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Chapter 572 – Thriving

Martial Peak
     “What about the three of you?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

    “Us?” Meng Wu Ya smiled and pointed to Old Demon, “Because he only recently broke through, this old devil is just an ordinary First Order Transcendent, but since he has previously experienced this realm, coupled with his foundation and experience, he is quite a bit stronger than average. Also, in the future, he won’t experience any bottlenecks when trying to break through.”

    “Seems your future is bright.” Yang Kai smiled towards Old Demon, the latter shaking his head slightly as he grinned proudly.

    “Brother Ling, a month ago, was the same as Li Yuan Chun, also at the peak of the First Order, but now… he has already broken through to the Second Order.”

    Yang Kai was quite pleased to hear this and cupped his fists towards Ling Tai Xu happily, “Congratulations, Grand Master.”

    No wonder he felt like his Grand Master was somewhat different from the last time he had seen him, it turns out his cultivation had risen significantly this past month.

    “As for this old master…” Meng Wu Ya hesitated for a moment, “After breaking through this seal, my limit will probably be a Second Order Transcendent.”

    Meng Wu Ya’s voice contained neither arrogance nor pride, speaking in a flat tone seemingly with a hint of dissatisfaction at the strength he would be able to display after breaking his seal.

    Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help cramping slightly as a result. If Meng Wu Ya wasn’t satisfied with being a Second Order Transcendent, just how much higher was his vision?

    “What about the six Evil Kings and Demon Lord Yang Bai?” Yang Kai’s expression became dignified.

    “Besides that woman, those Evil Kings area all Second Order Transcendents. The Tyrannical Force King and Lightning Flash Shadow King are even comparable to this old master after my seal is released. That woman is slightly worse than them, only a First Order Transcendent. After all, she is still quite young, but achieving such cultivation at her age is already quite shocking.”

    “Shan Qing Luo has a special constitution; she seems to have inherited much of her cultivation from her mother.” Yang Kai supplemented.

    “No wonder,” Meng Wu Ya suddenly understood. It seems he had been quite concerned about Shan Qing Luo, wondering how she had reached the Transcendent Realm at her age.

    “As for Demon Lord Yang Bai… You should be able to guess.”

    “Third Order Transcendent?” Yang Kai asked.

    “Indeed!” Meng Wu Ya’s nodded, his expression solemn, “In this world he is the only Third Order Transcendent! None of your Central Capital Eight Great Families have such a character!”

    Ling Tai Xu sighed, “You should understand now why we could easily defeat those eight old men that night, and why more than a month ago those seven died at the hands of only three Great Evil Kings, right?”

    “I understand.” Yang Kai nodded.

    Before hearing about how the Transcendent Realm was divided, it was quite difficult for Yang Kai to accept how the seven Grand Elders were killed by the three Evil Kings in just half cup of tea’s worth of time.

    But now that he understood the hierarchy of this realm, Yang Kai also realized just how much of a gap in strength there was between the two parties.

    The seven Grand Elders were all First Order Transcendent cultivators, facing three Second Order Transcendent Evil Kings and a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, how could they possibly resist?

    Not only did the common people of this world not have a clear understanding of the ‘Above Immortal Ascension Boundary’, even the masters who had broken through to this realm had a rather poor grasp of its intricacies.

    On the other hand, Meng Wu Ya had seen through everything with a single glance.

    “Your Central Capital Eight Great Families have four or five Transcendent Realm masters each, but at most, each family only has one Second Order powerhouse. Some of them don’t even have such a character. In terms of pure numbers, your Eight Great Families have an absolute advantage when it comes to Transcendent Realm masters, but the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land has Yang Bai… and his existence is a huge variable…”

    “What are the Central Capital’s prospects?”

    “I don’t know.” Meng Wu Ya shook his head, “Given the current situation, no one can predict what the final outcome will be.”

    Yang Kai sighed softly.

    “This was why this old master hesitated to tell you the secrets of the Transcendent Realm. I was worried that you would become depressed when you realized how low your real strength was,” Meng Wu Ya smiled and shook his head. “You think the so-called Above Immortal Ascension Boundary was the peak of the Martial Dao, when in fact, it’s not.”

    “Depressed?” Yang Kai suddenly grinned, “I am not depressed. Instead, I finally feel like my goal has become clearer.”

    The three old men all looked at Yang Kai in amazement, each of them wearing a satisfied smile a moment later.

    Before knowing the secrets of the Transcendent Realm, Yang Kai’s aim really was to simply reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, but after listening to Meng Wu Ya say so much, the Third Order Transcendent Realm had become his new objective.

    The three old men sudden felt like they could foresee Yang Kai striving diligently towards this goal. Perhaps it would be five years later, ten years later, or even longer, but one day he would eventually climb to this peak.

    After receiving Meng Wu Ya’s lecture, Yang Kai was fully motivated and immediately went to find Su Yan, who sat upon the ice crystal bed and began cultivating together with him.

    (Silavin: It is so casual that they cultivate together haha. I wonder how long it will take this time.)

    Everything in the mansion proceeded in a calm and orderly manner.

    Another month later, all the various forces’ cultivators had cleansed their bodies in Xia Ning Chang’s medicinal bath, and even the fifty or so Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Endless Sea Islands had obtained great benefits.

    After receiving batches of Mysterious Grade pills refined by the Pill Room, many of them began thinking it would be best if they could stay here longer. Originally, this group of Endless Sea Islands envoys had only wanted Yang Kai to return their Sects’ Hallowed Treasures so they could quickly leave.

    But after staying here for two months and receiving various astonishing advantages, many were no longer in such a rush to go.

