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Chapter 449 – Animal

Martial Peak
     When Dong Qing Han’s words reached her ear, Lan Chu Die’s beautiful face froze for a moment before she turned and smiled at him, “Why did Young Master mention that?”

    Dong Qing Han just shrugged, “I just spoke randomly.”

    Saying so, he then turned to talk with Dong Qing Yan beside him as if he really had just been speaking casually.

    Lan Chu Die opened her mouth wanting to discuss Yang Kai with Dong Qing Han some more, but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to speak.

    Looking back at the figure in front of her, Lan Chu Die slowly shook her head, knowing that she wouldn’t be given such a good opportunity again in this life, no matter what she did.

    After half an hour, everyone returned to Yang Kai’s compound.

    The grounds were quiet and there was no sign of anyone around. Besides Qu Gao Yi who was standing guard near the flag and the ordinary maidservants, everyone else had been brought out by Qiu Yi Meng.

    Yang Kai quickly got to work handling the Medicine King’s Valley disciples. Ushering them into the hall and having people serve tea, he was so busy he didn’t even have time to chat with his Little Senior Sister.

    The people from Medicine King’s Valley didn’t put on airs or act aloof. Coupled with the fact that Yang Kai wasn’t an outsider to them, the atmosphere was naturally harmonious.

    After another hour or so, Qiu Yi Meng led a large crowd of people back. She had taken these nine forces out for a walk around War City and didn’t actually initiate any kind of attack. Her job was simply to provide a deterrent to the other Yang Family Young Lords.

    When they returned, Yang Kai quickly introduced these various powers to Qin Ze one by one and Qin Ze responded with a simple nod of acknowledgement, not saying much.

    The arrogance of Alchemists was apparent. In fact, even this offhanded nod was a result of giving Yang Kai face; under normal circumstances, Qin Ze would normally not even be willing to meet with these people.

    Qiu Yi Meng quickly set about arranging a proper residence for this group from Medicine King’s Valley. Unlike his attitude towards the others, Qin Ze gave the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady quite a bit of face, saying a few words of praise and touting the good fortune of the Qiu Family to have such a competent successor, to which Qiu Yi Meng replied with a tittering of laughter.

    Soon, all the arrangements had been completed.

    While Qiu Yi Meng was busy, Yang Kai wasn’t slacking off. This time he had been forced to make a big splash, disrupting some of his originally plans to lay low. Right now, he had to set about strengthening his mansion’s defences in case his brothers decided to not let things go and join forces to pay him a visit tonight.

    Bustling about, Yang Kai wasn’t done until just before evening set in.

    Just as he was about to go get some rest though, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady abruptly stopped him in one of the dark hallways.

    “Something you want to ask?” Yang Kai looked at the beauty in the darkness and asked curiously.

    “En, I wanted to ask what you were planning to do next, and why you seemed so anxious.” Qiu Yi Meng slowly walked closer, her pretty eyes looking Yang Kai up and down.

    “None of your business.”

    Qiu Yi Meng snorted lightly, her tone becoming somewhat strange, “Even if you don’t say anything, I know. You’re going to find your Little Senior Sister aren’t you?”

    “Yes.” Yang Kai admitted calmly.

    “I’ve long since seen that your relationship isn’t normal.” Qiu Yi Meng spat somewhat disdainfully, bitterly muttering, “Is she from your Sect?”

    “Yes, she’s also from High Heaven Pavilion.”

    “But why does it seem Qin Ze is so respectful to her, even more so than he is towards you. She’s still so young, what makes her so special?” Qiu Yi Meng looked confused, while she had been arranging the group of people from Medicine King’s Valley, she had overheard a conversation between Qin Ze and Xia Ning Chang. From the way they spoke, it was closer to a report from a junior and one of his elders rather than a conversation between fellow disciples which she found quite unusual.

    “There are indeed some reasons for it, just wait a few days and you’ll understand.” Yang Kai didn’t bother to explain.

    “These people should be one of the boosts you had anticipated, right?”

    “En, but I never expected so many of them would come.”

    Qiu Yi Meng smiled impishly, “Thirty Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley, one of whom is Mysterious Grade. Yang Kai, you’ve really struck it rich. If this news were to be passed out, there will definitely be many people clamouring to join you.”

    Yang Kai slowly shook his head in response, “While there are benefits, there are also disadvantages. You should understand this point.”

    Qiu Yi Meng nodded in agreement , “You didn’t want to be the one tree sticking out from the forest, but now you’ve already drawn in such a big wind. What do you plan to do from now on? Do you still want to maintain a low profile?”

    “Why not?” Yang Kai grinned. “Beauty, you seem to only see the sensational effects of this group from Medicine King’s Valley and fail to calculate how much their presence has actually increased my current fighting strength. Them coming here for me really made my brothers jealous, but don’t forget, this group of people don’t have strong cultivations or combat strength. When my brothers calm down and think about things, they won’t take this incident too seriously.”

    Qiu Yi Meng paused for a moment before sighing, “En, it seems I was a little too excited by their arrival and neglected this point.”

    Even with the addition of these Alchemists, in order for them to provide Yang Kai any noticeable help it would take at least three months, and that was only under the condition they were provided a massive supply of materials.

    Three months, it was enough time for many things to happen.

    What’s more, the other Yang Family Young Lords also had Alchemists supporting them, the only difference was their overall quality was lower than the ones who had come from Medicine King’s Valley.

    If Qiu Yi Meng calculated correctly, this group from Medicine King’s Valley would take at least three months to improve the strength of Yang Kai’s forces while it would take at least six months or so to open any kind of gap with the cultivators of his brothers’ allies.

