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Chapter 1126 - Saint King Realm

Martial Peak
     Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

    Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

    Yang Kai’s terrifying strength had all but traumatised the Hai Ke Family’s cultivators. Alone, this young man had killed one of the Xu Family’s Elders. Their Hai Ke Family’s strongest master was only about equal in strength to Xu Zhi Shen, so if this young man wanted to deal with their Hai Ke Family, could they resist?

    The only solution was to strangle this danger in the cradle, but to everyone’s surprise, Ba Qing Yan just smiled bitterly and slowly shook his head.

    “Elder…” The middle-aged man who first made the proposal stared at Ba Qing Yan in shock, wondering what he was thinking. Although Yang Kai’s performance just now was indeed shocking, he was currently breaking through so this was the best moment for them to strike, if they missed this opportunity, the Hai Ke Family would have no way to oppose him in the future.

    “Didn’t you see that woman wearing black robes arrange a Spirit Array around him just now?” Ba Qing Yan coldly snorted.

    “Do we need to fear some simple Spirit Array?” The middle-aged scoffed lightly.

    Ba Qing Yan sneered, “Just now, when Xu Zhi Shen was using the Hundred Mountains Picture, the fallout definitely spread to the spot that woman is standing, yet she, Wu Yi, and Yu Feng weren’t affected in the slightest, so how powerful do you think the Spirit Array she arranged is?”

    “Ah!” The middle-aged man exclaimed. Just now, all his focus had been on the battle between Yang Kai and Xu Zhi Shen so he hadn’t really noticed the situation around Yang Yan, but hearing Ba Qing Yan’s words, his eyes immediately shifted to where she was standing. When his eyes landed on Yang Yan, they couldn’t help narrowing as he discovered that she, Wu Yi, and Yu Fend were standing very close to the centre of the battlefield, but at this moment there wasn’t even a speck of dust staining their clothes.

    “Is she also a Spirit Array Master?” The middle-aged was startled and murmured, “Wasn’t she just a Saint Grade Artifact Refiner?”

    “She’s the Artifact Refiner the family tried to recruit but failed to?” Ba Qing Yan suddenly recalled such an event and shouted, “Zhou Fu, was she the one you tried to solicit last time?”

    The man named Zhou Fu walked over while leaking cold sweat and responded quickly, “Yes, Elder Ba, she was the woman I met with last time, but she had refused without the slightest trace of politeness, so I…”

    “So you gave up, abandoned your duty, and ruined such a massive opportunity for the family?” Ba Qing Yan glared at him fiercely.

    Zhou Fu shuddered and said bitterly, “Please forgive me, Elder Ba, I didn’t know she had such ability at the time, I was only informed she was a Saint Grade Artifact Refiner. If I had known, I…”

    “Waste!” Ba Qing Yan scolded.

    A Saint Grade Artefact Refiner wasn’t enough for Hai Ke Family to care about, such an Artifact Refiner could be cultivated by them with some effort, but a Grandmaster capable of arranging a Spirit Array capable of blocking the fallout from the Hundred Mountains Picture was someone they couldn’t afford to neglect.

    The Hundred Mountains Picture was an Origin Grade artefact, so even if the Spirit Array Yang Yan arranged didn’t have to directly keep off a strike from it, judging from her current unruffled state, it was clear just how high of her attainments in Spirit Arrays was.

    Where did Wu Yi find such freaks? One young man was capable of killing Xu Zhi Shen with just a Third Order Saint Realm cultivation and was now about to break through to the Saint King Realm while the other young woman present was not just a Saint Grade Artefact Refiner, but also an extremely skilled Array Master.

    Suddenly, Ba Qing Yan felt a tinge of regret, regret that he had shown such a cold attitude towards Wu Yi, even somewhat wishing he could take back his previous words and have Wu Yi return to the family.

    If Wu Yi returned to the family, perhaps this young man and woman could also be brought along with her.

    If Ba Qing Yan knew that Yang Yan was an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner, perhaps he wouldn’t even hesitate to kneel down and apologize to Wu Yi.

    Yang Kai had sunk into a profound state. The reason he dared to break through here was that he did not place the nearby Hai Ke Family cultivators in his eyes. If they understood discretion, they wouldn’t try to cause trouble, but if they dared move against him, Yang Kai didn’t mind educating them about who they could and could not provoke.

    Yang Yan setting up a Spirit Array around him and the Hai Ke Family’s impetuous mood did not escape Yang Kai’s eyes, but he ignored all of it to continue immersing in the mysterious sensation that came over him.

    Yang Kai’s meridians seemed to swell up and gradually became sore while a powerful vortex suddenly emerged from his body, creating a massive suction that drew all the surrounding World Energy towards him.

    Suddenly, the pain in his meridians increased sharply and Yang Kai’s figure twitched, a cry of pain nearly leaking from his lips.

    But soon, the pain disappeared and was replaced with an incredibly comfortable sensation. The meridians in his body inflated and became firmer than before as massive amounts of World Energy rushed into his body all on its own.

    The wind and clouds suddenly changed and above Dragon Cave Mountain, an unimaginable amount of World Energy crashing down in a rampaging torrent towards Yang Kai, smashing everything within a thousand meters of him to dust.

    “Fall back!” Yang Yan’s small face went pale as she swiftly withdrew, not daring to remain in place; Wu Yi and Yu Feng hurriedly followed behind her.

    Ba Qing Yan’s jaw dropped as he witnessed the terrifying scene before him. He was secretly rejoicing that he had not allowed anyone from the Hai Ke Family to rush up and try to add insult to injury just now.

    If they had done so, even if this young man didn’t attack them, the pressure generated from him breaking through to the next great realm would have been enough to reduce anyone who approached him to ashes.

