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Chapter 748 - Appropriating For Oneself

Martial Peak
     Chapter 748, Appropriating For Oneself

    It was impossible to know how long the Saint Pill in the jade bottle had been stored here, but suffice it to say, the Pill Cloud had been gathering World Energy and nourishing this pill for countless years.

    Such a pill could no longer be considered a mere Saint Pill! Its value now is simply incalculable!

    Especially for an Alchemist like Yang Kai, it had immense research value. If he was able to comprehend even a fraction of the mysteries of this Pill Cloud, Yang Kai would also have a greater chance of one day refining a similar pill.

    All kinds of thoughts quickly intertwined in Yang Kai’s head and his expression rapidly changed back and forth.

    Inside the jade bottle, the Pill Cloud seemed to exude a subtle attraction, drawing the surrounding World Energy into the pill.

    Yang Kai lifted his eyes from the pill reluctantly and stared at the thin man solemnly.

    The other party was also scrutinizing Yang Kai, and the moment their eyes met once again, a green light flashed from the thin man’s hand and in the blink of an eye, the room was filled with a poisonous mist.

    “Heh heh, you dumb brat, don’t blame me for being ruthless, blame your own stupidity for being so naive,” The thin man sneered as he watched Yang Kai’s figure become wrapped up in poisonous mist.

    As he spoke these words, the thin man’s True Qi surged as he summoned a dagger into his other hand and thrust it straight towards Yang Kai’s chest.

    In this instant, the thin man had brought out his full strength to kill Yang Kai!

    A Saint Pill with a Pill Cloud that had been stored for several millennia, such a treasure wasn’t something just anyone could just simply take. Both Yang Kai and the thin man were aware of this fact and had to act.

    As long as Yang Kai could obtain this Saint Pill, this trip to the bottom of the sea could be considered a resounding success, there wouldn’t even be a need to keep searching for other treasures and could simply leave right now.

    Shrouded in the green poisonous mist, the thin man wore a half-crazed expression.


    Yang Kai didn’t move and as the dagger struck him, a spark erupted from his chest, but that was all, even his skin wasn’t broken as he stared back at the thin man coldly.

    The smile on the thin man’s face quickly converged as his eyes filled with surprise which soon turned to horror as his expression warped.

    He had not held anything back when he attacked, yet not only did he fail to kill Yang Kai, his own hand had instead been bloodied from the recoil. When he stabbed Yang Kai, it was as if he had been trying to stab a wall of steel. This strange youth’s body was incomprehensibly hard.

    “Idiot!” Yang Kai brushed his chest and smoothed out the wrinkles on his clothes before turning his eyes to the thin man, “If you hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have had a reason to kill you. You brought this upon yourself, friend!”

    “Impossible, how did you… Even a Transcendent shouldn’t be able to resist the effects of my poison, how are you completely unaffected!?” The thin man trembled fiercely, a sense of fear and terror filling his heart.

    “Nothing is impossible,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, his figure flickering just as the thin man was about to make a run for it, blocking the latter’s path of retreat as he swiped his hand towards the other side’s throat.

    The thin man’s eyes bulged as his hands quickly tried to cover his neck, his voice failing to escape from his throat. After stumbling a few steps backwards he fell to the ground dead!

    A Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator was no more difficult to kill than an ant for the current Yang Kai.

    After the thin man died, Yang Kai swiftly collected the remaining jade bottles, hurriedly opening them to see if there were no other pills with Pill Clouds before quickly moving towards the exit.

    “What happened? What the hell happened?” The three cultivators who had been rummaging around outside the house all rushed inside, almost colliding with the stumbling Yang Kai and hurriedly asked.

    Although the confrontation between Yang Kai and the thin man had taken place out of sight, the sudden burst of True Qi just now had not been missed by them, so they naturally had come to investigate.

    “Run, a trap was triggered!” Yang Kai shouted, his face turning slightly blue.

    The three men glanced behind Yang Kai quickly and when they saw the green poisonous fog billowing towards them, they couldn’t help feeling stunned. None of them dared stay any longer, all of them hurriedly running out with Yang Kai following close behind.

    “What happened inside?” Hai Wang Gu saw the four people run out in a hurry, each of them with a shaken look upon their face, and hurriedly asked.

    “There was a seal inside one of the rooms and when my friend was inspecting it, he accidentally set off some kind of trap,” Yang Kai quickly explained, his face now a slightly unhealthy shade of green.

    “What happened to him?” Hai Wang Gu’s expression changed greatly.

    “He’s dead!”

    “Dead?” The group of cultivators suddenly became noisy.

    After arriving here, they had been treasuring hunting for more than half a day yet had not once encountered any kind of danger, so many of them had thought that this Ancient Ruin was extremely safe, but now that one of them had inexplicably died, they couldn’t help feeling slightly uneasy.

    “How come you’re alright?” Hai Wang Gu eyes flashed as he stared towards Yang Kai questioningly.

    “I was farther away from the trap when it went off but it seems I was still poisoned…” Yang Kai coughed, the shade of green on his face quickly growing darker as he did so.

    As soon as everyone heard him say so, they hurriedly backed away, most of them showing fearful looks as if they were afraid being near Yang Kai would also implicate them.

    Yang Kai observed all this and secretly breathed a sigh of relief!

    A moment ago the thin man had released a cloud of poisonous mist, probably thinking it was a good strategy. When someone outside asked what happened, he would just give the same explanation Yang Kai currently was.

