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Chapter 783 - Killing Inten

Martial Peak
     Chapter 783, Killing Intent

    The surrounding earth was dyed completely red from the countless lives which were reaped here, traces of battles wherever one looked. This was the Death Arena!

    A number of Demon Race powerhouses who had access to inside information were already waiting in the stands early today. After watching a few fierce battles, a masked human slowly came out of the underground ramp.

    In an instant, the arena was filled with cheers.

    Over the past few months, Yang Kai had shown many thrilling and suspenseful battles to these demons, making him famous throughout Sand City.

    Today, the battle between Yang Kai and another master was the ultimate finale.

    Because there were rumors that his opponent this time was different from the past, it was actually a Third Order Transcendent master!

    Since the opening of the Death Arena, there had never been a match between two opponents with such a great disparity in cultivation realms. With two Minor Realms separating the fighters, in the eyes of those who were uninformed, the result was a foregone conclusion.

    But for those who had seen Yang Kai’s dozen plus battles, there were still some who had hopes he would create a miracle one again!

    Hatred between different races played no role here, because Yang Kai’s performance was just that astounding, providing the very height of entertainment to the Death Arena’s loyal customers.

    “Is this the little human brat who has won more than a dozen matches in the Death Arena, the one who barely survives each time?” In the stands, a Saint Realm master with sharp eagle-like eyes turned to the man beside him and asked.

    “Yes, Senior Feng Biao. His performance is really outstanding, even the elite juniors from our Demon Race are far inferior to him!” The person next to him replied immediately.

    “Hmph, after today, he’ll be nothing but another corpse!” Feng Biao coldly snorted, looking as if he was quite reluctant to allow Yang Kai to continue breathing.

    “What Senior says is absolutely right… After all, his opponent is different from the previous one,” The man nodded repeatedly, suddenly lowering his voice as if he had some concerns, “But Senior, he is the champion trained by Senior Xue Li, if we really kill him and Senior Xue Li decides to blame us…”

    “She won’t,” Feng Biao shook his head decisively, “This fight was set up at Sir Gou Qiong’s request. I negotiated with Xue Li personally yesterday and reached an agreement that no matter what happens today she will not hold us responsible!”

    The man heard this and suddenly showed a somewhat confused expression, wondering why General Gou Qiong was so concerned about this Human.

    Only a small number of people knew that the son of Gou Qiong was saved by Yang Kai. Feng Biao had been sent here this time specifically to deal with this issue once and for all, but he had been ordered to keep his mouth shut about the details, so even the subordinates he had brought didn’t know the whole story.

    Although Xue Li was no friend of Gou Qiong’s, she also wouldn’t do something as petty as spreading such a story around to shame the latter, she was only interested in confronting Gou Qiong head on!

    “Senior, that Yu Mo is coming!” The man whispered suddenly.

    Feng Biao’s eyes narrowed as he glanced up to see Yu Mo flying towards him from a distance, the latter landing next to him a moment later and sitting down casually.

    Both of these two were First Order Saints and served Demon Generals who were at odds with each other, so naturally there was no goodwill between them.

    As their four eyes met, it was as if invisible sparks filled the space between them.

    “Yu Mo, it’s been so long since I last saw you!” Feng Biao greeted with a cold look upon his face.

    Yu Mo smiled back lightly and replied, “Feng Biao, even after not seeing you for so long, I still can’t get used to your face. Every time I see your dumb look, it makes me want to kill you!”

    “Same to you!” Feng Biao sneered back, his True Qi slowly beginning to condense, his hostility filled eyes glaring towards Yu Mo.

    Yu Mo curled his lips at that moment and continued, “This time I haven’t come here to pick a fight with you, I just want to ask you something.”


    “Looking at you, it seems that you’re quite confident about today’s battle!”

    “Hmph, saying something so obvious!”

    “My Sand City’s Death Arena promotes gambling. If you’re so confident, why not make a bet with me. When the battle is over, you may be able to pick up some extra benefits that way!”

    “Do you think you need to remind me of that?” Feng Biao said with obvious displeasure, “I’ve already bet 200,000 Crystal Stones!”

    Yu Mo wore an expression of surprise and said, “Worthy of Feng Biao, such boldness! It seems you want to take my Sand City for all its worth.”

    “Can’t you handle even that little?” Feng Biao smiled contemptuously, “If I can’t afford it, I can withdraw right now, as long as you, Yu Mo, in front of everyone, bow down and apologize to me!”

    “You must be joking, since Sand City has opened this business, naturally, no matter how big the bet, we can swallow it. In fact, I just wanted to ask you, since this is such a rare opportunity, why not wager some real money?” Saying so, Yu Mo shot a provocative look towards Feng Biao.

    In response, Feng Biao narrowed his eyes and asked, “Real money?”

    “En, how about wagering everything you own. If I remember correctly, you have a number of good artifacts on you, right?”

    Feng Biao frowned as he stared suspiciously at Yu Mo, coldly saying, “Seeing you like this, it appears you have quite some confidence in that human boy.”

    “Think whatever you’d like. Maybe he’ll win, maybe he won’t, but whether you gamble or not is up your own courage!”

    Feng Biao stared at him deeply. Although he knew that this guy, who was always as incompatible with him as fire was with water, was provoking him, he couldn’t back down now and simply nodded “Good, then I’ll bet all my artifacts as well!”

