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Chapter 1043 - Deadly To Men And Women Alike

Martial Peak
     Yang Kai’s Divine Sense flew like lightning across the giant Star Chart suspended above his Knowledge Sea.

    Soon, he found a Cultivation Star matching the description Xue Tong had given him. This Cultivation Star was half ocean, half dry land, and was almost the same size as Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s home star, Water Moon Star.

    Rainfall Star!

    Around Rainfall Star there was a great sun as well as a number of small moons. These moons orbited Rainfall Star under the influence of its gravity field, while Rainfall Star orbited the sun under the influence of its gravity. All of these celestial bodies were invisibly yet inextricably linked together.

    The entire Star Field was like this, and observing it was equivalent to observing some kind of grand Heavenly principle.

    Suns and Moons were two kinds of stars that would inevitably exist around any Cultivation Star. Suns would give off brilliant sunlight, providing the plants and creatures on the surface of a Cultivation Star with the energy required to support life. Moons scattered holy radiance and cold moonlight that would allow cultivators to calm their minds and souls.

    After finding Rainfall Star, Yang Kai began trying to use his understanding of the Star Field to plot a safe course to it.

    Soon, Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised to discover that using his consciousness as a pen and his Spiritual Energy as ink to sketch routes on this Star Chart was actually able to enhance his understanding of the use of his Divine Sense.

    This unexpected discovery caused him some elation.

    He spared no effort mapping out other safe routes on the Star Chart, copying them into his Star Shuttle whenever he completed one.

    Yang Kai soon immersed himself in this task and gradually forgot the passage of time.

    Plotting then copying these safe routes on the Star Chart then into his Star Shuttle consumed a great deal of Spiritual Energy. Yang Kai continued mapping out various safe routes from one Cultivation Star to another on the Star Chart for several days. Some of these safe routes were extremely long and would take several years even with a fast Starship. Others were short enough that only a couple of months would be required to complete them.

    Yang Kai’s understanding of the Star Field became more and more profound as he continued this unusual form of practice. His understanding and control over his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea also grew at a noticeable rate. Both inside and out, Yang Kai felt as if his Soul had been baptized and sublimated.

    However, he didn’t really know how much use these various routes he was plotting out would have. With the giant Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea, moving safely about the Star Field was a simple task for him.

    The only way to verify their usefulness would be to put them to use.

    Yang Kai stopped plotting new courses at one point and compared the route the Starship he was sailing about to the one he had created.

    When he found that the safe route he had plotted using the giant Star Chart did not differ greatly from the sailing route of the Starship, Yang Kai was quite excited and his confidence and motivation were both boosted.

    Yang Kai then began to observe the route ahead, wanting to see if they would encounter any danger.

    After a short observation though, he found something wrong.

    The Starship he was aboard would sail for another day or two before entering a cold and desolate part of the Star Field. There was a large number of asteroids in this particular region and the light from all the surrounding stars was weak and gloomy, with no aura whatsoever.

    These stars were all Dead Stars.

    Contacting Xue Tong, he asked him about this region.

    Xue Tong quickly replied, “Young Master Yang does not need to worry, that is the famous Ice-Cold Dead Zone. We will indeed be passing through it.”

    “Is there no problems with that?” Yang Kai didn’t immediately relax and asked.

    “En, there are no issues. Every Starship travelling to Rainfall Star from Water Moon Star will pass through there, there is no danger,” Xue Tong seemed to think that Yang Kai was making a fuss over nothing and secretly chuckled to himself.

    After a moment though, he suddenly asked with amazement, “How did Young Master Yang know that we will pass through the Ice-Cold Dead Zone?”

    According to what Xue Tong knew about him, it was impossible for Yang Kai to have had prior knowledge about their route, confusing him somewhat.

    Yang Kai did not explain and instead just ended the conversation before continuing to study the giant Star Chart and improve his ability to manipulate his Spiritual Energy.

    In a different, far more luxurious room of the Starship, Xue Yue sat in a relaxed manner upon a comfortable chair. He held a glass in his hand, filled with dark red wine, savouring its taste elegantly as he listened to the report of his Origin Returning Realm guard.

    “Young Master, I performed a thorough inspection and discovered that there is nothing out of order with the materials being shipped aboard this Starship. It is indeed what Raging Flame Sect ordered with no additional unregistered cargo.”

    “Nothing extra or missing?” Xue Yue asked softly.

    “None! I even caught one of the crew and spied on his memory, yet I found no problems at all.”

    “Oh?” Xue Yue showed a thoughtful look on his face, his slender fingers casually brushing his long hair away from his face as his brow slightly wrinkled.

    Xue Yue’s movements were natural and unintentional, but when they appeared in the eyes of his other subordinate who was standing nearby, that man couldn’t help revealing an infatuated look, his breathing becoming a bit heavier as the gaze gradually went from that of a calm master to those of a hungry wolf staring at a delicious meal.

    This man’s aura started fluctuating violently as his strength began to condense, seemingly on the verge of pouncing upon Xue Yue, not caring one bit he was also a man!

