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Chapter 1045 - Struggle And Resis

Martial Peak
     Chapter 1045, Struggle And Resist

    A thousand meters from where Yang Kai had landed was another massive pit. There, a woman with an astonishingly beautiful body and exposed jade white skin sat.

    Standing up in the pit, she rubbed her forehead, slowly kneading it as she scanned her surroundings.

    Similar to Yang Kai, because of the recent disaster, she was in somewhat of a daze and couldn’t immediately tell what had just happened.

    Standing there, her snow-white naked form revealed a gloss, like the finest of porcelain, and her pair of jade peaks stood as tall as mountains yet as soft as the clouds. Her beautiful legs were long and slender and by themselves were enough to cause any man’s blood to boil.

    The dark red bloodstains which covered her body did nothing to detract from her image, and instead, caused her to exude an even richer sense of temptation.

    She was currently in a great deal of pain, and every time she tried to move a moan would leak from her lips, resounding like the most fascinating music between the Heavens and the Earth.

    Calming down and thinking about it, she gradually understood her situation, and recalled what had happened before, her beautiful eyes trembled lightly and a thick murderous intent flashed across their depths, causing her tender body to shiver unconsciously.

    Gritting her teeth tightly, she took a deep breath, her full chest heaving up and down in a mesmerizing arc, trying to calm her fluctuating mood.

    She quickly tapped her Space Ring and took out a fragrant healing pill, forcing it into her mouth in order to help restore her injuries and recover her strength.

    She then took out a pair of petite snow-white underwear adorned with exquisite lace patterns and made from the finest of materials from her Space Ring.

    She lifted her foot and bent down halfway, ready to put on her clothes before considering anything else.

    But just then, a sudden noise resounded from above her head and a few pieces of rock quickly fell before her eyes.

    When she heard this movement, her beautiful face couldn’t help but pale as she swiftly glanced upwards.

    There, she saw a man who at some unknown point had arrived and stood at the top of the crater she was standing in. His vision was fiery and he made no attempt to hide the sharp glances he was directing towards her most intimate and secretive places, everything she was being imprinted into his eyes.

    She instantly remembered this man’s face.

    It was him, the one who had passed by the mountain valley some time ago and forced her to abandon that transaction.

    It was him, the one she had spent two months looking for and killed two thousand people to find!

    It was him, the one who had fled together with her when the Starship they had been riding was destroyed.

    His whole body was also stark naked, his solid, powerful muscles exposed and the symbol of his manhood, like the long trunk of an elephant, on full display, tarnishing her delicate eyes and forever engraving its image into her innocent soul!

    It was then that she realized that she was also not wearing anything, and at this moment, was bent over halfway, her twin peaks pressed together tightly while she lightly lifted and extended one of her legs towards his direction. It was as if she was a seductress actively showing off her beautiful figure to please her lover…

    Her rage and anger soared to unprecedented heights!

    “You seek…” She tried to shout, but before she could finish her sentence, her face went pale and she began coughing fiercely, her thin, tender mouth overflowing with red blood, her delicate hand reaching up to cover her chest as she staggered backwards.

    Her injuries were much more severe than Yang Kai’s, her five viscera and six organs all heavily battered, and although her red flame armour had managed to stop her skin from receiving many series bruises, her internal injuries were awful to the extreme.

    “… Death!” She squeezed out the last word as she glared at Yang Kai, gnashing her teeth, wishing she could drink his blood and feast on his flesh.

    No man had ever seen her body like this, and aside from a few select people, none even know about her secret identity, yet now she had actually exposed everything to this nobody, her whole body put on display for his dissolute eyes to wantonly gaze upon.

    She couldn’t help feeling as though she was being blasphemed.

    “Young Master Xue Yue?” Yang Kai grinned, a meaningful grin appearing on his face, not caring one bit about his own nakedness. Not only did he not try to cover himself, he even took a step forward, allowing his figure to be seen even more clearly, chatting as he walked, “I didn’t expect that Young Master Xue Yue was actually a woman, this is really a fantastic tale.”

    The woman standing at the bottom of the pit was seventy or eighty percent similar to Xue Yue, whom Yang Kai had seen before, but the difference now had made Xue Yue reborn as an astonishingly beautiful woman.

    Her beauty was hard to describe in words, everything from her looks to her body was the epitome of perfection, without the slightest blemish. It was as if the Heavens themselves had concentrated all their blessings onto her, allowing anyone who laid eyes upon her to fall into a fascination they would never be able to extricate themselves from.

    Her beautiful eyes were also crystal clear, so much so that if one were to stare into them, they would feel as if their soul was being drawn from their body, shattering their sense of free will, and making them willing to dedicate their entire being to serve her every whim.

    When Yang Kai had first arrived here and caught sight of her, he felt as if lightning had struck his body, and a deep intoxication swiftly filled his heart. At that moment, he wished time and space would freeze so he could forever see this scene of her leaning over to dress herself.

    Her whole being was like the most beautiful of dreams, beguiling one’s soul and causing them to wish they would never awaken.

    Yang Kai was a wanderer and in his travels, he had seen many different women, many of them possessing outstanding beauty, but when carefully comparing them, none could reach the height this woman before him had reached. No one was as perfect as she was. Even Su Yan and Little Senior Sister fell short of her.

