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Chapter 580 – Kill

Martial Peak
     In the Eight Great Families’ camp, two Transcendent Realm masters stared red-eyed towards the people in Yang Kai’s mansion.

    Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe.

    Ten days ago, the two of them had escaped to the Central Capital and reported their experiences to the Eight Great Families, but to their disappoint, no one believed a word of what they had to say.

    How many people were in Yang Kai’s mansion and what their approximate cultivations were, the Eight Great Families were very clear about. Even though their information was half a year old, that wasn’t nearly enough time for nine Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Blood Warriors to appear like Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe claimed.

    Such a scenario was simply too unrealistic.

    Although Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe swore on their honour and to the Heavens, vehemently proclaiming that everything they said was true, the people of the Eight Great Families still didn’t accept their explanation, only believing they were using this absurd excuse to explain why their respective families’ elites hadn’t come to help.

    Also, for this reason, Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe were harshly interrogated, never entrusted with any important matters, and ostracized by the other first-class forces who had come to the Central Capital to assist the Eight Great Families.

    Naturally, they put all the blame for this misfortune onto Yang Kai.

    If it wasn’t for Yang Kai ruthlessly ordering his subordinates to slaughter their juniors, how could they have fallen into such a terrible position now?

    Although the two of them were incredibly angry and aggrieved, they didn’t lose their heads; they well understood that with their own strength, they had no way to settle accounts with Yang Kai.

    The two of them suddenly glanced at each other and after a silent exchange, snickered lowly before slipping off to see two other Transcendent masters.

    Like Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe, these two Transcendents were also staring at Yang Kai mansion, their eyes filled with a thick murderous intent, seemingly having some absolutely irreconcilable enmity with Yang Kai.

    “Brother Xiang, Brother Nan, that little brat is the murderer who killed your two heirs, right? Now that he’s dared to appear in front of you, don’t you want to seek revenge?” Huang Xiao quietly goaded.

    Xiang Ning, hearing the cheap provocation in these words, couldn’t help but coldly snort, “Our Xiang and Nan Families are unable to coexist with Yang Kai! If there’s a chance, this old master will certainly take his life, there’s no need for Brother Huang and Brother Jiang to interfere.”

    The Xiang Family and Nan Family were both first-class families so naturally they had received the Eight Great Families’ Conscription Command. The two families were amongst the few big forces that had come to the Central Capital to render aid help.

    After many days of fighting, both of their families had suffered not small losses so the Xiang Family’s Patriarch Xiang Ning and the Nan Family’s Patriarch Nan Xi Lou obviously had foul moods. Many times they had wanted to withdraw from the Central Capital but could not work up the courage to defy the Eight Great Families, but now seeing Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng’s murder, both Patriarchs naturally had some ideas.

    Nan Xi Lou turned to glance at the Eight Great Families Patriarchs, his expression dark and sullen, “I don’t know what their attitude towards Yang Kai is.”

    Huang Xiao sneered, “Yang Kai and the Eight Great Families are already bitter enemies, this is a well-known fact. What is there to worry about?”

    Jiang Zhe also sneered, “Your personal enemy swaggering about in front of you, could it be Brother Xiang and Brother Nan are just going to swallow this insult?”

    Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou both coldly snorted. Although they very much wanted to kill Yang Kai and avenge the deaths of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, but they weren’t fools, naturally they could see that the palace-like barrier surrounding Yang Kai’s mansion wasn’t simple.

    That shimmering barrier obviously couldn’t be broken with just their own strength.

    If they had no way to break that barrier, they couldn’t take revenge.

    While the four Transcendents were talking, there was suddenly movement from Yang Kai’s side.

    Yang Kai strutted out from the barrier without the slightest hesitation, the thirteen Blood Warriors, Old Demon, Li Yuan Chun, Lu Si and all the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind him soon following suit.

    This action stunned everyone on the scene.

    None of them had expected Yang Kai’s guts to be so big, even daring to walk out into the middle of this chaotic battlefield.

    After sweeping his eyes around and observing the situation, Yang Kai quickly shouted, “Kill!”

    With this one order, all the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from his mansion rushed into the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s lines and shattered the current stalemate.

    Yang Kai’s mansion had nearly five hundred Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and at this moment all of them were like fierce tigers descending a mountain. The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land cultivators, who were both physically and mentally exhausted, were completely incapable of blocking them, many of them immediately being cut down or forced to retreat in defeat.

    Screams rang out and blood splashed about.

    Yang Kai felt the Solitary Golden Eye in his Knowledge Sea once again put out a strong suction force and draw in the Spiritual Energy that escaped from the Knowledge Seas of the recently fallen Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

    Feeling this invigorating rush, Yang Kai smiled happy and stood still, enjoying this process of absorption.

    The thirteen Blood Warriors also stood unmoving, guarding Yang Kai in case the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Transcendent Realm masters suddenly moved against him.

    After seeing this scene, the Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families expression became perplexed, they had not expected Yang Kai and his allies to take the initiative to cut their way into the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land cultivators!

    “Fight!” Yang Ying Hao’s spirit lifted, roaring loudly, “Coordinate with Yang Kai’s forces and slaughter the demons!”

    Hearing his orders, the Eight Great Families’ Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and the various elites from the major forces who had come to the Central Capital all simultaneously attacked, taking advantage of the hole Yang Kai’s forces had opened in the enemy lines to rushed forward and kill.

    “Your opportunity has come, Brother Xiang, Brother Nan, I hope you can grasp it well.” Huang Xiao smiled and said profoundly.

    Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou glanced at each other, and although there was some hesitation and worry contained in their eyes, the burning desire for vengeance was obviously far stronger, blinding them from seeing reason.

    A moment later, the look on the two Patriarchs faces became firm and their figures flickered, quickly disappearing.

    The Xiang and Nan Family elite forces also rushed forward to join their Patriarchs.

    Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe stood quietly in the same place, snickering smugly as they took pleasure in others’ misfortune. They knew that Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou had long ago been persuaded by them, and now all they needed to do was sit back and wait for them to experience Yang Kai’s mansion’s tyrannical strength.

    These past ten days, Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou had constantly looked down upon and made trouble for them, building up a lot of grievances between them, but now they finally had to chance to settle things once and for all.

    Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe felt relieved and happy.

    “Yang Kai, pay with your life!” Suddenly, an anger filled roar reached Yang Kai’s ear.

    While he was absorbing the Spiritual Energy from the fallen masters, Yang Kai heard these words and couldn’t help looking up, immediately catching sight of two Transcendent Realm masters flying over towards him.

    This sudden development made him very confused, wondering just where he had offended these two strangers.

    However, his expression didn’t change, nor did he make the slightest move to avoid these two masters, instead just staring back at them indifferently.

    Perceiving the disdain in Yang Kai’s eyes, the last trace of Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou’s concerns were cast to the wind. Only the idea of killing Yang Kai to avenge the deaths of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng remained in their hearts.

    Tu Feng and others just glanced towards Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou quietly, and when they approached to within a few dozen meters, all of them violently pushed their True Qi, revealing their powerful and imposing auras.

    Feeling the huge True Qi fluctuations coming from in front of them, Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

    Each of these thirteen auras was no less powerful than their own, many of them were even stronger.

    In a blur of light, Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou didn’t even have time to react before they were sent tumbling dozens of meters through the air and slammed to the ground by Tu Feng, Ying Jiu, and the other Blood Warriors.

    Throughout the battlefield, everyone except Yang Kai’s allies stared at this scene with bulged eyes.

    The jaws of all of the Patriarchs from the Eight Great Families dropped. Before these Blood Warriors moved, they hadn’t been able to gauge their strength, but after this brief confrontation, the various Patriarchs discovered to their complete amazement that all thirteen of these Blood Warriors were no longer Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators but genuine Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

    “Sure enough!” The Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master, Feng Sheng shouted joyfully as he wore a big grin.

    Despite his previous speculations, Feng Sheng still somewhat couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but compared to his shock, his feelings of happiness that his fellow Brothers and Sisters had made such astonishing progress was stronger.

    At the same time, Feng Sheng also faintly envied them.

    “Patriarch Xiang, Patriarch Nan, what are you doing?” Lu Si quickly recovered from his shock and asked.

    “Patriarch Xiang, Patriarch Nan?” Yang Kai heard these two names and instantly knew why these two men were hostile towards himself.

    Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou faces were ashen. Although they were both being held down on the ground by the Blood Warriors, they were both still barely able to raise their heads and stare at Yang Kai in horror.

    “Little Lord, what should we do with these two?” Tu Feng asked.

    “Kill them.” Yang Kai’s eyes were cold and unfeeling. Before knowing their identities, Yang Kai hadn’t wanted to act ruthlessly, but after knowing who they were, Yang Kai unhesitantly decided to execute them.

    Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou both wore terrified and aghast expressions. Neither of them had dreamed that even after knowing their statuses, this Yang Family Young Lord would issue such an order.

    Xiang Ning hastily shouted, “Yang Kai, leniency now. You will certainly be rewarded in the future.”

    Yang Kai however just sneered, “There’s nothing to discuss, because in the future we’ll never meet again, and in this world there will be no more Xiang or Nan Families!”

    The faces of Xiang Ning and Nan Xi Lou suddenly became pale.

    Tu Feng and Ying Jiu didn’t hesitate at all, pushing their True Qi violently and instantly killing the two first-class family Transcendent Realm Patriarchs.

    Two great masses of Spiritual Energy, both of which had very different qualities from all the previous ones he had absorbed, were drawn into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. Feeling these two massive masses of energy, Yang Kai nodded happily.

    Lifting his eyes, Yang Kai glared coldly at Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe who were standing a couple thousand meters away taking pleasure in other’s misfortune, casually waving his hand, “Kill those two as well!”

    Last time, because he was sensing the mysteries of the Solitary Golden Eye he had accidentally let these two old men escape, something Yang Kai felt quite regretful about, so now that he had met them again, how could he once more let them off?

    Five Blood Warriors responded, instantly shooting off towards Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe and before the latter could respond, they had already been surrounded. After offering some trifling resistance, within a few breaths, both of them had been killed.

    Although the Blood Warriors had only broken through to the Transcendent Realm a short time ago, after they received guidance from the mysterious freak, Meng Wu Ya, they were able to display even greater strength than this world’s average Transcendent masters.

    In a five versus two situation, how could Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe be worthy opponents?

    After the deaths of these two, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, quickly walking towards them until he had approached to within a hundred meters or so and felt two huge Spiritual Energy masses fly into his Knowledge Sea.

    A hundred meters… That was probably the greatest distance at which the Solitary Golden Eye could absorb these residual Spiritual Energy lumps.

    Yang Kai inadvertently made a new discovery.

    “Bastard!” Ye Kuang Ren roared angrily as the other Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families gasped.

    They thought that Yang Kai had come to the Central Capital to join forces with the Eight Great Families in order to resist the invasion of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, but they hadn’t thought that he would all of a sudden murder four Transcendents who were here to render aid to the Eight Great Families.