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Chapter 479 – Let’s Talk About Something Else

Martial Peak
     In the main hall, Yang Kai wore a black robe covering his whole body and sat quietly. Behind him, Ying Jiu wore an indifferent expression and spread out his Divine Sense, alert for the slightest signs of danger.

    Seeing Yang Kai so calm and relaxed, not showing the slightest signs of fear or distress, Ying Jiu couldn’t help secretly admiring him.

    Earlier, Yang Kai had suddenly told him to follow him out and Ying Jiu didn’t ask any questions; just quietly sneaking out of the house with him, only to receive a great shock soon after.

    Yang Kai’s destination turned out to be Yang Wei’s mansion! Ying Jiu didn’t dare relax in the slightest as he stood guard.

    Thinking about the dispute that had broken out between the Little Lord and Qiu Yi Meng during the day, Ying Jiu suddenly understood why the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady had suddenly acted so out of character and desperately tried to stop him.

    After entering the hall, Ying Jiu noticed several powerful Divine Senses sweep over them, but no one had physically stepped forward. Even Yang Wei had yet to appear.

    Ying Jiu knew that the masters in Yang Wei’s mansion had all locked their Divine Senses onto this place.

    However, Ying Jiu knew he was not the only one aware of this, his Little Lord must have also been aware, yet he still looked as calm as ever.

    “Ninth Brother, you’ve got some guts! Daring to come to my house all alone, aren’t you afraid I’ll make it so you never leave?” A cold voice suddenly came from deeper inside the mansion, echoing throughout the main hall, “Or did you think no one was in here so you can barge in here on your own?”

    Yang Kai only felt Yang Wei’s voice enter his ears from all around, causing them to buzz slightly. At the same time, a Spiritual Energy wave crashed towards him, but there was no murderous intent behind it, obviously it was just to probe.

    A few days ago, Yang Kai and Liu Qing Yao had exchanged two moves and Yang Wei had observed all of it from only a thousand meters away, but in that brief exchange, he still couldn’t fully grasp what Yang Kai’s strength was; so naturally he was curious about his youngest brother’s true ability.

    Yang Kai remained indifferent, allowing this Spiritual Energy wave to rush into his mind unopposed as he chuckled, “Afraid? If I thought Big Brother would do that, I wouldn’t have come!”

    “Ha ha!” Yang Wei laughed and finally appeared from the dark and came towards Yang Kai.

    Ying Jiu quickly scanned the area but was surprised to discover that Yang Wei was actually alone; he didn’t even have a Blood Warrior guarding him. Although there were many strong people around the hall, if Ying Jiu wanted to seize Yang Wei, it would only take an instant.

    These two brothers… Ying Jiu shook his head slightly, it seemed like they really had faith in one another.

    Yang Kai took of the hat which was covering his face and smiled at Yang Wei, the latter clapping his hands and immediately summoning a maid to serve tea.

    After the maidservant left, Yang Kai began, “Big Brother, is this the first time we’ve talked like this?”

    “Indeed.” Yang Wei nodded. From when he was a child until now, Yang Wei had given off a solitary aura, and had never been close to any of his brothers, so this was actually the first time Yang Kai had a face-to-face conversation with him.

    “Ninth Brother, you coming to see me at such a time, are you planning to take action?” Yang Wei went straight to the subject, apparently having some speculations in his heart already.

    “En,” Yang Kai nodded, taking a deep breath before continuing, “The family must be quite dissatisfied with the Inheritance War’s progress, otherwise they wouldn’t have invested a thousand artifacts to speed up the process. Since they want us to act faster, we can only comply, otherwise they’ll use less friendly methods to motivate us from behind. I’m sure Big Brother understands this point, right?”

    “Of course! I’m sure everyone understands.” Yang Wei nodded.

    “In that case, if we don’t act now, others will seize the initiative,” Yang Kai said in a low tone. The attitude of the family was very obvious. The artifact snatching battle was a way for them to silently urge them to fight; all of the brothers knew that.

    Once the individual camps had finished distributing and refining these artifacts, there would definitely be those who couldn’t wait to use them.

    “Who does Big brother think will be the first target to be attacked?”

    Yang Wei glanced at him and said decisively, “You already know the answer, so why bother asking? It’s not me, but you!”

    “I think so too.” Yang Kai grinned.

    Among the remaining six Yang Family Young Lords, Yang Zhao and Yang Kang were blood related brothers while Yang Shen and Yang Ying were similarly related. Although they were still technically opponents, while there were still other enemies in the Inheritance War, they would support each other.

    Soft persimmons should be pinched. If they really wanted to make a big move, then these pairs of brothers would definitely join forces to attack either Yang Kai or Yang Wei who appeared to be alone.

    Yang Wei was the eldest, so on the first night of the Inheritance War he had given his younger brothers some leeway by not immediately attacking so the four would definitely not attack him first.

    Under these circumstances, Yang Kai would definitely be attacked by everyone within ten days!

    His light was too strong and not too long ago he had snatched two Mysterious Grade artifacts, how could his brothers give him time to breathe?

    Alone, Yang Kai didn’t place any one of the four in his eyes, but if all of them teamed up, it would cost him greatly to fend them off. Only if both Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon took action could he reduce the risks somewhat.

    It was because he understood his current position that Yang Kai had rushed to Yang Wei to discuss things with him.

    “Who do you plan on attacking?” Yang Wei asked as a bit of excitement flashed across his eyes.

    “Fifth Brother.” Yang Kai grinned.

    Yang Wei paused for a moment to think before suddenly understanding, coldly snorting, “Fifth Brother choosing Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian as his subordinates was really not a wise move!”