    A woman like her could only be described as a miracle!

    This was the gracious gift of the Heavens to mankind.

    She was clearly the same as he was, knocked out by the disaster then pulled by the gravity of this Dead Star, forcing her to land here. On top of that, she shouldn’t have woken up long ago otherwise there was no way she wouldn’t have put on her clothes.

    She had killed two thousand people innocent people just to seek him out in order to ensure her secret never leaked.

    Whether Yang Kai was willing or not, she had become his enemy.

    But at this moment, Yang Kai wasn’t certain whether he should immediately attack her, or take a step back.

    After all, this person was still related to Shen Tu, she was Shen Tu’s Sister!

    Also, Yang Kai found himself a bit reluctant to act against her, secretly feeling that bullying such a beautiful woman wasn’t something he should do.

    This thought, however, only raised his vigilance even higher and he quickly stabilized his mind to resist Xue Yue’s natural aura.

    Xue Yue had not used any kind of Seduction Technique and had not used any kind of secret technique or skill to affect his judgment, she was just standing there, staring at him resentfully without disguising her disgust and murderous intent; however, her mere presence was pulling at Yang Kai’s heart, making him wish to cherish and protect her.

    [Such a fearful woman!] Yang Kai secretly screamed to himself.

    Yang Kai clearly knew she had ill intentions towards him, and couldn’t wait to kill him brutally, yet he still couldn’t immediately bring himself to attack her. A woman capable of such magnetism was something Yang Kai had never before encountered.

    “What do you want to do?” Xue Yue seemed to know that her current state was horrendous so she didn’t rush to find trouble with Yang Kai. She did, however, use the last remnants of her strength release a seven coloured light screen around her to cover her more sensitive parts so as not to give Yang Kai a chance to continue gawking at her.

    However, possibly because she was weaker than she realized, this seven coloured light film wasn’t very strong and instead of completely obstructing her figure, it only added a translucent covering to her body.

    She suddenly became even more seductive!

    This kind of alluring scene ruthlessly slammed into Yang Kai’s mind, giving him an intense visual impact.

    Compared to when she was fully naked, her current appearance was even more fascinating.

    Xue Yue’s face became even uglier, her shame and embarrassment reaching levels she had never even imagined possible before, all of which finally snapped her last thread of reason and she gathered the seven coloured light onto her fist and ruthlessly leapt towards Yang Kai while he was still in a daze.

    Xue Yue flew right up to Yang Kai and sent her seemingly delicate fist hurtling towards him. This punch was filled to the brim with an amazing energy fluctuation that shot straight towards Yang Kai’s heart.

    She had to kill this man who had defiled her beautiful body with his obscene eyes and protect her life’s greatest secret!

    Meeting this murderous intent head-on, Yang Kai remained indifferent, his brazen gaze continuing to sweep over Xue Yue’s body, focusing on the two delicate cherries top her grand peaks, then the fine grassland between her two legs, all of her features becoming like a great vortex which sucked in his heart, making him unable to extricate himself.

    Xue Yue’s pretty face showed a look of utter disdain and loathing as she condensed even more power into her fist.


    Her jade white fist pounded directly onto Yang Kai’s chest, a fierce strength penetrating right through to his core, shattering his five viscera and six organs, causing him to burst into a bloody fog. Or at least, that’s what Xue Yue expected to happen. However, at the moment of impact, she saw a mocking grin appear on Yang Kai’s face as he swiftly stretched out his arms and directly grabbed hold of her!

    Xue Yue’s face went pale as she let out a scream.

    She felt her full peaks squeezed up against a strong, muscular chest, deforming greatly as an amazing amount of heat shot through her like a bolt of lightning, causing her tender body to tremble and scrambling her thoughts, making it difficult for her to even breathe normally.

    She lifted her hands to push and shove Yang Kai, but she was unable to gather any of her strength.

    The punch she had just delivered a moment ago had completely turned her into a dry oil lamp.

    She pounded her fists against Yang Kai’s shoulder while continually twisting her body in an attempt to free herself from his grasp, but not only did this not achieve her objective, it instead created an amusing picture, like the playful flirting of two lovers.

    “Don’t move!” Yang Kai shouted lowly, and ominous light flashing across his eyes as he threatened.

    But Xue Yue obviously ignored his warning completely and simply continued punching and cursing Yang Kai as a shameless bastard, hoodlum, rogue, and beast as she struggled even harder.

    “Ao…” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became strange as an odd sound leaked from his throat, a look of ecstasy appearing on his face.

    All this intense rubbing and twisting had caused Yang Kai to obtain a deep and profound understanding of Xue Yue’s amazingly soft body and the unimaginable elasticity of her jade peaks.

    Yang Kai’s gaze filled with fire and he was almost unable to contain the primal desires raging in his heart, his body already surrendering to them and displaying the natural reaction a man should have to such a situation.

    “You…” Xue Yue’s face went as pale as paper as she felt a great monster quickly rise up between her legs, its head as hard as steel and as hot as lava, aggressively clawing its way towards her most precious of treasures!