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Chapter 826 - Cockroaches

Martial Peak
     Chapter 826, Cockroaches

    Yang Kai had gradually relaxed after flying out a few dozen more kilometers.

    But before he had a chance to catch his breath, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed again and he quickly glanced over towards a certain area in the jungle. In the direction he was staring, a scroll-like artifact appeared and a large number of beast images that were drawn upon roared fiercely, leapt off the parchment, and charged towards him.

    Immediately behind this horde of beasts was a sharp beam of light that was also honing in on Yang Kai, an oppressive and dangerous aura radiating from it.

    Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai immediately condensed a Grand Heavenly Shield, one of Nine Heavens Divine Skills.

    A golden shield was quickly formed in front of him.

    The beasts that had rushed out of the scroll didn’t slow their pace at all and slammed directly into the Grand Heavenly Shield, each of them shattering into a million points of light one after another.

    The beam of light that followed also hit the Grand Heavenly Shield and made a crisp bang before being bounced back.

    The Grand Heavenly Shield also collapsed at this point and Yang Kai let out a cough before turning a gloomy look towards the source of the attacks.

    Over there, Zhang Ao was laughing happily, “Little bastard, you really dared to come out. It seems the Heavens are truly helping me!”

    Cao Guan stretched out his hand towards the beam of light and a long sword type artifact flew into his palm. Wu Jie also floated behind these two like a spectre, staring at Yang Kai quietly.

    This trio had thought there was no hope of them being able to capture Yang Kai and had actually been preparing to withdraw to reconsider their strategy when they suddenly got word that Yang Kai had exited the nine peaks.

    Immediately overjoyed, the three of them quickly set out to pursue and seize Yang Kai.

    However, to their great surprise, even without the power of the Nine Peaks Spirit Array backing him up, Yang Kai had actually managed to block Zhang Ao and Cao Guan’s first attack unscathed.

    Only now did the three of them realize they had far underestimated Yang Kai’s personal strength.

    “Let’s see where you run this time! This place is far from your nine peaks; even if you want to ask for help from that Monster Race Great Senior it’s impossible,” Cao Guan laughed heartily.

    “You’re all really annoying,” Yang Kai glared at the three of them with obvious impatience.

    He too had not expected to run into these three here.

    Yang Kai had thought that after suffering defeat at the Monster Race’s hands, these three would sneak back to their Sects and seal up their gates, but unexpectedly they had actually not lost hope and were still lingering around.

    Three Saint Realm master, one of whom had reached the Second Order; Yang Kai knew he was not their opponent. With his current cultivation and means, he was barely able to fight with a First Order Saint, but the chances of him winning were slim.

    The Saint Realm and Transcendent Realm seemed to be fundamentally different. After encountering so many Saints and even competing against a number of them, Yang Kai was keenly aware of this fact.

    However, these three wanting to capture him was also not realistic, a fact that allowed Yang Kai to remain calm and indifferent even in this situation.

    “Heh heh, boy, there is no road to Heaven nor path to Hell for you, surrender without a fight and you can lessen how much you’ll have to suffer!” Zhang Ao coldly declare, silently releasing his Spiritual Energy towards Yang Kai as he spoke, wanting to influence his mind and dampen his will to resist.

    Yang Kai however didn’t even blink, completely ignoring Zhang Ao’s Divine Sense attack.

    Seeing this, Zhang Ao’s brow knit slightly. This little Second Order Transcendent Realm brat in front of him was like a bottomless black pit, no matter how much Spiritual Energy Zhang Ao sent out, he couldn’t see through the latter’s depths.

    “You think you can capture me with just the three of you?” Yang Kai snickered mockingly, not putting these three in his eyes at all, “Give it your best shot, I’d like to see if you have any skill at all.”

    “Boy, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” Cao Guan gnashed his teeth, “If you come quietly, we won’t treat you poorly, but if force us to catch you, we won’t show any mercy.”

    “Come! If this time you fail to catch me, I swear I’ll return this insult by exterminating your whole families!” Yang Kai’s look suddenly became fierce as he shouted out angrily. These three were worse than cockroaches, making Yang Kai fume with irritation.

    In his heart, Yang Kai made a vow that once he grew up, he would find and kill these three.

    “Unfortunately for you, you’ll never get the chance!” Zhang Ao stretched out his hand and manipulated his scroll-type artifact, creating a powerful suction force which made the space around Yang Kai to ripple and distort like the ripples on a pond, becoming thick and viscous.

    A smug look of victory appeared on Zhang Ao’s face, thinking there was no way Yang Kai could escape from this imprisonment.

    Yang Kai simply grinned in response, a cold light flashing across his eyes as he stood in place, not moving.

    The suction force increased suddenly and the scroll-type artifact rapidly expanded, spreading out in all directions before wrapping tightly around Yang Kai.

    Seeing this, Cao Guan was overjoyed and let out a raucous laugh.

    Zhang Ao just coldly snorted, drawing his artifact back towards him, but after carefully examining it, his expression became dark and gloomy.

    Yang Kai, who should have been wrapped up inside the scroll, had mysterious disappeared, there was simply nothing inside!

    “It seems like he ran away a long time ago!” Wu Jie’s eyes flashed an eerie green light as he solemnly stated.

