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Chapter 484 – We’ll Finish Up Here As Soon As Possible

Martial Peak
     The Duan Mu Family was originally allies of the Yang Family Third Young Lord, Yang Tie. However, on the first night of the Inheritance War, Yang Tie had been eliminated. In that battle, everyone from the Duan Mu Family except these five masters had died.

    The cultivators from Yang Kang’s camp had been the initial aggressors in that battle, so now that they had met once again, they were anxious to seek revenge for their fallen comrades.

    “Don’t rush in.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and shook her head slowly, “We need to observe the situation first.”

    Although Yang Kang’s cultivators had been caught by surprise, they were still the defending force and thus had a big advantage in terms of fortifications and numbers. On the other hand, only half of Yang Kai’s allies had been dispatched here. If they acted rashly, the damage they suffered would increase significantly.

    Qiu Yi Meng’s strategy was simple, until Yang Kai arrived to take command, they would simply bombard Yang Kang’s forces from afar.

    Yang Kang’s compound was filled with explosions, but the people brought by Qiu Yi Meng never engaged the enemy cultivators in close combat, they only stood high in the sky and sent out various long range Martial Skills and artifact waves without any thought to conserving their True Qi.

    In just a few moments, Yang Kang’s mansion had multiple collapsed sections and had all but become a smouldering ruin while the defending cultivators, having lost any form of cover, were now dodging about like headless flies.

    Although they hadn’t taken many losses, this display was a great humiliation to them.

    Eventually, Yang Kang’s allies couldn’t endure it anymore and some of them began leaping up into the sky, trying to close in to counterattack.

    Although Gao Rang Feng saw this, before he could call out to stop them, these cultivators had were subjected to concentrated attacks under Qiu Yi Meng’s command.

    The battle was progressing well and many cultivators in the sky couldn’t wait to charge in, seize Yang Kang or capture the flag to obtain the final victory.

    As he stood mid-air, Huo Xing Chen muttered under his breath, “Qiu Yi Meng, doesn’t you letting Ying Jiu sneak in violate the rules of the Yang Family Inheritance War?”

    Qiu Yi Meng shook her head casually, “Ying Jiu knows what to do, as long as he only pretends to attack Yang Kang, it’s not a violation of the rules. How could a Blood Warrior screw something so simple up?”

    “But then why did you make him sneak in at all? If he can’t seize Yang Kang or snatch the flag, why send him in the first place?” Huo Xing Chen couldn’t understand.

    “In order to frighten Yang Kang.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled.

    Huo Xing Chen spat disdainfully, obviously he didn’t believe this statement. He knew Qiu Yi Meng wasn’t bored to such an extent, so he just rolled his eyes. Huo Xing Chen figured that Qiu Yi Meng had pulled this stunt in order to make Yang Kang mistakenly think that Yang Kai was here.

    Speaking of which, he didn’t know where Yang Kai was tonight; he also hadn’t seen him around yesterday. However, Ying Jiu and Yang Kai had always been inseparable. Since Ying Jiu had appeared, Yang Kai must be hiding somewhere nearby, waiting to execute some kind of plan.

    Huo Xing Chen nodded secretly, confident in his analysis.

    “Fifth Young Lord!?” Gao Rang Feng anxiously shouted. Gao Rang Feng was a successor to the Gao Family and although he was neither young nor weak, but in the Inheritance War he was just a foil. Now that people were knocking down the door, Gao Rang Feng could only temporarily hold the defence line together while waiting for Yang Kang to come out and take control of the situation.

    “I’m here!” Yang Kang’s expression was gloomy as he stepped out of a broken wall together with Tang Yu Xian, glancing around before letting out a cold snort.

    “Fifth Young Lord!” When he saw Yang Kang, Gao Rang Feng couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief and hurrying to his side, anxiously reporting, “Qiu Yi Meng brought a lot of people and suddenly started attacking, we were caught unprepared and more than twenty people have already died.”

    “I know.” Yang Kang nodded sternly before looking up at the crowd above and shouting, “Ninth Brother, get out here and let’s talk!”