    Amongst the remaining six brothers, Yang Kang was definitely not the weakest, but Yang Kai had still chosen him as his first target. The only explanation was because Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were currently his assigned Blood Warriors.

    If it wasn’t for a series of coincidences before the start of the Inheritance War, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian would have been following Yang Kai right now.

    Yang Kai choosing Yang Kang as his target also showed he cared a great deal about Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian.

    “And so? What do you want your eldest brother to do?” Yang Wei asked curiously.

    “I’d like you to block Second Brother. I’m afraid that Second Brother won’t sit still once he gets word of what’s happening.” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully.

    “Not a problem!” Yang Wei nodded, but he quickly wore a sly grin, “However, what’s in it for me?”

    Yang Wei obviously wanted to reap some benefits from this. After all, he and Yang Kai were still rivals. Thus, it was impossible for him to help Yang Kai without getting anything in return, and even if he was willing to do so, his allies wouldn’t be.

    Since Yang Kai wanted Yang Wei to take care of Yang Zhao, he had to offer up enough sincerity!

    These brothers always settled their accounts.

    “What does Big Brother want?” Yang Kai had already considered this issue before he came so he wasn’t surprised by this request.

    Coughing light, Yang Wei smiled, “Big Brother has always had his eyes on those Alchemists in your house. Of course, I don’t want many of them. How about just five?”

    Yang Kai immediately wore a dumbfounded look, “Big brother, your appetite is too big!”

    “Too big?” Yang Wei smiled wryly, “You have thirty Alchemists in your house. I only want five of them.”

    “I can’t make decisions for them,” Yang Kai shook his head. “Big Brother knows what kind of temperament Alchemists have. Even though they reside in my house, they’re only cooperating with me at best. I can’t order them around. How about this, instead of the Alchemists themselves I’ll give Big Brother a batch of Mysterious Grade pills.”

    “Mysterious Grade Pills?” Yang Wei heard these words and couldn’t help grinning happily, “Delivering me a batch of Mysterious Grade pills, Ninth Brother really acts boldly! Good, your big brother accepts!”

    He also knew that acquiring five Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists was basically impossible, so he didn’t have any expectations of success, he just wanted to open the bargaining with something big and from his perspective, it had paid off.

    Still grinning, a dangerous light flashed across Yang Wei’s eyes as he asked, “When are you planning to act?”


    Yang Wei’s brow furrowed and a hint of doubt emerged on his face.

    He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to move so swiftly!

    Tomorrow, according to normal circumstances, many cultivators in Yang Kai’s house should have just finished refining the artifacts they had snatched a few days ago. Him choosing such a time to attack obviously took that into consideration.

    However… what about the Mysterious Grade artifact he acquired?

    Yang Wei estimated it would take at least eight more days for him to finish refining his own Mysterious Grade artifact, and that it would be similar for the others as well.

    “I’ll wait for your signal!” Yang Wei didn’t go any deeper into it. As far as he knew, for these Mysterious Grade artifacts, if one could use one, everyone could use one, while if one couldn’t use one, no one could use one. In either case, the situation was balanced.

    During their conversation, Yang Wey shot a glance towards Ying Jiu unconsciously, a deep trace of doubt flashing across his eyes.

    During the battle of Po Jing Lake, Ying Jiu was among the six Blood Warriors affected by the Qi Binding Seal, so Yang Wei didn’t understand why he would be the one escorting Yang Kai right now, but as he stared, he noticed that Ying Jiu showed no signs of his True Qi being sealed.

    What did that mean though? Had he already broken the Qi Binding Seal?

    “Then that’s settled,” Yang Kai slowly stood up and smiled, “Now that our business is over with, let’s talk about something else.”

    Yang Wei showed a confused expression.

    “Still planning on hiding? Show yourselves already.” Yang Kai swept his eyes across the hall and coldly snorted.

    At the same time, Ying Jiu’s figure suddenly faded into thin air, disappearing as if he had never existed.

    Yang Wei’s look changed abruptly as he glanced around, his complexion immediately turning red.

    *Shua Shua Shua…*

    A group of people suddenly appeared from all directions and surrounded Yang Kai and Meng Shan Yi walked in from the main entrance, letting out a sigh of relief.

    “Shan Yi!” Yang Wei’s expression became ugly as he shouted, “What do you think you’re doing?”

    As he spoke, his True Qi violently surged upwards as anger flashed across his face.

    Meng Shan Yi looked at Yang Wei, grit his teeth and cupped his fists, “Eldest Young Lord, forgive me. Shan Yi wants to take this opportunity to eliminate the Ninth Young Lord!”

    Saying so, he turned to look at Yang Kai and continued, “Ninth Young Lord, don’t blame this Meng for acting underhanded, with such a rare opportunity presenting itself, this Meng has no choice but to grasp it. If you must blame someone, then blame yourself for coming in the first place. Know that this decision has nothing to do with the Eldest Young Lord, it was all this Meng’s own ideas, if you wish to retaliate in the future, please only seek out this Meng.”

    Yang Kai sneered, “Big Brother certainly didn’t know about this. If he did, he wouldn’t have bothered talking so much.”

    Listening to these words, Meng Shan Yi nodded gently, “As long as Ninth Young Lord understands.”

    Yang Wei took a deep breath and calmed down, his expression becoming gloomy as he said, “Shan Yi, you’ve made a mistake this time!”

    However, Meng Shan Yi just smiled and shook his head, “Since Eldest Young Lord doesn’t want to act ruthlessly here, then I shall act in your place!”

    “I don’t mean that,” Yang Wei helplessly sighed as he said in a disappointed tone. “Do you really think Ninth Brother would dare enter this place if he wasn’t certain he could withdraw? Do you really think that just these few people can force him to stay behind?”