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Book 5 Chapter 39 - Sounds of Swift Hooves

Immortal Devil Transformation
     Thriving Prosperity’s great owner moved along the river shore quickly.

    Not even waiting for the eleven skeletons to be dug out, when Lin Xi refused to accept the document, this yellow clothed elder already turned around and hurriedly left.

    It was because he understood extremely clearly that even though there were some matters that he already set in motion, because the other party’s response was too quick, and since Military Prison was interfering, the matters he had ordered to be taken care of had to be done even a bit faster to display any use.


    A completely heaven shocking case appeared.

    Almost all of the civilians who saw Lin Xi’s course of judging this case easily understood just what kind of crimes Silver Hook Lane’s criminals committed.

    It was because to satisfy some people’s desires to play with women, they kidnapped civilians, and it was far worse than what they suspected previously. Some of the other missing women cases just hadn’t been associated with Silver Hook Lane yet.

    Bribing officials… Clear River Town’s Enforcer Office didn’t even accept the case… killing the family of the family members who investigated this matter… sending someone to assassinate the Enforcer… just any one of these things would be enough for execution by a thousand cuts!

    However, many people knew that this wasn’t all there was to it.

    The entrance of East Port Town’s Town Supervisor Manor was already closed.

    Town Supervisor Dong sat on the Town Supervisor’s large chair. He stayed in the border army for twelve years, witnessing who knew how much bloodshed. Normally, forget about eleven corpses, even if there were a hundred and eleven corpses piled up in front of him, it still wouldn’t leave him the slightest bit shaken. However, this wasn’t the border army, but rather in a town behind the border army, in Yunqin Empire’s peaceful land.

    His hand continuously trembled slightly, revealing that he wasn’t actually as calm as he looked on the surface.

    However, compared to Lian Zhanshan who was below him, his condition was already much better.

    There was already no ordinary calmness to be seen on Lian Zhanshan’s face, his complexion pale to the extreme, as if he already saw an invisible blade hanging above his head, ready to descend at any time.

    “Sir, we definitely cannot let him publicly declare this.”

    Suddenly, this direct superior of Lin Xi gathered all of his strength to say this, looking at Town Supervisor Dong.

    Town Supervisor Dong was originally filled with suppressed anger because of Lin Xi. When he heard Lian Zhanshan say this, he immediately became impatient, roaring out ferociously, “Then what do you want to do? Could it be that you want me to incite some more people to assassinate him? You have to understand that even Sir Xu might not necessarily be able to protect his son right now, let alone us!”

    The hall became momentarily silent. Lian Zhanshan didn’t utter a single sound, but his body began to shake uncontrollably.

    When he saw Lian Zhanshan was like this when facing this great matter, Town Supervisor Dong couldn’t help but feel a bit of loathing towards this subordinary who he was normally quite fond of, to the extent where he didn’t even want to say any more. However, he knew that with this type of thing, if he didn’t explain it a bit clearer, people below him might do some foolish things, make things even harder to deal with.

    As such, he endured his feeling of disgust and said with a low voice. “Lian Zhanshan, do not forget that this matter does not only involve the two of us, there are even more Martial Sector people! Compared to them, we aren’t much at all. Even if there is guilt, it will be much lighter. Also, which of those fellas are idiots? Since we know that we can’t let Lin Xi publicly declare this, then they will naturally know as well.”

    “Also…” Town Supervisor Dong took a deep breath, after a slight pause, he looked at Lian Zhanshan, a treacherous expression appeared on his face. “If it was just a Military Prison document, why did Wei Xianwu need to personally bring it? Wei Xianwu’s rank and status as a cultivator aren’t something you aren’t aware of. Since he came, and then calmly left like that, do you think he will easily bow down before this brat just like that?”

    “Martial Sector’s people and those from higher up have hinted that winning against Lin Xi isn’t that hard, but no matter how we win, this great case most likely cannot be hidden, it truly exists. That is why for us, the only thing we can do, is to do nothing.” Town Supervisor Dong looked at Lian Zhanshan, saying with a serious and stern voice, “We can only watch what they do… the more we do, when everything is thoroughly investigated, the greater the crimes placed on our shoulders!”

    “Why does he dare do all of this…”

    Lian Zhanshan’s brain went completely blank, only thinking this in his mind. He knew that no matter what the results of this matter were, there might not be any benefits for him. He only felt great regret, thinking that if he could do things over, he would have done everything he could to stop Xu Chengfeng from launching that riverside assassination.

    Only, it was a pity, there is no cure for regret.


    Inside the Enforcer Office, Gao Zhe’s account book was in front of Lin Xi.

    Oral confession records together with red hand imprints created an extremely alarming sight.

    In front of him was a document that listed criminals and their crimes, the ink still not dried yet.

    With the witness testimonies of the captured girls, Gao Zhe and the others, as well as the skeletons serving as concrete proof, this Silver Hook Lane case already didn’t have any points of doubt, everything laid out clearly.

    According to Yunqin Law, when an Enforcer judged a case, they needed to make two documents. The first was to report to their superiors, declaring the details of the case and applying for a document to deliver punishment. The other was a public document for everyone to hear about this case, as well as how the Enforcer Office determined the sentence. If the reporting document received a reply, then the Enforcer Office would issue another public document describing the ultimate case details and decision. If there was a great homicide case, then an execution date would be announced.

    The reason why these rules existed was so that the people could supervise and keep the Enforcer as well as higher officials in check, using this to uphold justice.

