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Book 7 Chapter 10 - Comet, Butterfly, Sword

Immortal Devil Transformation
     Charge towards the sides of the carriage as quickly as possible.

    This allowed them to first smash apart one carriage, see what exactly was inside.

    Lin Xi didn’t have much plans, completely acting rashly. He only had these instructions for them.

    Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t know what Lin Xi relied on, but he had confidence in Lin Xi, moreover understood well that Lin Xi did things in even more of a cool-headed manner than anyone. Previously, he had even thought to himself that as for someone who was as cool-headed as Lin Xi, once he really went crazy, just how terrifying would he become.

    Meanwhile, he understood even more clearly that Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t treat his friends’ lives as playthings.

    That was why he only had to carefully remember what Lin Xi told him. He only calmly adjusted his breathing, calming that wave of impatience and killing intent flowing within his body.

    He also had the urge to charge down and turn over the carriage, see if that castrate was inside. Lin Xi also knew this, just that he didn’t know Lin Xi knew.

    Chen Feirong also quietly adjusted her breathing, adjusting her body and spirit to their optimal state.

    When the situation was too strange, there would definitely be bizarre things that happened.

    The more inconceivable things there were, the more reason there was. Even though the stars on North Grain Cave Town’s side were bright, she never saw any comets. However, today, she instead saw two, everything that happened today making her feel like it was different from the past. That was why right now, she was instead a bit hopeful, wishing to see just what kind of bizarre methods Lin Xi had.

    The carriages got closer and closer, still moving through the dark night, not turning on any lights.

    However, they saw someone whose long beard fluttered about in the wind in the second carriage, his beard even longer than his face.

    “Who exactly are you?”

    Lin Xi calmly looked at this person, inwardly thinking this while slowly and steadily producing a Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrow.

    “I am going to kill you.” Jiang Xiaoyi looked at that person’s beard, his arms and legs a bit ice-cold, unable to suppress the wave of killing intent within him.

    “It should be that person who doesn’t have anything down there.” Chen Feirong said quietly in admiration. “The maintenance of that beard really seems a bit troublesome.”

    Lin Xi couldn’t help but say with mockery, “A eunuch, being able to grow this type of beard… the more he doesn’t have one down there, the more he would want to hide it, so all the more reason for him to stick on such a long beard.”

    “Not having any down there makes him unable to grow a beard? How do you know?” Chen Feirong looked at Lin Xi in shock. “What is a eunuch?”

    Lin Xi gave Chen Feirong a look, not bothering to explain. He only looked at this fleet, staring at that person whose long beard fluttered about in the wind, yet whose face still couldn’t be made out.

    Lin Xi inwardly told himself that it was time to start, and then made a gesture towards Jiang Xiaoyi and Chen Feirong in an extremely decisive manner.

    Jiang Xiaoyi and Chen Feirong were immediately like two cheetahs, rushing down.

    The people on the carriage heard sounds of air being shredded through and plants snapping, seeing the two figures charge crazily in an incredibly decisive manner.

    The carriages stopped once again.

    The one with the long beard fluttering in the wind got off the stopped carriage.

    Two burning torches were suddenly thrown out from Jiang Xiaoyi and Chen Feirong’s hands, thrown towards that person.

    The instant the fiery light ignited, Lin Xi and Bian Linghan who were still hidden on a high slope clearly saw this person’s clothing and appearance.

    This person was dressed in a black silk cloak, the light silk clothes inside the cloak were prune-colored.

    He wore a scholar cap on his head, embedded at the center was an emerald without any impurities.

    His facial features immediately made Lin Xi think of Jacky Cheung, but his complexion was almost transparent, to the extent where even the blue veins under his skin could be seen. His beard was soft and long, looking extremely beautiful.[1]

    The two torches landed on the ground, flames blazing and flickering about.

    The dark stick in Jiang Xiaoyi’s left hand and the short spear in his right hand joined together, immediately forming a spear.

    With a light chi sound, Chen Feirong drew a sword from her back.

    The sword was silver-colored, slender and long, just like that of a comet.

    Right now, not even Lin Xi could see that on her face, there was already a silver mask, making her appear exceptionally callous.

    The two individuals’ steps were heavy on the damp muddy ground, the damp earth was actually stepped on until wave-like shapes were formed.


    Jiang Xiaoyi released a thunderous vicious roar, his eyes filled with rage as they locked onto that long bearded, feminine white faced man.

    The feminine long bearded man’s face, under the flickering light, didn’t reveal the slightest change in expression. He only had an indifferent expression of mockery as he watched the angrily charging Jiang Xiaoyi and completely silent silver masked black-armored assassin.

    However, what he didn’t expect was that Jiang Xiaoyi who released a hateful roar filled with murderous intent that left even him a bit shocked instead changed his path, actually not throwing himself at him, instead towards one of the carriages.

    Only, he still didn’t move, his face not revealing any changes in expression either.