    “Ran away?” Zhang Ao’s eyes suddenly bulged, “When did you run?”

    “Probably the moment you attacked him… Jie jie jie… the Nine Heavens Divine Skills are truly impressive… this movement skill is not ordinary!” Wu Jie turned his head and looked off into the distance.

    Following his gaze, Zhang Ao and Cao Guan quickly released their Divine Senses and sure enough, a dozen or so kilometers away, they caught a trace of Yang Kai’s aura. At this moment, Yang Kai was flying away at such an extraordinary speed it caused both Zhang Ao and Cao Guan to gawk.

    The speed Yang Kai was displaying right now was actually faster than an ordinary Saint Realm master.

    No wonder this little brat didn’t show any signs of panic, it turns out he had his own skill.

    “Don’t even dream of escaping from my grasp! I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth if necessary!” Zhang Ao loudly declared, his body flickering and disappearing in the next instant.

    Cao Guan also hurried to keep up.

    Wu Jie actually calmly stood in place for a moment, a look of interest appearing on his face, but soon flew off at lighting quick speed, leaving a trail of green mist behind him.

    As he flew forward, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense to grasp the movements of the three people behind him, his expression becoming even more cold and vicious.

    He had not anticipated being chased like this, and although he was not afraid of his pursuers, Yang Kai still felt quite uncomfortable, so while racing forward, he continuously looked for opportunities to lose them.

    However, these three were all Saint Realm masters, so it was no easy task to completely throw them off.

    Time passed by and Yang Kai had lost ago lost track of how far he had flown. Although he had managed to shake off his pursuers a few times already, after a while, they would seek him out again, just like flies to honey, annoying him to no end.

    Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of method these three were using to accurately lock onto his position from so far away.

    It was only now that Yang Kai understood he had underestimated the attraction of Nine Heavens Holy Land’s core inheritance to these three. Just because he despised this inheritance which traded one’s lifespan for power didn’t mean others didn’t covet it.

    Originally, Yang Kai planned on flying in the direction of Soaring Heaven Sect. As long as he returned to Soaring Heaven Sect, these three men wouldn’t dare chase after him and would have no choice but to withdraw.

    However, as he flew and flew, Yang Kai lost his way and couldn’t identify which direction Soaring Heaven Sect was in, so he could only take one step at a time while choking down his smoldering rage.

    One day, as Yang Kai was continuing his long distance escape, he suddenly came to a stop and stared off into the distance.

    Up ahead of him, an unusual aura was slowly gathering, causing Yang Kai to feel vigilant.

    A moment later, this aura became much stronger and right before Yang Kai’s eyes, a figure wrapped black robes that gave off an eerie green mist seemed to appear out of thin air.

    Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at this newly appeared man for a moment before calling out in surprise, “Wu Jie?”

    Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of Divine Ability this Netherworld Sect Sect Master had used, but it had somehow allowed him to instantly appear right in front of him. This method far surpassed Yang Kai’s understanding.

    However, from Wu Jie’s appearance, he seemed to be extremely tired, his complexion pale as he gasped for breath and his True Qi fluctuating somewhat unstably.

    Yang Kai quickly spread out his Divine Sense as far as he could and after discovering no other signs of danger nearby, he immediately took action, “Soul Battle Hall!”

    A white light flashed and a mysterious force bursts out of Yang Kai’s body, catching Wu Jie off guard and forcefully pulling his Soul Avatar out.

    “Ah…” Wu Jie was shocked and shouted, but in the next instant, his consciousness blurred. When Wu Jie regained his sensed, he discovered that his Soul Avatar had actually left his Knowledge Sea and appeared in a strange white world.

    Not far away, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar was glaring at him viciously.

    The Soul Battle Hall was the Saint Grade artifact that Yang Kai and An Ling’er had been trapped together in back in the Ancient Ruins beneath the sea and this was actually the first time Yang Kai had used it since acquiring it.

    This artifact had a special effect that forcefully extracted the Soul Avatars of everyone within its range and pulled them into this space, forcing opponents into a contest between Souls.

    However, there are great drawbacks to this artifact. When using it, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar would leave his body and also enter it, leaving his physical body in the real world vulnerable.

    Wu Jie was a First Order Saint and has powers that Yang Kai did not quite understand. The risk of taking a strike now and having the two chase behind him were too high a rick so, he had not hesitated to summon the Soul Battle Hall and draw him into this space, preparing to end this as quickly as possible.

    Yang Kai’s eyes burned with flaming fighting intent, he wanted to know if his current Spiritual Energy cultivation could really compete with a genuine Saint Realm master’s.

    The Soul Battle Hall was the perfect place to try.

    Realizing Yang Kai’s intentions, Wu Jie quickly raised his hand and said, “Boy, don’t be impulsive, I’m not here to fight with you.”

    Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he sneered, “Is there any point in saying such things now?”

    “You don’t believe me?” Wu Jie looked at Yang Kai with a strange grin, “If I really had malicious intent towards you, I wouldn’t have appeared in front of you this way. I’m sure you can sense that my current strength is far from its peak level.”

    Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stared at Wu Jie deeply, his Divine Sense continuously probing him, observing his reactions and responses, trying to discern if he was telling the truth or not.