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Chapter 1209 - Instant Kill

Martial Peak
     Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

    Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

    After the group of four from Heaven Battling Union watched Yang Kai successively take out the melon-sized pieces of Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence, then the plate-sized Fire Crystal Stone, they were unable to maintain their calm. Regardless of whether this giant piece of Fire Crystal Stone was real or fake, that piece of Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence was undoubtedly the genuine article. Immediately, greed swelled up in these four and they all regarded Yang Kai as a dead man in their hearts.

    This boy had randomly taken out two incredibly valuable treasures, who knew what other good things were in his Space Ring?

    Perhaps there really was a Flowing Flame Flying Fire!

    Kill him. They had to kill him then snatch his ring and check it carefully. As long as they could grab this kid’s Space ring, they would be able to live the rest of their lives with ease.

    “What else do you have?” The middle-aged man’s face twitched slightly as he asked. Although he also desperately wanted to seize Yang Kai’s possessions, he was still able to maintain a trace of rationality, unlike his three Sect Brothers, though his trembling voice betrayed his obvious excitement.

    “Oh, just a dozen stalks of Emerald Silk Grass, a piece of ancient black iron, three Scarlet Blood Fruits…” Yang Kai took precious treasures out of his Space Ring one after another, and each time he did, the eyes of the four Heaven Battling Union disciples grew hotter.

    Although these spirit grasses and spirit medicines weren’t as precious as the two previous items Yang Kai took out, they were also very valuable, especially the dozen stalks of Emerald Silk Grass, those were spirit medicines that every Sect badly desired, and Heaven Battling Union was no exception. If they could bring back a dozen Emerald Silk Grasses, it would count as an enormous contribution, enough to make several requests to their Sect Elders.

    “En, right, there are also nine Flowing Flame Flying Fires, but it’s not convenient for me to take them all out, so I can’t show them to you right now,” Yang Kai chuckled as he fully exposed all his gains after entering the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

    He didn’t hide anything except the colourless crystal cube which had been absorbed by the Soul Warming Lotus.

    “You really managed to catch that Flowing Flame Flying Fire?” The monkey-faced man called out in surprise.

    “Em, why would I lie to you? Didn’t you see it just now?” Yang Kai grinned.

    The expressions of the four people gradually became strange.

    All of their faces showed an embarrassed look because the four of them, acting together, had spent three months in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, searching for treasures everywhere and originally thought they had reaped a good harvest, making them quite happy, but compared to the treasures Yang Kai showed them today, the gap was like Heaven and Earth. They hadn’t obtained even one percent of this kid’s harvest.

    This obviously made them feel like they had lost face and the eyes they directed at Yang Kai only became hotter.

    “You liar!” The thin man’s eyes flashed as he shouted coldly, “Little brat, your courage isn’t small, daring to deceive me and my fellow brothers! Obediently hand over your ring for me to check or we won’t let you leave!”

    Saying so, he glanced at the monkey-faced cultivator, the two of them understanding each other’s silent signal and rushing out towards Yang Kai.

    In the face of so many good things, he didn’t intend on speaking any nonsense with Yang Kai and simply spurted an excuse before leaping out to rob him. But although these two were arrogant and enjoyed bullying others, they were still elite cultivators from Heaven Battling Union, so despite Yang Kai being a First Order Saint King, they didn’t show any carelessness.

    Their group of four had done a lot of killing and robbing in the Flowing Flame Sand Field these past three months, so naturally they were clear that some people’s depths couldn’t be seen from their outward appearance. A lion would kill a rabbit with all its strength, and what’s more, Yang Kai was obviously a bit abnormal seeing how he could maintain a look of indifference from beginning to end.

    They vaguely felt that Yang Kai had something to rely on; therefore, the instant they began their attack, the two of them pushed their Saint Qi to guard themselves while also holding back their true trump cards, maintaining a high degree of vigilance so as to prevent Yang Kai from causing them any harm in a desperate final struggle.

    The middle-aged man and another obese cultivator stood back without moving. Although they too felt the situation was a little weird, and that Yang Kai seemed to be intentionally baiting them, with so many priceless treasures in front of them, they didn’t try to stop their companions despite the doubts in their hearts.

    Anyone who saw so many good things would be willing to take a few risks to obtain them, because these treasures were worth risking their lives.

    Besides, no matter how skilled a First-Order Saint King was, could he be stronger than Qu Chang Feng?

    Even if Qu Chang Feng was here, it would impossible to deal with all of them by himself, so while they paid attention to Yang Kai’s movements, they prepared themselves to support their comrades who had rushed forward in case Yang Kai had some kind of earth-shaking hidden means.

    The thin cultivator and the monkey-faced cultivator were both extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, they had approached to within ten meters of Yang Kai. Yang Kai, on the other hand, put on an expression of shock, as if he had only just noticed them rushing over, quickly packing all the treasures he had taken out back into his Space Ring, putting on a show of panic and confusion that further dispersed his two attacker’s wariness and caused them to raise their speed to the limit.

    But just as they closed in, the two cultivators saw Yang Kai reveal a thin smile.

    The moment they saw this smile, the two realized that there was something wrong, because the smile Yang Kai was wearing was one filled with mockery, as if he had set up some kind of trap here and was just waiting for them to throw themselves into it.

    With their supposed prey’s eyes filled with disdain and ridicule, how could the two cultivators not see that everything up until now had been a ploy?

    The next moment, the two rushing towards Yang Kai felt as if they had run into an invisible wall, both of them coming to a halt as they let out grunts at the same time. The two Third Order Saint Kings instantly felt as if they were being pressed down upon by a mountain, their breathing becoming difficult as their bodies struggled to resist, and cracking sounds echoed from their bones.

    This strange space had been incredibly difficult for Yang Kai to break free from when he first entered it, and his physique was far stronger than an ordinary cultivator’s. If even Yang Kai was wary of this place, how could these two easily escape?

    Although Yang Kai had cultivated his Space Blade here for more than a month, and almost completely destroyed the solidification effect, it was still strong enough to interfere with these two cultivators, and with that momentary opening, Yang Kai could easily kill them.

    Therefore, the instant these two entered the strange space, their fates had been sealed.

    The two went pale and their eyes were immediately filled with terror, both of them pushing their Saint Qi as hard as they could, finally alleviating the intense pressure weighing them down, but just as they were about to retreat from this strange space, a cry of alarm rang out from the middle-aged man standing behind them.

    The two lifted their heads with difficulty just in time to see two palms ruthlessly descending upon them.

    This solidified space could hinder the movements of these two, but Yang Kai was like a fish in water here, not affected in the slightest. He had fully adapted to the pressure of this place.

    Yang Kai wasn’t afraid to fight any of these four Third-Order Saint Kings one on one. Even one on two, Yang Kai was confident he could emerge victoriously, but facing four at once was different. If he was unable to wipe them all out, and even one escape, it would create endless troubles for him.