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Chapter 632, You Don’t Have The Skill

Martial Peak
     Stunned for only a moment, Zhou Luo quickly came to his senses and roared, “I want you to die!”

    Yang Kai sneered, “You want me to die? I’m afraid you don’t have the skill.”

    “Empty boasts!” Zhou Luo leapt back two steps and summoned a trident-shaped artifact into his hands. When this artifact appeared, it gave off a cold murderous intent.

    As he poured his True Qi into it, the trident hummed as a brilliant radiance emerged from its head. Instantly concentrating all of his strength, Zhou Luo threw the trident out.

    The trident soared forward like a mighty tiger, its jaws opened wide wanting to rip apart Yang Kai.

    Zhou Luo obviously didn’t want to waste any more time with Yang Kai, he wanted to kill him as quickly as possible to relieve his hate!

    Yang Kai snorted, his expression becoming cold and solemn, Zhou Luo directing such thick killing intent towards him for some contrived grievance had angered him greatly.

    Yang Kai’s figure flickered and easily avoided the attack of the trident.

    His entire body’s strength erupting, Yang Kai’s momentum and aura instantly underwent an earth-shaking change, causing Zhou Luo to unconsciously tremble in fear.

    With Yang Kai as its center, an invisible pressure wave burst forth, sending a strong gust of wind rolling in every direction.

    Yun Xuan stopped crying and stared at Yang Kai in amazement, completely shocked by this sudden transformation, even briefly forgetting everything she had just endured.

    Even Ruan Xin Yu couldn’t help gaping as she stared dumbfounded at this scene.

    *Hong hong hong…*

    Yang Kai stepped out rapidly, leaving a series of afterimages in his wake and in the blink of an eye rushed to Zhou Luo’s side. Under the latter’s stunned gaze, a violent burst of True Qi slammed into his chest.

    With a pitiful scream, Zhou Luo was sent flying like a paper basket, a trail of blood spurting from his mouth, making for a miserable sight.

    Yang Kai stared coldly but did not immediately pursue.


    Zhou Luo’s body fell heavily to the ground but he quickly climbed up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, a cruel light flashing across his eyes, “Playing the pig to eat a tiger? You really are a despicable bastard!”

    It was only at this moment that he clearly realized that Yang Kai’s true strength was far beyond what an ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator should possess.

    Being able to heavily wound an Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage with a single blow was not something an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage kid should be capable of.

    “Xin Yu, help me kill him.” After experiencing Yang Kai’s strength, Zhou Luo not only did not give up, but wanted to pull Ruan Xin Yu in to help him as well.

    Right now, he is not this kid’s opponent, but with Ruan Xin Yu’s help it should be possible to beat him, right?

    Even if Yang Kai was a rare freak, he was still just an Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.

    Zhou Luo was absolutely determined to take Yang Kai’s life today.

    Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a cold light; him not killing Zhou Luo with his last blow was because he still had scruples about offending Bold Independent Union. Yang Kai wasn’t willing to stir up more trouble than necessary, but he hadn’t expected that him showing mercy had caused his enemy to underestimate him.

    Turning his gaze towards Ruan Xin Yu, Yang Kai saw that the latter has not recovered from her initial shock and still had a stunned expression on her face.

    If this woman really agreed to Zhou Luo’s proposal, Yang Kai didn’t mind slaughtering both of them.

    “Xin Yu!” Zhou Luo shouted again.

    Ruan Xin Yu finally reacted, frowning deeply as she shot back, “Are you stupid? Why should I kill him for no reason?”

    Zhou Luo face went from red to blue as he glared hatefully at Ruan Xin Yu, “Even you want to speak up for him? What? Did you also fuck him while I was knocked out?”

    Zhou Luo’s rampant words immediately enraged Ruan Xin Yu as she angrily shouted, “Nonsense! Come to your senses Zhou Luo, stop making a scene.”

    “Haha, making a scene?” Zhou Luo smiled wickedly, as if his previous insult was actually the truth.

    At this moment, Yun Xuan stood up slowly and cast a faint glance towards Yang Kai, taking a deep breath before letting out a long sigh, “Zuo Luo, stop, if you dare attack him again, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

    Zhou Luo froze up, a stunned look appearing on his face as he stared towards Yun Xuan incredulously. A moment later shaking his head, he muttered, “Really nothing but a cheap slut, as soon as your body was tainted by him, you also surrendered your heart?”

    Yun Xuan became angry out of shame and coldly declared, “What happened just now is my business, I don’t need to discuss anything with you, I can handle my own matters myself.”

    “Handle your own matters? Haha!” Zhou Luo laughed like a madman.

    He had gone completely crazy.

    His gaze gradually becoming hostile as he hatefully glared at Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu, Zhou Luo’s expression filled with distress and disdain, reaching out and summoning his trident back to his hand, he sneered, “Since you insist on acting so, then don’t blame me for not showing due respect, but first, I’m going to butcher this brat!”

    Seeing him like this, Yun Xuan just slowly shook her head, “You don’t have such ability.”

    “Even you say that!” Zhou Luo roared. Yang Kai had just despised him so, and now Yun Xuan was saying almost exactly the same thing. Zhou Luo had never felt more humiliated in his life, grinding his teeth in rage as he shouted, “If that’s what you think, then open your eyes and see if this Zhou Luo has the ability!”

    Saying so, a violent True Qi erupted and several plate sized light balls suddenly emerged from his body.

    “Not good!” Ruan Xin Yu’s beautiful face paled, “Zhao Luo’s lost it.”

