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Chapter 578 – Quickly Propose A Marriage

Martial Peak
     “Brother Ling…” Meng Wu Ya was greatly surprised. Ling Tai Xu’s words this time suddenly made him realize something.

    Ling Tai Xu obviously wanted to find Yang Bai for a final confrontation, but although he had become a Second Order Transcendent, fighting Yang Bai now would only result in his death.

    Ling Tai Xu still carried a deep sense of guilt for the role he played in raising Yang Bai, but since he had no way of stopping him, he probably figured that by going all out he could at least perish together with him.

    Understanding this, Meng Wu Ya’s expression became dignified.

    Over these many years, Treasurer Meng had very few people who he could genuinely call friends. Xiao Fu Sheng from Medicine King’s Valley’s Hidden Cloud Peak could reluctantly be called one; the only true brother he had in this world was Ling Tai Xu. Meng Wu Ya’s relationship with Yang Kai was also quite good, but the latter was still just a junior. Now that he knew that his old friend was planning on dying, Meng Wu Ya naturally had no choice but to intervene.

    “Since Brother Ling has this idea, then we will all go to the Central Capital together. It will be safer that way.” Meng Wu Ya declared.

    “Brother Meng…” Ling Tai Xu was obviously quite moved.

    “If I go with you, I can at least guarantee you’re survival.” Meng Wu Ya smiled and turned to Yang Kai, “When are you planning to set out?”

    “Let’s wait a few more days. The four Blood Warriors brought by Big Brother and Second Brother are at a critical point in their cultivation right now. Once they break through, we’ll go.” Yang Kai said.

    At that time, with thirteen Transcendent Realm Blood Warriors, plus Meng Wu Ya, Ling Tai Xu, Old Demon, and Li Yuan Chun, they would possess an unprecedented amount of strength.

    On top of that, Lu Si, who had just arrived, was also a Transcendent Realm master.

    With this kind of lineup, although it would be impossible to pacify the Central Capital chaos, it would be enough to carry out Yang Kai’s plan while protecting his force’s safety unless Demon Lord Yang Bai personally went all out to attack them.

    After discussing a few more details, Yang Kai rushed out to inform Lu Si he was willing to travel with the Lu Family to the Central Capital. Lu Si was so surprised he didn’t know what to say, quickly praising Yang Kai for his righteousness and considering the overall situation above his own grievances and declaring that the Lu Family would follow his commands.

    A few days later, the four Blood Warriors who had been accompanying Yang Wei and Yang Zhao were still in retreat attacking the Transcendent Realm. They had been with Yang Kai for half a year now; during the first three months, Yang Kai had used a large amount of Myriad Drug Liquid to help them cleanse their bodies and break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage.

    Then, for the past three months, each of them was given a portion of Myriad Drug Cream to assist them with their breakthrough to the Transcendent Realm. Now, they were on the verge of succeeding.

    These past few days, the Lu Family cultivators also rested inside the house.

    Everything they witnessed made them and Lu Si flabbergasted.

    Of the cultivators inside the mansion, eighty percent had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary while the remaining twenty percent were at least at the True Element Boundary Eighth Stage.

    On top of that, many of these cultivators were disciples from the younger generation!

    Seeing so many youths less than twenty years old having achieved this level of cultivation left Lu Si shocked and envious.

    Compared to this scene, what did his Lu Family have to brag about? In his Lu Family, if a junior reached the True Element Boundary before they turned twenty they would be considered a great talent and would be vigorously cultivated.

    But inside Yang Kai’s House, True Element Boundary cultivators weren’t worth mentioning.

    Nine Transcendent Blood Warriors, four other Transcendent Realm powerhouses! This small mansion had already greatly surpassed any of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families!

    Lu Si and the Lu Family people had all acted very prudently these days!

    After seeing the strength of the forces gathered together with Yang Kai, they found that their Lu Family was nothing more than a pitiful countryside noble house. With such a massive gap in power, how could they dare show any arrogance?

    Seven days later, a massive energy fluctuation rippled through the sky above the mansion.

    A grand World Vision appeared, causing Lu Si to rush out of his room and stare up at the pulsing World Energy in the sky, his jaw slowly dropping in shock.

