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Book 5 Chapter 41 - Please Take a Look

Immortal Devil Transformation
     The moment Wei Xianwu said this coldly, inside the Town Supervisor Manor, Town Supervisor Dong who previously berated Lian Zhanshan was flustered and exasperated to the point he almost broke his Town Supervisor Seal.

    The one in charge of the Enforcer’s public declaration document’s final review was Correspondent Jiang Wenhe.

    This old civil officer, even though he always looked busy, he didn’t accomplish much, always obeying his orders. However today, he actually stated that he had to suddenly leave to receive emergency medical treatment.

    Moreover, this reporting for sickness was even done after Lin Xi’s public declaration document was completed.

    This old civil official actually not only didn’t deliberately stall for time, he instead completed Lin Xi’s document review as quickly as possible, and then immediately claimed illness to leave, avoiding even Town Supervisor Dong and the others.


    Right when Wei Xianwu spoke coldly, calling Lin Xi a criminal, the people who originally shrunk back and hesitated, because of an unknown reason, crowded the streets once more with no thought of personal safety.

    It was also precisely at this time that the rough yellow clothed shriveled elder who had quite a few dark spots and an assistant-like black clothed boy walked up to the public declaration Lin Xi had just stuck onto the announcement board, not caring about the surging public anger and the grave Yunqin army who were ready to fire arrows and charge forward at any time at all, slowly and carefully looking at it.

    This elder and the black clothed boy were completely drenched, moreover, the front was more drenched than the back, the edges of their clothes covered in splashed mud.

    At this time, Lin Xi didn’t notice this elder or the black clothed attendant.

    When facing Wei Xianwu’s declaration of arrest, he only smiled indifferently, saying, “I do not know what crimes I have commited, but I can follow you out.”

    He put away this umbrella, walking in the fine rain, coming up to Wang Buping’s and the others side, turning around and saying, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. Also, if you all are to die, apart from giving him a bit of guilt, it won’t do much, not worth it at all.”

    After a slight pause, Lin Xi ruthlessly mocked, “Since he dares do this, not scared of taking on a few more lives, he also doesn’t care about his future prospects either. Also, if there is any intention of resistance, he might just use this as an excuse to kill me on the spot.”

    “Young Sir Lin!”

    Cries of sadness sounded.

    “All of you can disperse, go now.” Lin Xi nodded his head in greeting to those around him. He said seriously, “I truly believe nothing will happen.”

    Second Grandpa Zhang also walked over respectfully, bringing Lin Xi’s two wooden chests with him. In the back, Du Weiqing, the other bailiffs detained Xu Chengfeng, Gao Zhe, and a row of other people directly involved, walking over.

    Upon seeing Lin Xi’s luggage, seeing how this green clothed youngster was smiling, completely unafraid, when everyone thought about how this good official who wouldn’t lower his head in order to uphold justice, but was now destined to be brought away as a criminal, the sounds of sadness all around became even heavier.

    “Sir Lin.”

    A dark faced youngster who carried a faint fishy smell walked out from the somber masses. He gave Lin Xi an exceptionally serious bow of respect, and then said quietly, “I, Xu Sheng, admire you.”

    Lin Xi patted the shoulder of this youngster who managed the fish market, saying with a smile, “Then if you can catch anything else like the Ironhead Dogfish in the future, just sell them all to me. Right, that small building’s water pot still has an Old River Lump and an Ironhead Dogfish, help me take care of them if you have some time.”

    Xu Sheng bowed deeply once more, no longer saying anything.

    “Let’s go.”

    Lin Xi raised his head slightly towards Wei Xianwu, walking over. He looked at this dark and cold army, saying, “You’ve used your unwavering determination in the wrong place… Just like how I could complete the public declaration document far faster than you imagined, I feel that you will feel further disappointment in the future.”

    “There won’t be a future.” Wei Xianwu bowed slightly again, coldly looking at Lin Xi and Second Grandpa Zhang behind him, still using a voice only he and Lin Xi could hear to say, “You won’t have another chance to make me feel disappointment.”

    When he thought about how this military official told him ‘please just wait’, the corners of Lin Xi’s lips produced a bit of an unyielding smile. He looked at Wei Xianwu, pausing before each word. “Then I must ask you to please just wait.”


    Yunqin’s armored horsemen prepared to turn around, Lin Xi already began to move.

    The simple looking older woman knelt down again, her forehead reaching the ground once more.


    Right at this time, an old and powerful voice sounded.

    Below, everyone finally noticed the wizened elder whose face was covered in dark spots and the black clothed attendant.

    Right now, it was still raining, but the sky could be considered to be brighter.

    However, this wizened elder didn’t bring an umbrella, instead holding a lit lantern.

    Lin Xi was a bit stunned. He didn’t recognize this elder. He could tell that this elder shouldn’t be a cultivator, but this person also had a temperament that was different from ordinary people.

    Wei Xianwu’s brows were already deeply furrowed, he could also tell that this elder was different from ordinary people. Moreover, what he excelled at was fighting on the battlefield against a great army, today’s confrontation with civilians already left him indescribably vexed.

    “You needn’t leave this East Port Town. Today, unless I die, no one can bring you out.”

    The elder who carried the lantern narrowed his eyes. Even though he was old, he still walked in large strides, arriving at Lin Xi’s side, saying this seriously to Lin Xi.

    Then, he stood in front of Lin Xi, looking at Wei Xianwu. “If you all wish to bring him away, you all must do so over my corpse.”

    Amidst the sounds of sorrow and Lin Xi’s calm words, Wei Xianwu was already incredibly annoyed, moreover, by coming here, he was already throwing away his own personal safety and prospects. When he heard this elder’s words, a wave of exceptionally cold killing intent already surged from his chest to his entire body. “What, you really think I don’t dare kill?”

