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Chapter 664, Cultivating the Demon God Transformation

Martial Peak
     The Wordless Black Book had been inadvertently obtained by Yang Kai, and he had initially been using it as a pillow.

    However, after a strange dream and accepting its unyielding will, the Wordless Black Book had opened a whole new world to him.

    Yang Kai was able to confirm that the original owner of this Black Book was the Great Demon God from the story Han Fei had told him below the volcano.

    She had said that Great Demon God had obtained a massive piece of Soulstone at some point, and although it was unknown what he had used it for, the scraps leftover when he was done had been forged into the four Void Rings that were currently worn by the four Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan.

    It seemed like that large block of Soulstone that Great Demon God obtained in the past had been used to create the Wordless Black Book, which meant that the Black Book and the four Void Rings Li Rong and the other Great Commanders had originated from the same source!

    If that was the case, then the owner of his Unyielding Golden Skeleton was also likely the Great Demon God.

    In the past, the Great Demon God had wanted to break free of this world’s shackles and explore a higher realm, but the result was his failure and the destruction of his body; however, he had somehow managed to preserve his bones. Because the Unyielding Golden Skeleton originally belonged to the Great Demon God, it was only natural for it to be filled with demonic energy.

    The Unyielding Golden Skeleton, Incense Burner, True Yang Secret Art, Myriad Drug Liquid, and Demon Eye of Annihilation were legacies that had been passed down to him by the Great Demon God.

    However, Yang Kai’s growth had also deviated somewhat from Great Demon God’s expectations.

    When he visited Medicine King’s Valley, Yang Kai had obtained the entire True Alchemic Way, which was not something the Great Demon God had intended him to inherit.

    Perhaps Great Demon God wanted his successor to wholeheartedly pursue the Martial Peak and not be disturbed by the Alchemic Way.

    Thinking about it, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he suddenly remembered something.

    Guan’er had once told him that the Ancient Demon Race had produced a top-notch Alchemist, one that all the Alchemy Grandmasters couldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with.

    Had that Supreme Grandmaster Alchemist been the Great Demon God? If not, where would he have obtained the True Alchemic Way?

    Although it was just a guess, it was a very likely possibility!

    Yang Kai eyes flickered brilliantly, his mind rapidly turning as he carefully sifted through all the information he had and all the things he had experienced over the past few years, gradually becoming clear about many things that had once confused him.


    “Senior Li, although he has the Demon Eye of Annihilation, isn’t it too much to just hand over total control of our clan to him?”

    Once they had left the stone room, Hua Mo suddenly said, a touch of worry surfaced on his face. Although when he first saw the Demon Eye of Annihilation, Hua Mo had been overwhelmed with excitement, after calming down and carefully considering the big picture, he couldn’t help feeling that Li Rong’s decision was not quite appropriate.

    “En, there are quite a few questionable points, like how he acquired the Demon Eye of Annihilation in the first place; of course, the most important issue is that he is human…” Han Fei nodded and agreed with Hua Mo.

    Li Rong just smiled lightly and replied, “The Demon Eye of Annihilation choosing him, is equivalent to Sir Great Demon God choosing him. We only need to follow the teachings of our ancestors. As for him being human, that’s only for now, as for later… we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Hearing all this, Hua Mo and Han Fei went silent for a moment.

    “Well, his performance is still satisfactory,” Hua Mo took a step back and nodded, “I thought a young man like him would act impulsively, and upon hearing our Ancient Demon Clan swear loyalty to him would immediately accept it. I hadn’t expected him to actually decisively refuse.”

    Not only had Yang Kai refused, from start to finish he hadn’t even shown any excitement.

    It seemed like for him, whether he obtained the Ancient Demon Clan’s allegiance or not was irrelevant.

    If he wasn’t extremely foolish or overconfident, then he must have already experienced a great many storms and possessed a deep understanding of his own capabilities and abilities.

    However, it was impossible for this young man to be an arrogant fool. The scene where Yang Kai had killed Chu Jian still flashed across Hua Mo’s thoughts from time to time, sending chills down his back.

    As such, the only explanation left was that he knew very clear about his own weight and would not make a rash decision before he has absolute certainty.

    Such people often relied on their own ability to do things rather than allow their fate to be controlled by others.

    “That’s why I said Sir Great Demon God’s vision was not wrong,” Li Rong smiled happily, “Just you wait, within five years, our clan will obtain its freedom from this Mysterious Small World and once again return to the world our ancestors came from.”

    Hua Mo and Han Fei’s visions trembled lightly, a look of expectation flashing across their eyes.

    It had been thousands of years at least since they were sealed inside this Mysterious Small World by Sir Great Demon God, the world would have long forgotten about this clan that served as his most loyal servants and trusted right arm. The sun, moon, and stars, the grand rivers and vast endless seas, such scenes were things that their clansmen had only been able to dream of for generations.

    The lifelong dream of each of their clansmen had been to leave this place and finally see these wondrous sights.

    “I hope that in my lifetime, such a day will come to pass,” Hua Mo took a deep breath and slowly regained his composure.


    Demon God Citadel was an octagonal shaped building. This building wasn’t very tall but it had its own unique sense of architectural beauty. Each of its eight walls had been decorated with ornate carvings of ancient birds and beasts that seemed to fly and swim from window to window.

    Under the leadership of Guan’er, Yang Kai walked into the octagonal building.

    After a night of contemplation, Yang Kai had sorted out most of his thoughts.

