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Chapter 872 - Master and Servan

Martial Peak
     The hundreds of Human masters had come from some twenty to thirty different forces, and although most of them had never met one another before, having reached their level of strength, they were not nameless and unrecognizable.

    In particular, the few Second-Order Saints were quite famous.

    The one called Old Chu was one of them.

    Ignoring the clamouring of the ones who clearly bore hatred towards Demons, the man called Old Chu sank into contemplation for a moment before nodding slightly, “If they wish to talk, we should talk… this old master is also quite curious about what their objective and destination are, the direction they are headed is not towards the Demon Land but rather the Monster Domain.”

    A look of doubt filled his old face.

    “I agree, we should at least hear them out. So far, they haven’t killed anyone, obviously, they don’t want to stir up too much trouble,” Another scholarly looking man said. Although this man looked middle-aged, he was actually older than almost everyone present as he too was one of the few Second-Order Saints.

    Since these two had spoken their opinions, no one else dared say anything more, everyone simply taking a step back to observe the situation.

    These several hundred Human Race masters thus waited silently.

    After about the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, two figures appeared and walked towards the crowd.

    Seeing the appearance of these two, everyone felt surprised.

    Because the one in the lead was actually a young man wearing a common black robe that could be found in any cheap shop.

    Behind this young man was a beautiful mature woman with a noble temperament.

    The beautiful woman clearly possessed a Second-Order Saint Realm cultivation, but before she even arrived in front of them, every single one of the gathered Human Race masters felt a sense of pressure from her, attracting all of their attentions.

    Old Chu, however, was surprised about something else. Although the woman, whether it was in terms of strength, looks, or demeanour, was clearly the most eye-catching, the seemingly ordinary young man had a certain aura about him that made him difficult to ignore.

    In fact, this youth’s presence faintly overshadowed that of the beautiful woman.

    What’s more, the beautiful woman always remained a half step behind him, following him as if she was a common escort.

    This was clearly an action one would take only if they were following their superior.

    Old Chu and several of the top masters in the crowd glanced around at each other, each of them noticing the doubts in the other’s hearts, wondering just what the relationship between these two people was.

    A moment later, the young man and beautiful woman came to a stop ten or so meters in front of the crowd.

    Looking at them from such a close distance, Old Chu and a number of the others quickly discovered that the young man’s eyes shone like stars and contained not the slightest hint of anxiety. Even facing a few hundred powerhouses, this youth was clearly still relaxed without any fear, his clear eyes slowly sweeping over the people in front of him, seemingly examining their respective cultivations.

    The beautiful woman stood behind him, motionless, faint ripples of power gently pulsing from her body.

    Old Chu and the other leaders secretly took a breath to steady themselves.

    As soon as Yang Kai came to a stop, he felt countless Divine Senses land upon him, unscrupulously inspecting his cultivation. Sensing this as well, Li Rong frowned, her pretty face flashing a cold light, but before she could open her mouth to say something Yang Kai waved his hand to stop her.

    Grinning, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Following us across such a great distance must have been quite strenuous. Now that we’ve reached this point though, this Junior wishes to make some things clear. Would it be convenient for us to have a discussion?”

    Old Chu and the others frowned slightly as they turned their gazes towards Yang Kai, only now determining that this beautiful woman was really just this youth’s follower, otherwise it would not be possible for him to be the one to speak.

    “Good!” The person called Old Chu steadied himself and smiled, “This old master and these many friends had such intentions.”

    As he spoke, along with the middle-aged scholar and the belligerent old man who was clamouring to ambush Yang Kai earlier stepped forward.

    Yang Kai nodded secretly, knowing that these three were the most powerful amongst this gathering of masters, each of them a genuine Second-Order Saint. These three obviously came from different forces, but standing together they really could represent everyone else here.

    Old Chu began by introducing himself, “This old master is Chu Yi of Veiled Heaven Palace.”

    Saying so, he pointed to the middle-aged scholar and continued, “This is Fang Yue Bai of Mist Lock Tower.”

    Finally, addressing the red-faced old man, “This is Wu Zheng of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple!”

    Yang Kai nodded to each of them in turn, a genial look upon his face.

    “How should we address little brother?” Chu Yi looked towards Yang Kai with sharp eyes and asked.

    “Some of your group already know my identity. Senior Chu may wish to ask them, obtaining an answer should prove quite simple,” Yang Kai smiled, not answering the question directly and instead glance towards the back of the crowd.

    In the direction he was looking stood a few familiar figures, ones he had seen the last time Zhang Ao and Cao Guan had crusaded against Nine Heavens Holy Land.

    Of course, Yang Kai didn’t know their names.

    After Yang Kai appeared, these people all showed looks of shock which quickly transformed into terror, seemingly recalling the bloody massacre Yang Kai had initiated back at the Nine Peaks two to three years ago.

    “Trying to act mysterious? Who do you think you are? Old Chu asked you a question, answer him!” The red-faced Wu Zheng coldly snorted, as if he was quite unhappy with Yang Kai, his eyes filled with disdain.

    Yang Kai felt quite puzzled, wondering if he had offended this old man somewhere.

