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Chapter 494 – I Do Have A Reques

Martial Peak
     Inside the Elder Hall, Yang Zhen gave a lecture to Yang Kai and sounded reasonable.

    “Elder, the Blood Warriors choosing to support me, doesn’t that demonstrate my methods and personal charm?” Yang Kai looked at him with cold eyes.

    “Ah…” Yang Zhen stuttered but quickly recovered, “It only shows that you see things further ahead than others and are adept at using schemes!”

    He was naturally referring to Yang Kai choosing to use Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu in order to gain the respect and favour of the entire Blood Warrior Hall.

    At the beginning, he was also shocked by Yang Kai’s boldness, but now it seemed like this little brat always had the means to cure Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu, so there was never any risk in him choosing them.

    However, the truth was only he could do this; none of the other Yang Family direct descendents had such ability.

    “Is that not proof that my methods are superior?” Yang Kai’s face was gloomy.

    “Well, sort of.” Yang Zhen pondered a moment before admitting, “But the Blood Warriors participating in the Inheritance War was originally because the family wanted to ensure the safety of each of you during the early stages of the conflict. Since ancient times, this has always been the case and has never changed. If you were really to lead a large number of Blood Warriors now to attack the rest of your brothers, it would be contrary to the family’s original intention of allowing the Blood Warrior to participate in the Inheritance War.”

    “That’s the family’s miscalculation, what does it have to do with me?” Yang Kai sneered, refusing to back down at all.

    He had worked hard to gather enough power to dominate above his other brothers and was on the verge of launching a single crushing offensive to end things once and for all, but now, at this critical moment, he was recalled by the Elder Hall and had extremely detrimental conditions forced upon him. Just how could Yang Kai just roll over and accept?

    “It really was the family’s miscalculation; no one could have imagined that there would be a Yang Family junior who could gather so many Blood Warriors.” Yang Zhen sighed, “Over the years, the Yang Family Blood Warriors have participated in the Inheritance War many times, but never once had a situation like this occurred, you’ve accomplished something all us old men admire.”

    “Elder, please don’t beat a dead horse, this disciple can’t afford it.” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

    Yang Zhen’s brow twitched, clearly feeling some anger, but he somehow maintained his calm. The other Elders in the hall all remained expressionless but secretly they were enjoying watching Yang Zhen being embarrassed, especially since the one embarrassing him was a junior.

    “I have already explained our reasons. Most of the Blood Warriors around you must be recalled to the family.” Yang Zhen reiterated bluntly.

    “This is clearly the family trying to suppress me!” Yang Kai shouted, arguing back, “No matter how many Blood Warriors I managed to gather, that is something I achieved on my own, what right does the family have to recall them? How I make use of the Blood Warriors serving me is my freedom! Isn’t the family afraid that if they do this they will suffer the ridicule of this world’s people? You Elders should have some awareness! The Inheritance War is an age old tradition, it’s not some child’s game where the rules can be bent and broken whenever you wish!”

    “Impudence!” Yang Zhen finally couldn’t hold back his temper, angrily roaring as let out a burst of True Qi, smashing a nearby table into dust, “How dare talk back to this old master, do you want to rebel?”

    “Since Elder is in the wrong, why can’t this Junior point it out? What have I said that isn’t the truth?” Yang Kai sneered, glaring back strongly at Yang Zhen.

    Yang Zhen grit his teeth and grumbled a few times but eventually didn’t say anything.

    The other Elders in the room saw that the atmosphere was rapidly deteriorating and knew they couldn’t just sit back and watch, one of them quickly standing up and saying, “Yang Kai, restrain your anger. This time, it really is the family that is in the wrong; after all, we didn’t think anyone could gain the support of so many Blood Warriors, but what Yang Zhen said is also reasonable. If you think about it, if you were to win the Inheritance War with just Blood Warriors, would that bring you any honour or glory? After this time, the family will more carefully consider the issue of Blood Warriors participating in the Inheritance War, but for now this is the only course of action we can take.”

    “I only value the results, the process… doesn’t matter!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. “Whether it is glory or disgrace, that’s a matter for the Elder Hall to care about, and as for the next Inheritance War, that’s none of my concern. I gathered all these Blood Warriors not by relying on threats, coercion, or any other kind of despicable method; they serve me willingly of their own volition. In short, if the family wants to recall the Blood Warrior supporting me, I firmly refuse!”

    After a pause, Yang Kai solemnly added, “If the family insists on doing this, then I’ll withdraw from this Inheritance War!”

    “You dare threaten us?” Yang Zhen’s eyes flashed a gloomy light, the aura around him gradually becoming dangerous.

    “If the Elders wish to thinks so, so be it. If the rules can be changed at any time to suit whatever whim you have, then the Inheritance War is nothing more than a child’s game. I have no patience to participate in such a farce.” Yang Kai sneered, cupped his fists, and shouted, “Good day!”

    “Stop right there!” Yang Zhen roared.

    Yang Kai obviously paid this warning no mind, continuing to step towards the exit, but after only a few steps, he stopped because a tall figure with a dignified aura had suddenly appeared in front of him.

    Although he maintained an indifferent expression, inside Yang Kai felt as if he was facing a mountain, a single glimpse all it took to cause his breathing to be disordered.

    A moment later, the immense pressure disappeared.

    Yang Kai took a deep breath, cupped his fists and shouted, “Greetings, Great Uncle!”

    The person who had appeared was actually the current Yang Family Patriarch, Yang Ying Hao!

