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Book 6 Chapter 1 - Lian Zhanshan’s Complacency

Immortal Devil Transformation
     Yunqin prioritized martial might. The soldiers in the battalions set up in each of the three towns were ready to be transferred out for service at any time.

    East Port, Swallow Descent, Clear River, these three towns’ battalions were located between Swallow Descent and East Port. Inside the barracks, Three Towns Battalion Commander Xu Ningshen was currently discussing official business with several officials. Suddenly, an army messenger quickly entered, his expression extremely ugly as he bowed respectfully towards Xu Ningshen, saying, “Wei Xianwu cannot bring the prince and that Enforcer out of East Port Town.”

    When he saw the expression of this reporter when he came in, Xu Ningshen’s mind already became tense. When he heard this, his face suddenly became cold like steel, saying with a cold voice, “Why?”

    The reporter forcefully resisted his heart’s trembling, saying with a sunken voice, “Justice Sector’s Imperial Censor Jiang Rui just happened to have arrived in East Port Town, pressing down on this case with the reasoning of inspection of disobedience and obstruction.”

    Xu Ningshen’s chest immediately felt as if it was struck, all of the armor on his body trembling, momentarily not knowing how to reply.

    The bodies of the other officials in this tent also trembled slightly, they naturally understood Jiang Rui’s power, knowing that since Jiang Rui interfered with this matter, with purely their ability, it was already impossible to reverse the situation. Originally, how could a small Enforcer possibly overturn such weight? All they had to worry about was the effects of this case itself, but who would have thought that Jiang Rui just happened to have arrived in this East Port Town?

    This was basically just like preparing fire before an attack against the enemy, but the heavens sent down a violent downpour.

    While looking at Xu Ningshen whose face became more and more overcast, these officials became increasingly worried, worried that Xu Ningshen, under his current situation, would do something that drags all of them deeper in the mud.

    An explosive pa sounded.

    The long narrow table in front of Xu Ningshen was directly broken into several pieces.

    “This matter all started because of that brat Lin Xi!” Xu Ningshen said sternly with an ashen expression. “No matter what, I need him to accompany my son to the grave.”

    Right now, Xu Ningshen’s expression could be said to be strict to the extreme, but when these words sounded, several officials in the camp instead relaxed.

    Right now, if they wanted to rescue Xu Chengfeng and the other officials involved in this matter, then they had to face Imperial Censor Jiang. If they really did this, then a guillotine would be hung over all of their necks first. However, Imperial Censor Jiang was only passing by, once he left, dealing with an Enforcer didn’t need them to fight with their lives on the line.

    Moreover, the civil and military officials were entirely different. Government officials, Imperial Censors and military officials always accused each other of misconduct. If Jiang Rui wanted to use this case to wantonly impeach the military, then he would definitely be kept in check by some military officials on the military’s side.

    “Regardless of how this case goes, Lin Xi going against orders is fact.”

    When he heard Xu Ningshen make his decision, his heart relaxed slightly, a great teacher-like elderly official spoke. “Moreover, we can accuse him of privately colluding with factions…”

    “I’ll hand over this matter to you all.” Before this official’s words finished, he was directly interrupted by Xu Ningshen.

    After cutting this official short, Xu Ningshen turned around, saying, “I want to calm down a bit alone.”


    East Port Town’s streets were decorated with lanterns and colored banners, even many streets and alleys that didn’t do business hung red lanterns.

    It wasn’t a holiday, it was merely a ceremony held for Young Sir Lin and Imperial Censor Jiang.

    Inside the Enforcer Office, the black clothed attendant used up half an ink stick.

    Documents of impeachment rested in front of Jiang Rui one after another, all of them dripping with ink.

    “Justice Sector Imperial Censor Jiang Rui sincerely addresses the emperor: Clear River Town’s Town Supervisor was negligent in his duty, his supervision over the Enforcer Office was unfavorable, causing the Enforcer Office to collude with criminals…”

    “Justice Sector Imperial Censor Jiang Rui sincerely addresses the emperor: Deereast City military prison ignored the details of the case, disregarded popular sentiment, suspected to be engaged in corrupt practice…”

    “Justice Sector Imperial Censor Jiang Rui sincerely addresses the emperor: East Port, Swallow Descent and Clear River Three Towns Battalion Commander Xu Ningshen allowed his son to commit violent crimes, his son Xu Chengfeng kidnapped a total of twenty-eight women from ordinary families, harmed eleven to death…”

    “Justice Sector Imperial Censor Jiang Rui sincerely addresses the emperor: Deereast City Justice Sector Examiner Gong Kun didn’t judge the details of the case carefully, exchanging two documents with military prison in one day, not conforming of the situation, not conforming with reason, greatly neglecting his duty, please remove him from office and investigate this strictly!”


