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Chapter 1210 - Chase

Martial Peak
     Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

    Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

    Along with the huge change in body shape, the aura of this previously fat man had increased exponentially, and the surging Saint Qi has almost condensed into a physical substance. With a wave of his hands, the green light surrounding him flew out and transformed into a series of vine-like objects that pierced through the air towards Yang Kai. These vines were filled with sharp barbs and once someone was caught by them, these barbs would sink into their body and rapidly absorb their vitality and Saint Qi. Even cultivators in the same realm would have difficulty breaking free and at that time, they would be easily slaughtered.

    This fat man couldn’t recall how many enemies he had killed with his unique Saint Qi and unique killing blow. In Heaven Battling Union, although he wasn’t as famous as Qu Chang Feng and the middle-aged men, he was still a prominent figure.

    In addition, the vines, which had a Wood Attribute to them, moved extremely fast. As long as he was given three breaths of time, he could turn this entire canyon into a prison cage. At that time, this place would become his world, and no matter what kind of shocking methods this First-Order Saint King possessed, he wouldn’t even be able to dream of escaping.

    The fat man’s eyes were filled with confidence.

    But in the next instant, a jet black flame that appeared almost like a fire dragon poured cold water on his head.

    “A Fire Attribute cultivator?” The fat man looked startled.

    He cultivated Wood Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills, but those were most restrained by Fire Attribute cultivators, so when he saw Yang Kai’s black flames, his heart naturally sank, and his expression became dignified.

    However, an arrow released from its bow could not turn back, and his opponent being a mere First-Order Saint King wasn’t enough to cause him to retreat, so he instead increased the output of his Saint Qi further, causing the green vines to grow even more madly as they tried to fill up the entire canyon.


    The intensity of the black flames increased to match his vines and a scene which truly startled the fat man happened next. On contact, the black flames were burning his green vines into ash, and no matter how hard he pushed his Saint Qi, he wasn’t able to keep up with the rate of loss. In the blink of an eye, the black flames had shattered his attack and were now closing in on him.

    “Impossible!” The fat man screamed. Although his Martial Skills were indeed restrained by Fire Attribute attacks, no flame could possibly have such a burning ability strong enough to completely suppress his vine’s growth.

    All the green vines were instantly suppressed by the black flames, and the inside of the canyon began taking on an alternating hot and cold atmosphere, causing the fat man to suffer greatly.

    Yang Kai then rushed over like a burst of raging flames, throwing a black Heaven Punishing Spear out towards the Heaven Battling Union cultivator, immediately following up with a Heaven Covering Hand.

    Yang Kai had to finish this battle quickly because the middle-aged man from the group of four was far more cautious than he had anticipated. After Yang Kai had killed two of this middle-aged man’s companions, his first reaction was not to get angry or seek revenge, but to swiftly withdraw. It was unbelievably decisive.

    This middle-aged man was able to suppress his greed towards the treasures in Yang Kai’s Space Ring and instead choose the safest approach.

    By now, this man had run out over a hundred meters, and if Yang Kai were to become entangled with this fat cultivator, and the middle-aged man escaped from the canyon, it would become far more difficult to catch up to him.

    As such, Yang Kai also acted decisively, using nearly one hundred percent of his power.

    The fat cultivator’s reactions weren’t slow, however, and seeing the black Heaven Punishing Spear approaching, he immediately summoned a small round shield. This round shield began rotating slowly and was full of mysterious runes and energy lines with a strange turtle-shaped pattern also appearing, swimming nibbling around the shield. With this small round shield protecting his body, the fat man’s figure flickered as he tried to swiftly retreat.

    However, the giant hand above him, which seemed to block out the sky, continued closing in, making the fat man feel as if there was no hope to avoid it.


    With a loud bang, the Heaven Punishing Spear stuck the small round shield, causing a massive burst of energy. The small round shield cracked but surprisingly was not completely crushed. Although it had been contaminated with bits of Demonic Flame, the swimming turtle pattern on the shield quickly opened its mouth and sprayed out a cloud of white energy, extinguishing the Demonic Flame.

    After doing this, the turtle pattern returned to the small round shield, but it no longer moved, seemingly greatly weakened.

    This artefact had obviously lost its spirituality and could no longer be used unless an excellent Artefact Refiner were to fix it.

    The small round shield had blocked Yang Kai’s killing blow and protected the fat cultivator’s life, but the Heaven Covering Hand overtook him at that moment.

    The fat cultivator roared and quickly weaved a complicated set of hand signs before pushing both his palms towards the sky.

    A green light curtain rose around him like a protective cover, covering him completely.

    There was another loud noise, and the earth trembled. The Heaven Covering Hand impacted the green light curtain, shattering it in an instant and disappearing without a trace. Although the fat cultivator was hit by this attack, he didn’t receive much damage, but it was obviously his face had gone pale.

    In a short time, he recognized the gap between himself and Yang Kai.