    “Might as well!” Chu Yi chuckled, looking back, “Do any of you know this little brother’s identity?”

    Several people immediately walked out from the crowd and came over to Chu Yi, whispering a few words to him.

    Hearing what these people said, Chu Yi wore a look of surprise as he turned back to Yang Kai and exclaimed, “So little brother is the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land! Please forgive my disrespect.”

    Fang Yue Bai and Wu Zheng were also taken aback.

    “Senior Chu is too polite,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

    Chu Yi’s expression suddenly became serious as he narrowed his eyes slightly, “Since you are the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, am I correct in assuming you are human?”


    “Then why is Holy Master Yang travelling together with so many Demon Race people? And from what this old master can see, your relationship with this lady is not simple!”

    “Not simple how?” Yang Kai chuckled.

    “It is almost as if you have a master and servant relationship, and… you are the master, while she is the servant!” Chu Yi frowned, boldly speculating.

    Thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai simply nodded, “Senior Chu has good eyes, this Junior is impressed. This group of Demon Race people are indeed my subordinates. They obey only me!”

    Although he had his speculations, Chu Yi still couldn’t help feeling stunned, a look of disbelief filling his face.

    Fang Yue Bai and Wu Zheng also gawked as they turned dumbfounded gazes towards Li Rong, trying to glean some clues from her response, but to their shock, not only did she not refute this claim, she even wore a happy smile as if serving this young man was an honour for her.

    Those that saw this found it quite difficult to accept!

    Although Second-Order Saints weren’t the very peak of this world, they were still incredibly rare masters.

    If she wanted to, this beautiful woman could establish her own Sect and become an overlord who ruled over a vast territory.

    She had such qualifications.

    But such a master was actually content to be a mere servant of the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land? What kind of shocking and amazing means did this kid named Yang Kai possess that allowed him to subdue a Second-Order Saint and allow her to willingly serve him?

    After a moment, a number of people began directing ambiguous stares towards Yang Kai and Li Rong, thinking this youth’s ‘abilities’ must be quite fierce to allow him to conquer a woman like Li Rong.

    Their gazes contained both admiration and envy.

    Noticing the strange look in the eyes staring towards her, Li Rong’s expression became cold as she released the full force of her Divine Sense onto them, causing all of them to look away while a cold chill ran up their spines.

    *Ahem ahem…* Chu Yi coughed twice, his old face looking slightly embarrassed. A moment ago, such a thought had also crossed his mind, but he had quickly denied it.

    It was impossible to subdue such a splendid woman so simply.

    What’s more, there were nearly a thousand other Demons nearby, with several Saints among them; they couldn’t all have been subdued by Yang Kai through mere personal relations.

    Fang Yue Bai suddenly laughed, “Although what Holy Master Yang says is difficult for us to believe, since that lady does not refute, we must take your claim seriously; however… Holy Master Yang appearing before us with just her accompanying you, are you not looking down on all of us too much?”

    The way this statement was worded quickly provoked a response from many of the gathered human masters, causing them to glare towards Yang Kai, as if they wanted to immediately attack to show they were not to be underestimated.

    In response, Yang Kai remained as calm as ever and simply smiled back at Fang Yue Bai, “It is not that I do not put all of you in my eyes; on the contrary, coming here with just the two of us was to show my sincerity. If I had really brought a large number of masters along with me, it would indeed prove I respected your collective strength, but I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to talk like this and would instead have immediately fought.”

    Fang Yue Bai was slightly shocked by this response but soon burst into laughter, “Holy Master Yang is really extraordinary, no wonder you were able to become the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land!”

    “Now can we talk?” Yang Kai smiled lightly, directing his full attention to the three masters in front of him.

    Fang Yue Bai nodded while Chu Yi and Wu Zheng did not express any objections.

    Yang Kai then began, “All of you following behind us for so long was all because you were concerned about the sudden appearance of so many Demons in our Human Territory, yes? Because you felt unease about their presence and didn’t understand their intentions, you pursued us just in case, correct? “

    “Indeed,” The three nodded, “So many Demons travelling through my Human Race’s land while possessing such incredible strength, it is hard for us not to become suspicious. The friends gathered here today have all come because of such concerns.”

    “Then all of you may feel relieved as our destination is right before us, once we arrive there, we will not take any actions which will harm our Human Race.”

    “Your destination is close?” Chu Yi frowned and looked ahead, his expression suddenly changing, “Does Holy Master Yang intend to bring this group of Demons to Nine Heavens Holy Land?”

    “They are my people now, naturally I plan to arrange a place for them in Nine Heavens Holy Land. Is there any problem?”

    “Of course there is a problem!” Wu Zheng shouted, “Although you are now the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, Nine Heavens Holy Land is also part of my Human Race’s domain, placing so many vile Demons there is highly improper!”

    “That is my business, not something Senior Wu needs to trouble himself with,” Yang Kai glanced over at him indifferently, “Does Senior Wu always try to meddle in other Sect’s affairs?”

    “You will face universal condemnation for this and sooner or later be destroyed!” Wu Zheng sneered.