    Saying so, he flicked his wrist and a glowing chainmail armour, a long halberd with a shocking aura, and a jet black saber appeared in front of Yu Mo.

    These three items were all Saint Grade artifacts, each one of them a priceless treasure. These artifacts were the ones Feng Biao most valued and frequently used. If he were to lose them in this time’s gambling, his combat effectiveness would drop significantly.

    After handing over these three Saint Grade artifacts, Feng Biao even took down his Universe Bag from his waist and tossed it over to Yu Mo, saying as he did so, “If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it thoroughly, what do you say?”

    Yu Mo’s eyes brightened, didn’t speak any nonsense, and simply smiled, turned around, and left.

    Feng Biao didn’t make any attempt to stop him nor did he ask any question. Although the two of them weren’t on friendly terms, they would still abide by the verbal agreement they had reached.

    A moment later, Yu Mo returned to Xue Li.

    “Is everything arranged?” Xue Li looked down at Yang Kai who was standing in the middle of the Death Arena and asked softly.

    “Good, Feng Biao put out all his belongings,” Yu Mo nodded lightly, frowning in the next instant, “Mistress, are you really so confident about that little brat? To be honest, although his previous performances were quite surprising, this time I honestly don’t favour him. It’s quite likely he’ll die here. Him dying isn’t a big deal, but with Feng Biao gambling so much money, when that boy dies, it will be a big loss to Sand City.”

    “I don’t know!” Xue Li’s said as she shook her head and some slight confusion flashed across her eyes.

    Yu Mo was immediately dumbstruck.

    As one of the four Demon Generals, a master that had few equals throughout the world, Xue Li naturally had extremely profound insight and vision, but this time it seemed like even she was uncertain about the situation.

    “I am also gambling here. Although from any reasonable perspective, that little brat is undoubtedly a dead man, but…”

    Saying so , Xue Li turned to look at An Ling’er who had been standing there silently the whole time and smiled slyly, “From beginning to end, this little girl hasn’t shown any signs of concern.”

    Yu Mo couldn’t help turning to look at An Ling’er and indeed found that this was the case. Even though this little human girl knew Yang Kai would be facing a very strong enemy today, her expression remained calm.

    Xue Li had obviously realized some information from An Ling’er’s behaviour.

    “I asked her several times what the true extent of that boy’s strength was but she always refused to answer me. But that only makes me even more curious!” Xue Li reached out and gently stroked An Ling’er’s face, scaring the latter terribly.

    “Tell me, has he ever fought with such an opponent before?” Xue Li suddenly asked in a solemn tone.

    An Ling’er’s beautiful eyes became dull in that instant but quickly recovered their light as a look of struggle appeared on her face, the scene of her and Yang Kai being chased down by Saintess Nan and facing off against the Sun Clan’s masters in that Mysterious Small World flashing across her mind.

    Even so, An Ling’er wore a pained expression as she somehow managed to shake her head.

    Xue Li reluctantly sighed, “Her willpower is also quite remarkable, it seems she’s cultivated a very powerful Secret Art.”

    “However, just from how she responded now, it’s fairly obvious that boy down there had fought against such a master before and managed to survive, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so relaxed just now.”

    “En,” Xue Li nodded lightly, “If this time he still doesn’t die, in the near future, he will definitely become the most dazzling person in the entire realm. At that time, he may even exceed the strength of the Demon Commander and become a supreme existence!”

    Yu Mo’s body trembled lightly, “Does Mistress really evaluate him so highly?”

    “He has the potential!” Xue Li categorically said, a trace of cold killing intent flashing across her beautiful eyes.

    “It’s a pity that such a person is not a member of our clan. If he was a member of the Demon Race, he would be worth cultivating,” Yu Mo had been following Xue Li for many years so he naturally knew what she was thinking right now and couldn’t help feeling a bit distressed.

    Such astonishing aptitude only made this human boy a bigger threat, if such a genius was not killed early, it would inevitably have a significant negative impact on the entire Demon Race in the future.

    As such, today, this little brat’s fate had already been decided, because even if he were to win this fight, Xue Li planned to kill him.

    Looking down at the Death Arena’s stage where Yang Kai was silently waiting for his opponent to appear, Yu Mo sincerely pitied him.

    After a long wait, Yang Kai’s opponent finally appeared. This person looked like he was walking in a leisurely manner but his speed was actually extremely fast, and in just the blink of an eye, he was already standing in front of Yang Kai.

    Wearing plain black robes which could be found in any ordinary shop, this man had a majestic yet cold aura which was perfectly highlighted by his jet black shoulder length hair and profound gaze.

    A surging malevolent intent pulsed from this man’s body and his Demonic Qi was incomparably pure; obviously, he was a lot stronger than an ordinary Third Order Transcendent master.

    Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as his heart sank somewhat.

    Even with just a glance, he could tell that his opponent was no easily pinched persimmon, this time he would have to go all out if he wanted to win.

    Although Yang Kai had his Soul Devouring Insects and was thus not afraid of any opponent under the Saint Realm, this situation was different. In front of so many Demon Race masters, he couldn’t expose his Soul Devouring Insects, so he could only defeat his opponent head-on.

    Moreover, Yang Kai also wanted to test just how much he had grown during this period of time.