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Chapter 727 - Meng Wu Ya’s Message

Martial Peak
     Chapter 727, Meng Wu Ya’s Message

    Shui Ling had a distinguished status, so of course Liu Zhuo had concerns about her safety. Knowing this, Yang Kai knew well enough not to argue any further. This was someone else’s territory, if recklessly tried to push his opinion onto them, it would only stir up the other side’s resentment.

    Shui Ling on the other hand though just spit her tongue out towards Yang Kai teasingly before turning to Liu Zhuo and saying, “Go join them, that’s the fastest way to finish that guy off.”

    “But Young Lady…” Liu Zhuo’s brow wrinkled, obviously somewhat unwilling, his duty was to protect Shui Ling; everything else came second.

    “Since I’ve told you to go, just go, I still have some things to discuss with this bastard,” Shui Ling glanced at him and casually said, “Rest assure, I’ll remain back here. Also, with this bastard here, even if that Monster Beast rushes over, I’ll still be perfectly safe, right?”

    Her last words were pointed towards Yang Kai.

    In response, Yang Kai just smiled and didn’t answer.

    Although this Seventh-Order Monster Beast was enormous and possessed not weak strength, if Yang Kai wanted to, he would surely be able to kill it; however, it would be a bit presumptuous for him to step forward here given that he was just a guest, he had no intention of drawing any unwanted resentment towards himself.

    “Go on, what are you still doing here?” Seeing Liu Zhuo still not moving, Shui Ling couldn’t help urging him once more.

    Liu Zhuo expression became cold as he shot a glare towards Yang Kai and muttered, “Little brat, you better look after the Young Lady carefully, don’t let her suffer any kind of mishap.”

    “Don’t worry,” Yang Kai shrugged.

    Seeing this, Liu Zhuo begrudgingly used his movement skill and shot towards the sea.

    With him joining in, the situation immediately improved. Now that there were two Transcendents teaming up, supported by a group of Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators, the Water Spirit Temple forces quickly gained the advantage and the sea beast was soon howling in pain as its eight tentacles took significant damage.

    Yang Kai stood and observed the battle for a moment. After determining that there was no problem over there, he smiled slightly and said, “That guy seems quite loyal to you.”

    “He’s my subordinate, of course he’s loyal to me,” Shui Ling said proudly, “You think this Young Lady is the same as she was back in the Central Capital? Let me warn you, if you dare to bully me now, I’ll let them chop you up into bits.”

    “When did I ever bully you?” Yang Kai asked completely naturally.

    Shui Ling snorted meaningfully, “Whether you bullied me or not, you yourself are clear in your heart! After not seeing you for a few years, you seem to have grown quite a bit, what’s your current cultivation?”

    Yang Kai rubbed his nose and replied back vaguely, “Why do you want to know?”

    He didn’t want to conceal something so simple from Shui Ling, but he was afraid if he said something it would depress her. When they had first met, Shui Ling was already a master at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage while Yang Kai was still just a Peak True Element cultivator, but now, less than five years later, Yang Kai’s cultivation had completely surpassed Shui Ling’s. The rate at which he progressed was really a bit too ridiculous.

    Even if Yang Kai didn’t say anything though, Shui Ling wasn’t ignorant, smiling lightly as she said, “From what I know of your cultivation speed, I have some idea about just how far you’ve advanced. That also goes to prove my assessment of you was correct, no matter where you go, you can always stir up great storms; it’s really quite enviable. I’m different, once I left Water Spirit Temple, I couldn’t do anything.”

    “Silly girl, what do you want a high cultivation for anyways?”

    “Not telling! How about it, after seeing the foundations of my Water Spirit Temple, do you have any thoughts of joining? My offer still stands, if you join, I can provide you with the best cultivation environment. We have a lot of unoccupied islands, as long as you see one you like, I can give it to you as your private domain.”

    Three years ago, Shui Ling had tried to win over Yang Kai. And now that she had met him again, that idea resurfaced.

    This was because there had never been anyone Shui Ling had such high expectations for; only Yang Kai could make her anticipate his future achievements so much. Although this person was somewhat hateful, his ability and aptitude were truly astonishing.

    “Joining this place would be the same as ruining myself,” Yang Kai smiled and rejected Shui Ling’s kindness, “The Water Attribute Qi here is so rich, how am I supposed to cultivate?”

    “My Water Spirit Temple certainly has places appropriate for you to cultivate. There are several volcanic islands where the climate is burning hot all year round.”

    “Even then, I’ll have to politely refuse, I have a place to stay already.”

    “Where?” Shui Ling asked with great interest, “What kind of place could you have taken a liking to?”

    Yang Kai spoke briefly about what happened in Soaring Heaven Sect, and after hearing that the Ancestral Founder who created High Heaven Pavilion was that Sect’s current Sect Master, Shui Ling immediately gave up any idea of recruiting Yang Kai again.

    High Heaven Pavilion was Yang Kai’s home Sect, him choosing to settle in Soaring Heaven Sect was reasonable. On top of that, Soaring Heaven Sect was a great force in Tong Xuan Realm, even Shui Ling had occasionally heard about it.

    In the time it took them to finish their conversation, the nearby battle had come to an end.

    After Liu Zhuo joined in, the Aquatic monster Beast was quickly defeated and escaped after suffering severe wounds. Although it was regrettable they failed to kill it, repelling it while not suffering any losses on their side was still something to celebrate.

    Shui Ling issued a few follow-up commands before leaving her subordinates to handle the clean up and leading Yang Kai off.

    Among the thousands of islands under Water Spirit Temple’s jurisdiction, Water Spirit Island was the largest and possessed an incredibly rich World Energy aura. Shui Ling’s name also came from this island.

