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Chapter 785 - Death-Match

Martial Peak
     Chapter 785, Death-Match

    With a sneer, Yang Kai stretched out a hand and pulled off his tattered shirt, revealing his toned physique and rippling muscles that seemed to contain a shocking amount of power.

    Standing in the center of the raging wind blades, Yang Kai remained unmoving, like a great mountain, resisting the surrounding storm without flinching in the slightest.

    “Friend, it seems your strength isn’t much!”

    An uproar spread throughout the crowd instantly when Yang Kai uttered these words.

    The Demon Race spectators up in the stands were all shocked and amazed.

    All of them had thought that this time, with Di Xiao personally taking action, Yang Kai would be swiftly defeated, even killed, but the situation in front of them differed greatly from their expectations, giving them a not small surprise.

    Even wrapped completely in wind blades, Yang Kai’s body didn’t receive any noticeable damage, only suffering some minor cuts. It seemed his physique had reached an incredible degree of fortitude, allowing him to withstand such attacks head on.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Yang Kai’s provocation made Di Xiao’s expression become somewhat ugly, the latter smiling sullenly as he shot back, “You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! I must see how long you can keep spewing such nonsense!”

    Saying so, Di Xiao waved his hands, and the swirling tornado that encompassed the entire Death Arena stage rapidly contracted, focusing all its destructive force on Yang Kai’s position, firmly trapping him in place.

    As the tornado rapidly contracted, the number and intensity of the wind blades also greatly increased, forming a dark, dense killing zone around Yang Kai.

    Like an angry black dragon, it slammed and whipped against Yang Kai.

    “Shaping True Qi is something I can do too!” Yang Kai grinned, and with a great roar, a huge dragon head appeared above his head.

    A dazzling golden radiance cut through the dark wind, bringing with it a shocking and violent momentum.

    A long body quickly formed behind the golden dragon head and in the next instant, it shot out, colliding with the dark tornado, the two entities tearing and ripping into each other.

    Over the entire Death Arena stage, a swirling storm of gold and black rampaged.

    The golden dragon Yang Kai had just summoned was the very same one that was tattooed on his back. Before, Yang Kai was only able to use this hidden power when he was in his Devil Transformation state, but ever since his visit to Ice Sect, where he had blended souls with Su Yan, he discovered he could release it even in his normal state. On top of that, the golden dragon was also linked to Yang Kai’s Soul so it was far more agile and responsive than Di Xiao’s simple Martial Skill.

    The two dragons fought one another, creating an incredible fierce display.

    Everyone’s full attention was fixed on this magnificent scene, all of them staring up into the sky above the Death Arena stage, wondering which dragon would be the ultimate victor.

    *Hong Hong Hong…*

    With a series of deafening explosions, as if a volcano was erupting, the two dragons intertwined, and the dark tornado was gradually beaten back by the golden dragon, retreating in defeat over and over again, its colour quickly dimming.

    True Yang Yuan Qi had always been the nemesis of Demonic Qi, so the aura the golden dragon radiated made every Demon Race cultivator present feel uncomfortable.

    Suddenly, a pair of shouts resounded and the two figures who had been standing atop the Death Arena stage all this time flickered and collided, fresh blood splashing out as they did.

    At some point, when everyone’s eyes had been attracted to the two dragons colliding up in the sky, Yang Kai and Di Xiao had also begun engaging in a fierce battle.

    Terrible bursts of energy filled the Death Arena stage. After the two figures separated from one another, Yang Kai wiped his hand across his chest, his fingers dripping with blood as he did.

    Yang Kai felt an excruciating pain at that moment. Even though he had only clashed with Di Xiao for a few breaths, he felt like his body had been pierced by thousands of attacks, his chest and arms now bearing numerous bone deep wounds.

    Gou Qiong’s high regard for Di Xiao was no misplaced. As a peak Third Order Transcendent, the latter indeed possessed battle sense and combat experience far beyond average, allowing him to capitalize on any opening presented before him.

    However, although Yang Kai’s condition was miserable, Di Xiao’s wasn’t much better.

    One of Di Xiao’s shoulders had been torn apart and a great chunk of his flesh was now missing, causing blood to flow down his side uncontrollably, his imposing aura also showed some signs of disorder as his face distorted from the pain.

    Staring at one another, panting for breath, the eyes of the two fighters atop the Death Arena stage both turned red at the same time. At this moment, blood-thirst had consumed both Yang Kai and Di Xiao’s hearts, the only thought now being to fight and slaughter the opponent in front of them!

    When she saw the blood flowing from Yang Kai’s abdomen, Xue Li, who had been lazily sitting the whole time, suddenly leapt to her feet, her beautiful eyes trembling as she stared towards the Death Arena stage, a look of disbelief covering her face, as if she had discovered something impossible.

    “Mistress!” Yu Mo saw this and couldn’t help calling out.

    Xue Li’s brow furrowed deeply as she took in a deep breath, relaxing her shocked expression and sitting down again only several breaths later.

    Yu Mo wore a puzzled expression, not understanding why Xue Li had suddenly had such a violent reaction. Although Yang Kai’s performance was indeed far beyond everyone’s expectations, could that alone cause her to act so out of character?

    [What did Mistress just discover?] Yu Mo thought about it for a while before slowly shaking his head and focusing his attention back on the battle down below.

    Killing intent flowed out in great waves, and even from where he was standing high up in the stands, Yu Mo could clearly sense it, quickly steadying his mind lest he inadvertently be affected by it.

    Di Xiao and Yang Kai were evenly matched, each of them matching the other blow for blow; no one could predict what the final outcome would be now.

