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Chapter 435 – Old Friends Mee

Martial Peak
     Inside one of the rooms in Yang Kai’s mansion, Dong Qing Han sat drinking tea, thinking about some of the things his two trusted guards had told him after they had returned last night, the sense of shock he felt only now calming slightly.

    Although he was not present at the time, it didn’t prevent Dong Qing Han from understanding just how terrifying Yang Kai’s strength was from the description of Wind and Cloud guards.

    This little cousin of his had simply grown at a Heaven defying pace over the course of these last few years! Dong Qing Han couldn’t help feeling a bit envious.

    After waiting for a while, a sweat covered Yang Kai finally came to see Dong Qing Han. However, this lack of etiquette didn’t bother Dong Qing Han. When they were children, the two of them had seen each other in far worse conditions, forging a kind of brotherhood between them. Such small things would be easily ignored.

    “You little brat.” Dong Qing Han did not get up. Instead, he simply glanced at Yang Kai with meaning in his eyes. “You really do have skills. Don’t care about me and take these two old fogeys tonight.”

    Hearing such words, Yang Kai grinned and replied: “When the conditions are not right, do not act. There is no need for them to work so hard tonight.”

    Yang Kai was quite respectfully towards these two old men, not only because they were his cousin’s guardians, but also because when High Heaven Pavilion found itself in danger, they had spared no effort to arrive earlier than the punitive expedition to deliver a warning, allowing the Sect to evacuate its core members safely.

    If it weren’t for the timely arrival of the Wind Guard, High Heaven Pavilion might have suffered some losses. If that were to have happened, his relationship with Qiu Yi Meng would likely be hostile right now.

    The Wind Guard smiled and shook his head, “I just wandered around with Old Cloud and made some noise. Last night’s movement only succeeded because of Young Lord Kai’s abilities.”

    The Cloud Guard also silently nodded. When the two old men looked at Yang Kai again, there was clear admiration reflected in their eyes.

    No young man had ever made them feel so amazed. Their family’s Young Lord wasn’t considered bad amongst the younger generation, but he was still far from enough to compare with this young master.

    The Wind and Cloud guards were curious about just how much further Yang Kai would grow.

    “This time I’ve brought thirty people with me. In addition to the Wind and Cloud Guards, there are five others at the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the rest are True Element cultivators of at least the Fifth Stage!” Dong Qing Han said confidently. “Also, my father let me bring some supplies, most of which are finished pills while the rest are some assorted materials. It’s not a lot but it’s not a little either.”

    Yang Kai nodded and smiled, “Uncle is too thoughtful.”

    The Dong Family was Dong Su Zhu’s family. Yang Kai was the son of Dong Su Zhu. As a first-class force, the Dong Family deploying so many people, including seven Immortal Ascension masters, as well as providing a large quantity of pills was considerably generous.

    After all, Yang Kai’s expected chances of victory in the Inheritance War were almost zero.

    The Dong Family must have been psychological prepared for everyone they sent to become a sacrifice. In particular, the loss of so many Immortal Ascension masters would not be a small blow to the Dong Family.

    The Dong Family’s willingness to support him so was not something Yang Kai would forget.

    “I’ve already handed over everything to your place’s manager and her people.” Dong Qing Han said, his slightly fat face showing a somewhat wretched grin.

    “You mean Qiu Yi Meng?” Yang Kai responded, slightly stunned.

    “Besides her, who else could I mean? Little brat, such success on the battlefield, such luck in love, you’re really living it up!” Dong Qing Han said somewhat enviously, “On top of that, I heard from my sister that there seems to be another pure, innocent, and adorable maiden who thinks of you day and night.”

    The more he spoke, the more wretched and envious his tone became.

    Dong Qing Han was also the Young Lord of a first-class family, yet he felt like he had so few blessings compared to Yang Kai.

    When Yang Kai heard his cousin drone on and on like this and was about to correct the record, Qiu Yi Meng came in from the outside, a big smile on her face as she asked, “What are you two brothers talking about? How is it I seem to have heard someone bad mouthing me?”

