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Chapter 926 - Barbarians

Martial Peak
     Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

    Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

    The entrance the Hu Sisters had come through was not far from Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple, so naturally the latter was the first to lay claim to it. As for the small families and Sects nearby, they could only enviously eye this Void Corridor as none of them dared infringe upon Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple.

    Facing the shouting of the Saint Realm cultivator, Yang Kai and others paused. Before determining what the situation was on the other side, Yang Kai did not intend to stir up trouble.

    The Saint Realm cultivator slightly nodded, seemingly quite satisfied by their response, crossing his arms as he called out, “Please withdraw, this is my Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple’s territory, if you wish to enter Mysterious Small Worlds to seek for opportunities, I suggest you search elsewhere. I apologize for the inconvenience but that is how it is.”

    As he spoke, he paid special attention to use polite language, apparently aware of the great strength Li Rong and the others possessed thus treating them with respect. If not for this, he would have simply shooed them away.

    Shi Kun stepped forward and cupped his fists politely, “How may I address this friend?”

    Sizing up Shi Kun, the Saint Realm masters frowned and replied somewhat unwillingly, “Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple’s Yu Chun.”

    Shi Kun wore a smile and let out a laugh, “So it is Brother Yu, my sincerest greetings.”

    Yu Chun gently nodded and asked, “Who are you, why have you come to my Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple’s territory?”

    “This one is Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Shi Kun!”

    “Nine Heavens Holy Land!?” A burst of exclamations rose from the nearby cultivators, all of them turning their attention towards here as Yu Chun carefully scrutinized Shi Kun once again, trying to determine if he was lying.

    Nine Heavens Holy Land’s current reputation was world-shaking so it was difficult for all of them to not care.

    When the old Holy Master passed away, a new one soon succeeded him; however, this new Holy Master was little more than a brat who colluded with Demons but before he could be put in his place, a profound Alchemy Grandmaster suddenly emerged from the Holy Land…

    All kinds of rumours swirled about raising the Holy Land’s fame to never before seen heights.

    Yu Chun suddenly turned his eyes to Yang Kai and asked, “Could this be the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land?”

    When he saw Shi Kun walking over, the latter had stood behind Yang Kai and his attitude was very respectful, so naturally Yu Chun had some suspicions.

    “This is indeed our Holy Master,” Shi Kun nodded.

    “So it is Holy Master Yang, no wonder you looked so familiar,” Yu Chun smiled strangely.

    “Have we met somewhere?” Yang Kai knit his brow as he stared at him.

    “Holy Master Yang is a lofty character so it is only natural you do not remember a minor person like me, but Holy Master Yang should at least remember my Sect’s Temple Master, Wu Zheng, yes?”

    “Wu Zheng?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled even more, but after thinking about it for a time he suddenly remembered, “That Wu Zheng I saw outside the nine peaks at that time?”

    More than a year ago, Yang Kai had brought the Ancient Demon Clan from the endless Snow Mountain Range to Nine Heavens Holy Land. This large group of Demons flying through the Human Territory had attracted a great many Human Race masters, all of whom had gathered together to tail Yang Kai and his group. It was outside the nine peaks that Yang Kai and Li Rong went to negotiate with this group of masters. At that time, there were three people who stepped forward to speak with Yang Kai, one was Chu Yi from Veiled Heaven Palace, another was Mist Lock Tower’s Fang Yue Bai, and the last one was Wu Zheng of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple.

    These three were all Second-Order Saints.

    Yang Kai still remembered that when Chu Yi and Fang Yue Bai heard the Ancient Demon Clan swear on Great Demon God’s name to not commit any atrocities, they had quickly left while only Wu Zheng looked unwilling.

    Yang Kai naturally had some impression of him.

    “Indeed,” Yu Chun nodded, “It seems that although Holy Master Yang is still young, his memory is quite good. I had thought Holy Master Yang would feign ignorance here, but it seems you do still remember my Sect’s Temple Master.”

    Listening to him, Shi Kun’s face expression became gloomy.

    He didn’t know what happened, but as soon as Yu Chun learned about Yang Kai’s identity, it seemed as though he was intentionally trying to provoke him.

    “Of course I remember you,” Yang Kai smiled faintly, “Speaking of which, the Holy Land should thank your Temple Master for his care, even before my Holy Land’s Alchemy Grandmaster became famous we were indebted to your for promoting our reputation.”

    “What is Holy Master Yang referring to?” Yu Chun complexion paled for an instant before he composed himself and shook his head, “I don’t understand.”

    “Oh? I believe you’re quite clear about what I mean,” Yang Kai smiled coldly.

    Some time ago, many cultivators had inexplicably been loitering just outside the Holy Land with the excuse of trying to find artifacts. Obviously someone had been pulling strings to make this happen.

    Yang Kai had suspected that it was Wu Zheng who was plotting behind the scenes and seeing Yu Chun’s reaction just now, he immediately affirmed his guess.

    However, for such a minor matter, Yang Kai was disinclined to further investigate.

    Yu Chun seemed to sense there was no need to continue discussing this issue and immediately changed the subject, “Tell me, Holy Master Yang, why have you brought your Holy Land’s Elder to my Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple’s land? Also, if I am not mistaken, this woman should be a Demon, yes?”

    “A Demon?” The cultivators guarding the entrance to the Void Corridor all paled as they turned their attention to Li Rong.

    Yu Chun laughed loudly, “Holy Master Yang is quite courageous, daring to collude with evil Demons and even openly associating with them. Do you really look down on my Human Race so?”

