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Book 5 Chapter 30 - Longbow Behind the Green Clothed Youngster

Immortal Devil Transformation
     The fish meat had been completely finished. Lin Xi stood up, removed the fish head, and then threw the snow-white skeleton into the still boiling pot.

    Right now, the drizzle already stopped, the river becoming clearer. Lin Xi turned around, smiled towards the somewhat regretful Second Grandpa Zhang. “It won’t be too late to drink a glass with mister once we reach shore.”

    Second Grandpa Zhang nodded, saying with a smile. “Okay.”

    When the reeds at the sides of the river gradually became more sparse, the river surface suddenly became even more wide. At the sides of the river, one could vaguely make out rocks of varying sizes, their surfaces polished smooth by the river water.

    They already arrived in the shallow waters Second Grandpa Zhang spoke of.

    Second Grandpa Zhang’s face suddenly produced a bit of a pleased expression, his body also becoming a bit straighter. The boat he and Lin Xi rode was still extremely stable, not even the pot at the front of the boat shaking in the slightest. However, the speed of the entire small boat instead became faster.

    The man in the black raincoat up ahead turned around. Lin Xi and Second Grandpa Zhang already saw his face clearly.

    This was a middle-aged man with an exceptionally tall and straight figure. Even though he was sitting, he still gave off a straight javelin type of feeling. His face didn’t have any outstanding areas, but it looked especially cold, especially when it was covered in a layer of water from the drizzle, the radiance simply like that reflected off a sharp weapon.

    Lin Xi’s brows immediately furrowed.

    It was because when he turned around, this black clad man didn’t show any signs of panic or alarm, a hint of mockery instead appearing between his brows.

    “What a fast boat.”

    This man suddenly spoke in praise. “I believe your distinguished self must be the renowned Dragon King Zhang.”

    When he heard this man’s praise that carried a bit of ridicule, Second Grandpa Zhang’s brows furrowed deeply. His eyes instead landed on the two wooden chests on Lin Xi’s back.

    “Sir Lin, what is in the two wooden chests you brought along?”

    Lin Xi nodded, not replying, instead asking a question in return quietly. “When mister was still in the river, you already caught a whiff of the Ironhead Dogfish’s meat fragrance. I believe mister’s nose is sharper than normal people’s?”

    Second Grandpa Zhang’s face relaxed, with a smile saying, “It seems like sir understands my intentions. I have quite the certainty.”

    Lin Xi said, “Let’s give it a try.”

    At this time, on the boat in front of them, the man in the black raincoat who didn’t receive a reply looked at Lin Xi and Second Grandpa Zhang, saying with a serious voice, “Goodbye.”

    Following these two words, the black raincoat man waved his hand, a green banner unfolding in his hands.

    The green banner had a slightly red mulberry leaf pattern. With a wave of his hand, this banner became perfectly straight, seizing the river wind, fluttering about, turning the boat into a sailboat.

    Originally, the two boats were already continuously approaching, but as he continuously moved his arm, the distance between the two boats instead became further and further apart.

    The black boat quickly moved across the wide river surface, as if it might completely disappear into the thick darkness at any time.

    Lin Xi silently put on two light golden gloves, and then opened the two wooden chests he carried.

    When he opened the large wooden chest, his left hand grabbed the slightly yellow bow in an incredibly proficient manner, removing this longbow from the chest.

    “Divine Pear!”

    The instant he saw this slightly yellow old vine wood, saw the emerald green bowstring that was full of vitality, Second Grandpa Zhang’s mind seemed to have shook again, quietly saying in praise. “An excellent bow.”

    Lin Xi nodded slightly. When his right hand moved over the small wooden chest, he instead paused.

    He was a bit reluctant.

    It was because these four arrows, for some of Green Luan Academy’s lecturers, they might not be much, but for ordinary cultivators, they were extremely precious. In this type of night river scene, once he fired an arrow, it would be extremely difficult to retrieve it.

    At the same time, he began to think to himself.

    It was because right now, his unique ability still hadn’t recovered yet, there was no redo ability. Meanwhile, the other party was also clearly a cultivator, he clearly realized that Second Grandpa Zhang’s condition was serious, unable to continue, which was why he had the confidence to say goodbye to them. Meanwhile, after he entered the Green Luan Weapons Hall, Lin Xi already knew that banners and flag type soul weapons were originally meant for dealing with flying swords and arrows, so he had to clearly think through what he wanted to do before firing a shot.

    However, he was still Tong Wei’s personal disciple. Even though he didn’t have Bian Linghan’s Windstalker talent, he walked the Windstalker path.

    That was why after just a single breath, he already thought things over. His heart became exceptionally peaceful again, opening this small wooden chest.

    The fine rain over this river already completely stopped, the dark clouds scattering a bit, a bit of moonlight casting down.

    The grave faced man in the black raincoat whose boat was about to disappear into the darkness long saw that Lin Xi carried two wooden chests. Right now, he was also constantly observing this green clothed youngster and the sick Dragon King’s every movement.

    He saw Lin Xi remove the two wooden chests from his body.

    When he saw Lin Xi produce a longbow, his gaze couldn’t help but tremble a bit, the skin of his body shivering slightly.

    This type of feeling wasn’t much different from when he was still in the army fighting against enemies, when he was locked onto by a powerful archer.