    Regardless of what the Ancient Demon Clan was planning, his ultimate goal was still to improve his strength; that had never changed. Only when he was stronger than anyone else could he truly live freely in this world and not be bound by others.

    Therefore, how the Ancient Demon Clan treated him was irrelevant, he just needed to stick to the path he had decided upon.

    “Mistress is inside, you can go in,” Guan’er reached out and opened the door, standing aside once she was done.

    Yang Kai nodded lightly and walked in.

    Inside the room, Li Rong was sitting on a chair beside a small table. Upon seeing Yang Kai come in, she quickly stood up and politely greeted him with a smile, “You’ve come?”


    “Good, the things you requested have been prepared,” Li Rong gently waved towards several old books on the table beside her, “These are all the manuals regarding the Demon God Transformation, you can look through them freely.”

    “En, thank you for all your hard work.”

    Li Rong’s eyes flickered slightly as she pursed her lips and said, “I am willing to not call you Master in accordance with your request, but in return please don’t act so polite towards us, it feels like you are treating us like outsiders.”

    Yang Kai stared indifferently for a moment before finally nodding, “Then we’ll both act a bit more casual.”

    Li Rong showed a faint smile.

    Yang Kai stepped forward and picked up one of the ancient books before sitting down on the chair Li Rong had been occupying until now.

    These secret manuals were indeed all about the Demon God Transformation, instructions for the Ancient Demon Clan’s clansmen on how to cultivate the Demon God Transformation, how to control and develop their Demon Crests, even some notes about how to improve their efficiency and combat strength while in their transformed state.

    Every book here was quite precious and contained secrets that not many of the Ancient Demon Clan was privileged enough to access.

    Yang Kai had only just begun looking through them yet his eyes were already growing brighter and more excited.

    These ancient books all contained profound knowledge about the Demon God Transformation. Without exception, these secret manuals recorded the very essence of the Demon God Transformation.

    As if he had found some invaluable treasure, Yang Kai quickly became immersed in the study of these ancient records.

    Seeing him enter this kind of focused state so quickly, Li Rong smiled and left Yang Kai’s side, poured herself a cup of fragrant tea, and sat down quietly and waited.

    Immersing one’s consciousness into their Demon Crests, guiding these Demon Crests to spread across their body, inspiring the power contained within these Demon Crests with one’s own Demonic Qi to enhance oneself.

    In their initial form, the Demon Crests only spread across one’s body, just like when Yang Kai currently used his Devil Transformation.

    In their second form, his Demon Crests would become integrated into his physique, so even if he activated his Demon God Transformation, his outward appearance wouldn’t undergo any changes.

    What Li Rong wanted Yang Kai to do was to quickly achieve this second form. At that point, even if he activated the Demon God Transformation in front of the Ancient Demon Clan’s clansmen, they would not be negatively affected and retain their combat strength.

    The third form would allow his Demon Crests to completely merge with his bones, bringing about an even greater boost in strength.

    Yang Kai was fascinated by all of this, because he had already experienced the Demon God Transformation many times. After learning everything recorded in these ancient manuals, his understanding of this technique would increase many fold.

    As for the rest, like how to actually apply these techniques, that could only be obtained through continued cultivation.

    Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai put down the last ancient manual in front of him and closed his eyes. After a while, his eyes opened and he stared towards Li Rong with enthusiasm, “Is there a suitable place inside Demon God Citadel for me to enter secluded retreat and cultivate the Demon God Transformation?”

    “I’ve already prepared an appropriate room,” Li Rong smiled, “Come with me.”

    Saying so, she stood up and walked over to a nearby bookshelf, pushing on a few of the old books to activate a mechanism which opened the shelf, revealing a passageway behind it that lead deep underground.

    Li Rong walked in and Yang Kai followed.

    The sides of this passageway were lined with torches, so it wasn’t dark and down below there should be some kind of secret room.

    After descending for quite some time, the pair arrived at a large empty room, even wider and taller than the stone room Yang Kai had been using to study Alchemy.

    Around the edges of the room were a number of black stones that Yang Kai faintly perceived were emitting a strange kind of energy fluctuation.

    “This is where I usually cultivate. Here, you can boldly activate the Demon God Transformation without worrying about affecting my clansmen,” Li Rong softly explained, next pointing to the black stone pillars, “These are Energy Sealing Stones, they are naturally able to block the transmission of all kind of energy, once you enter, I will activate them to erect a barrier around you.”

    “Understood, let’s get started,” Yang Kai couldn’t wait, instantly leaping forward and landing in the centre of the room.

    Seeing this, Li Rong smiled and shook her head, whispering softly under her breath, “So impatient!”

    Saying so, she calmly began pouring her Demonic Qi into a nearby panel, activating the Energy Sealing Stones which soon erected a hemispherical transparent barrier.

    Yang Kai glanced over at Li Rong to confirm everything was prepared, the latter nodding back at him gently.

    Taking off his shirt and sitting down cross-legged, Yang Kai lifted his right hand to his forehead.

    “Devil Transformation!”

    As the Heavens and Earth shook, the barrier formed by the Energy Sealing Stones swayed as ripples propagated across its surface.

    On Yang Kai’s upper body, a large number of Demon Crests began to appear, these Demon Crests were like snakes, climbing up his chest and back, forming a complex and imposing pattern.

    His strength and Blood Force rose rapidly as his combat power soared…

    Yang Kai clearly felt how powerful he was at the moment.

    In the distance, Li Rong’s beautiful eyes flashed brilliantly as she stared at this sight and muttered, “Sure enough, it really is different.”