    After another month, Yang Kai’s nine Blood Warriors finally emerged from their secluded cultivation with good news.

    With the help of the Myriad Drug Cream, after this three month retreat they had all broken through to the Transcendent Realm.

    The day when all of them broke through brought about an amazing series of atmospheric phenomenon. This Heavenly vision lasted for half a month as each of the nine Blood Warriors completed their respective breakthroughs.

    Li Yuan Chun and the cultivators from the Endless Sea Islands were all stunned.

    Throughout the entire Endless Sea Islands, only Supreme Solitary Sect had multiple Transcendent Realm masters, and even then there were only three of them.

    But inside Yang Kai’s house, they had witnessed the birth of nine such powerhouses. For a moment, all of them couldn’t help feeling a sense of awe, respect, and doubt.

    It was unreasonable to think that it was a coincidence that these nine people had all broken through in such a short period of time; but if this was not a coincidence, the implications were deeply profound.

    Did the Youngest Young Lord of the Yang Family have a method to allow masters to reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary? Imagining such a possibility, Li Yuan Chun couldn’t help trembling slightly.

    If this was really the case, then this Young Master Yang would one day be able to grasp the Heavens in his hand.

    Regarding such a person, the only option was to be on good terms. Offending them was absolutely forbidden!

    The breakthroughs of Tu Feng and the other Blood Warriors even surprised themselves.

    Before the start of the Inheritance War, all nine of them were only Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage cultivators. Although they had all been working towards the goal of the Transcendent Realm, none of them had absolute confidence they would achieve such a height.

    Since the establishment of the Yang Family’s Blood Warrior Hall, the only Blood Warrior who had reached the Transcendent Realm and obtained the position of Yang Family Grand Elder was Huang Jiu Zhou.

    The current Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master Feng Sheng and Deputy Hall Master Zhou Feng had both reached the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary for many years, but their bottlenecks had never once shown signs of loosening.

    Among the nine Blood Warriors in Yang Kai’s mansion, only Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu’s aptitude was comparable to Feng Sheng and Zhou Feng, receiving the optimistic expectations of the Yang Family that they would one day reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

    But today, all nine of them had actually broken through to this realm.

    This shocking reality made all of them suddenly wonder if they were actually experiencing a wonderful dream.

    After this spectacular nine-person breakthrough, all of the Blood Warriors were summoned by Meng Wu Ya. From Meng Wu Ya, they received a huge amount of valuable knowledge and insight into the Transcendent Realm.

    This kind of information was not something even the Eight Great Families could teach them.

    All of them reaped a great harvest during these lectures, illuminating the path before them.

    The four Blood Warriors who had originally been following Yang Wei and Yang Zhao were also now under Yang Kai’s command and were being vigorously cultivated with the mansion’s resources. After more than three months, the four of them had arrived at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage and after receiving a drop of Myriad Drug Cream from Yang Kai, had all entered secluded retreat.

    As long as there were no accidents, within a few months, these four would also catch up with the pace of the other nine Blood Warriors.

    The increase in strength of the Blood Warriors was breathtaking, but the progress of the other cultivators in the mansion was also very fast.

    After cleansing their bodies and improving their aptitudes and physiques, everyone in the mansion experienced a remarkable increase in the rate and efficiency of their cultivation. This was especially true for the various younger generation leaders, their aptitudes had originally been much better than ordinary people, so after this transformation, they had all become extraordinary geniuses.

    Everyone in the house was thriving as if the chaos and turmoil of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land invasion had nothing to do with them.

    However, Yang Kai never once gave up monitoring the activity in and around the Central Capital.

    Shan Qing Luo was still loitering about War City under the guise of monitoring Yang Kai. From her, Yang Kai managed to obtain a variety of accurate and up-to-date information.

    The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces initial incursion into the Central Capital had been in the Gao Family’s territory. After making short work of this region, they had quickly expanded outwards.

    With Yang Bai’s tyrannical power and the incredible strength of the five Evil Kings, the masters from the Eight Great Families suffered one loss after another.

    The Meng Family, Kang Family, and Qiu Family all withdrew from the land they had inherited for countless years and sought refuge in the territories of the other Eight Great Families.

    Three months after the invasion began; half of the Central Capital had fallen to the enemy.

    The vast Central Capital City had been divided into two, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces occupying the northern half while the Eight Great Families, centred around the Yang Family, occupied the southern districts.

    Three months of battle had caused heavy casualties on both sides, and more than a dozen Transcendent Realm powerhouses had fallen. Although most of these deaths were from the Eight Great Families’ side, four or five Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land Transcendents had also died.

    As for those below the Transcendent Realm, the numbers of dead or injured were uncountable.

    The Central Capital was filled with mournful wails and the rancid smell of corpses blanketed the entire city.

    It was only recently that the fighting between the two sides reached a kind of stalemate and the situation eased somewhat.

    The Eight Great Families had immediately issued a Conscription Command to the entire Great Han Dynasty asking the major families and Sects to send reinforcements to the Central Capital.

    This was, in fact, the second time they had issued such a Conscription Command, the first time being when the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had begun its assault three months ago.

    However, at the time, there were very few respondents.

    These past few hundred years, the Eight Great Families had represented the pinnacle of power, yet now the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land was fighting evenly with them. No family dared to deliver their elite forces into the hands of the Eight Great Families because doing so would be the same as sending their core members to be sacrificed as cannon fodder, likely resulting in massive casualties.

    Once that happened, their families would be finished!

    It was precisely because of this concern that when the Eight Great Families and the Central Capital fell into danger. They did not receive much support, an ironic twist of fate.