    Even though he already knew this Imperial Censor Jiang’s origins, when he saw more than twenty documents of impeachment, Lin Xi still felt like this old Censor with ink on his beard was exceptionally full of life.

    When he personally examined the material evidence and witness testimonies Lin Xi presented, carefully asking about the details of the case, this old Imperial Censor was already convinced that there was no mistake in this case, making a final verdict.

    Meanwhile, these officials that he accused of misconduct were outside of the officials directly connected with proof to this case.

    He immediately impeached twenty something officials in a single breath, involving individuals from the city and town level.

    However, the more full of life he was, the more carefree Lin Xi felt.

    Jiang Rui handed all the completed documents to the black clothed attendant, ordering him to send them out once they were checked for errors. His age was great after all, some of the imprisonment he suffered in earlier years also leaving quite the toll on his body. With the rage he felt today, both his chest and mind were aching dully.

    After rubbing his temples that were a bit swollen, drinking a sip of hot tea, this renown Yunqin upright and honorable Imperial Censor looked at Lin Xi, starting the first official conversation between the two of them.

    “You are quite talented, daring to take this upon yourself, you are one Yunqin’s true talents with a backbone. In a bit, I will write a letter to help you apply for awards.”

    “Many thanks to sir.” Lin Xi who sat on the right hand seat bowed slightly. When he looked at Jiang Rui’s expression, he could tell that this elder had more words to say, so after expressing his gratitude, he calmly listened.

    “You are extremely young, but after experiencing the events of these past few days, you should also understand that to serve as a good official who doesn’t lower his head, is truly difficult.” Jiang Rui waved his hand, indicating that Lin Xi didn’t need to show excessive formalities at all, and then slowly said, “You should also understand that without rules, there will be no order, Yunqin operates according to law. The things you have done during these few days, there are some places that will still be biased, I fear that it will be hard to avoid their attacks through excuses. That is why even though I am writing a letter to the authorities for you, you might not be able to immediately obtain some rewards, instead be disgraced by others, suffer some punishment.”

    Lin Xi nodded, “This humble one understands.”

    “The reason I am speaking clearly about these things to you, is out of hope that you don’t feel disappointment.” Jiang Rui looked at Lin Xi, calmly saying, “As long as the current emperor is clear and bright, our actions have meaning. It will at most make our paths ahead a bit bumpy, a bit more complicated.”

    Lin Xi smiled, saying, “I understand Sir Jiang’s intentions… Sir Jiang is scared that my nature will change because of a momentary failure. Sir Jiang truly exhausts one’s thoughts and ingenuity for Yunqin.”

    Jiang Rui said directly without any hesitation, “Actually, there is another layer of meaning. Only by being righteous ourselves, our actions righteous, can we make others scared, only then can we stand tall without falling. In the future, when you do things, you must also think things over thrice, definitely cannot act impulsively.”

    “After all, I am already quite old.” Aftera slight pause, Jiang Rui felt his chest become sore from anger, saying with a bit of emotion, “However, those who can sit in my position aren’t many.”

    Lin Xi looked at this elder whose face was covered in spots and whose vitality was clearly declining, but suddenly thought of something, asking, “I wonder if Sir Jiang accepts students?”

    “Accepts students?” Jiang Rui’s slightly muddled eyes immediately became filled with shock, somewhat mistaking Lin Xi’s intentions.

    Lin Xi also saw through what he was thinking, quickly shaking his head and explaining, “I wish to recommend a person to sir. It is just that he has never served as an Enforcer, or else if it were him, he would definitely execute things just like me.”

    Jiang Rui stared blankly, asking, “Who are you talking about?”