    The other Hai Ke Family cultivators shivered.

    It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this breakthrough was more shocking than the previous battle.

    They never knew that a person’s breakthrough could create such a massive disturbance, even changing the world’s scenery. How was this young man able to withstand such impact?

    At that moment, many people even began to secretly curse Yang Kai, hoping his breakthrough would fail and he would die in the process. Comparing themselves with such a person was a big blow to their self-esteem.

    The rumbling sounds seemed to pound against people’s hearts as the entire Dragon Cave Mountain shook violently. Every time a torrent of World Energy fell, it was like a sledgehammer struck their chests.

    Just watching this scene gave many a sense of unbearable pressure, but the young man who was actually experiencing this breakthrough had nothing but excitement on his face as he opened his mind and body to accept this overwhelming World Baptism.

    With each successive wave of World Energy that fell upon him, Yang Kai’s aura grew stronger.

    It was like an ancient slumbering deity was awakening, standing proudly against the Heavens and Earth, making it impossible for people to stare directly at him.

    Time passed and the gathered power of Heaven, which was obscuring the sky gradually cleared, but the sense of pressure weighing on everyone’s heart did not weaken at all.

    Suddenly, the world became clear and bright once more and the momentum from Yang Kai’s body receded, his closed eyes shooting open as they shone with joy.

    Saint King Realm!

    He had finally arrived at the Saint King Realm, breaking through the limits of Tong Xuan Realm and catching up with the height Great Demon God had once achieved!

    It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai felt he had completely integrated into the Star Field.

    Power that was far more tyrannical than just a moment ago surged through his body and as Yang Kai gently clenched his fists, he could feel an explosive force gather around them. If he were to fight Xu Zhi Shen now, Yang Kai was confident that the old man wouldn’t be able to injure him in the slightest while he could easily break through his four-mountain defense.

    In the distance, the cultivators from the Hai Ke Family stared blankly at Dragon Cave Mountain. It was as if this mountain was ravaged by a great storm and it had now become even more desolate than before. The rich World Energy fog that had been collected by the Aura Gathering Spirit Array had all disappeared and even the aura within a thirty kilometer radius of Dragon Cave Mountain had been drained dry.

    Ba Qing Yan gulped silently, not daring to underestimate the current Yang Kai.

    Yang Yan, Wu Yi, and Yu Feng rushed over. Yang Yan congratulated him excitedly while Wu Yi and Yu Feng did the same; however, Yang Kai could tell there was a slight sorrow in their tone.

    After all, these two had publicly announced they would separate from the Hai Ke Family not long ago.

    No matter how unfairly the family had treated them, it was still their family, the place where they had grown up. The bonds and sentiment they held dear could not be dismissed so easily.

    “Congratulations, little friend. Today has been an eye-opening experience for this old master. Little friend is truly a dragon among men whose future achievements will certainly be boundless!” Ba Qing Yan led a group of people over and began calling out before they even arrived.

    Yang Kai turned his head and gave him a passing glance.

    Yang Kai didn’t have a good impression of this old man as he had previously persecuted Wu Yi. He was an Elder of Hai Ke Family, and from that perspective had not said anything inappropriate, but afterwards he had several times shown the intention to act against Yang Kai, such as we Xu Zhi Shen had called out for help or when he was trying to break through. Yang Kai had seen everything, and although Ba Qing Ya had each time managed to hold himself back, it wasn’t out of good intentions but simply because he wasn’t certain he could kill Yang Kai.

    If Ba Qing Ya had been certain, he would have attacked long ago.

    Seeing that Yang Kai was unwilling to respond to him, Ba Qing Yan’s expression became somewhat unsightly as he awkwardly continued, “Little friend is a friend of Wu Yi, so if you have time in the future, please do visit my Hai Ke Family, we will be sure to offer you a suitable welcome.”

    “Wu Yi has left the Hai Ke Family, why should I visit your house?” Yang Kai shot him a cold look.

    Ba Qing Yan was immediately struck speechless but quickly glanced over at Wu Yi and put on a forced smile, “Wu Yi is somewhat young and speaks before fully considering the consequences of her words. This old master believes she didn’t mean what she said just now about leaving the family, isn’t that right, Wu Yi?”

    Wu Yi’s expression became even more forlorn and chose to remain silent

    On the other hand, Yu Feng openly snorted and quipped, “Didn’t Elder Ba just say that Wu Yi must return to the family to accept discipline according to the Family Law? I remember you said you would even act personally to drag her back!”

    Ba Qing Yan immediately glared menacingly towards Yu Feng!

    In order to become friends with Yang Kai, he had no choice but to show consideration to Wu Yi, but that didn’t mean he had to do the same to Yu Feng. Yang Kai clearly disliked him and Wu Yi was ignoring him, so Ba Qing Ya couldn’t help becoming somewhat angry out of shame; now, with Yu Feng pouring oil on the fire, if not for having scruples about Yang Kai’s opinion, Ba Qing Ya would definitely have taught Yu Feng a lesson.

    But to Ba Qing Ya’s surprise, Yu Feng, who had always been as timid as a mouse in front of him before, now actually dared to glare back defiantly.

    This made Ba Qing Yan feel great shame.

    But after thinking about it for a moment, Ba Qing Yan declared, “Little friend has just broken through a Great Realm and should need some time to consolidate his cultivation. This old master will not disturb little friend any longer. If little friend has any need of my Hai Ke Family’s assistance, please do not hesitate to ask, en since Wu Yi and Yu Feng are your friends, they should stay behind to help with any miscellaneous tasks; after all, this place can also be considered my Hai Ke Family’s territory. Wu Yi, Yu Feng, don’t show any negligence with this little friend, understand?”