    “Young Master!” The Origin Returning Realm master immediately realized something was amiss and quickly shouted.

    “Hm?” Xue Yue awoke from his contemplation and saw the ugly look on his other subordinate’s face, his crystal clear eyes revealing a thick meaning of disgust as he angrily shouted, “Get out!”

    The Third Order Saint King cultivator finally regained his senses when he heard this shout and his face dyed bright red with embarrassment, wishing he could immediately find a hole to crawl into and hide, swiftly asking for mercy before dashing out the door!

    After he left, the Origin Returning Realm old man could only smile bitterly, “Young Master, you must pay more attention to your surroundings, just now was not actually his wrong.”

    Xue Yue snorted, “Such disappointing metal fortitude, from now on, do not allow him to follow me!”

    “Understood,” The old man gently nodded, sighing in his heart.

    If it weren’t for his own profound strength and advanced age, a moment ago, even he might have fallen into a deluded state when Xue Yue had inadvertently revealed his aura. He suddenly understood that this extraordinary Young Master of his was indeed as rumoured, deadly to men and women alike!

    Usually, his charms only affected women.

    However, when he inadvertently exposed his mesmerizing aura, even men would find themselves unable to resist his appeal.

    If this person were to fully mature, who would be capable of resisting his charms?

    “If there is no problem with the materials… What is Xin Rui trying to hide?” Xue Yue showed a shallow smile on his face before suddenly saying, “Forget it, there’s no point wasting any more effort on such a minor matter. You may go.”

    “Yes!” The Origin Returning Realm old man respectfully retired.


    The Starship’s cruising speed suddenly dropped as it entered the Ice-Cold Dead Zone. If it wanted to avoid the irregularly moving asteroids, it simply couldn’t maintain its original speed.

    Soon, the fascinating scenery outside the window disappeared and was replaced by a dark and desolate void. There was truly nothing of worth to see, as if the Starship had suddenly plunged into a deep abyss.

    Occasionally, some streaks of light would pass by, but just as fast as they came, they would disappear.

    Through this vast desolate region, the huge Starship continued moving forward smoothly, unaffected by the outside world.

    This route was not dangerous, just a bit bumpy. Innumerable Starships from the Chamber of Commerce had passed through this place and never once had there been any kind of serious accident.

    So the cultivators aboard the Starship didn’t reveal any kind of worry.

    However, as the captain of the Starship, Xin Rui always maintained a degree of vigilance about the surrounding environment, not daring to relax.

    He knew that any accident, large or small, could cause unexpected losses.

    Two days later, a massive Asteroid Sea appeared again in front of the Starship and Xin Rui ordered his crew to act even more cautiously, to avoid impacts as best as possible.

    When the Starship entered this Asteroid Sea though, for some inexplicable reason, Xin Rui suddenly felt an uncomfortable chill, as if crisis was upon him!

    The last time he felt this sensation was many years ago when he was being chased down by an Origin Returning Realm cultivator. It was thanks to this unique intuition that he had managed to escape and survive until today.

    He had great faith in this instinct.

    So Xin Rui immediately began scanning the surroundings outside the window to see if there was any kind of approaching danger.

    A moment later, from a certain location, he saw a white point of light amongst the dark Ice-Cold Dead Zone.

    This point of light cut through the darkness like a brilliant sword. As if chain reaction had been started, another twenty white points of light appeared around the Starship like fireflies scattered around the nearby asteroids.

    Xin Rui’s pupils shrank as he shouted at the top his lungs, “Full speed ahead! Get us clear! Someone’s set up a trap using Star Breaker Sparks here!”

    His shout echoed throughout the Starship, allowing everyone on board to clearly hear him, the cultivators in the power room all paling when they heard his words and not hesitating to raise the Starship’s speed to maximum to desperately flee this area.

    However, it was too late. As soon as Xin Rui’s words rang out, the white points of light all sent out a strange energy fluctuation and exploded, releasing a brilliance brighter than the dazzling rays of the sun, causing the darkest part of the Starry Sky, the Ice-Cold Dead Zone, to fill with light.

    Shocking and terrifying energy fluctuations erupted from the white lights, causing ripples in space visible to the naked eye. These ripples from the twenty white lights immediately overlapped and amplified one another, creating an inescapable region of death.

    The space inside the Ice-Cold Dead Zone warped and cracked. Innumerable asteroids were instantly vaporized, leaving not even dust behind.

    The Saint King Grade High-Rank Starship which had just accelerated was swiftly engulfed by these destructive waves.

    The incredibly sturdy hull, which could allow the Starship to safely roam the Star Field, was as fragile as tofu before these ripples and like the surrounding asteroids, turned to ash, exposing the interior.

    Every single one of the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce cultivators went pale with fright, as horror filled their faces and their lives flashed before their eyes.

    When the destructive waves hit, regardless of how high their cultivation was, all burst into bloody fog with not even their bones surviving!