    Yang Ying Hao nodded gently and walked over to him, “Don’t be in such a rush, I’ll speak with you.”

    “Greetings, Patriarch!” All of the Elders in the hall stood up and bowed, although each of them was one or two generations older than Yang Ying Hao, but in the Yang Family, the Patriarch represented supreme majesty, even if it was Yang Zhen and the other Elders they still had to salute.

    “Everyone sit!” Yang Ying Hao said calmly before walking over towards Yang Zhen’s position. Quickly taking notice of the broken table and pile of dust nearby, he frowned and sighed, “Elder Zhen, your temper hasn’t changed after so many years.”

    In response, Yang Zhen snorted and said, “After so many years, I’m afraid I can’t change it.”

    One of the Elders laughed and said, “Wolves wander the world eating meat, while dogs wander the world eating shit, such is the way of life.”

    Everyone laughed at this snide comment and the atmosphere abruptly eased.

    Yang Ying Hao appearing clearly indicated he knew things would become unpleasant and that he would need to speak with Yang Kai personally. No matter what, one would need to give the Patriarch face, so even if Yang Kai wasn’t willing, he could only remain.

    “Looking at this situation, you should have already informed Yang Kai, correct?” Yang Ying Hao asked.

    “En.” Yang Zhen stood by his side and nodded.

    Looking over at Yang Kai, Yang Ying Hao said, “This was the family’s mistake. On behalf of the family, Great Uncle should apologize to you.”

    “Junior doesn’t dare accept.” Yang Kai quickly stated his mood gradually calming down. The family’s decision to recall most of his Blood Warriors still made him upset, but facing the strength of the family and the Elder Hall, he couldn’t help feeling a deep sense of powerlessness.

    Regardless, he was still a member of the Yang Family and his parents were also in the Yang Family, if he continued to take a hard stance, there would no doubt be consequences, not to mention, him participating in the Inheritance War was because he still had a wish he needed to fulfill.

    “I know you are still unconvinced, but this is the decision of the family. It cannot be changed. From now on, the Inheritance War will also have a rule that every Young Lord may never have more than two Blood Warriors supporting them!”

    Hearing this, Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he sneered, “That is to say, even if I later defeat my brothers, I cannot gather the Blood Warriors currently serving them?”

    “Indeed!” Yang Ying Hao nodded. “Blood Warriors are too powerful, especially when they use their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, you should have experienced this already!”

    “So this rule was created specifically for me?” Yang Kai snickered, “I don’t know if I should feel honoured or not, in short, my mood right now is a complex.”

    “It’s not aimed just at you. Previously, the Elders of the family were also somewhat worried that you would gather all the Blood Warriors to your side like this, but at the time everyone generally felt it was impossible. However, now that you’ve actually accomplished this, we have no choice but to wrong you like this.”

    Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Not to mention, the people from Medicine King’s Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect you recruited have already given you a big advantage! These two forces should not be involved in the Inheritance War. You should have heard that when the Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists joined your house, all the other Yang Family Young Lords jointly protested, but the family did not interfere because that was your own personal connection. But the situation is different with the Blood Warriors, they serve the Yang Family so them participating is not due to your personal connections.”

    Yang Kai remained silent and expressionless, but he too realized that Yang Ying Hao’s words just now cut to the heart of the issue and weren’t without reason.

    “The family is fair, since we must recall most of the Blood Warriors serving you, you will naturally be compensated. What do you desire? Speak, as long as the family is capable of accomplishing it, we will not let you suffer.”

    Now that things had developed to this point, Yang Kai also knew he was powerless to resist, he simply didn’t have the qualifications or ability to confront the family, so even if venting his anger here might make him feel better it would ultimately be a thankless endeavour.

    “I do have a request!” Yang Kai held his tongue for a moment before declaring.

    “Say it.” Yang Ying Hao gestured.

    “For my Grand Master and High Heaven Pavilion’s good name to be restored!” Yang Kai looked straight into Yang Ying Hao’s eyes, “High Heaven Pavilion is not evil, only the Demon Lord is!”

    Hearing this, everyone in the hall trembled lightly, a deep sense of fear flashing briefly across their eyes, even Yang Ying Hao, who had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, was no exception!

    Demon Lord!

    In the battle with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, Yang Ying Hao had also met this man once. Though they were both Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, this person still gave him a feeling of oppression.

    Facing that man, Yang Ying Hao even had an impulse to back down and surrender!

    He knew that this Demon Lord’s strength in the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary was above his own.

    “This is your request?” Yang Ying Hao couldn’t help feeling a bit troubled. Any matter related to the Demon Lord was very important, and as the Patriarch of the Yang Family, the head of the alliance against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, to suddenly rectify the name of the Sect which had given rise to the Demon Lord was somewhat difficult.

    “That is my only request!” Yang Kai said seriously.

    His reasons for participating in the Inheritance War were not the same as everyone else’s. In truth, he didn’t care about being the Yang Family’s Patriarch! Yang Kai’s ultimate objective was to use his own strength to clear High Heaven Pavilion’s name; this was also his father’s, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s wish.

    As long as Sect’s reputation was restored, Ling Tai Xu and the Elders, as well as the high-level disciples who supported them, could return to their rightful home.

    “If Patriarch can promise me this, not just agreeing to the Blood Warriors supporting me being recalled, I can even quit the Inheritance War right now!” Yang Kai firmly said.

    Hearing this, everyone in the hall was shocked, each of them staring at the youth in front of them with great surprise.