    The thick and powerful Demonic Qi that emerged from Di Xiao’s body created a dark domain around him filled with evil energy.

    On the other hand, Yang Kai was like a small burning sun, his True Yang Yuan Qi surging towards his surroundings, blocking the attacks of Di Xiao’s Demonic Qi. The two opposite energies collided with one another violently, each one trying to annihilate the other.

    Both fighters pushed their strength to the extreme, neither of them daring to hold back or show mercy.

    Great howls and deafening roars filled the air.

    A shocking murderous intent pulsed from Yang Kai who now could only think of killing, shouting towards the Heavens, forgetting everything else, his only desire now was to destroy the enemy before him.

    True Yang Yuan Qi madly surged forth and suddenly suppressed the other party’s Demonic Qi.

    Di Xiao’s expression tightened and he didn’t dare hesitate, his body flickering and instantly appearing above Yang Kai as he sent out a devastating palm strike filled with deadly aura towards the masked human youth below.

    The surrounding ground instantly disintegrated and transformed into fine dust, but Yang Kai managed to avoid this strike at the last moment and counterattack, sending out his own palm strike filled with dense True Yang Yuan Qi towards Di Xiao.

    Without the slightest reservation, the two fighters atop the Death Arena stage used all their skill and strength to clash with one another.

    Di Xiao’s cultivation was higher than Yang Kai’s by two Minor Realms, but his Demonic Qi was being suppressed by Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi so he could only bring out about eighty percent of his maximum strength, causing him to feel extremely annoyed and frustrated.

    As the contest between Yang Kai and Di Xiao become more and more intense, the surrounding World Energy became increasingly turbulent, shrouding their figures and obscuring their auras.

    The spectators up in the stands now could only see vague figures flickering about and were unable to determine the exact situation atop the stage.

    This was a true death match!

    Blood constantly spattered onto the cracked ground as deafening explosions continuously rang out. Both Yang Kai and Di Xiao had been consumed by madness and had lost track of everything else around them. This kind of fierce battle caused everyone who witnessed it to tremble from excitement and fear.

    A variety of exquisite Demon Race Martial Skills were released from Di Xiao’s hands, each one causing Yang Kai to suffer greatly. In response, Yang Kai used the flexibility and potency of his Yang Liquid to rip apart and penetrate Di Xiao’s defences.

    The two figures entangled and violently bombarded one another, each attack carrying with it a ruthless killing intent. As they fought, flashes of light constantly burst out and as the area around them seemed to explode as if it was being engulfed in a meteor shower, dazzling the spectating crowds.

    Before anyone knew it, half of the Death Arena stage had been destroyed.

    There had never been a battle which caused such destruction to the Death Arena before. Every Demon Race spectator felt his or her blood boil, many of them wishing they could throw all caution to the wind, jump down from the stands, and join this bloody fight to the death.

    Di Xiao became more and more shocked as the battle dragged on. Never had he dreamed that a human boy whose cultivation was far lower than his own could actually possess such strength.

    His own killings strikes continuously rained down on Yang Kai but often could only superficially wound the latter, never once delivering the intended fatal blow; his opponent’s body was like a lump of steel, completely unlike the fragile humans he had fought before.

    However, what shocked Di Xiao the most was Yang Kai’s resiliency and endurance.

    Each and every move the two of them made contained the maximum amount of force possible, neither of them holding anything back, so after such a long fight Di Xiao was very flustered and had consumed a massive amount of his Demonic Qi, causing both his momentum and strength to fall far below his peak.

    But this Human boy was different, he had somehow managed to maintain the same level of output this entire time, never once weakening, even becoming somewhat more intense as time passed.

    It was like his body contained an inexhaustible supply of True Qi!

    In addition, the more Yang Kai was wounded, the more brutally he fought back, as if the pain was a drug stimulating his bloodthirsty nature.

    As the battle dragged on, Di Xiao noticed something which truly made him afraid.

    The wounds Yang Kai had suffered throughout their fight were actually healing at a speed visible to the naked eye; for instance, the dense injuries he had previously received from the opening salvo of wind blades had now basically disappeared.

    [This kid can even restore his own injuries in the middle of a fight?]

    Di Xiao hadn’t seen Yang Kai take any kind of pill or elixir; moreover, there was no time for him to have done so.

    For the first time, Di Xiao discovered that such a strange person actually existed, not only could he compete with the so called favoured Sons of Heaven, he actually far exceeded them.

    This discovery struck a deep blow to Di Xiao’s pride, causing his mood to become somewhat gloomy.

    He was an elite amongst the elite of the Demon Race. At just eighty years old, he had already reached the very peak of the Third Order Transcendent Realm and was expected to break through to the Saint Realm before the age of one hundred!

    A one hundred year old Saint Realm was a rare presence throughout the entire realm.

    Some of the great forces of the Tong Xuan Realm managed to raise their own elite disciples to the Transcendent Realm at very young ages, but once they reached that realm, almost all of them would experience a sharp decrease in their rate of growth and fewer still managed to become Saints before the age of one hundred.

    But he, Di Xiao, had such potential! Gou Qiong had high expectations for him and gave him the best cultivation environments and resources to support his growth.

    Di Xiao has always been proud of this and felt that one day he could certainly become the first person below the Demon Commander, or possibly even the Demon Commander himself!

    But now, he had received a devastating blow. If what Gou Che had reported was the truth, then this human boy who was even now fighting evenly with him was only twenty-five or six years old.

    Could it be that he had been cultivating for so many decades in vain?