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Chapter 1271 - Kneading

Martial Peak
     Chapter 1271, Kneading

    [A Beguiling Technique!] Light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes. It was the first time he learned that this Yin Su Die actually used Beguiling Techniques, and from what he could tell she was quite proficient in them. No wonder she seemed to exude an unusually powerful charm every time he saw her. It turns out it was because she cultivated Beguiling Techniques.

    Listening to Yin Su Die saying this, Dai Yuan’s expression sank as she shouted, “You were monitoring me?”

    Yin Su Die brushed her hair carelessly and said with a laugh, “How could Senior Sister ask such a thing? Little Sister was only worried about Senior Sister. Last time, Senior Sister went out without saying anything or telling anyone, not even Honoured Master knew about it, so it’s only natural that Little Sister had some people pay attention to Senior Sister’s whereabouts. When I received word that Senior Sister had returned safely a moment ago, I was naturally overjoyed. Not just Little Sister though, Honoured Master was also very happy to hear Senior Sister had returned and even said she wanted to see you as soon as possible.”

    “Honoured Master…” Dai Yuan’s face flashed a complex look and seemingly became uninterested in arguing with Yin Su Die anymore, simply asking, “Instead of staying on Hundred Butterfly Peak you actually ran all the way over here for some idle chatter?”

    “Must I have some other reason to visit?” Yin Su Die replied lightly, her eyes then suddenly lighting up, as if she remembered something, and quickly said, “That’s right, there is something good I need to share with Senior Sister! Honoured Master has asked Grandmaster Xiao to refine an Origin Condensing Pill, and although the first two furnaces were, unfortunately, failures, Grandmaster Xiao said that the next refinement should have an eighty percent certainty of success. At that time, Little Sister will have to enter retreat to break through to the Origin Returning Realm so I won’t have time to come chat with Senior Sister anymore. If Senior Sister feels lonely, how about letting Little Sister arrange a few maids to accompany you?”

    The innocent smile on her face seemed to imply that she was simply thinking about Dai Yuan’s feelings while trying to be a good sister.

    But anyone could hear the self-satisfaction and pride in her words.

    “An Origin Condensing Pill…” Dai Yuan nodded indifferently, “I must congratulate Junior Sister then.”

    “En, it was all thanks to Senior Sister who retrieved several stalks of Emerald Silk Grass from the Flowing Flame Sand Field. If not for those, no Origin Condensing Pills could be refined. Unfortunately, Little Sister wasn’t as lucky and didn’t manage to find a single Emerald Silk Grass!” Saying so, she shook her head and sighed, seemingly quite distraught.

    Dai Yuan’s lips suddenly curled into a sneer, not caring at all that the Emerald Silk Grass she worked so hard to find had actually been used on Yin Su Die and instead just said, “Is that all? If so, then Junior Sister should return. Since you are preparing to break through to the Origin Returning Realm, you should, of course, make appropriate preparations, otherwise, if you were to fail, it would surely disappoint Honoured Master’s efforts.”

    The smile on Yin Su Die’s face disappeared and was replaced by a cold glower.

    She hadn’t even attempted to break through yet but Dai Yuan was actually implying she would fail. Although it was only a few casual words, it was still a rather uncomfortable barb.

    “Senior Sister has guests to entertain, so I won’t see you off!” Dai Yuan ignored Yin Su Die’s glare and directly asked her to leave.

    However, Yin Su Die didn’t have any intention of just letting things go. Seeing how her nettling of Dai Yuan had no effect, she swept her beautiful eyes around and actually stared at Yang Kai, asking with a smile, “This little brother seems familiar, have we met before?”

    Yang Kai wore a startled expression upon being spoken to. He hadn’t expected that just after arriving in Coloured Glass Sect he would actually be dragged into this Senior Sister, Junior Sister dispute, but not caring either way, he grinned and replied, “Yes, I’ve met Sister Yin several times now. This one has long admired Sister Yin, but unfortunately, I am just an unknown man. Sister Yin should not mind me.”

    Yin Su Die heard him say this and a smile blossomed on her face as a light giggle escaped her lips, apparently quite satisfied with Yang Kai’s flattery.

    Dai Yuan, on the other hand, frowned as she looked at Yang Kai strangely. As for Yang Yan, she simply stood to the side without saying or doing anything, as if she didn’t even exist.

    “En, I remember now, you were the one together with Wei Gu Chang at that time. Since when did you come to know Senior Sister though?” Yin Su Die’s voice suddenly became soft and melodious. Others might not have noticed anything, but when Yang Kai heard these words, he felt like the blood in his veins began flowing faster, as if Yin Su Die’s sweet voice was whispering directly into his ear and invisible hands were gently caressing his cheeks.

