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Chapter 684 - Gathering Wind

Martial Peak
     Chapter 684, Gathering Wind

    Xu Qi also chimed in, “That’s right, it really was he who wanted to enter the Wind Eye, I strongly discourage him but he simply wouldn’t listen!”

    Cang Yan’s mouth twitched a few times before putting on a false smile, “That would be best, otherwise, your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion should prepare for its complete destruction.”

    Xia Cheng Yin shot him a cold stare, “Brother Cang Yan, this is my Spirit Religion’s territory, please take care how you speak.”

    “Enough,” Du Wan snorted. After learning that Yang Kai had entered the Wind Eye, Old Man Du was feeling particularly unhappy, but he knew that regardless of what the truth was, Yang Kai was currently in real danger. What’s worse, he was the one who recommended Yang Kai to go to Bright Thunder Spirit Religion to become an Honoured Guest in the first place.

    “What’s more important now is to confirm little friend Yang’s safety; Cang Yan, what did you sense just now?” Du Wan turned to look at Cang Yan.

    “He’s still alive, but his aura is a bit chaotic, nothing like it should be if he was performing Alchemy,” Cang Yan replied succinctly.

    Du Wan’s face became even uglier, shooting an unfriendly glance towards Xia Cheng Yin, “Religion Master Xia, it seems that entrusting him to your Spirit Religion was not a wise decision. If he is lucky enough to survive this incident, I will be bringing him back to Alchemist Guild with me. I trust Religion Master Xia will not raise any objections.”

    Xia Cheng Yin’s face contorted somewhat but still nodded. With Du Wan saying so, even if he tried to retain Yang Kai, the likelihood he would succeed was almost zero; glaring at Duan Hai and Xu Qi, he ground his teeth and shouted, “Such a good deed you’ve done! Even unable to look after a single Honoured Guest, I don’t think my Spirit Religion needs such ‘competent’ Elders!”

    “It was his own…” Xu Qi still tried to argue.

    However, Duan Hai just shook his head and sighed, feeling that everything was now beyond his control.

    If Old Man Du and Cang Yan had come a few days earlier, this situation wouldn’t have ever occurred, but they just had to arrive right after he and Xu Qi took action. Was it their own luck that was too bad or was Yang Kai’s fortune just that good?

    Everyone stood around watching, none of them speaking, the atmosphere quite strained.

    Xu Qi and Duan Hai’s eyes continuously met, both of them well aware of how just how thorny a situation they had gotten themselves into.

    That little brat would definitely not be able to leave the Wind Eye alive, the question now was if he was to die, what would Du Wan and Cang Yan do?

    They really didn’t know why Cang Yan was even here; this whole situation seemed to have nothing to do with Soaring Heaven Sect.

    Meanwhile, inside the Wind Eye, Yang Kai was currently enduring a great deal of pain, the omnipresent wind blades constantly slicing into his body, quickly shredding his clothes and dying him in blood.

    With his True Qi imprisoned, Yang Kai couldn’t use it to protect himself from these wind blades and could only rely on the strength of his flesh to insist.

    Instead of rushing to use his Demon God Transformation though, he was focusing all of his attention on his shoulder blades where the Wind and Thunder Wings he received from Han Fei back in Demon God Citadel resided as they seemed to currently be undergoing some unexpected changes.

    The rich Wind Attribute energy in the surroundings was constantly being channeled into his body and absorbed by the Wind and Thunder Wings.

    Fierce waves of pain erupted constantly, causing Yang Kai’s face to twist in agony.

    The Wind Qi he was absorbing was rampaging inside his body, tearing apart his flesh, causing every part of his physique to ripple.

    Through all the pain and hardship though, Yang Kai grit his teeth and did not utter a single sound, allowing the Wind and Thunder Wings to swallow the surrounding Wind Qi.

    He faintly felt that this was the opportunity he was searching for that would truly allow him to refine the Wind and Thunder Wings!

    Han Fei and Li Rong once told him that they didn’t know where this pair of Wind and Thunder Wings came from or who the original owner was and only after many twists and turns did it fall into Han Fei’s hands. Also, no matter how many times they tried to refine them, neither of them had succeeded.

    When Duan Hai and Xu Qi brought him to the edge of the Wind Eye, Yang Kai felt the Wind and Thunder Wings transmit a vague sense of yearning to him, so he had not made any attempt to resist and simply allowed Duan Hai to throw him inside.

    Now, it seemed his gamble had paid off.

    The dust-laden Wind and Thunder Wings seemed to have been greatly moisturized by this environment and were showing signs of coming back to life, the speed at which they swallowed the surrounding Wind Qi increasing with every passing moment, reaching a point where even Yang Kai’s powerful physique couldn’t withstand the side effects.

    As his flesh was constantly being destroyed, the Wind Attribute energy continued flooding into him like a raging torrent.

    Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai quickly took out a drop of Myriad Drug Milk from the Black Book space and swallowed it.

    A moment later, a warm sensation appeared in his abdomen and quickly spread throughout his body.

    The powerful restorative properties of the Myriad Drug Milk and the destructive power of Wind Eye both battled one another inside Yang Kai’s body, forming a kind of excruciating tug of war.

    As Yang Kai’s body was constantly being torn apart and then repaired, it became tougher and more robust.

    After enduring this cycle of destruction and restoration over and over again, Yang Kai gradually became numb to it and no longer felt any pain.

