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Chapter 451 – Spiritual Energy Cultivating Technique

Martial Peak
     Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and stretched his numb body before looking down at his Little Senior Sister still wrapped in his arms. The two had maintained the same position all this time.

    His Little Senior Sister’s mind was still immersed in her Knowledge Sea, digesting the Alchemy information Yang Kai had taught her.

    Regarding the True Alchemic Way, Yang Kai had already told Xia Ning Chang everything he had managed to glean from the knowledge which was planted in his mind. If he wanted to teach her the rest, it would have to wait.

    Staring fondly at the delicate veiled girl, Yang Kai leaned over and kissed her forehead gently before lightly placing her on her bed and standing up.

    Opening the door as he rubbed his forehead, Yang Kai felt a burst of exhaustion.

    Discussing the True Alchemic Way with Xia Ning Chang and lingering so long in her Knowledge Sea had consumed a massive amount of his Spiritual Energy.

    Standing outside the door was a young, sweet looking maid who, upon seeing Yang Kai exit, rushed over with small steps while deftly holding a tray with a big steaming bowl on it.

    “Young Master, you’ve finally come out.” The maidservant looked straight at him and said with a smile.

    “Why are you here?” Yang Kai asked with a slightly furrowed brow.

    “This is something Young Lady Qiu instructed this servant to do. She said that in order to restore your strength you’d need something hot to eat.”

    Yang Kai couldn’t help but wonder why Qiu Yi Meng would suddenly act so considerately, hesitantly asking, “What is it?”

    The girl’s face suddenly blushed faintly as she quietly whispered, “I don’t know exactly, Young Lady Qiu just said that it is good for one’s vitality and vigour…”

    Yang Kai expression immediately became strained, Qiu Yi Meng doing this… What exactly did she want to say?

    “Hehe, Young Master, please enjoy this slowly, I’ve reheated it for you several times.” The maid said, swiftly handing the tray over, which Yang Kai instinctively held, and before he could respond or say anything, the maid had already disappeared.

    Looking at the vigour restoring soup in his hands, Yang Kai’s expression was complicated.

    Suddenly, the door next door was flung open and a gloomy Meng Wu Ya came out and glared gloomily at Yang Kai with dissatisfaction.

    Yang Kai grinned at him and drank the bowl of soup before casually greeting, “Treasurer Meng.”

    Meng Wu Ya nodded gruffly before ushering him into his room.

    After the two of them entered and sat down, Meng Wu Ya stared at Yang Kai for a while with questioning eyes, “Can you already use your Divine Sense? Or are you relying on some kind of artifact?”

    The Divine Sense message Yang Kai had sent him prompted Treasurer Meng to notice some peculiarities, so this was naturally the first thing he asked about.

    “It was indeed my own Divine Sense.” Yang Kai admitted frankly, he wanted to ask Meng Wu Ya for something related to this topic so he didn’t plan on hiding such basic information.

    “How can that be?” Even someone as strong and experienced as Treasurer Meng couldn’t help looking shocked. Although he had speculated that Yang Kai may really have cultivated out his Divine Sense, when Yang Kai really admitted it, he still couldn’t believe it, “Little brat, can you tell me honestly what happened?”

    “I don’t know exactly.” Yang Kai grinned sheepishly, “I encountered some opportunities and it somehow resulted in my being able to cultivate my Divine Sense.”

    Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help narrowing his eyes at Yang Kai’s reluctance to reveal the details of his experience to him, but he didn’t press the issue. Everyone had their own secrets after all.

    “However, your Divine Sense is a bit strange.”

    “Strange how?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked.

    “It’s too strong!” Meng Wu Ya said seriously, furrowing his brow as he continued, “It shouldn’t be so powerful. The intensity of your Divine Sense is already comparable to a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master, yet you’re still just a True Element Eighth Stage cultivator. If you were to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, just how powerful will it become?”

    “Regarding this, I wanted to consult you with Treasurer Meng about something,” Yang Kai also frowned, “Although I have use of my Divine Sense, I don’t have a Knowledge Sea.”

    Hearing this, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help but sneer, “Stupid brat, you still haven’t reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, of course you don’t have a Knowledge Sea. Opening one’s Knowledge Sea is the defining symbol of the Immortal Ascension Boundary!”

    “What about having a Divine Sense?”

    Meng Wu Ya slowly shook his head, “No, breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary isn’t necessarily a requirement for one to have use of their Divine Sense. According to this old master’s knowledge, there have been some rare cases like you and when they reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, they naturally opened their Knowledge Seas.”

    “There are others like me?” Yang Kai couldn’t hide his surprise. It was only because of the existence of the Soul Warming Lotus that he was able to coincidentally cultivate out his Divine Sense. What other method existed out there?

    “En, though there aren’t many, this old master does know of at least one such a person.” Meng Wu Ya’s expression slowly became one of reminiscence, eventually shaking his head, “It was an incident from a long time ago, and it only lasted briefly. We cultivators start out primarily by condensing Yuan Qi in our dantian and meridians, but once we reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary, not only is it necessary to cultivate one’s True Qi, but it also becomes important to cultivate our Spiritual Energy and Divine Sense. Similar to True Qi, when one begins cultivating their Divine Sense they need a place to store it, and that place is one’s Knowledge Sea!”

    “Without a Knowledge Sea to store it, even if one managed to cultivate out their Divine Sense, it would simply be like melting snow in the early spring, a brief candle in the wind, dissipating within a few days. That’s why this old master said that person’s situation was short-lived. However, your situation is very different. Your Divine Sense is extremely strong and stable, obviously you didn’t begin cultivating it a day or two ago.” Meng Wu Ya smiled and looked at Yang Kai deeply, “This old master doesn’t know what secrets you’re hiding, but I can say for sure that you’ve found some way to store your Divine Sense and not let it dissipate.”

