” Yang Kai nodded before smiling at Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, “What do we need to do in order to recruit help from the Blood Warriors?”

    The two Blood Warriors couldn’t help but marvel at Yang Kai’s insight to even be able to guess this. Yang Ying Feng also wore a proud grin, “The condition for obtaining a Blood Warrior is that you must deliver a certain amount of benefits to the family, for example, the Secret Arts and Martial Skills you learned in the Sect these past few years!”

    This was a thinly disguised order from the Elder Hall to the current generation of Yang Family children to turn over the secrets they had learned from the various Sects they had joined.

    This was something the family would do before every Inheritance War in order to collect various powerful methods and techniques.

    After so many years, the Yang Family’s collection of Martial Skills and Secret Arts had become extremely large. Regarding the sheer number of Martial Skills and Secret Arts, the Yang Family was indisputably ranked first, even the other seven families couldn’t compare with the Yang Family on this point.

    “The more things you contribute, the stronger and more powerful the Blood Warrior you can receive!”

    Although each Blood Warrior was very powerful, there were still differences in strength between them. Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were relatively powerful amongst the Blood Warrior Hall’s members, but above them there were a number of others who still exceeded them, the strongest of course having reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage.

    “Additionally, everyone may only receive two Blood Warriors!” Yang Ying Feng added.

    “Heh heh…” Yang Kai grinned, “Are you worried that I don’t have enough to exchange in order to receive two Blood Warriors?”

    Yang Ying Feng nodded lightly.

    Last time, Yang Kai had turned over a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill to gain sole possession of a Golden Feather Eagle from the family. In Yang Ying Feng’s mind, his son had only been outside for a few years, how much more besides that Mysterious Grade Martial Skill could he possibly have obtained?

    “You don’t have to worry about that, I’m already prepared,” Yang Kai smiled confidently. No one here was an outsider; there was no need to feign incompetence.

    Yang Ying Feng suddenly remembered the Myriad Drug Liquid, immediately wrinkling his brow, “Do you want to use that thing?”

    The Myriad Drug Liquid was too Heaven defying, if Yang Kai were to offer it, he would definitely be able to exchange it for the help of two Blood Warriors, but such a miraculous treasure wouldn’t be ignored by the family, which would in all likelihood bring Yang Kai a great deal of trouble. As a father, Yang Ying Feng was naturally worried.

    However, Yang Kai simply shook his head.

    Yang Ying Feng’s expression cramped, it wasn’t until this moment that he realized he had far underestimated his son’s harvest these past few years.

    Looking towards Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, Yang Kai smiled and said, “Tu Feng, Yu Xian, it seems that we’ll be working together once more.”

    Naturally he thought that the two Blood Warriors came here this time for this matter. When he returned to the Central Capital, Tu Feng and Yu Xian had already stated that if the family were to allow Blood Warriors to participate in the Inheritance War, they wished to serve Yang Kai.

    That day’s agreement still rang in his ears, Tu Feng and Yu Xian wouldn’t forget, Yang Kai obviously wouldn’t forget!

    Not it seemed the time had come to fulfil that pledge.

    But unexpectedly, after Yang Kai spoke these words, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian didn’t show the slightest joy, instead, their expressions were a mix of sadness and bitterness, both of them lowering their heads slightly, not daring to look at Yang Kai.

    The smile on Yang Kai’s face slowly sunk, his eyes gradually turned cold as he muttered under his breath, “Do you want to give me an explanation?”

    The looks on the two Blood Warrior’s faces already said a lot.

    However, neither Tu Feng nor Tang Yu Xian was the kind of person who would renege on a promise so although Yang Kai wasn’t very happy, he still wanted to hear what they had to say.

    Why did they have such bitter expressions? Why wouldn’t they meet his eyes?

    “Kai’er…” Yang Ying Feng called out lightly, calmly interjecting, “It’s not what you think, don’t misunderstanding.”

    Dong Su Zhu also hurriedly said, “Yes, son, don’t talk like this. In private I have a good friendship with Yu Xian. We often discuss about Martial Skills and cultivation techniques together. When I knew she was one of the pair which had brought you home this time I was very happy.”