    This meant that this new Enforcer who was young to a ridiculous degree, not only didn’t fear close quarters combat, he was also a cultivator who witnessed blood and he was even a powerful archer.

    Suddenly, his mind relaxed a bit.

    It was because right at this time, Lin Xi raised his bow towards him. However, as if because this boat was moving too quickly, the sky’s color too dark, the distance far, feeling like it was difficult to hit the target, he lowered the longbow in his hands in a dissapointment.

    Even so, the instant his mind relaxed slightly, the longbow that was originally lowered in Lin Xi’s hands was instead instantly raised.

    Lin Xi’s hands were extremely steady.

    Holding the bow, drawing the bowstring and controlling the arrow, everything flowed smoothly, as natural as water flowing through a river.

    The Divine Pear Longbow’s emerald green bowstring immediately became like a perfect circle, and then as if it couldn’t wait any longer, the Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrow was finally released, releasing a mournful screaming noise across the river surface, tearing through the calm night sky.

    The man in the black raincoat was still standing on the back end of the ship. When faced with this miserable screaming sound, his face instantly turned ice-cold. With a huala noise, the great banner swept out like a waterfall, seizing this black lightning-like arrow aimed at his chest.

    A chi la noise sounded, exceptionally ear-splitting before his body.

    “Armor piercing arrow!”

    The man in the black raincoat released a fierce low shout. The black arrow that landed in his green banner was actually like a Flood Dragon, impossible to control, the tip of the arrow actually tore through the green banner surface, flying out. However, when he released a fierce shout, it didn’t carry the slightest bit of alarm. A great wave of strength surged from his arms, the black arrow that hacked at his chest like a streak of electricity was completely dragged to the side, unable to pose any more threat towards him.

    However, right at this time, his body suddenly went rigid, a complicated expression of disbelief appearing on his face. He seemed to want to raise his head, look towards the sky, but before he could do so, a wind noise already descended before his body.

    He only had enough time to leap to the side with all of his strength.

    However, despite doing this, a streak of wind noise still bore into his body.

    The wind noise this man in the black raincoat heard immediately turned into a giant hammer, the tremendous force sending him smashing backwards.

    At the same time, his chest felt a bit scalding hot.

    He didn’t raise his head, he instead lowered it, seeing red color blossoming from his chest, a completely transparent arrow shaft and tail feathers sticking out from his raincoat.

    In this instant, he began to understand a bit. However, at the same time, an even more shocking sensation started to spread from his chest, the feeling the other party gave him was that he only fired a single arrow… but it turns out that in that instant, he already fired twice, using the Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrow to draw his attention, and then this transparent arrow completed the attack.


    He fell heavily into the river, producing a great splash.


    Lin Xi returned the longbow into the wooden chest, carrying it on his back.

    Second Grandpa Zhang didn’t say anything, but his eyes instead carried a bit of admiration.

    Under his control of the pole, their boat quickly reached the small black boat ahead.

    The green banner of the man in the black raincoat fell to the bottom of the boat, while Lin Xi’s Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrow nailed the green banner to the boat. It even pierced through the bottom of the ship, water already seeping in.

    Lin Xi reached out a hand, removing the undamaged Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrow, storing it into the small wooden chest again, and then carried the small wooden chest on him again too.

    Second Grandpa Zhang stopped slightly, smelling the wind in the river.

    The small boat began to slowly move along the river, slower and slower, more and more quiet.

    A curved moon completely made its way out of the dark clouds. Bits of silver light appeared on the river surface.

    After making a turn around the shallow waters, the quiet boat entered one of Breath River’s tributary rivers.

    Many lights appeared in Lin Xi’s line of sight.

    The nearby lights came from rows of fisherman and pleasure boats, the red lights enchanting.

    The distant lights came from shore, appearing layer after layer. This was a small town.

    Second Grandpa Zhang moved to the front of the boat. He reached out a hand from behind Lin Xi, pointing at one of the decorated pleasure boats, explaining quietly by Lin Xi’s ears, “This is Swallow Descent Town, extremely close to our East Port Town, but its size is considerably smaller. This place is called Oriole Willow House, a place where Swallow Descent Town carries out its romance business.”

    Lin Xi already had some understanding of the scenery of this region, so he wasn’t all that shocked. He only nodded while looking at that decorated pleasure boat.

    The small boat silently arrived behind that decorated pleasure boat.

    All types of voices from drinking and ambiguous sounds could be heard from the surrounding pleasure boats, from time to time, male servants moved between the ships in a practiced manner, but no one noticed Lin Xi and Second Grandpa Zhang’s arrival.

    This was a decorated pleasure boat that was copper painted, full of purple drapery, the decorations extremely gorgeous. However, compared to other pleasure boats, it seemed extremely quiet.

    Lin Xi jumped, and then after grabbing the ship’s edge with a single hand, he pulled himself onto the pleasure boat’s deck.

    This area was already shallow waters, Second Grandpa Zhang also stabbed the bamboo pole into the river’s earth, easily attaching the small boat to the back of the pleasure boat. At the same time, by borrowing the resultant force, he also landed at Lin Xi’s side.

    There were water traces on the pleasure boat, these water traces were a bit slightly dark red.

    Lin Xi didn’t stop. He pulled aside the pleasure boat’s purple curtains, walking inside.

    Inside was a youngster dressed in embroidered clothes. On the floor before him laid a man in a black raincoat, dark red blood mixed with river water was currently trickling along the bright and clean floor.