    Right now, the public declaration document Lin Xi had just finished copying, compared to those witnesses’ red finger imprints, was even more alarming.

    There were a total of twenty-eight kidnapped girls, used to pleasure the wealthy and officials… eleven have died and four were sold off, when the crime was investigated, thirteen were held in captivity.

    Three related homicide cases.

    The amount of bribery exceeds fifty thousand taels of silver, the officials tentatively involved fifteen…

    Clear River Town’s Enforcer… Clear River Town’s correspondent… Swallow Descent Town’s Town Police… Swallow Descent Town’s Town Supervisor… Martial Sector’s participants…”

    Second Grandpa Zhang sat precisely in front of Lin Xi.

    He looked at the truly shocking handwriting and titles Lin Xi just wrote down, seeing that Lin Xi finally finished, now just waiting for the ink to dry by the sun, and only then did he ask “You really don’t have any other methods?”

    “I don’t.” Lin Xi shook his head while looking at Second Grandpa Zhang, thinking while seriously saying, “Speaking honestly, I have a medal that can be used to scare people, but according to Yunqin law, two medals are needed before Military Prison’s people cannot bring us away. I obviously have supporters behind me as well… but in Yunqin, no matter what kind of supporters there are, the law still comes first.”

    After a slight pause, Lin Xi looked at Second Grandpa Zhang, continuing to say seriously, “They have the courage to do this type of thing, and after the truth came to light, Martial Sector’s people still dare act like this, it can only prove that that assassin and Xu Chengfeng’s people’s military records are true, this case should indeed be managed by Military Prison. In the end, even if I am someone under the emperor, wishing to argue against them, it can only be fought once I arrive in the Military Prison, there is no way I can remain in East Port Town. Right now, the only thing I can rely on, the reason I can fight them… is that my supporter most likely wouldn’t allow me to experience danger along the way. Also, I still have a flag on me that represents a huge favor, this can at least help me protect all of you, and then I can get rid of these people in the future. However, I am not sure how quickly the favor will be returned if I bring out this item… I might suffer quite a bit during the short term.”

    “I understand what you are trying to say.” Second Grandpa Zhang nodded. “It is just like how some officials cannot do much to us, no matter how great the authority of those above, they are still dragons past the river. Meanwhile, these local officials are the shrimp and crabs that have gone amuck. Perhaps when higher powers descend, they would have already done some brazen things that could not be helped. That is why even if you have backers, it is still extremely dangerous.”

    “What you said isn’t wrong. If government decrees could make the local officials all work obediently, then the emperor wouldn’t have to be so deeply worried and sick at heart. Xu Chegnfeng’s Silver Hook Lane hasn’t even been investigated deeper, yet so many officials are involved, this can only mean that these officials are far more brazen than we imagine, and since it concerns so many of them, what do they not dare do? Lin Xi nodded towards Second Grandpa Zhang, saying, “It is indeed extremely dangerous for us.”

    “Alright, we said we would drink a few glasses once we reach shore. I salute you with this bowl of wine.”

    While looking at Second Grandpa Zhang whose face became completely calm, Lin Xi laughed and said this.

    The Enforcer Office originally didn’t have any alcohol.

    However, when he was returning to the Enforcer Office to draft up the documents, Lin Xi specially bought a pot of wine and two large bowls.

    These river ruffians, for the sake of some face, have indeed done some things that left him displeased. However, these past few days and the things that happened during them, especially this River Dragon King’s lofty quality and unyielding character, were already enough to earn his respect.


    When Lin Xi handed over the bowl of wine, Second Grandpa Zhang laughed. He originally wanted to drain it in one gulp, but as soon as he opened his mouth, a mouthful of blood instead rushed into the bowl of wine, dying the entire wine bowl red.

    He originally had injuries that never healed. After using soul force to control the ship, together with the day and night of labor, his body already found it a bit hard to hold on, a mouthful of blood now rushing out.

    This was something Lin Xi didn’t expect, freezing momentarily. Even though he then sensed that there was no danger to Second Grandpa Zhang’s life, the mouthful of blood made Lin Xi sense how bad his condition was again. He lowered the bowl of wine, his brows furrowing deeply, “Just how were you injured to this extent?”

    “A few years ago, in the river, I faced a cultivator who had his face concealed. The other party took action without speaking a word. Even though I injured him, after we fought, I suffered myself too, having my lung injured. It has never healed all this time.” Second Grandpa Zhang shook his head, lowering the wine bowl in his hands and saying with a bitter smile, “Today’s wine, I fear that I still cannot drink it. Otherwise, if there are any changes that happen along the way, not only would I not be able to help at all, I will instead distract you.”

    “I’ll bring this pot of wine with us.”

    Lin Xi nodded, and then he laughed. He picked up the official document, pen and ink, walking into this enforcer office’s small courtyard with large steps.

    According to Yunqin law, this public document still had to go through a correspondent’s final examination, checking that there were no improper words used. He brought his pen and ink with him. Even if they deliberately made things difficult, saying that his wording was improper, he could correct it on the spot, this wouldn’t delay him by that much.

    As for the other reporting document, Lin Xi knew that it would definitely be delayed under Lian Zhanshan and others’ hands for quite some time, so he didn’t issue the report yet at all.

    Only, as soon as he left the small courtyard, Lin Xi raised his head. The early summer sunlight was a bit harsh, making him narrow his eyes slightly.

    “They really came quickly.”

    He shook his head slightly, saying quietly to himself.

    In the river winds, faint sounds of iron hooves could be heard.