    These words didn’t make the elder feel the slightest bit of fear, instead making him incredibly furious, his angry voice ringing through this place. “Previously, I heard about this case, feeling like East Port Town’s surroundings really were dark, but I never expected it is dark to this degree! The investigation of the crimes has already reached this level, yet you actually dare arrest an official who obtained great achievements! Three years ago, I felt like Well Manner City was dark enough, who would have thought that this small East Port Town was dark to the point where there isn’t even a bit of light, needing to hold a lantern to lead the way! Three years ago, even Yin Mountain Province’s Supervisor didn’t dare kill me, I want to see if today, a brute like you really dares kill me!”

    Well Manner City… Yin Mountain Province’s Supervisor… the lantern in this elder’s hands… Wei Xianwu’s killing intent suddenly completely turned into chilliness, making his arms and the armor covering his body become ice-cold. He recalled this elder’s identity, his body starting to involuntarily tremble.

    “This is Sir Jiang? … Sir Jiang who because of Well Manner City’s invasion case, dragged down Yin Mountain Province’s Supervisor?!”

    This elder’s furious scream echoed through East Port Town’s streets. Some people also guessed this elder’s identity, cries of alarm immediately sounded.

    Three years ago, Yin Mountain Province’s Well Manner City Supervisor framed others for a crime. After invading and occupying a rich merchant’s residence, several Government Sector officials cried out for injustice, but were instead framed and imprisoned. At that time, the Justice Sector official Jiang Rui was only a minor sixth rank official. He reported this all the way up to the provincial level, but Yin Mountain Province’s Supervisor Zhou Kangan and Well Manner City’s Supervisor were long time friends, instead using similar methods to suppress him, saying that Jiang Rui didn’t have enough evidence, so he was to be beaten with wooden staves as punishment.

    The very day after Jiang Rui was punished, he cut his own thighs with blades, while carrying a lantern, he went into the streets, declaring that the sky was dark and without light.

    The dripping blood shocked many officials, thus incurring the anger of quite a few officials, In the end, even Yin Mountain Province’s Supervisor was dragged down.

    Among Yunqin’s officials, there was naturally no lack of upright and honest people.

    Because of his moral integrity, three years ago, an exception was made, increasing Jiang Rui’s rank by two levels, making him an official of minor fifth rank.

    Jishizhong, the name of his position once again most likely suffered from Principal Zhang’s lack of knowledge in history and bureaucracy, but this position existed in all eight sectors. Not only did they supervise inspections and exhort the upholding of justice, they could report directly to the emperor, supervise other departments, inspect those who obstruct and cause delays, accuse the various officials of misconduct, which was why normally, everyone was used to calling them Imperial Censors. Purely because they could directly advise the emperor, this duty of Jishizhong, even though none of them controlled any forces, is authority, in the eyes of any official, it was extremely great. Even though they only had minor fifth rank, even higher level officials were full of apprehension.[1]

    The evaluation for selecting one for this official position was also extremely carefully done, the officials chosen always those who were clear and bright. Yunqin Law, for these Imperial Censors who had no armed forces, could only rely on the power of their words, it also had clear-cut protection.

    Only the emperor could judge them. All violators will suffer ‘nine clan execution’.[2]

    This was to say, only the current emperor could inflict guilt on this official. If others didn’t wait until the emperor’s final judgment, and instead privately passed judgment on the Imperial Censors, or assassinated the Imperial Censor, then it would be a great crime with punishment extending to their entire family.

    Even though this Yunqin law was harsh, there should be quite a bit of Principal Zhang’s own opinions mixed in, which was why there was rarely guilt by association. For some crimes that were extremely nasty, it would basically at most be death of a thousand cuts, and then all of their family would be banished to the serve in the army. By applying the nine clan execution to this crime, it meant that either the late Yunqin emperor or Principal Zhang, one of them definitely attached quite a bit of importance to this official position.


    Wei Xianwu might be able to not care about his own life or death, but to involve nine clans, for him, this was completely impossible to endure.

    He didn’t dare kill, he also knew that he himself didn’t dare kill. Today, there was no way he could bring Lin Xi away… That was why his body began to shake with greater and greater severity.

    Jiang Rui whose name became greatly known after Well Manner City’s case, didn’t announce his own name, but the attendant at his side produced a jade seal, confirming his identity.

    “Just a small Three Towns Battalion Commander, yet he actually allows his son to do this type of thing!”

    “Actually ignoring the cries of the people, in a situation where the results of the case are already clear, he used military force… are all of Justice Sector, Government Sector and Military Prison’s officials sh*t eating bugs?!”

    Jiang Rui’s furious voice continued.

    This elder who even Wang Buping might be able to knock down didn’t place these Yunqin armored troops in his eyes at all, leaving even Lin Xi a bit dumbstruck.

    This was outside of his plans, but he knew about the various sectors’ Jishizhong’s authority, knowing that he really didn’t have to leave East Port Town anymore. Many of the officials on this side might also be ruthlessly impeached by Jiang Rui.

    While looking at Wen Xianwu’s face that was tangled with anger, unwillingness, helplessness, and all types of other emotions, his body continuously trembling, someone who normally always beat up anyone he disliked, Lin Xi couldn’t resist the urge to blink his eyes, say with a faint smile that made him even more uncomfortable, “Just now, I said please just wait, but who would have thought that you would see so quickly.”


    1. Jishizhong is an ancient official position that helps the emperor manage governmental affairs, examine his ministries and denounce officials.

    2. Nine clan execution normally refers to the execution of all relatives