    So Yang Kai just borrowed the thin man’s plan to explain his cause of death.

    The house was still filled with poisonous mist so no one would go in to investigate it carefully. Yang Kai even deliberately inhaled a little of the poisonous mist to make his story more convincing.

    “There was a trap set up inside…” Hai Wang Gu muttered, suddenly turning a suspicious look towards Yang Kai, “What did you find inside that house?”

    “Only these jade bottles, I quickly grabbed them before running out,” Yang Kai said, quickly handing over the jade bottles to Hai Wang Gu.

    Everyone showed a disappointed look upon seeing this.

    They had already found too many jade bottles throughout the ruins but none of them ever had any useful pills inside.

    Hai Wang Gu’s expression was also not very good as he glared towards Yang Kai distrustfully.

    They hadn’t encountered any seals of barriers so far yet now they had suddenly come across one, which seemed to indicate that there must be something particularly valuable inside; otherwise, why would the original owner of the house bother setting up such a trap?

    “You aren’t hiding something, are you?” Hai Wang Gu stared at Yang Kai and interrogated.

    Yang Kai’s face immediately wore a dumbfounded expression, “I don’t have a Universe Bag, where would I hide something?”

    Hai Wang Gu’s Divine Sense swept Yang Kai and confirmed that there was nothing else on him before nodding lightly.

    Although the Universe Bag was a convenient storage artifact, it was not something everyone in Tong Xuan Realm could possess.

    Back when he was in Bold Independent Union, of the people that Yang Kai met, only the captains of Bold Independent Union’s teams possessed their own Universe Bags. For this time’s exploration, most of the foreign cultivators didn’t possess any kind of storage artifact.

    “Doesn’t Senior trust me?” Yang Kai stared up at Hai Wang Gu blankly.

    Hai Wang Gu hurriedly explained, “Just a routine inquiry, little brother need not pay it any mind!”

    Saying so, he no longer paid any attention to Yang Kai and instead helplessly opened the jade bottles.

    Originally, he had not expected to find anything in these jade bottles, but upon inspecting their contents, Hai Wang Gu couldn’t help widening his eyes, seemingly having discovered something impossible.

    At the same time, everyone smelled a pleasant medicinal fragrance!

    “Hm?” Hai Wang Gu was amazed, pouring the contents of the jade bottle onto his palm. More than a dozen round objects came out, most of which were mere scraps, but mixed in with these dregs were two distinctly different pills.

    These two pills had Pill Veins, and as a result, had not suffered any degradation even after so many years at passed.

    “Spirit Grade Pills!” Hai Wang Gu called out excitedly!

    Everyone else in the group also wore excited expressions as they stared towards Hai Wang Gu’s palm, a touch of envy flashing across their eyes.

    These two pills were not just Spirit Grade pills, but pills that had given birth to Pill Veins, making them several times more valuable than ordinary pills.

    Yang Kai stood to the side, indifferently observing the expressions of the crowd.

    He had also checked these jade bottles and knew what was inside, but he intentionally didn’t take them away.

    For him, these Pill Vein pills were of little value, he could refine any number of them himself, only the Saint Pill with a Pill Cloud was worth him striving for.

    By throwing these jade bottles to the crowd, he had successfully attracted everyone’s attention away from himself.

    Hai Wang Gu quickly opened the other jade bottles and sure enough, was not disappointed, finding several other pills with Pill Veins.

    There were various Spirit Grade and Mysterious Grade pills, all of which were perfectly preserved!

    “There really were some good things in that house,” Hai Wang Gu kept nodding and laughing, their Seven Family Alliance was a small force and couldn’t afford to hire any powerful Alchemists, so they naturally couldn’t obtain pills with Pill Veins easily. Suddenly acquiring several Spirit Grade pills with Pill Veins had made him quite satisfied.

    “If you find any jade bottles later, you can’t turn a blind eye to them, there may be other such pills inside them!” Hai Wang Gu swiftly stored these gains away before calling out to everyone in his group.

    Everyone nodded in response, none of them had considered this aspect before and only now remembered about the legendary Pill Veins.

    “Little brother has contributed a great merit!” One of the foreign cultivators patted Yang Kai’s shoulder intimately and applauded.

    No one bothered mentioning the thin man who had died.

    Everyone had only just met each other, so even if one of them had died a miserable death, no one was going to shed any tears for him.

    Yang Kai kept coughing, his face showing a pained expression as he murmured, “It’s a pity that my friend who went inside with me didn’t come out…”

    Hai Wang Gu turned to look at him, and although he didn’t actually think so in his heart, still opened his mouth to say, “Little brother can rest assured, after going back, we’ll make sure there’s something in it for your friend. If we can find any of his friends or relatives, this Hai will definitely send some of this time’s benefits to them. For now though, let’s set this matter aside. Here, take this detoxification pill, it was personally refined by my Hai Family’s chief Alchemist, it should help stabilize your condition!”

    Having obtains some unexpected gains, Hai Wang Gu no longer doubted Yang Kai’s story, and instead showed the minimal amount of concern necessary to maintain a good public image, handing over a pill to the latter.

    “Many thanks!” Yang Kai took it. He inspected it slightly to determine it really was just a detoxification pill and that nothing sinister had been added to it before throwing it directly into his mouth, sitting down cross-legged as if he was circulating a healing art and said, “All of you can go on ahead, don’t let me hold you back. I’ll catch up soon.”