    Yang Kai nodded silently with more than a hint of admiration in his expression.

    For a master at Meng Wu Ya’s level, it was indeed possible for him to deduce some truths of the matter just from what he had observed. He may not know about the existence of the Soul Warming Lotus, but his inference was absolutely not wrong.

    Yang Kai indeed had a place to store his Divine Sense: the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus in his mind.

    “Since you have use of your Divine Sense, can you use Soul Skills?” Meng Wu Ya stared at him with interest.

    “Yes, but I can only use a single one.”

    “One is enough. Soul Skills are like Martial Skills. Only the weak need many different methods to show off their power. Once you reach a certain height, there’s no need to stick to a particular Martial Skill or Soul Skill. One can only be considered strong when they can adapt to the situation and freely display their strength.” Meng Wu Ya’s tone was firm and decisive, giving people the impression that he had once stood at such a height. After a short pause, he chuckled and continued, “However, in your current situation, when you use your Soul Skill, do you feel that its power is lacking?”

    “Precisely.” Yang Kai said solemnly. “This is also what I wanted to consult with you about!”

    “Naturally it will seem somewhat weak. Your Divine Sense doesn’t reside in your Knowledge Sea but is stored somewhere else. When you try to use your Divine Sense in combat, it means that you must first mobilize it from that place and then active your Soul Skill, a process which results in a lot of waste. Fortunately, the solution is simple, all you need to do is open up your own Knowledge Sea and the problem will solve itself.”

    Hearing this, Yang Kai let out a breath of relief. Although he had made a similar guess himself, but having someone confirm his theory was still a great comfort.

    “Treasurer Meng, do you have a method for cultivating Spiritual Energy on hand?” Yang Kai asked with hopeful eyes. Right now, he cultivated his Divine Sense mainly by studying the True Alchemic Way, but without sufficient pills to supplement his Spiritual Energy, he still felt his progress was too slow.

    If he had a set of Spiritual Energy cultivation techniques, the situation would be different, but such things were far too rare. Yang Kai knew that the Yang Family had a set, but that was not something he could get his hands on. Even the Yang Family Fourth Master wasn’t qualified to learn it.

    On top of that, from what little he knew of it, this set of techniques didn’t have very strong effects.

    If a cultivator wanted to supplement their Spiritual Energy, they almost always had to depend on rest or taking pills.

    At this request, Meng Wu Ya scoffed, “It’s not like I don’t have such a technique, but cultivation isn’t something to be rushed, if you think there are any shortcuts then you’re sorely mista…”

    “Please teach me!” Yang Kai smiled and interrupted his preaching.

    Meng Wu Ya’s brow twitched as he helplessly stared at Yang Kai, eventually letting out a sigh, “Fine fine fine, even if this old master doesn’t teach you, knowing your personality, you’ll just go out and take even bigger risks.”

    Saying so, Meng Wu Ya used a special method to transmit the technique to Yang Kai with his Divine Sense.

    Receiving this information package, Yang Kai studied it thoroughly, his expression slowly becoming excited, “How much can this technique improve my recovery rate by?”

    “Twenty percent.” Meng Wu Ya replied casually.

    “So little…” Yang Kai was stunned, thinking that any technique Treasurer Meng passed him wouldn’t be too bad, but twenty percent was still a bit shabby.

    Meng Wu Ya sneered, “Don’t be greedy, this Spiritual Energy cultivating technique is an ancient and priceless treasure. This old master knows that your Yang Family and all the other Eight Great Families have their own methods, but those pieces of trash are nothing compared to what this old master has just given you. Their techniques can only increase the restoration rate of one’s Spiritual Energy by ten percent!”

    Yang Kai expression brightened upon hearing this. Apparently the amount of high-end information he had was too small, so he had underestimated the value of this technique.

    If he remembered correctly, the Yang Family’s Spiritual Energy cultivation technique should be a Mysterious Grade Top-Rank Secret Art!

    Mysterious Grade Top-Rank techniques already stood at the pinnacle of this world, yet it could still only provide a ten percent improvement. But if that were true, then this method which was twice as effective… just what grade was this technique?

    Understanding all this, Yang Kai no longer dared despise this technique, turning his eyes towards Meng Wu Ya and staring curiously.

    He found that the more he contacted Treasurer Meng, the more mysterious he became.

    Above Mysterious Grade was Spirit Grade, then what was on top of that? Yang Kai was puzzled and wanted to ask, but after giving it some thought, he realized that he had yet to even reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary, knowing too much now would do him no good.

    “If you want to study it, do it elsewhere, don’t stay in Ning Chang’s room for so long.” Meng Wu Ya ruthlessly spat.

    “How long has it been?”

    “Five days!”

    Yang Kai was dumbstruck, when he was discussing the True Alchemic Way with his Little Senior Sister, time seemed to pass by so quickly, he didn’t even realize he had been with her for five whole days. No wonder Qiu Yi Meng had ordered the maids to provide him with something to supplement his vigour.

    Staying in his Little Senior Sister’s room for five days was more than enough to make people misunderstand a lot.

    However, over the past five days, something must have happened. If things had gone according as he had expected, at least one of his brothers should have been eliminated. Yang Kai leapt up and thanked Meng Wu Ya quickly before swiftly exiting his room and rushing towards the main hall.