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Chapter 1298 - Sun’s True Essence

Martial Peak
     Chapter 1298, Sun’s True Essence

    The moment the three defensive artifacts Yang Yan had tailor made for herself were destroyed, she couldn’t help letting out a panicked scream.

    At that moment, a huge hand grasped her shoulder and dragged her back. Simultaneously, a figure moved in front of her wearing a dignified expression. Solemnly, Yang Kai waved his hand and sent out two giant black fireballs to intercept the Fire Dragon.

    Yang Kai had already changed the nature of his Demonic Flame from pure hot to pure cold, but the instant these fireballs impacted the Fire Dragon, they were annihilated.

    Yang Kai’s complexion changed, and while he hurriedly retreated, a crisp cry rang out from his body. In a flash of light, the Firebird Artifact Spirit leapt out and grandly spread its wings, growing to nearly ten metres in width as it sprayed out a fiery red blast of light towards the approaching Fire Dragon. Unfortunately, even this intense attack was unable to halt the advance of the Fire Dragon, causing it not even the slightest of hindrances.

    The Fire Dragon seemed like an unstoppable force, and every type of defence Yang Kai put up would be torn through easily.

    The Firebird Artifact Spirit’s eyes flashed an almost human-like light as a look of horror filled its face, but immediately after, a violent determination filled its aura as it shrank back down and transformed its entire body into a ray of light that shot out to meet the Fire Dragon.

    The dragon roared and the Artifact Spirit cried as the two clashed inside the Secret Cave in a blazing exchange.

    After the Artifact Spirit rushed into the Fire Dragon’s body, it finally slowed its advance, but only a moment later, the Artifact Spirit let out a pained cry and fled back out of the Fire Dragon, swiftly disappearing into Yang Kai’s body.

    Yang Kai’s complexion changed greatly.

    He had already refined the Origin King Grade Artifact Refining Furnace so he could naturally sense the state of the Artifact Spirit. This Origin King Grade Artifact Refining Furnace had been heated inside the Earth Lung Fire Pond for tens of thousands of years in order to form the Artifact Spirit, yet it had been severely damaged by the Fire Attribute Energy of this Fire Dragon. How could Yang Kai not be shocked?

    The Fire Attribute energy the Artifact Spirit formed from was already extremely rich and pure, so what had this Fire Dragon been born from that it could cause severe trauma to the Artifact Spirit, which was of the same attribute?

    However, although the Artifact Spirit was injured, the Fire Dragon seemed to have also been weakened greatly. Its colour had not only dimmed considerably but its size had also been greatly reduced. Even so, with a shake of its head, it once again rushed towards Yang Kai, as if vowing to never give up until it burnt him and Yang Yan to ashes.

    On the other hand, Yang Kai’s expression became calm and a mysterious wave of power pulsed from his body. Reaching out with both his hands, Yang Kai seemingly grabbed the space in front of him and as he grits his teeth hard ripped it apart.

    Instantly, a bottomless black hole that seemed capable of swallowing everything in existence appeared, and as Yang Kai continued pulling on it, this Void Tear continued to expand.

    As soon as this Void Tear took shape, the Fire Dragon plunged inside it.

    Space distorted greatly as the Void Tear became extremely unstable, as if it would collapse at any moment. Yang Kai snorted and, using all the Space Force he could generate, he reinforced this Void Tear so it would not instantly be destroyed.

    After three breaths, the Fire Dragon completely vanished into The Void, and at the same time, this Void Tear fractured like the surface of a cracked mirror and broke apart.

    Standing in place, Yang Kai gasped for breath while Yang Yan, who he had been shielding, shivered in fright.

    But after the disaster had passed, Yang Yan seemed to think of something and as she stared towards the strange stone, her beautiful eyes trembling violently as she covered her mouth and uttered hoarsely, “Sun’s True Essence?”

    Yang Kai’s face twitched, as if he had heard something unbelievable while his eyes flashed brilliantly.

    What was strange, however, was that after the Fire Dragon was swallowed up by The Void, this thing that Yang Yan called Sun’s True Essence once again became plain and unremarkable. Yang Kai couldn’t even feel any burning power from it, as if it had become an ordinary stone people would flat out ignore if they saw it on the roadside.

    However, there was no time to think about such things at the moment. Yang Kai and Yang Yan had snuck into this place secretly, and although they had been followed by two Corpse Soldiers, those two seemed to have no intention of blocking them.

    But now, the violent exchange must have woken up the slumbering Corpse Soldiers.

    Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai’s face sank as he easily confirmed his guess. The Corpse Soldiers hibernating in the forked caves had mostly woken up, and many different Corpse Qi fluctuations were now rapidly approaching.

    At the same time, a dull roar came from further underground. This roar was like that of a fierce beast and contained a potent, angry, malevolent aura. Just this roar alone caused Yang Kai’s Soul to vibrate and his eyes to go bloodshot as violent impulses welled up in his heart.