    “Fifth Young Lord.” Qiu Yi Meng laughed lightly as she greeted Yang Kang. Standing there, her perfect curves were highlighted by her tight fitting dress which gently fluttered in the night breeze, revealing glimpses of her snow white legs that when illuminated by the bright moonlight seemed to give her a jade-like luster, fascinating anyone who saw her.

    Even in this smoke-filled battlefield, there was no shortage of bloody male cultivators who greedily stared at her and were secretly tempted.

    Along with Lan Chu Die and Luo Xiao Man, two women with phenomenal capital, and the two beautiful Hu Sisters, it was a feast for many people’s eyes, causing many of the men down below to feel quite jealous of Yang Kai.

    They suddenly discovered that there were so many beautiful women allied with Yang Kai! This was definitely not the case with Yang Kang.

    As the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was greeting Yang Kang, she never ceased giving out instructions to her troops. The cultivators around her continued to use their Martial Skills and artifacts to attack the defenders below.

    “Where’s Ninth Brother?” Yang Kang’s brow wrinkled and his face twisted with displeasure. Apparently he thought that Yang Kai should come out and negotiate with him now; Qiu Yi Meng’s status wasn’t low but she still wasn’t qualified to make final decisions here.

    “Pardon me, Young Master Kang, Yang Kai is occupied with something else right now and won’t be able to speak with you for a while. I’ve been given full responsibility for this battle, so I hope Fifth Young Lord can ask his allies to show mercy. Don’t worry, we’ll finish up here as quick as possible and try not to cause too much damage.” Saying so, Qiu Yi Meng let out a burst of charming laughter.

    Yang Kang’s expression went black as a malicious smile crept onto his face, “Good good good! Seems Ninth Brother really doesn’t put his Fifth Brother in his eyes! If so, then Fifth Brother doesn’t need to order his allies to show any mercy. Since you’ve all come, then don’t expect to leave!”

    Apparently, Yang Kang had really been enraged.

    The Inheritance War was a contest to decide the next Yang Family Patriarch, a competition which compared each brother’s connections and personal charm. Right now, his Ninth Brother’s forces had actually come to attack him yet he didn’t even bother to show up. This alone gave Yang Kang a feeling of being despised; he was a prideful man and could not endure such contempt.

    With his heart filled with anger, Yang Kang gave the command to launch an all-out attack.

    Hearing this, Gao Rang Feng was shocked. Although Yang Kai’s forces here were definitely smaller in number and weaker in strength, right now Yang Kang’s forces had a big advantage because they were the defending side. If they continued to hold their ground, they would eventually wear down their attackers and have a better chance of repulsing or even defeating them.

    Moreover, the cultivators from Yang Kai’s house launching such a fierce attack had definitely disturbed the other Young Lords who would surely take action to capitalize on this situation. At this time, their best choice was to draw things out as much as possible until Yang Kai’s mansion came under attack. Once that happened, these attacking forces would have no choice but to withdraw to bolster their base’s defence. At that point, as long as Yang Kang pursued and eliminated these people, defeating Yang Kai in one fell swoop was completely possible.

    Unfortunately, Yang Kang’s anger had clouded his judgement and he didn’t even consider any of this. Right now, he just wanted to win back as much face as possible, but if he did this it would surely lead to him suffering much greater loses.

    Quickly stepping forward to block Yang Kang, Gao Rang Feng hurriedly urged, “Fifth Young Lord, I think maintaining our defences is the best plan right now, don’t be drawn in by their taunting…”

    But before he could finish, Yang Kang interrupted impatiently, “So I should just let these bastards stand on top of my head and piss on me all the want? If it were you, could you endure it?”

    Gao Rang Feng froze up for a moment, faintly thinking that Yang Kang had a point, but he quickly shook his head and insisted, “It’s not the same…”

    However, once more, before he could finish, Yang Kang cut him off and ordered the offensive.

    Immediately, a large number of cultivators flew up from the ground and launched an attack towards the invading forces, sending out a brilliant array of Martial Skills and artifact strikes which quickly closed in on Qiu Yi Meng and the others.