    Someone was breaking through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!

    And it wasn’t just one person!

    There were actually two people breaking through at once!

    However, this was not the end as two more tyrannical auras erupted.

    Lu Si was dumbstruck, incapable of uttering a single word.

    Li Yuan Chun from the Endless Sea Islands’ Supreme Solitary Sect appeared at some point beside Lu Si and looked up at the sky with him, letting out a faint sigh and saying, “This is nothing. You should have seen the World Vision a while back when nine people all broke through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.”

    There was a tinge of helplessness in his voice as he muttered.

    Hearing this voice, Lu Si quickly composed him, cupped his fists and asked, “How should I address this Brother?”

    “Endless Sea Islands Supreme Solitary Sect, Li Yuan Chun!”

    “Supreme Solitary Sect?” Lu Si was surprised, “The Endless Sea Islands’ super force, Supreme Solitary Sect?”

    Li Yuan Chun expression became awkward as he waved his hand, “Brother Lu is too polite, there’s no need to mention anything about super forces here. Compared to my Supreme Solitary Sect, Young Master Yang’s mansion… haha…”

    Lu Si nodded deeply. Forget the Supreme Solitary Sect not being comparable to Yang Kai’s mansion, none of the Eight Great Families were comparable to this place.

    This mansion was, without a doubt, this world’s greatest force! Its core strength had completely surpassed every Sect and Family in history.

    “Does Brother Lu have a granddaughter?” Li Yuan Chun suddenly asked a seemingly strange question.

    “This Lu has been obsessed with cultivation his entire life, and as such has no direct descendants.” Lu Si replied, slightly confused about why Li Yuan Chun would inquire about this at this time.

    “Your Lu Family is a first-class family though nonetheless, there must be at least a few young, beautiful woman, right?”

    “En, there are many actually.”

    “Then you should quickly propose a marriage. I really envy your Inland Sects and Families, having such an astonishing young man appear here. If Brother Lu doesn’t seize this chance to forge a relationship with him, just when will you wait till? If my Supreme Solitary Sect was situated Inland, not to mention my granddaughter, even if it was my daughter, this Li would gladly wed her to Young Master Yang.”

    Lu Si’s face went black, thinking that Li Yuan Chun was a bit too shameless. If he had a daughter, wouldn’t she be at least forty or fifty years old by now?

    Did he want to let an old cow eat young grass? Would that really make Yang Kai happy?

    Although such thoughts flashed across his mind, Lu Si still fell into silence, thinking it might not be a bad idea to follow Li Yuan Chun’s advice.

    The Lu Family had a number of young, beautiful girls, each one of them having refined temperament and good talent. If any of them could win Yang Kai’s favour, the Lu Family would be to take shelter under an even greater tree than the Eight Great Families.

    Yang Kai was still a young man. Which young man wasn’t somewhat frivolous?

    In the end, men couldn’t withstand the temptations of beautiful women! Lu Si also went through a period of time where he had similar thoughts, so he sunk into contemplation, considering the validity of this plan.

    Obviously he had been tempted by Li Yuan Chun’s proposal.

    The four Blood Warriors’ breakthrough lasted for four days.

    After four days, the World Vision gradually faded and four new Transcendents exited their retreat.

    Yang Kai gave them three days to consolidate their cultivation and instructed Tu Feng and the other previously promoted Blood Warriors to share their experiences and the knowledge they had obtained from Meng Wu Ya with the four. This allowed these four newly promoted Blood Warriors to immediately grasp some of the profundities of the Transcendent Realm.

    Three days later, everything was ready.

    Yang Kai’s original intention was to travel to the Central Capital with the thirteen Blood Warriors, Old Demon, Li Yuan Chun, and the Lu Family.

    But Meng Wu Ya quickly proposed an alternative plan.

    “I can bring everyone in the house to the Central Capital.”

    “Bring everyone? How?” Yang Kai asked, slightly confused.

    Meng Wu Ya grinned slyly and waved his hand, sending out a ray of light that quickly disappeared into thin air. A moment later, the Heavenly Palace appeared once more, the transparent palace barrier wrapping up the entire mansion.