    As Yu Chun shouted indignantly, the other four Saints present also wore unfriendly expressions.

    Humans and Demons could not co-exist, no matter whether they and Li Rong had any personal hatred between them; the simple fact that she was a Demon who appeared in Human Territory was enough for them to wish to condemn her to death.

    Yang Kai’s expression became impatient as he declared, “I didn’t come here to embarrass you, I only wish to enter that entrance.”

    “So just because you say you want to enter we must let you?” Yu Chun waved his hand dismissively, “Strong dragons don’t press local snakes, do not think my Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple fears your Nine Heavens Holy Land. Don’t you think you’re acting too arrogantly, Holy Master Yang?”

    “Whether you fear me or not is none of my concern, I must enter that Void Corridor. If you dare to block my path, I’ll remove you by force,” Yang Kai coldly snorted, taking a big step forward towards the pitch-black entrance.

    Yu Chun’s face also grew cold as he shot a glance to the other four Saints on his side. The five masters all stepped forward as we well, lining up in front of Yang Kai, pushing their strength as Yu Chun shouted, “Holy Master Yang, if you dare proceed any further, don’t blame us for…”

    Halfway through his words though, Yu Chun’s expression contorted, as if a giant invisible hand was gripping his throat, causing him to be unable to speak. Shuddering in fear, cold sweat began dripping down his forehead.

    As his eyes filled with panic, Yu Chun hesitantly glanced over at the nearby Demon Race woman.

    Before she took action, Yu Chun only knew that this Demon woman was somewhat strong, but as soon as she began targeting him with her aura, Yu Chun discovered that against her, he was completely incapable of resisting.

    Even if he joined hands with his four comrades, they wouldn’t even be capable of laying a finger on her.

    This woman was no doubt a top-ranked Third Order Saint!

    Realizing this, Yu Chun’s complexion went from blue to white.

    Yang Kai continued stepping forward and just as he passed by Yu Chun, he glanced over and flatly said, “If I proceed further, you’ll what?”

    Yu Chun couldn’t move or even speak, so how was he supposed to answer?

    Hu Jiao Er laughed happily, a smile of satisfaction appearing on her face, quite enjoying the feeling of the fox taking advantage of the tiger. When she and Hu Mei Er wanted to return from here for a few months ago, they had been mercilessly expelled by these Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples, making her feel quite indignant.

    Seeing Yang Kai act so domineering like this now allowed her to dispel a fair bit of suppressed anger.

    Powerful men always had a unique appeal to them, causing her eyes to flash subtly.

    Not long after, Yang Kai’s group arrived in front of the Void Corridor, the cultivators gathered around barely having the composure to remain standing, much less oppose them.

    At that moment though, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as he stared towards the Void Corridor a few meters up in the air.

    The Void Corridor entrance suddenly flashed a bright light and distorted slightly with a number of figures soon emerging from it.

    The ones in the lead were disciples of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple, all of them quickly gathering around near the Void Corridor’s entrance, each of them wearing a delighted expression, seemingly in a very good mood.

    A moment later, more people emerged from the entrance one after another.

    However, this group of people was clearly distressed and dispirited, their strength obviously having been sealed.

    After coming out of the Void Corridor, these prisoners didn’t even bother looking around, dim and helpless expressions on their face, as if they had lost all hope.

    “Hurry up, what are just standing around for?” The Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples who had come through first immediately began shouting and reprimanding them, reaching over and tossing their prisoners to the ground unceremoniously.

    *Peng peng peng…*

    One by one, these imprisoned cultivators hit the ground and let out screams of pain.

    The Hu Sisters covered their mouths and shouted, “They’re Storm Hall’s disciples!”

    Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as his expression quickly became frigid.

    “This bitch is quite nice, hahaha,” Another woman walked out from the Void Corridor, her stature petite but her curves quite luscious, drawing the attention of a Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciple who leered at her obscenely.

    A young man who was following right after the young woman heard this and quickly stepped out in front of her, glaring back at the laughing Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciple.

    “Du Yi Shuang, Fang Zi Ji!” Yang Kai shouted.

    The young woman who came out first was actually Storm Hall’s Junior Sister Du.

    Back inside the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave, Yang Kai and her had worked together for a time. Naturally, the one protecting her was the first disciple of Storm Hall, Fang Zi Ji.

    After so many years, Fang Zi Ji had also reached the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary; however, such cultivation was still not enough to contend with the disciples of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple, not to mention his strength was currently still sealed.

    Fang Zi Ji’s attitude obviously annoyed the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciple, who quickly reached out and grabbed him before ruthlessly tossing Fang Zi Ji away, causing the latter to tumble several times before slamming into the ground.

    “Barbarian disciples, don’t get too cocky!” The Free and Unfettered Spirit Temple disciple acted as if this was all just a trivial matter, turning around in the next instant and rushing over towards Yu Chun and respectfully cupping his fists, “Elder Yu, Religion Master order me to bring this group of prisoners back first and told me to let you arrange their placement. Religion Master said that although these people’s cultivation is poor, they will still make decent slave labourers for digging in the mines and carrying goods. On top of that, there are a lot of beautiful women who can be given to the more outstanding disciples as rewards.”

    “Elder Yu?”

    The Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciple made his report but soon discovered that Elder Yu wasn’t making responding, or for that matter moving at all, so he couldn’t help feeling something was off; when he looked up though, he saw Elder Yu sweating profusely, appearing quite distressed, causing the disciple to wonder what exactly had happened.