    The events of today could only be chalked up to the Yang Family Young Lords being shocked by the arrival of Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley, causing them to temporarily make a big deal out of nothing.

    Qiu Yi Meng sunk into contemplation for a moment before whispering, “In other words, they’ll come to the conclusion that these people from Medicine King’s Valley aren’t much of a threat to them, at least in the short term.”

    However, as time passed, the role these Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists could play would only become bigger.

    “That depends on if they can figure that out.” Yang Kai grinned, his two rows teeth appearing quite stark in the darkness, causing Qiu Yi Meng to pause.

    Furrowing her brow slightly, Qiu Yi Meng suddenly giggled, “I found that your attitude towards me has been a little different these days, at least you’re not as cold as before.”

    “Ah…” Yang Kai was also taken aback.

    But thinking about it, his attitude really had changed. Previously he felt Qiu Yi Meng was too cunning and calculating so he instinctively wanted to avoid getting close to her, but when the Inheritance War began in earnest and Qiu Yi Meng had taken the extraordinary step of separating herself from the Qiu Family to join his camp, he probably unconsciously began to approve of her.

    “Have you finally taken notice of my charms? Did you start to fall for me?” Qiu Yi Meng chuckled as she made a teasing look.

    Yang Kai stared at her for a moment before his mouth slowly curled into a meaningful smile, saying nothing but instead slowly approaching her. Noticing this sudden change, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady’s pretty smiling face suddenly changed colour, glancing around somewhat frantically only to discover that there was not another soul in sight, then hurriedly trying to fall back. Unfortunately, she ran into a wall.

    The next moment, she felt a hot breath brush past her cheek as Yang Kai drew even closer to her, stretching out his arm to the wall to block her escape while his other hand landed on her shoulder.

    By now, the distance between the two of them was less than a few finger widths and the aggressive air Yang Kai was putting out made Qiu Yi Meng feel a little frightened. She immediately felt that she had made a mistake choosing this place to stop him in order to chat and then making such a provocative statement.

    “What are you doing?” Qiu Yi Meng’s breath couldn’t help speed up as her eyes flashed, “Twenty meters to the left, some of Xiang Tian Xiao’s people are lying in ambush, one hundred meters to the right is the hiding place of two masters from the Huo Family, on the roof less than thirty meters in front of us there are three people from the Duan Mu Family, I’m warning you not to mess around!”

    “Haha!” Yang Kai smirked, “What are you afraid of? We’re all allies here, I’m just getting closer to you.”

    “You don’t need to be so close… can’t you back up a bit?” Qiu Yi Meng had never been so anxious before. Unable to look back at Yang Kai’s aggression filled eyes, her body squirming uncomfortably against the wall, desperately looking for a way to escape.

    “I can still go closer, do you want to try?” Yang Kai smiled wickedly, intimately whispering to her.

    The Qiu Family First Young Lady finally managed to raise her eyes and glared back at her attacker, immediately feeling a bitter taste in her mouth when she noticed a sly and smug look in Yang Kai’s eyes.

    Gritting her teeth, she suddenly smiled brilliantly and stretched out her hands, gently wrapping her soft arms around Yang Kai’s neck and softly whispering, “En, show me. I’d love to see what face you have to see your Little Senior Sister with after.”

    As she spoke, Qiu Yi Meng gently lifted herself up, pressing her warm, soft peaks against Yang Kai’s firm chest.

    Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he immediately reached out and pinched Qiu Yi Meng’s cheeks, laughing for a moment before letting her go.

    “It’s alright to play around, but don’t take things seriously with me, my heart can’t handle it.” As his voice gradually drifted away, by the time Qiu Yi Meng recovered from her shock, she realized Yang Kai had already disappeared.

    “Animal!” Qiu Yi Meng cursed under her breath, reaching out and rubbing her face which was still aching.

    That stinky man didn’t know how to show tenderness, he didn’t hold back at all.

    After muttering to herself about how she had been wronged for a while, Qiu Yi Meng stared at the place where Yang Kai disappeared, a slight feeling of loss coming over her. It was undeniable that he was by far the best and most outstanding man she had ever met, probably the greatest one in the entire world.

    Such a man was more than worthy enough of her affection, and she indeed had some good feelings for him.

    But… Qiu Yi Meng didn’t dare have such thoughts about him. It was because this type of man could not be bound to her.

    Compared to being with him, Qiu Yi Meng was currently more interested in seeing just how far he could go, if he could one day stand high enough to overlook all mortal beings!

    Maybe on that day, she could truly abandon everything and follow him, but definitely not now!

    Xia Ning Chang’s door was closed and the veiled girl sat at her table with her head resting on her hands as she watched the lights gently flicker, her mood also experiencing similar undulations.

    Yang Kai’s words during the day were still ringing in her ears. Every time she thought of them, Xia Ning Chang’s heart filled with sweetness and her delicate face would show a innocent happy smile, although no one was there to see it.

    Yang Kai had never professed such words so plainly to her before.

    Thinking about just what these simple words implied, Xia Ning Chang’s cheeks grew even redder, causing her to unconsciously cover her face as if she were embarrassed to be seen right now.

    The time she had spent together with her Junior Brother in High Heaven Pavilion were the happiest days of her life, unfortunately they had not lasted long.

    Suddenly, her door was opened then closed again a moment later as a person rushed into her room. Xia Ning Chang immediately woke from her dazed state and only had time to let out a small cry of panic, before she was swept up in a strong pair of arms and carried to her bed.

    The True Qi and Divine Sense she had quickly gathered to defend herself were dispersed in the next instant. Although it was a little dark and she hadn’t clearly seen who the intruder was, upon catching a whiff of that familiar scent, Xia Ning Chang immediately knew who had come to visit her.