    This move was Zhou Luo’s most powerful Martial Skill and he would almost never use it, but at this moment, facing Yang Kai, he had actually brought it out. Obviously, he had lost his ability to judge the situation and was acting purely based on his hatred and anger.

    As she shouted, Ruan Xin Yu quickly retreated, lest she be affected as well, not forgetting to drag Yun Xuan away with her as she fell back.

    Yang Kai remained silent and stood watching until the energy balls around Zhou Luo’s body completely formed, a dignified expression filling his faces.

    He could tell that these energy balls contained a terrifying amount of power.

    But he was not afraid!

    The light balls suddenly flew out while Zhou Luo simultaneously threw his trident, the two attacks complementing each other, increasing the lethality of this attack several times compared to the one Yang Kai had just dodged.

    This attack contained the full strength of an Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage cultivator.

    “Be careful!” Yun Xuan exclaimed, and her face blushing red after she spoke. She didn’t know why she had just tried to warn Yang Kai. She felt that the relationship between the two of them, because of the experience they just shared, had become somewhat strange.

    There was no doubt she hated this boy who had taken away her purity amongst the previous chaos, especially because he was at least seven or eight years younger than her!

    But she also couldn’t bring herself to watch him die!

    Originally, Yun Xuan thought that if anyone was going to kill him it would be her, that way she could wipe away her shame and then commit suicide to end everything once and for all.

    A mess of difficult and unpleasant emotions swirled about in her heart which somehow led to her being unable to bear seeing Yang Kai in danger and warn him.

    Seeing Ruan Xin Yu glance at her oddly in the next instant, Yun Xuan couldn’t wait to find a hole to crawl into and never come out again.

    “You… he…” Ruan Xin Yu’s womanly instincts ignited.

    “Don’t ask me,” Yun Xuan was red from the top of her head all the way down her neck, her heart tossing and turning chaotically.

    “En…” Ruan Xin Yu immediately chose to remain silent.

    *Hong hong hong…*

    Not far away, Zhou Luo’s attack had already hit its mark, and the energy it contained exploded, engulfing Yang Kai, leaving the latter path of escape.

    The two women couldn’t help covering their mouths, trembling slightly at the sight.

    *Pa pa pa…*

    A rapid set of bangs rang out and the blast of energy was quickly dispersed in a series of explosions, quickly revealing Yang Kai’s figure.

    He was completely unharmed, only the wound on his abdomen, because of his rapid movement, had opened again, causing his face to go slightly pale.

    Zhou Luo couldn’t help taking a few steps back as he stared at Yang Kai in horror, muttering over and over again, “Impossible!”

    No one in the Immortal Ascension Boundary could withstand his killing strike, much less do so and emerge completely unscathed, yet this brat in front of him had done just that.

    “Nothing is impossible!” Yang Kai walked forward slowly, his expression incomparably ugly. His injuries were on the verge of healing but because he was dragged into this ridiculous fight, his condition had worsened once again, naturally he wanted to end things quickly, “I originally didn’t want to kill you, but looking back now, there was never any reason for me to spare your life.”

    Saying so, his figure suddenly disappeared.

    Zhou Luo’s eyes bulged as he sensed the approach of a deadly crisis, but before he could mount any kind of defence, he felt massive impact on his chest.

    The sound of bones shattering rang out like rice being poured into a pot.

    Yang Kai’s figure once again appeared in front of him, but Zhou Luo no longer had the ability to move. All of his bones had been smashed and his five viscera, six organs had been pulverized, he was now nothing more than a sack of meat.

    His vitality had been completely eliminated.

    *Cough…* Yang Kai staggered two steps before managing to stabilize himself again, his hand covered in wounds as fresh blood flowed down his fingers.

    Casting a glance towards the distant Yun Xuan, he found that this woman actually had a trace of excitement on her face, whether it was happiness or not he couldn’t tell. Shaking his head helplessly, he no longer paid any attention to her, hurriedly sitting down and continuing to heal himself.

    “Yun Xuan…” Ruan Xin Yu, who had nearly lost her ability to think after everything she had just seen, hesitantly asked, “What should we do about this?”

    “Do about what?” Yun Xuan asked softly, gently gasping for breath, obviously still quite weak.

    “He killed Zhou Luo.”

    “Do you want to seek revenge?” Yun Xuan turned her head and stared at Ruan Xin Yu coldly, the latter clearly noticing a trace of hostility and vigilance in the other party’s eyes.

    “That’s not what I meant,” Ruan Xin Yu quickly stated, “It’s just that even though Zhou Luo was an annoying bastard, he was still a captain of one of the Union’s teams, him dying in front of us…”

    “Haven’t enough people died today already? Zhou Luo was clearly in the wrong here, now that he’s dead and gone. This kind of trash, no one will miss him. Him remaining, in the end, would have only brought more trouble to the Union. En, after returning to the Union, I’ll make a full report to the higher-ups, you don’t need to concern yourself over it.” Yun Xuan said faintly.

    After half a day, Yun Xuan had somewhat managed to stabilize herself and after reflecting on things, she no longer felt completely helpless. Although she was still lost and confused, she had at least regained her calm.

    “You… you really… towards him…” Ruan Xin Yu’s look became ambiguous “What’s so good about him?”

    Yun Xuan blushed again and muttered under her breath, “Don’t say any more.”

    As she whispered so, she snuck a glance over at Yang Kai before quickly averting her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering as she did so.

    “You get some rest, I’ll handle everything else here,” Ruan Xin Yu sighed and swept her eyes over the dead bodies and chaotic battlefield around her, rubbing her forehead as she felt a big headache coming on.

    Yun Xuan nodded lightly and sat down, crossing her legs and closing her eyes while controlling her breathing.