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Book 5 Chapter 38 - Clear Conscience

Immortal Devil Transformation
     Ever since these strict Yunqin army personnel appeared, everyone guessed at their origins. When they heard this Wei Xianwu’s words, all of the surrounding civilians were stunned, and then they erupted into commotion.

    The truth of this case had already been brought to light, under Lin Xi’s public judging of the case, it was already clear to the point where it couldn’t be any clearer, yet now, these Yunqin soldiers suddenly appeared, ordering for this case to be transferred, it truly was difficult for the people to associate this with any good thoughts.

    Lin Xi’s brows furrowed again. He looked at this Wei Xianwu, this exceptionally grave and stern Yunqin army personnel.

    He sensed the distinctive iron-blood and dauntless aura of Yunqin soldiers from Wei Xianwu’s body. He could imagine that if Wei Xianwu, this type of soldier, was facing an enemy on the battlefield, he definitely wouldn’t fear death, instead press forward courageously. Moreover, judging from Wei Xianwu’s exceptionally calm and strong aura, he was sure that this man was also a cultivator.

    However, the more he thought about these things, about that assassin leader, that man in the black raincoat, the harder it was for Lin Xi to calm his mood.

    He thought about his good friend Li Kaiyun.

    This outwardly thin and weak, but inwardly hot-blooded youngster, should become an iron-blood soldier who was even more resolute than this Wei Xianwu in the future, right?

    However, as for this type of soldier, if they didn’t die on the battlefield protecting their own home and loved ones, but instead under the selfish interests of some officials, then all of those officials deserved to die.

    Meanwhile, those who knew the truth behind the matter but were still willing to be used, they also deserved to die.

    “Why does the case need to be transferred to the Military Prison?” Lin Xi looked at this Yunqin military officer whose entire body gave off an iron-blood and dauntless aura, also indifferently asking.

    Wei Xianwu faced Lin Xi’s gaze that was bright like swords, but his face didn’t have any emotions, explaining with an apathetic voice, “Previously, Supervisor Dong already suspected that those assassins might be soldiers, sending those assassin corpses’ portraits to the Military Prison. Now, it has already been investigated, finding out that two of them were employed in the army. When a soldier is involved in a homicide case, army discipline will be extremely severe. According to Yunqin law, it should be Martial Sector’s Military Prison that deals with it and Justice Sector who carries out the investigation. Moreover, you also already know that this Xu Chengfeng is the son of Three Towns Battalion Commander Xu Ningshen, he has a military record to begin with, so this case should also be judged in the Military Prison.”

    After explaining all of this, Wei Xianwu reached out his hand, handing over a document with many red stamps on it to Lin Xi. “This is the document from Military Prison, Enforcer Lin, please transfer the case over according to the law.”

    “The truth has already come to light, once the verdict is reported, the execution date can quickly be settled on, death of a thousand cuts cannot be avoided! Who knows what will happen once this person is escorted away, what kind of conclusion will be ultimately reached?!”

    “Things are already like this, yet a verdict is still going to be reversed, could it be that there is no heavenly law anymore?”

    In that instant, complaints and angry curses sounded from all sides. Lin Xi looked at Wei Xianwu, remaining silent, not immediately reaching out his hand to accept this document.

    Everyone’s eyes concentrated on his body again.

    Most people’s eyes were full of respect and expectation, wishing to see this newly appointed Sir Lin whose every action left an unerasable impression in their hearts give them another miracle, let them see this world’s justice. However, many who understood Yunqin law and the royal court’s rules were filled with resentment and helplessness.

    It was because Wei Xianwu spoke complete truth, everything was done according to Yunqin law.

    Those assassins and Xu Chengfeng’s military record, since, Wei Xianwu said that they existed, even if they immediately investigated it, it definitely did.

    As long as Lin Xi couldn’t manage this case, then even if he judged that Xu Chengfeng was to be executed, there was still a chance that his life would be preserved, able to continue living in another place in secret. Some people, for the sake of protecting their family, took risks out of desperation, completed things flawlessly, this was still possible.

    In their eyes, Lin Xi stirred things greater and greater, but he also placed his official career on the line, using this to bring Xu Chengfeng to justice.

    The price had already been paid, but the desired results couldn’t be obtained… Moreover, the other party still acted with reason, according to the law, making it so that no one could refute him.

    When he saw that Lin Xi didn’t immediately reply, Wei Xianwu was still completely expressionless as he said, “Sir Lin is an Enforcer, so you naturally understand that everything needs to proceed according to the law. Yunqin Law is the root behind everyone’s actions. Sir Lin, please place your trust in Yunqin law, place your trust in the Military Prison.”

    “If there is no faith in Yunqin’s law and all of the higher level officials, then no matter how formidable Enforcer Lin is, what use will it be?” These words were instead spoken to the civilians around them. When this sounded, all of the surrounding civilians became silent. Indeed, Sir Lin was only an Enforcer, if all of the officials above wanted to deal with him, even if he reached a verdict on the spot, what would it accomplish?

    “Death Hanging Island…”

    Right at this time, the woman whose face was covered in scars, fainting from prolonged thirst and hunger, after drinking some rice soup under the orders of a doctor, suddenly shouted this as if talking in her sleep.

    “What kind of place is this Death Hanging Island?”

    When he heard this name, Lin Xi’s eyes flickered, turning around to ask Second Grandpa Zhang and the others.

    Second Grandpa Zhang and the others’ expressions were also exceptionally overcast. He explained, “It is an obscure small uninhabited island between East Port Town and Swallow Descent Town. There was someone who hung themself there, rumored to be haunted. The fishermen and passing traders are all scared of provoking unclean and inauspicious things, so they all stay far away”

    “Could it be that the Death Hanging Island no one normally goes to still has other fishy things?”