    Seeing this, Huo Xing Chen let out a laugh, “Yang Kang really is straightforward.”

    Qiu Yi Meng shook her head slightly in response, “He’s just relying on numbers!”

    None of the Yang Family Young Lords were fools. Even if Yang Kang was more impulsive than the others, it was impossible for him to throw himself headlong into a hopeless situation.

    The battlefield was his mansion, and all of his manpower was currently here, naturally he felt there was no need to fear this inferior force brought by Qiu Yi Meng.

    As she spoke, Qiu Yi Meng silently conveyed several instructions to her allies.

    The cultivators from Yang Kang’s house were greatly angered and had charged in recklessly, fully pushing their True Qi to strike back at their attackers, but as they closed to a distance of ten meters, everyone around Qiu Yi Meng suddenly dispersed.

    This sudden change disoriented the cultivators who had just flown as their targets scattered about randomly, none of them knowing who they should pursue.

    Yang Kang, who had adopted a wait and see approach, was still down below and couldn’t efficiently issue new commands.

    After a short pause, Yang Kang’s allies also split up and began randomly chasing after the escaping targets.

    “Now!” Qiu Yi Meng shouted a single command and everyone who was running away suddenly turned and released their strongest Martial Skill.

    The flash of light in the sky was so brilliant that most people couldn’t even open their eyes and amidst the chaos, screams of pain resounded as blood rained down over the compound.

    Yang Kang heart jumped into his throat as he suddenly realized he had been tricked.

    He could only stand there and watch as the forces brought by Qiu Yi Meng released blinding attacks and then crash into his allies, forming a tight encirclement.

    *Peng peng peng…*

    Bodies continually fell from the sky and smashed into the ground, bloody and beaten.

    In less time than it took to drink half a cup of tea, this confrontation had ended.

    Yang Kang’s forces had suffered heavy losses.

    “Young Lady Qiu, there’s no need to go through all this trouble,” Old Demon, who was standing next to Qiu Yi Meng, said as he shook his head, “All we need to do is grab that little brat in order to win, right?”

    “Correct.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded gently.

    “Then this old master can just go do that. The woman beside him is good, but she shouldn’t be able to stop me.”

    Qiu Yi Meng smiled faintly and shook her head, “Senior, this Junior doesn’t doubt your strength, but the Yang Family Blood Warriors are somewhat special, with their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill they can greatly increase their combat strength for a short time, allowing even someone at the Eighth Stage to fight a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master, are you certain you can beat her in a short time?”

    “Hm… if that’s the case then it would be a bit difficult.” Old Demon was surprised by this information and realized that Tang Yu Xian was a powerful opponent. Right now his strength was comparable to a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master. If he was to really fight with her, Tang Yu Xian would definitely not be his opponent, but if all she wanted to do was delay him that wouldn’t be an issue.

    Without Yang Kai here, Xiao Shun and Ying Jiu were unable to move, so even if Old Demon was able to tie down Tang Yu Xian, with their remaining manpower, wanting to capture Yang Kang would be quite difficult.

    [Why has that bastard still not shown up?] Qiu Yi Meng angry thought to herself, doing her best not to show any sign of her displeasure on her face.

    If Yang Kai was here, things wouldn’t be so troublesome, he could simply lead Xiao Shun and Ying Jiu to attack Yang Kang and end all of this.

    “In any case, it seems I must ask Senior to take action.” Qiu Yi Meng said as she adjusted her plan, since Yang Kai wasn’t here, she had to have Old Demon attack. Originally she had planned for Old Demon to remain a hidden card, someone to use in emergency situations, but now it seems that it wouldn’t be possible.

    Yang Kang had just suffered a big loss so it was unrealistic to expect him to fall for the same trick again, in which case she could only launch a frontal attack.

    “No problems Young Lady Qiu, just tell me who you want me to take out?” Old Demon grinned fiercely.

    “No one in particular, I just want Senior to create as much chaos as possible! If possible, please also eliminate a few high-level people, such as the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters, as well.”

    “A simple task!” Old Demon laughed wickedly as a black light spread out from his body.