    “I met her in the Flowing Flame Sand Field,” Yang Kai nodded and answered very cooperatively.

    “I see, but since Senior Sister invited you here as a guest, it seems your relationship is not simple,” Yin Su Die made a thinly veiled probe, but before Yang Kai even had a chance to respond, she smiled even more charmingly and a strange light flashed across her eyes, one that seemed to penetrate into Yang Kai’s mind. Exhaling an orchid scent, Yin Su Die continued to ask, “If Little Brother doesn’t mind, how about coming to visit my Hundred Butterfly Peak? Although my Hundred Butterfly Peak is not near here, it’s scenery will surely not disappoint.”

    Yang Kai’s eyes glazed over for a moment before his face flushed abnormally and he began nodding vigorously, “Sounds amazing, I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

    As he spoke these words, the corner of his mouth seemed to leak some drool and a lustful look appeared on his face.

    “Yin Su Die!” Dai Yuan suddenly snarled, knowing that Yang Kai should have been affected by her Junior Sister’s Beguiling Technique. Pushing her Saint Qi fiercely, Dai Yuan glared dangerously at Yin Su Die, as if she would attack if the latter didn’t immediately withdraw her technique.

    “What’s the matter?” Yin Su Die glanced over innocently at Dai Yuan while continuing to send out an invisible aura filled with ten thousand kinds of charm towards Yang Kai.

    At that moment, two jets of hot air spewed from Yang Kai’s nostrils and he dashed forward, arriving in front of Yin Su Die in the blink of an eye. Immediately, both Yin Su Die and Dai Yuan were stunned, and under their astonish gazes, Yang Kai grabbed Yin Su Die’s two jade white hands.

    In that instant, Yang Kai gripped these two delicate hands violently.

    Seemingly grasping the most important treasure in his life, Yang Kai refused to let go, his eyes exuding a terrible fiery colour as the temperature of his body rose significantly.

    Yin Su Die froze up and Dai Yuan was equally dumbfounded!

    When Yang Kai rushed over, Dai Yuan and Yin Su Die both wanted to block him, but neither of them were able to, and by the time they had recovered from their initial surprise, Yang Kai had already caught Yin Su Die hands.

    Feeling sharp pain from her hands and seeing the madness in the eyes of the boorish man standing in front of her, Yin Su Die became furious and rapidly began condensing her Saint Qi, but in the next moment, she calmed down and with watery eyes, she leaned into Yang Kai and whimpered, “You’re hurting me…”

    “Ah?” Yang Kai was shocked, and a look of extreme guilt appeared on his face, but his hands still continued to stubbornly grasp Yin Su Die’s, and no matter how she struggled, she couldn’t free herself. Kneading her delicate and soft hands with an obsessed expression, Yang Kai continued to call out, “There there, it doesn’t hurt anymore, does it? I happen to have time now. How about we go to your Hundred Butterfly Peak now? Your Senior Sister is fine in any case, there’s no need to stay here!”

    “Hehe…” Yin Su Die let out a hollow laugh. Although she wished to slap Yang Kai away, she actually strongly suppressed the anger in her heart, the strange light in her eyes growing even stronger as she tried to withdraw from Yang Kai’s eyes.

    “Didn’t you just invite me over? What are we waiting for?” Unexpectedly, Yang Kai began urging her even more forcefully, seemingly unable to wait to go back to Hundred Butterfly Peak with her.

    Seeing this, Yin Su Die’s complexion changed and she was no longer willing to act patiently, circulating her Saint Qi through her hands, she finally broke free from Yang Kai’s grasp and took advantage of this opportunity to flutter a dozen meters away, hiding her two small hands in her sleeves so others couldn’t see them, but having been clenched in Yang Kai’s grasp for so long, they certainly weren’t in good shape.

    Glaring at Yang Kai, who still seemed to be caught in her Beguiling Technique, a cold light flickered across Yin Su Die’s eyes.

    However, in a flash, Dai Yuan came between her and Yang Kai and said coldly, “Junior Sister, please leave.”

    Yin Su Die clenched her teeth and took a deep breath, her rich capital heaving mesmerizingly before she snorted lightly, “Senior Sister, don’t forget to go pay your respects to Honoured Master, she has been thinking about you since you left. Little Sister will take her leave.”

    After she finished speaking, she narrowed her phoenix eyes slightly, glared coldly at Yang Kai for a moment, as if to engrave his appearance into the depths of her soul before stomping her foot and departing atop her Star Shuttle.