    The Corpse Soldiers who were rushing over heard this low roar and, as if they had received some kind of order, returned a low roar of their own that echoed throughout the entire cave network. Immediately after, these Corpse Soldiers began racing over even faster than before.

    In an instant, cries and howls that made one’s skin crawl rang out from all directions.

    The Corpse Soldiers that had been secretly following behind Yang Kai and Yang Yan no longer hid themselves and stood openly at the entrance to the Secret Cave, glaring as they bared their cold, gleaming fangs.

    Yang Yan saw all this and her heart sank, her face going completely white.

    However, these two Corpse Soldiers didn’t seem to have any immediate intention to rush inside. Instead, they were just glaring at Yang Kai and Yang Yan while secretly observing the piece of Sun’s True Essence, their eyes filling with fear each time they glanced at it.

    The originally peaceful Sun’s True Essence suddenly began emitting a terrifying fire aura the moment the Corpse Soldiers appeared; however, it didn’t release this Fire Attribute energy in any way, as if so long as the Corpse Soldiers didn’t approach, it wouldn’t act.

    Seeing this, Yang Kai was overjoyed and quickly reached out to grab this piece of Sun’s True Essence. Releasing a massive amount of his Saint Qi, Yang Kai wanted to wrap up the Sun’s True Essence to put it into his Space Ring when Yang Yan hurriedly shouted, “Don’t!”

    Yang Kai was stunned, but he immediately realized what was wrong. In the instant that his Divine Sense and Saint Qi contacted the Sun’s True Essence, they were incinerated, causing Yang Kai to stumble backwards several steps as he stared at this melon-sized object in terror.

    He wasn’t able to move this Sun’s True Essence into his Space Ring at all.

    Seeing this, the two Corpse Soldiers standing at the door unscrupulously showed a grin, the female Corpse Soldier even shouting, “Daring to break into our Corpse Cave and even having ideas about our Sun’s True Essence, just wait for the Seniors to come and see what fate awaits you.”

    The male Corpse Soldier also taunted, “Now now, these two will soon become our companions! Sister Lan should speak a little more kindly; after all, we’ll all be family in the future.”

    The female Corpse Soldier coldly snorted, “Why do I need to treat them politely? Transforming into Corpse Soldiers and obtaining sentience will take them at least a hundred years, if they’re even successful. If they fail to become one of us, they’ll just turn into our food.”

    The male Corpse Soldier pondered a little and nodded, “Fair enough, there really isn’t any need for us to be polite with them.”

    These two were openly mocking Yang Kai and Yang Yan, Yang Kai didn’t have any intention to respond to them. Since the other party didn’t dare to enter this place, he didn’t need to waste time killing them. On top of that, the fight just now had already alarmed the entire Corpse Cave and from these two Corpse Soldier’s conversation, it was clear that Corpse General level existences were on their way. The most important thing right now was to find a way to take away this Sun’s True Essence.

    Yang Kai couldn’t help turning his eyes to Yang Yan, but seeing that Yang Yan was also in a state of utter frustration, he couldn’t help feeling his heart sink.

    Yang Yan naturally knew a method of taking away this Sun’s True Essence, but it would require quite a bit of time and effort to implement. Wanting to use a Space Ring to carry this treasure was impossible, but as Yang Yan was trying to find another option, the same deep roar which had emanated from down below once again resounded and a terrifying coercion and pressure enveloped the Secret Cave.

    “Third-Order Origin Returning Realm!” Yang Kai felt the force of this pressure and his face changed dramatically.

    The situation here was quite different from what he and Yang Yan had expected. Previously, he and Yang Yan estimated that even if a Corpse General was present, it would at most be two thousand years old. Based on the difficulty of using Corpse Qi to cultivate, over two millennia, it would already be quite impressive if a weak Second-Order Origin Realm Corpse General had emerged.

    So now that Corpse General equivalent to a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, only one step away from becoming a Corpse King, had appeared, how could Yang Kai not be shocked?

    Thinking about it for a moment though, Yang Kai realized that the existence of this Corpse Cave had likely accelerated the cultivation of this Corpse General.

    Even if Yang Kai used all of his means, it would be impossible for him to oppose such a powerful opponent, much less protect Yang Yan in the process.

    [Was the only option to immediately flee?] Yang Kai looked at Sun’s True Essence and his face filled with unwillingness!

    This was one of the most valuable treasures he had ever seen, and to him, it was even more important than the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree, second only to his Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus.

    Because he still had a number of drops of Profound Yin Sunflower Water, if Yang Kai was able to obtain this Sun’s True Essence and draw out the astonishing Fire Attribute Energy inside it, he could continue refining the Profound Yin Sunflower Water. The benefits of this were difficult to even estimate.

    After refining Profound Yin Sunflower Water in the Earth Lung Fire Pond last time, Yang Kai discovered that doing so not only enhanced his physical strength and cultivation, but also the power of his Demonic Flame.