    Usually, Shui Ling lived and cultivated on this island.

    Most of the island’s inhabitants were disciples of the Water Spirit Temple along with those disciples’ families. On this island, houses were arranged in a patchwork manner and the crowds would come and go as they pleased, making for a lively environment.

    Atop the highest point of the island, there was a row of palace-like buildings, one of which belonged to Shui Ling.

    As soon as Shui ling led Yang Kai here, a beautiful young maidservant came out to greet them and immediately offered an assortment of delicious food and wine, crafted from the bounty of the sea, displaying the highest level of cordiality possible.

    However, because of all the things weighing on his heart, Yang Kai couldn’t taste any of the food or drink.

    Seemingly aware of this, Shui Ling quickly dismissed her maids and said, “I know what you are here for, and I can tell you right now that I really do have the information you’re looking for.”

    Yang Kai’s breathing became a bit hurried as he stared at Shui Ling and said excitedly, “Meng Wu Ya really did leave a message with you.”

    “En, two years ago, he suddenly came to the Water Spirit Temple along with your Little Senior Sister who was proficient in Alchemy. After leaving behind some words, he quickly left, hoping I would pass along his message to you. Originally I went to Bold Independent Union to find you, but when I arrived there, I heard from Yun Xuan that you had probably died,” Shui Ling sighed faintly, “Fortunately you’re alive and well. The Heavens haven’t abandoned you yet it seems.”

    “What message did Treasurer Meng ask you to convey to me?” Yang Kai asked eagerly.

    “He said, that old fogy Old Demon had separated from them, saying he was going to the Demon Land to develop a force in anticipation of his Young Master’s arrival,” Shui Ling grinned wryly.

    “That old nut…” Yang Kai shook his head and smiled. Of course, Old Demon’s ambition really might be possible; after all, he now possessed the body of a Demon General, that along was enough to warrant his confidence. At the very least, he shouldn’t have any trouble mixing in with the Demon Race.

    “What about Su Yan? Where is Su Yan?”

    Shui Ling glanced over at him hesitantly before saying, “I can’t tell you where she is specifically, but I can tell you that she is alright. Senior Meng and your Little Senior Sister seemed to have something to do, so Senior Meng entrusted Su Yan to a Sect one of his old friends resides in and let her temporarily cultivate there. The location of that Sect is very suitable for Su Yan, so not only will she not encounter any danger, she will be able to obtain a lot of benefits.”

    “Then why can’t you tell me where she is?” Yang Kai was puzzled.

    “Because if I told you, you’d immediately go seek her out. The force she is staying with doesn’t allow any outsiders inside their territory. The people there are somewhat unreasonable and the strength they possess is actually much greater than my Water Spirit Temple. There are countless masters in that Sect. Given your temperament, if you go there and they refuse to let you see Su Yan, once you make a mess of things, you’ll probably be in danger.”

    “Seriously? I’m just going there to see my Senior Sister, why would they make things difficult for me?”

    “I told you, those people are unreasonable, that’s just how they think. It can’t be judged by common sense.”

    Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, sinking into thought for a moment before muttering, “Since Treasurer Meng entrusted Su Yan to that Sect before he came to Water Spirit Temple and left this message with you, that force must be quite close to here. Su Yan Senior Sister cultivates an Ice Heart Secret Art, the most suitable environment for her is one that is extremely cold… A Sect based in an icy region near your Water Spirit Temple that is also stronger than your Water Spirit Temple…”

    “Stop stop!” Shui Ling’s called out helplessly, Yang Kai’s words had all but inferred Su Yan’s location so she knew trying to hide it any further was useless. Glaring at him angrily, she snorted bitterly, “You’re too smart for your own good!”

    “Then tell me about it, I can’t really think of a place that matches those conditions so I have to find someone to ask about it anyways!” Yang Kai grinned, he really wasn’t too knowledgeable about this world’s forces, or else he would have already known the answer to his inquiry.

    “Ice Sect!” Shui Ling said reluctantly, “Have you heard of it?”

    Yang Kai shook his head.

    “A few thousand kilometers west of my Water Spirit Temple, there is a glacial region. Ice Sect is based in that frozen land. They live a mostly isolated life and rarely come into contact with outsiders, so they don’t have any particularly close ties with the rest of the world. It’s only because they are located relatively close to my Water Spirit Temple that we have some interactions. Occasionally, my Water Spirit Temple will do some business with them, but whenever we make an exchange, the men, women, and even children who we meet with are as cold as ice. Your ice fairy Senior Sister entering that place was really quite appropriate.”

    “Why would Treasurer Meng take Senior Sister to such a place?” Yang Kai frowned.

    “It seems that Senior Meng and the Sect Master of Ice Sect have some friendship so he felt relieved entrusting Su Yan to her,” After Shui Ling finished, she looked at Yang Kai solemnly and asked, “Do you insist on going to Ice Sect?”

    Yang Kai nodded.

    It had already been several years since he came to this world and now that he finally had a definite piece of news about his Senior Sister, of course he had to check it out and see how Su Yan was doing. If Ice Sect really was suitable for her, letting her stay there to cultivate wouldn’t be a bad idea, but if she wanted to leave with him, Yang Kai would bring her to Soaring Heaven Sect.

    Chu Ling Xiao was the Ancestral Founder of the High Heaven Pavilion, naturally that meant he was Su Yan’s Martial Ancestor as well.

    “When do you plan to leave?”


    “Do you even know where to go?” Shui Ling rolled her eyes at him, “Wait a few more days, I’ll find someone familiar with the route to guide you. You flying off on your own now will just be a waste of time.”

    “Good,” Yang Kai nodded, not rejecting Shui Ling’s kindness. Having someone lead him was naturally better than him wandering around by himself.