    How was this the strength of a First-Order Saint King? It was clear that not even a Third-Order Saint King could be so fierce. If it weren’t for the Saint Qi fluctuations coming from Yang Kai, the fat man would be wondering if he was fighting an Origin Returning Realm master.

    No wonder the other party had the confidence to take the initiative to attack. With such a combat power, he had enough capital to compete with Qu Chang Feng, so coping with the fat cultivator was not a problem.

    The fat man had already used his best artefacts, but his opponent hadn’t, seemingly still holding back. From beginning to end, he had only used Martial Skills to fight him.

    The fat man didn’t know that Yang Kai only had two artefacts on him, one was the purple shield and the other was the Hundred Mountains Picture.

    The purple shield was for defence only, and although the power of the Hundred Mountains Picture wasn’t small, the terrain in the canyon was narrow so it wasn’t suitable to use it here. If this weren’t the case, Yang Kai would have already summoned it to kill this fat cultivator.

    The fat cultivator didn’t know any of this, so his heart was only more chaotic. After blocking the Heaven Covering Hand, he once again summoned a flying sword-shaped artefact, poured his Saint Qi into it, and hurled it at Yang Kai.

    The flying sword transformed into a streak of white light that pierced towards Yang Kai and gave off a thick malevolent aura. At the same time, the fat cultivator turned around and ran out of the canyon without hesitation.

    He thought that his flying sword artefact could buy him some time, and as long as he had a little time, perhaps he could escape this calamity, but how could he have known that the moment he turned his back to Yang Kai, the aura of death would descend upon him.

    Glancing back in horror, the fat cultivator saw Yang Kai smoothly avoided the attack of the flying sword, and chop towards him with a black sword of his own, one that seemed to fill the canyon with a black light.

    The fat cultivator’s heart clenched, but before he could even compose himself, he was struck by over a dozen sword waves at once. Screaming, the fat cultivator fell to the ground, the Demonic Flame burning his body, and no matter how he pushed his Saint Qi, he couldn’t resist. It wasn’t long before he was burnt to a charred corpse.

    The canyon itself was only ten meters wide, which made it extremely difficult for the fact cultivator to dodge. If not for this, he could have resisted for a bit longer and wouldn’t have died so quickly.

    Even as he died though, this fat man couldn’t understand how a trivial First-Order Saint King could be so terrifying!

    After killing this fat cultivator, Yang Kai immediately looked up towards the entrance to the canyon.

    The last middle-aged man had managed to escape fast, and in this short time had already managed to escape two thousand meters away.

    He seemed to have heard the scream of the fat cultivator, shivered slightly, and increased his speed even more.

    At this moment, he understood that his previous caution and concern were not unfounded. The scream of the fat cultivator he heard clearly announced his companion’s death. No matter what kind of method or means this young man had used, or whether there were tricks or plots involved, just the fact that Yang Kai had killed the fat cultivator in just five short breaths told the middle-aged man he was not an opponent he could face.

    So, he didn’t dare look back and simply focused on escaping from the canyon as soon as possible. At the same time, his trembling hand reached for his Space Ring and took out his communication artefact. He wanted to inform his other companions about what had happened here, especially Qu Chang Feng.

    In his eyes, only someone like Qu Chang Feng could compete with that young man.

    Just as he took out his communication artefact though, the middle-aged man suddenly heard thunder and lightning come from behind him and a terrifying Divine Sense lock onto him. The strength of this Divine Sense was no worse than an Origin Returning Realm Master’s.

    He didn’t dare hesitate and immediately poured his own Divine Sense into the communication artefact, but before he could send any kind of message, he felt a faint ache on his arm.

    This ache only felt like he had been bitten by an ant.

    However, when he looked down to investigate, he was horrified to discover that his arm had silently been chopped off, and not far in front of him was a dark crack that seemed capable of devouring everything it touched.

    “A Void Crack?” The middle-aged man was also quite knowledgeable and couldn’t help muttering to himself when he saw this, but in his moment of absent-mindedness, the possible Void Crack vanished.

    A sharp pain suddenly radiated from the place his arm had been cut off from, causing sweat to ooze from his forehead and soak his clothes.


    A slight, almost imperceptible sound entered his ear in an instant, his intact arm began aching as well.

    Thinking of what had happened just now, this middle-aged cultivator’s face went ashen as he glanced down and found that his second arm was also gone, the cut so clean and neat it was as if it had been sliced off by some incredibly sharp weapon.

    A figure quickly passed by like a bolt of lightning and blocked his path forward.

    The middle-aged man stopped in place and stared at Yang Kai with a look of despair.

    He couldn’t spare any attention to the pain coming from his missing arms or prevent his blood from spewing out, all he could do is stare at Yang Kai and the wings seemingly composed of wind and thunder behind him, in a flash understanding why even at his top speed, he was easily overtaken by his opponent.

    His opponent actually had such a strange artefact, no wonder his speed was so fast. The middle-aged man just didn’t know what kind of attack Yang Kai had used to cut off his arms. He hadn’t felt any Saint Qi fluctuations just now but his arms had still inexplicably been severed.