    When they heard Lin Xi and Second Grandpa Zhang’s words, most of the surrounding civilians immediately thought this.

    Wei Xianwu coldly said, “We will investigate this thoroughly.”

    His hand was always reached out, but Lin Xi always refused to accept it. This made his face reveal a bit of a forceful expression for the first time.

    Lin Xi gave him a look, reaching out a hand, looking like he was going to accept this document, act according to the law, but the instant he received the document, when Wei Xianwu just let go, this document slid out from Lin Xi’s hands, flying from the decorated pleasure boat that he tore apart, and into the river.

    Everyone suddenly turned pale with fright.

    “This is embarrassing, I haven’t accepted it yet, but you already let go.” Lin Xi was instead extremely calm. When he looked at this iron-blood soldier who was half a head taller than him, he said, “I haven’t seen the contents of the documents yet, I must trouble you to bring over another copy.”

    “...” When Lian Zhanshan heard what Lin Xi said, he immediately found this laughable to the point where he couldn’t say anything.

    This type of thing that touched on the fundamentals, Yunqin’s law, he actually dared to treat it as such a trifling matter?

    At the same time, the faces of Thriving Prosperity’s great owner and many people with knowledge and experience changed, knowing that Lin Xi already set the resolution to completely cut off his means of retreat.

    When he saw that under the river’s filth and white froth, the paper’s ink and red stamps became blurred to the point where it couldn’t be read clearly, Wei Xianwu’s face still didn’t show any anger, instead revealing a hint of a pleased expression. “This isn’t a trifling matter.” The corners of Wei Xianwu’s lips carried a pleased and cruel smile, looking at Lin Xi and saying slowly. “You can naturally claim that this document wasn’t sent flying purposely by soul force, this isn’t a matter that you have the final say on… This type of conduct is precisely consciously going against the rules, illegally going against orders. According to the law, at the very least, you will be sent to the borders.”

    “Actually, I feel like speaking lies is rather superficial.” Lin Xi looked at Wei Xianwu, suddenly laughing in an extremely lofty manner. “I don’t believe you at all… because from the very start, you’ve always carried killing intent against me, a killing intent you did everything you could to hide, but still couldn’t. That is why I am thinking, if I let you bring these people back before the final verdict is reached, what if when you bring these people back, you encounter some gangsters along the way, and then they killed all of these witnesses?”

    “The reason you bear this type of killing intent against me, it isn’t because of this hedonistic son, but rather for others. Is it for those assassins I killed, or that cultivator in the black raincoat who was in charge of the assassination?” Lin Xi said in mockery, “Let’s put this aside for now, I fear that you won’t dare take action to get revenge against me right now because you keep repeating that you wish to act according to the law over and over again. Right now, by not accepting this document, you must still go back and obtain an official reply to subordinates before you can come and arrest me.”

    Wei Xianwu bowed slightly.

    In others’ eyes, it looked like he was bowing respectfully towards Lin XI, but in reality, he was instead saying to Lin Xi with a voice only the two could hear, “I don’t care about the process, our Yunqin army’s people always have one saying. The winner is the king, the defeated are enemies. As long as I am the one who ultimately wins, that is enough.”

    Lin Xi shook his head, “I fear that you will still be disappointed.”

    “Then please just wait.” Wei Xianwu directly got up, his face recovering an indifferent expression, directly turning around to leave.

    Lin Xi’s proudly standing figure before the decorated boat, as well as the scene of the grave-faced military officer leaving, this scene left many people in awe.

    “Having no regard for one’s own safety and danger, this is true strength of character.”

    Among the people, an elder once again bowed deeply towards Lin Xi in respect, precisely the small building’s Elder Mo. At his side, the outsider Wang Buping held a green bamboo umbrella, his hand trembling slightly.

    “Completely overturn Death Hanging Island for me, sweep it clean.”

    After Lin Xi sent Wei Xianwu off with his eyes, a cold and clear voice sounding again, he sighed, inwardly apologizing to Gao Yanan who he didn’t even know how was doing.

    Before leaving Green Luan Academy, he agreed to be a bit more careful, to not offend too many people as much as possible… However, now that he already used his ability today, when facing Wei Xianwu, he really didn’t have any other methods, he could only choose to face him head-on.

    This head-on confrontation wouldn’t only offend more people, it instead even allowed others to have something that could be used against him. Going against Yunqin’s laws and decrees was indeed an undeniable truth.

    “However, this can’t be blamed on me… there will always be people who do these things that make others feel uneasy, feel uncomfortable.” Lin Xi shook his head, feeling no guilt inside.


    Because of Lin Xi not accepting the orders given by fifty fully armed Yunqin soldiers and those above, his unyielding nature made the surrounding civilians all feel incomparably moved, their hearts burning with flames, yet it also made Lian Zhanshan and others feel like he was a madman.

    Madmen didn’t cherish their lives, but they did.

    That was why Lin Xi’s following orders didn’t encounter any obstructions.

    Over a hundred fishing households who normally didn’t dare approach Death Hanging Island all gathered on their own there, clearing away all of the weeds and reeds around this island.

    Du Weiqing and the others didn’t exhaust too much energy before finding an area at the center of this desolate island that was less than a few li in size. When this area was dug out, exposing everything under East Port Town’s sunlight, everyone felt anger and horror once more.

    There was a total of eleven skeletons, their figures all rather small.

    Normally, no one came to Death Hanging Island, the earth also incredibly damp. If Lin Xi didn’t solve this Silver Hook Lane case, perhaps after a few years, these originally young and beautiful girls’ corpses would completely decompose, no traces left, as if they had never appeared in this world.