    Simultaneously, the Wind and Thunder Wings swallowed the surrounding Wind Attribute energy at a horrifying speed. On Yang Kai’s left shoulder, there seemed to be some kind of invisible vortex that constantly drew in the surrounding Wind Qi, filling the Wind and Thunder Wings, and as more Wind Attributes energy was drawn into them, they became more and more energetic.

    From the outside, it appeared like there was a small whirlpool inside the huge swirling Wind Eye. This small whirlpool was like a bottomless pit that was slowly drawing in the surrounding Wind Attribute energy and swallowing it.

    The people outside who were at first concerned about whether Yang Kai was dead or alive now all wore amazed expressions, wondering how such a change had come about.

    The Wind Eye was a restricted area of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion as well as one of its foundations. Since it was first discovered, it had already been countless years and over these centuries, innumerable disciples who cultivated Wind Attribute Martial Skills and Secret Arts had practiced here. And while all of them obtained many benefits from this place, no matter how many people absorbed the Wind Qi here, the Wind Eye never showed any changes.

    But now, everyone here could clearly feel that the Wind Attribute energy that filled this place was slowly been consumed and was rapidly decreasing in density.

    This discovery made the several members of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion pale.

    If the Wind Eye was weakened, it would be a huge loss to their Spirit Religion.

    “Duan Hai, did Honored Guest Yang say what kind of pill it was he wanted to refine?” Xia Cheng Yin now believed the words of his two subordinates and thought that the changes in the Wind Eye were related to Yang Kai’s Alchemy.

    “He didn’t say,” Duan Hai grit his teeth and replied.

    “Old Man Du, what do you think?” Xia Cheng Yin turned to look at Du Wan.

    Du Wan’s face was quite gloomy as he muttered, “There is no pill that needs to consume such a huge amount of energy, this isn’t like Alchemy at all, rather, it seems like he’s cultivating!”

    “Cultivating?” Xia Cheng Yin’s expression froze, “He entered the Wind Eye to cultivate? Isn’t he only at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary?”

    “Don’t ask this old master, I don’t know any more than you do!” Du Wan shouted, apparently quite disgruntled because of Yang Kai’s current situation.

    Xia Cheng Yin looked awkward and dared not say anything more.

    The destructive power inside the Wind Eye made it impossible for any of them to release their Divine Sense to investigate, so all they could do was wait quietly.

    As more time passed, the small vortex within the Wind Eye seemed to gradually grow larger and even showed signs of beginning to devour the Wind Eye entirely. Even the Wind Attribute energy in the surrounding region was not as dense as it was before.

    “Religion Master, at this rate, the Wind Eye will be destroyed!” Duan Hai screamed hurriedly.

    Xia Cheng Yin’s complexion became pale as he stared at the Wind Eye without saying a word. How could he not understand what the consequences would be if this situation continued? If the Wind Eye was destroyed, it would be the equivalent of destroying a large part of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s foundation.

    “I humbly request Religion Master to allow me and Junior Brother Xu Qi Junior to stop this disaster!” Duan Hai took the initiative to say.

    “How do you plan on stopping it?” Xia Cheng Yin glanced at him strangely.

    “Our only option now is to quickly kill Honoured Guest Yang inside the Wind Eye, he must have used the excuse of performing Alchemy to ruin the foundation of our Spirit Religion!” Duan Hai lied through his teeth, trying to turn this disaster to his advantage.

    “Little friend Yang is not such a person!” Du Wan coldly snorted.

    “You can try it if you dare!” Cang Yan also stared at him with a thick murderous intent.

    “This is my Spirit Religion’s internal matter, isn’t Brother Cang Yan overstepping his bounds?” Duan Hai questioned in a disgruntled tone.

    “This old man will not permit any reckless behaviour here, if little friend Yang encounters any accident as a result of your actions, this old man can guarantee that no Alchemist will ever refine pills for your Sect from now on!” Du Wan stared deeply towards Duan Hai.

    Duan Hai suddenly felt a big headache.

    He could still barely ignore Cang Yan’s aggressive attitude, but Du Wan’s words were not something dismiss. Given Old Man Du’s status, he could really accomplish what he just said. With a single order from a Saint Grade Alchemist, all the Honoured Guest Alchemists would not hesitate to cut all ties with Bright Thunder Spirit Religion and never return.

    “Old Man Du, please calm your anger, Duan Hai was simply speaking thoughtlessly,” Xia Cheng Yin hastily stated, angering a Saint Grade Alchemist would bring about severe consequences.

    At that moment, the huge Wind Eye underwent a noticeable change, and the once small vortex that had appeared inside it suddenly expanded.

    A huge energy fluctuation erupted, almost knocking everyone off balance, forcing them to use their True Qi to stabilize themselves as they all turned their full attention back to the Wind Eye.

    Inside the Wind Eye, Yang Kai suddenly felt the seal Duan Hai had planted on him shatter, and the True Qi which had been locked inside his meridians once again began rapidly circulating.

    Not only that, the his flesh and blood around his shoulder blades began throbbing intensely, as if something was trying to break free from them.

    He had experienced this feeling once before when he first obtained his Flaming Yang Wings.

    His state of mind relaxing, not showing the slightest signs of fluster, Yang Kai let out a long breath and allowed these changes to take place without resisting.


    In the next instant, a pair of grand, beautiful wings suddenly unfurled behind Yang Kai. As it opened, all the pressure he felt inside and outside his body instantly vanished and was replaced by a kind of joyful sensation of freedom.