    “He is an umbrella craftsman named Wang Buping.” Lin Xi narrated everything in detail, from when he first met Wang Buping in East Port Town all the way until his actions today, carefully speaking of them to this old Imperial Censor.

    When Jiang Rui heard everything Lin Xi had to say, he muttered to himself, “If he is willing, I can bring him away, have him work his way up from a scholar. If I really feel like he is capable, I will naturally accept him as a student.”

    Lin Xi smiled, and then said, “In that case, then I’ll have to invite elder to first rest for the night, I will first ask him for his opinion.

    Jiang Rui nodded.

    While watching Lin Xi walk out of the Enforcer Office, his brows furrowed slightly, just unable to understand it inwardly.

    According to normal reasoning, he felt admiration for this youngster from the bottom of his heart. Before, on this East Port Town’s streets, when he saw Lin Xi had all of the civilians scatter and the words he spoke just now before he left also left him full of appreciation, but after this chat, he instead felt a slight dislike towards this youngster.

    When he carefully thought over every word and action that they exchanged, closing his eyes for a long time, only then was he stunned, understanding why he felt this type of mood.

    It was because Lin Xi was too calm and indifferent. This type of unfazed by honor and disgrace nature was naturally a good thing, but he wanted to understand why even when he mentioned the emperor, this youngster still remained extremely calm, to the extent where he didn’t even seem concerned. His bit of dislike came from this.

    He obviously didn’t know that Lin Xi’s views were entirely different from the people of this world, he just vaguely felt that this type of calmness and unconcerned attitude was extremely dangerous, worth him being vigilant over.


    “Deereast City’s military prison, Internal Affairs Sector, and Government Sector’s correspondents wrote letters accusing Lin Xi of misconduct all at the same time?”

    Outside East Port Town’s jail, in the Warden’s Office, Lian Zhanshan’s face lit up in joy, so excited his body was shaking slightly.

    “The news came from the city manor. The three documents have all already been passed out.” Qian Gangsheng, who was of the same rank as Lin Xi, East Port Town’s Warden who was in charge of watching over the criminals smiled and said in flattery, “Congratulations, Sir Lian, three places accused Lin Xi of three crimes, the first, disregard for Yunqin’s laws, not obeying the law, second, colluding with the river personnel, privately partnering with the local faction, third, engaging in corrupt practice, detaining criminals without releasing them.”

    “Wonderful! Fantastic!”

    Originally, when he heard the first two, Lian Zhanshan still didn’t react much. However, when he heard the third line, Lian Zhanshan couldn’t help but roar out in laughter.

    This one, in his eyes, was like Lin Xi picking up a rock and smashing his own feet!

    The third accusation of misconduct naturally referred to Lin Xi previously arresting two of Fourth Grandpa Zhu’s subordinates.

    Because of the change in attitude from Fourth Grandpa Zhu’s side, Lin Xi naturally couldn’t continue dealing with them. If it was normally, just a random excuse would be enough, but now that this type of thing was brought out, it was hard for Lin Xi to evade it.

    Deereast City Supervisor Li Xiping was born in the border army. The royal court’s military officials and civil officials’ struggles were like tangled undercurrents, so now that it was rumored that Jiang Rui submitted more than twenty accusations of misconduct in a single breath, accusing large amounts of people from the military, with Li Xiping’s status, even if he couldn’t protect these soldiers, he should take out his anger on Lin Xi as well, this way, when handling this case, he wouldn’t seem too partial, this would be the most favorable way for him to handle matters.

    According to his many experiences as an official, in Lian Zhanshan’s opinion, perhaps the final result was that a portion of the officials accused of misconduct would lose their official position, while those who weren’t directly related to this case, but somewhat connected to the military, should only forfeit their salary. As for Lin Xi, the best result might also be just to forfeit his salary.


    Just as Lian Zhanshan was laughing complacently, a loud noise sounded.

    When they saw that it was a guard on the other side who heard these two’s words, slamming the door and leaving with an ashen face, Lian Zhanshan and Warden Qian Gangsheng’s faces both became rigid, but immediately afterwards, Lian Zhanshan sneered complacently again. “He actually dares to act like this? Why doesn’t he think a bit? When the time comes, Lin Xi is still going to hold an office under me and Town Supervisor Dong, could it be that you all still want to eat good fruits during this period?”