    Atop the barrier this time, a great many lines appeared, forming an intricate and complicated Spirit Array.

    “Rise!” Meng Wu Ya shouted.

    Along with a creak hum and a series of powerful vibrations, Yang Kai’s entire compound, under the protection of the Heavenly Palace, rose into the air. Every stone, brick, and blade of grass slowly ascended into the sky like a tiny floating island.

    “Wha…” Everyone was dumbstruck.

    Feeling this movement, all the cultivators inside the mansion rushed out to the edge of the Heavenly Palace and stared. Looking down, all of them gasped in shock, shouted enthusiastically, or muttered incomprehensibly, none of them able to contain their shock and amazement.

    Even the Transcendent Realm masters were left in awe of Meng Wu Ya’s methods.

    “I never said the Heavenly Palace couldn’t move, did I?” Meng Wu Ya glanced over at Yang Kai proudly, as if he was happy to see him make such a gaff.

    “I’ve been had.” Yang Kai smiled bitterly.

    No wonder when Yang Kai said he wanted to go to the Central Capital, Meng Wu Ya hadn’t objected, instead declaring his support and proclaiming he could protect everyone.

    Yang Kai was still wondering how Meng Wu Ya would leave Xia Ning Chang behind and accompany him to the Central Capital.

    Yang Kai knew that Meng Wu Ya wasn’t a hot-blooded individual. Xia Ning Chang’s safety was his absolute first priority and he would never take any chances with her. But now, it turns out that it wasn’t that he wasn’t concerned about his Treasured Apprentice’s safety, but that she had never been at risk in the first place.

    Since the Heavenly Palace was able to move, it was as if he had an impenetrable mobile fortress, so all of Yang Kai’s worries no longer existed.

    “Good, very good!” Yang Kai soon recovered and smiled happily towards Meng Wu Ya, “Treasurer Meng, many thanks for your hard work.”

    “Enough idle talk!” Meng Wu Ya shouted, his expression extremely focused as he constantly waved his hands towards the barrier surrounding them; obviously it was quite laborious for him to move Heavenly Palace.

    “Ha ha ha ha!” Yang Kai laughed.

    Down below, Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo were also staring blankly at the Yang Kai house as it slowly floated up and flew towards the Central Capital, only recovering from their shock many breaths later.

    “How is this possible?” Bi Luo muttered.

    After she was injured by a Transcendent Realm master, she had used a few days to completely recover and then left Yang Kai’s house along with Shan Qing Luo.

    “I don’t know.” This scene had completely exceeded Shan Qing Luo’s knowledge and understanding.

    “Mistress, what should we do now?” Bi Luo asked.

    “Go to the Central Capital. There’s no need to stay here any longer.”

    She and Bi Luo had remained here because Yang Bai had instructed her to monitor the movement of Yang Kai’s mansion, but now that the entire mansion had flew up into the sky, there was naturally no reason for her to remain either.

    And so, with a flicker, her enchanting body turned into a streak of light and quickly caught up with Yang Kai’s house where she proceeded to shout, “Yang Kai, I’m going to the Central Capital now to inform Sir Demon Lord about what’s happening here.”

    Hearing her so blatantly inform him of her plans, Yang Kai shook his head wryly and ordered, “Old Demon, stop her.”

    Old Demon scratched his head awkwardly and asked, “Can’t Young Master ask someone else? Old Servant would prefer not to go.”

    The relationship between Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo was unclear, but everyone could see that this Beguiling Demon Queen was in no way hostile to Yang Kai, on the contrary, she behaved quite intimately towards him. Yang Kai’s attitude towards her was also quite ambiguous.

    Her deliberately shouting like this was obviously in the hope that Yang Kai could send someone to block her movements.

    Having to block her, but unable to hurt her, Old Demon was naturally not willing to do this kind of thankless job.

    However, Yang Kai just glanced over at Old Demon with narrowed eyes and Old Demon quickly shouted, “Old Servant will respectfully carry out Young Master’s command!”

    Declaring so, he rushed out of the mansion and began engaging Shan Qing Luo.