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Chapter 1186 - Silence The Witness To The Crime

Martial Peak
     Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

    Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

    “Cruel and merciless, friend has some good methods,” Yang Kai stepped forward with a smirk as he stared coldly at Meng Hong Liang. He too had not expected this person to turn such a poisonous hand against his fellow Sect Brother. Clearly, he wasn’t anything good.

    When Yang Kai came up to the middle-aged man, he simply nodded to him lightly.

    The middle-aged man was dumbstruck. Just when he thought he would die without a doubt, someone had unexpectedly run out to save him.

    On top of that, the person who had saved him was actually Yang Kai, a stranger he had only met twice, making the whole situation seem even more surreal.

    “You stand aside and heal yourself first,” Yang Kai said as he looked at the miserable state this man was in, tossing him a healing pill and saying casually.

    “But you…” The middle-aged man caught the pill and looked hesitant. Yang Kai’s cultivation was too low, so he was afraid that this young man who rushed out to save his life would suffer disaster; after all, Meng Hong Liang wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

    But when he remembered about the power of the black flames and upon seeing Yang Kai’s calm look, the middle-aged man suddenly nodded, “Understood!”

    Saying so, he stepped back, swallowed the pill, and began meditating silently.

    He didn’t know what Yang Kai was relying on to face so many people from the Imperial City Sect, but since the other party had dared to reveal himself, he must not put Meng Hong Liang and the others in his eyes.

    Subconsciously, he thought Yang Kai was the son of some important Elder from a great Sect or force. If this was the case, he only needed to report his name and Meng Hong Liang wouldn’t dare to provoke him.

    Although Imperial City Sect wasn’t bad, it wasn’t even a first-class force on Shadowed Star, barely in the high second-class level actually. Meng Hong Liang was the type who only knew how to bully the weak and naturally wouldn’t dare provoke strong opponents.

    Sure enough, Meng Hong Liang’s look became uncertain as he stared at Yang Kai carefully. Comparing this young man’s face and demeanour to the well-known young talents on Shadowed Star in his heart, he still couldn’t find a matching figure. In addition, his fellow Sect disciples were also wearing uncertain looks, so Meng Hong Liang quickly shouted, “What intentions does Your Excellency have by suddenly killing my Junior Brother?”

    Yang Kai sneered and slowly shook his head, “I think you’re mistaken there. I didn’t kill him, you did… En, well, even if you didn’t kill him, he would still have died, but regardless of what might have happened, the truth was he died at your hand, it has nothing to do with me.”

    Meng Hong Liang’s face went from blue to red as he ground his teeth and shouted, “If you had not used such despicable methods to sneak attack him how could I have been forced to act so?”

    After saying this, his expression calmed down and he nodded, “That’s right, I killed Junior Brother Qi, but only because I couldn’t bear to see him slowly burn to death. I simply ended his suffering.”

    Having unexpectedly found a justification for his actions, Meng Hong Liang did not hesitate to make use of it, causing the remaining men and women from Imperial City Sect to secretly breathe a sigh of relief. Although all of them still felt it wasn’t appropriate to kill someone from their Sect, as soon as this reason was spoken, they felt a lot better in their hearts. All of them had witnessed their Junior Brother Qi’s condition with their own eyes and knew that even if Meng Hong Liang hadn’t acted, he would have died without a doubt. Having settled their disturbed hearts, they all gathered towards Meng Hong Liang.

    Meng Hong Liang secretly sneered as he had managed to escape from the crime of killing his fellow Sect Brother so easily. Although it was mere sophistry, he could now overlook Yang Kai from a superior position and coldly declare, “Which Sect does this friend come from, can you tell me if it’s convenient? Although my Imperial City Sect isn’t a great force, many of the Sect’s Elders have a wide range of friends. If your Sect is a friend of mine, I hope you can not involve yourself in this matter.”

    “Senior Brother Meng, I know who this person is,” The same young woman from before called out with a slight frown between her brow. Moving closer to Meng Hong Liang, her beautiful eyes remained focused on Yang Kai with a slight look of dread.

    After hearing what she said, Meng Hong Liang immediately asked her in a low voice.

    The young woman did not conceal anything, explaining how before the Flowing Flame Sand Field had officially opened, there was a conflict between Yang Kai and Blue Sparrow Sect’s Yin Jian. At that time, this young woman had been nearby and observed the entire matter, so after a moment she was able to recognize Yang Kai.

    “Shadow Moon Hall?” Meng Hong Liang was startled, his brows wrinkling slightly, an ugly look appearing on his face.

    Although Shadow Moon Hall wasn’t a true top power, it was still far superior to Imperial City Sect. There were many Third Order Origin Returning Realm masters in Shadow Moon Hall, something Imperial City Sect could not hope to match.

    The two Sects were separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometres, and usually had no interactions, but when the young woman said that the first genius of Shadow Moon Hall, Wei Gu Chang, had stood up personally for Yang Kai, Meng Hong Liang suddenly had to consider acting cautiously lest he stir up unwanted trouble.

    If he were to anger Wei Gu Chang and the latter ran over to Imperial City Sect to seek retribution, he wouldn’t get off easy.

    However, now that things had reached this point, and his Junior Brother had died by his own hand, Meng Hong Liang couldn’t just withdraw, not to mention he didn’t want news of the Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence leaking out. It was for this reason that even after obtaining this treasure he had decided to kill both this middle-aged man and the latter’s Junior Brother.

    Dead people don’t reveal secrets!