    “Nonsense!” Dong Qing Han quickly got up from his chair and emphatically professed. When facing Yang Kai, he could act free and easy, they were cousins after all, and in terms of intimacy, they were closer than Yang Kai was to any of his brothers. However, in front of Qiu Yi Meng, Dong Qing Han didn’t dare show a casual attitude.

    Yang Kai chuckled and shook his head, his eyes immediately after being attracted to a woman standing beside Qiu Yi Meng, her brow furrowed slightly.

    This young woman was a rare beauty, luscious black hair fluttering down her back like a waterfall, perfectly curved brows, a pair of shimmering eyes, a cute nose, and pink luscious lips which seems like they would leak sweet nectar if pinched. Her skin was white like winter snow and her figure was impeccable. She gave off a unique feminine aura which seemed to draw in the stares of those around her.

    On top of her beautiful appearance, she displayed a temperament not even inferior to Qiu Yi Meng.

    However, if someone who didn’t know her saw her for the first time, what would attract them most would not be any of these things, but instead the two great mountains which adorned her chest .

    This pear of jade peaks were nothing short of colossal, so full they seemed ready to break free of the clothes which bound them at any moment, displaying an amazing elasticity whenever they trembled lightly.

    Complimenting this young woman’s proud capital was a thin water snake like waist which appeared a soft as silk and a perfectly rounded bottom which swayed gently as she walked, seducing the eyes of men who gazed upon her.

    Yang Kai made no attempt to hide his gaze which landed squarely on this young woman’s chest. Seeing this, Qiu Yi Meng pouted quietly and unconsciously leaned forward slightly.

    After breathing in a deep breath, Yang Kai moved his line of sight to meet the young woman’s pair of elegant eyes.

    There seemed to be a tinge of joy in her gaze, mixed with regret, some excitement, embarrassment, all a myriad of other emotions.

    The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth curled upwards slightly as he grinned back at this woman.

    “Yang Kai, you remember this girl don’t you?” Dong Qing Han asked with a grin.

    “Naturally I remember her,” Yang Kai said as he nodded to the young woman before him, “Senior Sister Lan, long time no see.”

    “En, it’s been three or four years since the last time we met,” The woman replied, her tone somewhat complex.

    This young woman was none other than High Heaven Pavilion’s Lan Chu Die!

    Yang Kai had once bought two seeds from her stall and later explored the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave alongside her for a time. However, in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave, Yang Kai found the conduct of this Senior Sister of his somewhat unpleasant, so everyone had eventually parted ways.

    Later on, when a number of first-class forces heard that an Inheritance Heaven’s Cave had been discovered near High Heaven Pavilion and many of its disciples had obtained great benefits within, they came in order to tempt some of them into joining their respective Sects.

    At that time, Lan Chu Die had been won over by Dong Qing Han and joined the Dong Family. She had also obtained a lot of benefits in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave.

    When Yang Kai had last seen her, Lan Chu Die had only been a Qi Transformation Seventh Stage cultivator, but now she has reached the True Element Boundary Sixth Stage!

    His impression of this Senior Sister was neither good nor bad. Rather, he simply felt that she only acted based on benefits, always weighing what she could gain and what it would cost her before acting.

    After so much time had passed, Yang Kai no longer cared about such trivial matters anymore. Lan Chu Die had no strong family background and was essentially alone in High Heaven Pavilion. On top of that, she was a woman. There was nothing wrong with her acting in a shrewd manner, especially considering she was a great beauty that constantly drew covetous gazes from men. If a woman like her didn’t do everything possible to strengthen herself and her position, she would only degenerate into a man’s plaything.

    Everyone had their own hardships to deal with! Yang Kai understood this well.

    “Senior Sister is impressive; your cultivation has risen quite fast.” As these thoughts turned in his head, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to offer his former Sect mate some praise.

    “How can I compare to Junior Brother Yang?” Lan Chu Die grinned wryly, “Senior Sister never thought one of her Junior Brothers would actually belong to the Central Capital’s Yang Family. If I had only known back then, Senior Sister would have gifted you those two seeds instead of selling them to you.”