    Noticing the cold anger on Yang Kai’s face, Dong Su Zhu couldn’t help feeling shocked, she had never see her son have such an expression, before he had been a clever and obedient son, now it seemed he had already matured into a young man.

    Seeing this look, Dong Su Zhu felt a little scared, knowing that her son had really grown up, with his own thoughts and opinions, along with times he would show happiness and anger.

    With both his parents speaking temperate words, Yang Kai’s sullen look relaxed slightly as he took a deep breath, “If I really had a misunderstanding, I would have sent them out rather than say anything.”

    Hesitating for a moment, he followed up, “But, I still want you to give me an explanation.”

    Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both smiled bitterly, exchanging a glance before slowly standing up, half kneeling on the ground before quickly saying, “It is not that I and Yu Xian don’t wish to serve the Young Lord. If it were possible, the two of us wished we could pledge out lives to the Little Lord, to follow you through from this day, till the end of our days!”

    These words were spoken with great conviction and resounding force, instantly setting off a violent storm in Yang Ying Feng’s heart!

    Tu Feng declared his intent to become his son’s servant!

    Tang Yu Xian also didn’t refute!

    The Blood Warrior Hall was a very special organization in the Yang Family. Being a Blood Warrior wasn’t just a title, it also was a representation of honour and loyalty, but that loyalty was always, always loyalty to the entire Yang Family, not one individual.

    Many years ago, when Yang Ying Feng returned from his outside life experience, the two Blood Warriors who escorted him had lukewarm attitudes towards him at best, the whole way home they had only thought about completing their mission.

    Not to mention that year, even until now the Yang Family Fourth Master had never received thoroughly respectful treatment from any Blood Warrior much less have a Blood Warrior show fealty to him.

    Something he was incapable of achieving, his son had easily done, how could Yang Ying Feng not be shocked?

    On the other hand, Yang Kai remained indifferent, showing neither haughtiness nor shame, as if this display couldn’t be any more normal. For a time, the Yang Family Fourth Master couldn’t help feeling a sense of frustration that the father wasn’t as good as his son.

    No wonder Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had so anxiously arrived at his house when the Elder Hall had made their decree. At the time, Yang Ying Feng had been somewhat confused, but now everything was clear.

    “So, what’s the reason? What is preventing you from displaying your loyalty to me?” Yang Kai asked in a cold tone.

    “It’s not that we don’t want to.” Tu Feng said embarrassedly.

    Tang Yu Xian quickly added, “It’s just that, there’s something we need to ask of Little Lord!”

    “Get up,” Yang Kai frowned, suddenly realizing that the reason for Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s chagrin was because they wanted to request something of him.

    This discovery didn’t put off Yang Kai, rather it made him happy. These two really weren’t ungrateful people, it’s just that their performance was too impetuous.

    However, it was also related to his own expectations of them.

    Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both slowly got up, looking a little dazed, Tang Yu Xian’s delicate face also blushed a little.

    “We shouldn’t trouble Little Lord with this matter, but there isn’t anyone else we can turn to so we’ve shamelessly come to ask, we only hope that Little Lord won’t take offence.” Tu Feng sighed deeply.

    “What exactly do you want to ask?”

    “We’ve just finished explaining the matter to the Fourth Master. This servant is a bit sloppy with his words, so I believe it best to let Fourth Master explain.” Tu Feng said, sitting back down in a sullen mood.

    Yang Kai turned his attention to his father who was calmly taking a sip from his glass, “Do you know how many of your brothers are back in the Central Capital now?”

    Suddenly facing this unexpected question, Yang Kai was quite confused but still nodding lightly, “I have an idea.”

    “Then are you aware of your Fourth Brother Yang Xin Wu’s situation?”

    Yang Kai thought for a moment before remembering what Yang Zhao had said to him in the restaurant last time, suddenly frowning slightly, “I’ve heard about it.”

    Yang Ying Feng was slightly surprised, now having expected Yang Kai to already be informed of this matter. This piece of news was quite well hidden. Seeing how his son was doing such thorough preliminary work, inquiring about various piece of news and intelligence, he suddenly felt a little more relaxed.