    “But at the time he said he wasn’t from Shadow Moon Hall,” The young woman’s expression became puzzled as she murmured.

    “Not from Shadow Moon Hall?” Meng Hong Liang’s expression lightened.

    “That’s right, I’m not from Shadow Moon Hall,” Yang Kai stood there defiantly, as if he was unafraid of death. He hadn’t interrupted Meng Hong Liang and the young woman’s conversation until now but decided to speak up at last, “I only have some small friendship with Wei Gu Chang, so you don’t have to worry about him seeking trouble with you when this is all over.”

    Meng Hong Liang’s thoughts being seen through so easily by Yang Kai caused his eyes to grow cold, but he was still hesitating whether to act or not.

    As for the middle-aged man who was meditating to restore his wounds, he nearly spat blood when he heard Yang Kai speak these words!

    The situation had been all but resolved, and the middle-aged man was secretly rejoicing that his guess had been right. The young man who had come to save him really had a powerful background. If this young man didn’t say anything more, with Meng Hong Liang’s personality, he would definitely become more cautious in his actions and likely withdraw in the end.

    If that was the case, he and this young man who came to save him would be able to escape safely. As for seeking revenge, that would naturally have to wait for later.

    But now, in one breath, this young man had actually gone and destroyed his cover. How could Meng Hong Liang let him go now? Without a strong backer, and with just a First Order Saint King cultivation, there was no doubt Yang Kai would have died here.

    For a moment, the middle-aged man became anxious and angry, he really didn’t know why he had to run into such a stupid kid.

    However, the other party had indeed come to save him, he had been dragged into this by him, so the middle-aged man could only sigh and secretly decided to restore as much of his strength as soon as possible. Once Meng Hong Liang decided to act, he would do his best to delay him to let Yang Kai escape.

    On the other side, Meng Hong Liang, whose ace had been constantly changing, finally made a decision, and his expression gradually became firm, staring at Yang Kai coldly he declared, “So what if you have a connection to Shadow Moon Hall, so what if you know Wei Gu Chang? Today, I must kill you, so you won’t live to see tomorrow! “

    As soon as these words fell, he waved his hand and shouted, “Be careful of his black flame, don’t give him a chance to send out a message!”

    Meng Hong Liang had decided to dispense will all pretence and silence the witness to the crime. It had to be said that he was a cautious man, so when he ordered his Junior Brothers and Junior Sister to attack, a golden light also appeared in his hand.

    Meng Hong Liang was extremely fearful of the Demonic Flame and was planning on using his Junior Brothers and Junior Sister to draw Yang Kai’s attention while he stood back and shot him while denying him an opportunity to take out his communication type artefact. If he couldn’t accomplish this, all his previous efforts would go to waste.

    Receiving Meng Hong Liang’s order, the four Second-Order Saint Kings rushed towards Yang Kai aggressively, pushing their Saint Qi as the summoned their defensive artefacts to guard their bodies.

    Of those who dared to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field, most wore Artefact Armour, and these Artefact Armours were naturally designed to resist the ambient fire poison while also having a strong defensive strength. At the very least, while fighting cultivators of the same level, they could rely on these Artefact Armours to prevent some injuries.

    The black flames were too terrifying though, so although all four of these cultivators rushed forward, none of them dared to approach Yang Kai too closely, the young woman among them summoning a long whip artefact and cracking it, sending it out a cyan light towards Yang Kai, a ruthless expression filling her pretty face.

    The other three also used long-range attack artefacts or Martial Skills to bombard Yang Kai’s location.

    At the same time these four attacked, the golden light which had been brilliantly shining in Meng Hong Liang’s hand vanished. It was impossible to tell what kind of trick he had used, but the moment he released the golden shot, it had stealthily concealed itself.

    Four Second-Order Saint Kings and one Third Order Saint King attacked a First Order Saint King together. How it would turn out, anyone would be able to tell.

    After releasing his attack, Meng Hong Liang’s mouth curled into a grin.

    But in the next instant, the smile on his face stiffened.

    He saw a sword condensed from black flame appear in the hands of the besieged young man chop forward and seemingly devour all light in its path. Not only did this sword swing destroy two of his Junior Brother’s attacks as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, it also cleanly sliced through them as well.

    Their Artefact Armour seemed as fragile as paper and the Saint Qi they had been using to protect their bodies weren’t able to play the slightest defence role.

    The bodies of his two Junior Brothers were cut in half instantly.

    It wasn’t over yet though as a black spear then appeared in this young man’s hand and was immediately tossed out, piercing through the whip of the young woman without even slowing down before puncturing a hole through her abdomen.

    From start to finish, the young woman didn’t even have time to react.

    Simultaneously, a purple shield appeared next to Yang Kai and with a metallic ping and a series of sparks, the golden light bounced off the shield without even leaving a scratch on it. The golden light faded greatly as it flew back to Meng Hong Liang’s location.

    Yang Kai frowned seeing this, realizing that the artefact Meng Hong Liang was using was really quite extraordinary. He had been attacked by this golden light before and almost had his Grand Heavenly Shield broken as a result. Yang Kai naturally didn’t dare underestimate this artefact and had immediately used his purple shield to defend himself.

    Glancing over leisurely at it, Yang Kai realized that this golden light was actually a flying needle artefact as thin as a cow’s hair.

    This type of artefact was quite rare because flying needles generally had very little power. An Artefact Refiner needed to continuously refine and enhance one in order for it to have any killing potential, and this series of refinements made them difficult to produce.