    Speaking politely, and even a little bit restrained, it seemed that this sudden tremendous change in Yang Kai’s identity had left Lan Chu Die slightly uncomfortable.

    Qiu Yi Meng glanced back and forth between these two and couldn’t help feeling that the relationship between this Senior Sister and Junior Brother was a bit too dull. They didn’t show the usual cordial attitude one would expect from two fellow disciples reuniting after a long time, but although she didn’t know the exact reason for this, she could still infer some information based on their short conversation.

    Dong Qing Han smiled and added on, “Yang Kai, Sister Lan is now one of the leaders amongst the Dong Family younger generation, and she also has a great many admirers.”

    “Is that so?” Yang Kai said in a somewhat surprised tone.

    “Rapidly improving cultivation along with great beauty, I don’t know how many young men are vying for her attention.” Dong Qing Han said intentionally or unintentionally.

    Lan Chu Die’s cheeks couldn’t help blushing slightly, glancing over at Dong Qing Han and saying, “Young Lord Dong, please don’t say that.”

    As she spoke, she secretly stole a glance at Yang Kai’s reaction, but upon seeing him remain completely indifferent, a slight sense of loss suddenly came over her.

    “Okay okay,” Qiu Yi Meng clapped her hands and interrupted this unproductive conversation, quickly saying, “You three can discuss such things later, for the time being, now that people are beginning to gather, Yang Kai, can you tell us what your plans are for the next few days?”

    “What plans I have?” Yang Kai stared blankly at Qiu Yi Meng.

    The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady narrowed her eyes slightly as she continued, “You are the master of this place, and light night you won a great victory, do you really have no thoughts about how to move in the coming few days?”

    “What do you suggest?” Yang Kai grinned and asked back.

    “You can attack your Eighth Brother Yang Quan’s base. As far as I know, Yang Quan only has a Blood Warrior at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage protecting him, but there is only one of them. With our current strength, you shouldn’t have a problem defeating him. If you attack him, you can let either Qu Gao Yi or Ying Jiu entangle that Blood Warrior and then easily capture his flag!

    “Do you think my other brothers are all docile sheeps?” Yang Kai smiled as he shook his head, “Do you think they’ll sit back and watch me attack Eighth Brother without trying to interfere?”

    “Naturally they’re not vegetarians. Most likely your brothers will choose to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight while looking for an opportunity to gain the fisherman’s benefits, especially if you are the one who initiates this action, but last night, except for your Eldest Brother Yang Wei, each of your brothers lost a fair amount of strength. Right now they are still licking their wounds so for the next few days they’ll be focusing on recruiting more soldiers to expand their strength, how could they have any spare effort to spend on you? Even if they interfere, it will only be in the form of harassment rather than actual combat. If you move decisively, then tonight you’ll have a good chance of eliminating your Eighth Brother!”

    “Your ambition is not small!” Yang Kai looked at her and nodded in approval, “I admit that what you said makes sense, but I won’t attack Eighth Brother.”

    “Why not?” Qiu Yi Meng asked suspiciously, “If you miss this opportunity, such a good chance may not present itself in the future.”

    Dong Qing Han also solemnly nodded, “What Young Lady Qiu said true, I also think you should act tonight.”

    Dong Qing Han hadn’t participated in the battles last night, only hearing about the excitement the morning after, so he naturally couldn’t wait to stir up some trouble himself.

    “Are you still not clear about the subtleties of the Inheritance War? If you beat your Eighth Brother, then you’ll have an opportunity to assimilate the forces he’s gathered into your own. Why would you be hesitant in front of such a good chance?” Qiu Yi Meng was having difficulties understanding Yang Kai’s decision, if it were her in his place, there would be no need to think about it, tonight she would definitely strike while the iron was hot and make her name resounded even louder throughout War City and beyond.

    It was precisely so that when she heard Yang Kai refuse her proposal, she had become somewhat confused.