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Chapter 724, Joy After Disappointmen

Martial Peak
     Chapter 724, Joy After Disappointment

    Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

    Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

    From the direction he was staring, a pair of fierce auras rose and it was clear that a master was approaching.

    This Cheng Family was a local overlord in Blue Water City, so it was only natural they had Transcendent Realm masters keeping watch. Feeling the True Qi fluctuations indicative of battle in the garden, this master immediately came over to investigate.

    Even before these masters had arrived, one of their voices had already called out, “Who dares act dissolute in my Cheng Family?”

    Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and stood still, quietly waiting, not making any attempt to escape.

    The ones who were approaching were only First Order Transcendents, the same as Yang Kai, so although there were two of them, Yang Kai was not afraid.

    No one in the same realm could defeat him, of this he was completely confident.

    A moment later, from the left and right, two old men arrived, one of them wearing beige-coloured robes, the other wearing light blue clothes. After seeing the horrible scene in the garden, both of these old men couldn’t help feeling stunned.

    On the other hand, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed because upon seeing these two old men, he noticed they were both half-crippled, both of them were missing one arm and one leg. In place of their limbs was some kind of artifacts that, although appearing lifelike, were still obviously made of some kind of metal.

    “Boy, were you the one who killed these people?” The old man in the beige coloured robes loudly questioned.

    Yang Kai nodded lightly, not denying the charge.

    “Why did you kill my Cheng Family’s people, what injustice or enmity do you have with my Cheng Family?” The old man angrily screaming blue shirts.

    “We have neither enmity nor injustice between us!”

    “Then why have you wantonly murdered our people? Since when was my Cheng Family so easily bullied?” As they spoke, the two old man’s True Qi condensed, apparently preparing to exact revenge for their fallen clansmen.

    Yang Kai’s calm demeanor made them realize he had some skill, but when they tried to probe him with their Divine Senses, it only felt as though they were trying to explore a dark, bottomless pit like. Unable to determine anything about this strange youth inevitably caused these two old men some unease, both of them wondering just where this inscrutable Junior had come from.

    “If you don’t give us a proper confession for this, my Cheng Family will use all its might to eliminate you!” The old man in beige robes gritted his teeth and declared.

    “Eliminate me?” Yang Kai sneered in a low tone, “Good, I’ll just ask my questions after I beat the two of you!”

    The young man Yang Kai had just killed didn’t know where Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang went, but that didn’t mean these two old men didn’t.

    As he spoke, Yang Kai sent out a burst of burning hot Spiritual Energy, instantly condensing it into an invisible ray of heat and shooting it towards the two old men.

    The age of the other party was not small and the length of time they had spent cultivating was not short so obviously their Knowledge Seas’ defence was not fragile and they possessed Soul type artifacts for defense.

    But the two old men’s Soul type artifacts only flashed brilliantly for an instant before shattering and they were struck with a scaling hot aura, both of their expression immediately filling with panic.

    Having received the guidance of Old Man Li, Yang Kai now had a certain understanding of how to use his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

    His Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was not only useful for Alchemy, but also for fighting.

    This was Yang Kai’s first true battle after breaking through to the Transcendent Realm and his opponents were actually two veteran cultivators in the same realm, naturally he wanted to use them to test his current strength.

    As such, Yang Kai did not hold back at all.

    What he didn’t expect though was that these two old men’s Knowledge Sea’s defenses would be torn through so easily. If they weren’t wearing good Soul type defensive artifacts as well, this one strike from Yang Kai could have incinerated their Souls.

    Also realizing this, the two old men’s foreheads immediately leaked cold sweat and they frantically raised their defences.

    Yang Kai retracted his Conflagrated Divine Sense attack while simultaneously darting forward like lightning, arriving in front of the two old men in the blink of any eye.

    With two palm strikes, the two old men’s defences crumbled like paper and were both sent flying, the two of them coughing up blood unceasingly.

    Smashing into the ground, the two old men had yet to climb up when Yang Kai’s figure appeared right before their eyes, like a towering mountain they were unable to surmount, blocking out the sun’s rays and causing their eyes to grow dim.

    [We can’t resist him!] The two old men both instinctually thought this but were unable to accept it.

    Yang Kai was also somewhat dissatisfied, thinking that trying to compare against others in the same realm was something of a mistake.

    As a dangerous aura enveloped the two old men, they did not dare to move recklessly, only able to lie on the ground, a chill creeping into their hearts, as if they had been tossed into a deep abyss from which there was no return.

    “Who the hell are you?” The old man in the beige robes still tried to keep up appearances, enduring the fear in his heart as he tried to probe Yang Kai’s origins.

    Yang Kai shook his head, “Who I am, you don’t need to know. I ask you something, you answer. If I am satisfied, I can let you go, if I am not, heh heh… by this time tomorrow your Cheng Family will no longer exist!”

    The ruthless words of this youth deeply impacted the two old men, both of them immediately nodding in agreement. From the strength Yang Kai displayed when dealing with them, the two old men were convinced the former had the ability to carry out this threat.

    “Two years ago, did your Cheng Family receive an old man and a veiled young woman?” Yang Kai stared directly into their eyes and asked.

    As soon as this statement came out, the two old men’s faces suddenly went white, seemingly recalling something truly terrifying, their eyes filled with fear and panic.

    The old man in beige robes called out, “It turns out you’re with them! Little brother, our Cheng Family was indeed in the wrong that time and we paid a heavy price for it, even the two of us were punished severely. Two years later, is there still a need to act ruthlessly?”

    The blue clothes man also quickly nodded, “Our Cheng Family has learned its lesson, should we not consider this matter finished?”

    Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as ne noticed that these two old men were seemingly misunderstanding his intentions.

    Narrowing his eyes slightly, Yang Kai asked, “Were your hands and legs taken off by that old man?”

    Both of them nodded with strained expressions upon their faces, obviously unwilling to recall what had happened two years ago.

    Yang Kai grinned slightly, his dissatisfaction with Treasurer Meng swiftly diminishing.

    With Meng Wu Ya’s personality, someone daring to drug Xia Ning Chang really wouldn’t just result in breaking the legs of a young man, it seemed the two Transcendents of the Cheng Family were also punished by him.

    The old man in beige quickly followed up, “That Senior seemed to have some friendship with one my Cheng Family’s ancestors, so when he came to this Blue Water City, he entered the Cheng Family for a few days and was received as an honoured guest. My Cheng Family treated him with courtesy, but we never thought… Haa… My Cheng Family’s disobedient Young Master had ideas about that Senior’s disciple and actually dared to slip drugs in her food. When that Senior discovered this, he immediately flew into a rage. At that time, if not for one of Water Spirit Temple’s Elders coming forward to sooth his anger, I’m afraid my Cheng Family would have been wiped out. Even so, we paid a heavy price. In the end, out of respect for his friendship with our Cheng Family’s ancestor, that Senior showed mercy and spared our lives!”

    “Water Spirit Temple?” Yang Kai eyes lit up, “Did you say Water Spirit Temple?”

    “Yes?” The old man in the beige robes was somewhat confused, not understating why Yang Kai suddenly looked a little excited.

    “Did that old man and veiled woman go to Water Spirit Temple?” Yang Kai asked eagerly.

    “Most likely. That Elder from Water Spirit Temple seemed to have come to Blue Water City specifically for them. On top of that, this city is under Water Spirit Temple’s jurisdiction. My Cheng Family is also one of the forces attached to Water Spirit Temple.”

    Yang Kai held his chin and sunk into contemplation for a moment, his expression changing back and forth, frightening the two old men somewhat.

    After a long silence, Yang Kai suddenly laughed, “So that’s it!”

    At that moment, he suddenly became cheerful.

    This was really a case of finding a carriage while lost on a mountain road, experiencing joy after disappointment!

    “Little brother, you…” The old man in the beige robes trembled and hesitantly spoke, fearing that Yang Kai would destroy the Cheng Family after becoming angered.

    “This matter has nothing to do with you anymore. Since that old guy didn’t destroy you, it means his relationship with your ancestor was not shallow, so I won’t overstep my bounds, but… I’ve already killed so many of your henchmen and even your Young Master, what do you have to say about this?”

    “That disobedient waste, his death isn’t worth pitying!” The old man in beige coldly snorted, “If it wasn’t for him, how could the two of us have been reduced to this state?”

    As he spoke, his expression twisted noticeably, apparently he was still quite angry about this even though two years had passed.

    “Good,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, restraining his impulse to cut weeds and pull out roots here, faintly asking, “Which direction is Water Spirit Temple?”

    “That way, across the sea there is a set of islands that serve as the foundation of Water Spirit Temple,” The old man in beige quickly pointed Yang Kai in the right direction.

    Before the old man finished speaking, Yang Kai had already taken off and disappeared from sight.

    After waiting for a long silence, confirming that Yang Kai had really left, the two old men breathed a sigh of relief, the two of them sluggishly getting up, the colour of their faces alternating between red and blue.

    Losing to a little brat who still reeked of his mother’s milk, they had really lost face. Fortunately, no one was around to see this embarrassing display or they really might have to silence some witnesses.

    Such misfortune!

    Leaving Blue Water City, Yang Kai rushed forward, not caring about his True Qi consumption in the slightest.

    Water Spirit Temple was Shui Ling’s Sect.

    Since crossing the Abandoned Earth and entering the Void Corridor together with Shui Ling, arriving in Tong Xuan Realm, it had been almost three years. Before they separated at Bold Independent City, Shui Ling had also invited him to join Water Spirit Temple, but Yang Kai had refused.

    If he had not rejected her offer at the time, perhaps he would have already been reunited with Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang, thinking so, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit of regret.

    Yang Kai was sure that Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang went to Water Spirit Temple to find Shui Ling, and perhaps Treasurer Meng had left a message for Shui Ling to convey to himself!

    After all, back in the Central Capital, Meng Wu Ya knew about Shui Ling’s origins so it wouldn’t have been odd for him to guess Yang Kai might come here, but after not being able to find any trace of the latter, he could go to Water Spirit Temple.

    This was all just Yang Kai’s speculations, but it was probably close to the truth.

    The words of the two Cheng Family old men also reinforced Yang Kai’s hypothesis.

    An Elder from Water Spirit Temple coming to Blue Water City to greet Meng Wu Ya meant the latter had gone to Water Spirit Temple and met with Shui Ling.

    After meeting with Shui Ling, Meng Wu Ya would know for certain that Yang Kai had arrived in Tong Xuan Realm!

    Burning with impatience, Yang Kai shot across the sea like a bolt of lightning, all but cutting the water apart as he flew forward.

    After a day and night of flight, Yang Kai spotted some traces of islands in the distance. These islands were scattered about randomly, like chess pieces on a board.

    Some of these islands were large while some were small, ranging from only a dozen kilometres to several hundred or even thousands of kilometres in radius.

    Yang Kai’s spirit shook as he recognized this island chain as Water Spirit Temple’s territory.

    On the sea near the islands, a number of large and small vessels were sailing back and forth, transporting various materials and people for the Water Spirit Temple. The scene was grand and magnificent, highlighting the extraordinariness of Water Spirit Temple.