    A slightly stooped shadow that was standing at the side of a carriage instead suddenly moved. The moment he moved, a muffled thunk sound. He directly leapt over the three carriages, arriving in the air between Jiang Xiaoyi and the carriage Jiang Xiaoyi was running towards.

    It was precisely at this time that Lin Xi and Bian Linghan released their fingers, a Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrow and a Dendrite Iron Arrow simultaneously flew towards that feminine, long bearded man.

    The feminine, long bearded man suddenly raised his head slightly, his cold ridiculing gaze suddenly becoming extremely angry.

    It was because in this instant, he could tell that the black arrow that produced a bit of a whirlpool from its spin was aimed at his lower body!

    He reached out a finger.

    The finger that was similarly pale while under the fiery light released radiance, as if it was a small sword, striking forward.

    The Black Gold Armor Penetrating Arrow flew outwards.

    It was sent flying by this finger.

    The moment this incredibly tough arrow that could pierce through steel armor was swept flying, it already completely curved, completely ruined.

    However, right at this time, he took a fierce step, a bit of blood radiance appearing at his throat.

    A transparent arrow fell from in front of his body.

    A small injury appeared on his throat, blood currently flowing from his fair neck. His entire body also shook intensely, not because of the pain and injury, but rather from extreme anger.

    Just from that Black Gold Armor Penetrating Arrow’s momentum, he already knew that the archer’s cultivation was far below his own. However, the enemy wasn’t one, but rather two cultivator archers… Even if there were two, it wasn’t much for him because these archers’ cultivation levels were still considerably lower than his own. However, these two archers instead directly injured him.


    Bian Linghan’s entire body also immediately became ice-cold.

    Her and Lin Xi’s arrow coordination were perfect, the power of the ‘Bluesilver Wolf’ in her hands was a bit weaker than the Divine Pear in Lin Xi’s hands, so when the two arrows were fired, there would naturally be a bit of timing difference. This made it so that the Dendrite Iron Arrow she fired was completely hidden under the wind noise created by Lin XI’s Black Gold Armor Penetrating Arrow.

    The ‘Bluesilver Wolf’ bow’s power was much greater than the border army standard power bow, the Dendrite Iron Arrow’s penetrative force also much greater than that of a normal arrow. Under this type of height, under a hundred steps, when the Falling Moon method was used to release this arrow, the power was enough to penetrate the body of a mid stage Soul Master level cultivator.

    However, this feminine long bearded man who sent Lin Xi’s arrow flying with just a finger only had a small wound on his neck, moreover, this was under a situation where he didn’t have time to react, his soul force not completely covering the body.

    That was why he was most likely a State Knight, a State Knight level cultivator!

    Only great provincial level officials had a chance of having this level of cultivation!

    “We’re leaving!”

    However, Lin Xi at her side didn’t stop in the slightest, releasing a low roar, and then he already directly lowered the Divine Pear bow in his hands, jumping down.

    Right at this time, a muffled dong sounded from the great earth below their feet. The figure who directly leapt over three carriages already brought one hand down on Jiang Xiaoyi’s spear.

    Jiang Xiaoyi’s spear produced more than ten spearhead afterimages, right now, it was like a viper that shot out of its cave, whistling noises continuously sounding. However, this black figure’s hands instead struck down on Jiang Xiaoyi’s spear in a manner that looked extremely slow, but instead possessed terrifying might and incomparable precision.

    A crack sounded.

    Jiang Xiaoyi’s spear directly snapped in two at the place where the spiral patterns were linked.

    Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes were immediately filled with an expression of horror.

    This figure that looked slow, the feeling it gave him was like a mountain that was quickly descending.

    Blood flew out from his hands, the space between his thumb and index finger splitting. The two spear parts flew out from his hand, his body was also shaken by this wave of power until he tumbled backwards.

    The figure who was standing in front of the carriage first snapped Jiang Xiaoyi’s spear and then took a step out, arriving in front of Jiang Xiaoyi who flew outwards. Then, a fist smashed towards Jiang Xiaoyi’s body, the fist wind releasing a noise like that of raging waves beating against a shore.

    However, this fist didn’t land on Jiang Xiaoyi’s body, because right at this time, a dazzling streak of silver already stabbed at his neck’s artery from the side.

    He retracted his fist.

    On his back was a long blade wrapped in cloth.

    He grabbed this blade.

    The blade wrapped in cloth immediately exploded into fluttering fragments. A pretty, blood congealed long blade drew out a red arc in the air, spinning out from behind him, hacking towards the silver longsword that was only a few inches from his neck.

    Chen Feirong released a muffled groan from behind her silver mask, her silver longsword’s radiance immediately grew dim, swept to the side.

    This black figure’s blood rainbow still hacked at Jiang Xiaoyi. In the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, it seemed like absolutely no one could stop it.

    However, Chen Feirong still had another sword.

    Her left hand surged with soul force, drawing this sword.

    A blast of dazzling purple sword radiance erupted between the narrow space between this cultivator and herself, just like a gracefully fluttering purple butterfly.

    1. Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor, deemed ‘God of Songs’ of Hong Kong