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Book 7 Chapter 11 - Devil!

Immortal Devil Transformation
     She had two swords.

    Moreover, the power of this second longsword that released dazzling purple radiance was far above that slender silver longsword’s.

    Purple radiance fluttered about in the air like flames, dancing like butterflies.

    This purple sword continued to aim at the main artery of that dark figure’s neck.

    This dark figure’s blood red long blade changed its direction slightly, hacking horizontally at her head.

    However, the longsword in her hands didn’t change directions at all, her eyes below the silver mask instead revealing a bit of a crazy expression.

    She originally wasn’t a crazy person, yet she was always doing crazy things.

    The dark figure who released a suffocating iron-blooded aura, as if he would never take a step back raised his head slightly, looking at this silver-masked opponent for the first time.

    This dark figure didn’t fear death, but his current situation wasn’t enough for him to risk his life.

    That was why he chose to take a step back.

    His left hand released sparkling yellow radiance. When that sharp sword edge was about to make contact with his neck, his left hand instead turned, its back striking against this purple sword.


    An explosive noise suddenly sounded in the air.

    A streak of blood appeared on the back of his hand. Meanwhile, Chen Feirong’s body moved in, following his backward hand strike, she rolled forward. “You should head for the other carriage.” A clear and cold voice sounded from her mouth.

    This sentence was spoken for Jiang Xiaoyi to hear.


    The feminine long bearded man continued to stand in place without moving.

    He raised his head slightly, looking towards the weed filled hillside, using a spotlessly white handkerchief to cover his somewhat bleeding throat as he coldly watched Lin Xi and Bian Linghan crazily charge forward.

    He was waiting for these two to come and throw their lives away.

    However, suddenly, his eyes displayed extreme anger again, releasing an extremely low yet also extremely sharp voice, “I will make you all wish you were dead!”

    It was because he saw that the charging Lin Xi didn’t pay him any attention, actually directly charging towards the dark figure with a streak of blood on the back of his hand.

    One arrow was aimed at his crotch, one arrow injuring his throat. Right now, the two even more so completely ignored him.

    He couldn’t endure this type of disregard.

    After releasing this extremely low and sharp cry, the blood-soaked handkerchief was flung into the air. The tips of his feet pressed against the ground, his figure leaping towards Lin Xi and Bian Linghan. Because his speed was too fast, there were even some afterimages produced. Meanwhile, the black cloak on his body was even more so dragged perfectly straight by the strong winds which were produced, releasing fluttering sounds right now.

    More than ten figures surrounded Jiang Xiaoyi who sprinted towards another carriage, the cultivator with the blood-soaked long blade already leaping into the air.

    He didn’t even turn around. The tips of his feet pressed against the ground, and then the ground underneath shook. His entire body seemed to have defied the natural world, flying backwards in an almost floating manner, directly appearing above the head of Chen Feirong who just stood up.

    Then, the long blade in his hands hacked down without any tricks, descending diagonally like a blood waterfall.

    Everything in front of Chen Feirong became red.

    This blade lacked all tricks, but the grasp over timing was extremely great. She didn’t have time to evade at all, so the silver longsword in her right hand immediately rushed up.

    A light dang sounded. This silver longsword was directly smashed aside, unable to block this descending blade at all. However, the purple longsword in Chen Feirong’s hands also already rushed up. Dang! The moment this purple longsword and the long bloody blade intersected, a streak of green sword radiance already rose from behind her.

    Lin Xi rose high up into the air from behind her, also delivering a sword strike towards this cultivator’s head.

    This cultivator’s left hand also reached out at this time.

    Lin Xi also suffered the same result as Jiang Xiaoyi.

    The light green longsword in his hands flew out along with blood from his hands, his entire figure flying backwards as well.

    Chen Feirong below took a step back, a strand of blood trickling out from her silver mask.

    The long blood blade wielding cultivator floated backwards.

    It was just one strike, yet he already sent Lin Xi’s longsword flying, directly wounding Chen Feirong in the process.


    However, the moment Lin Xi’s longsword left his hand and flew outwards, Lin Xi released an incredibly resolute cold shout!

    This word was shouted towards Bian Linghan.

    This blood red long blade wielding cultivator’s strength was far above Chen Feirong’s. If he wasn’t a Soul Master level cultivator, then there was a chance that he was a State Knight level cultivator!

    This type of person similarly shouldn’t have appeared in this type of place at all.

    Regardless of whether it was that long bearded feminine male or this person, as long as one of them was here, they didn’t have the slightest chance of victory.

    However, he never planned to kill these people either, only wishing to rely on his unique ability to learn the long bearded feminine man’s identity, to find out just what kind of transaction was being conducted.


    When he charged down here, Lin Xi already told Bian Linghan that she only had one objective, which was the carriage.

    When she heard Lin Xi’s incredibly resolute cold shout, Bian Linghan even more so leapt out without any reservation, using all of her strength to smash into the carriage.

    No one understood Lin Xi’s thoughts and plan.

    Jiang Xiaoyi and Chen Feirong couldn’t, and neither could she. The long blood blade wielding cultivator and the feminine long bearded man didn’t either.

    If one even died, even if they saw the things in the carriage, what difference did it make?

    Could it be that this group of cultivators… were just some deathsworn soldiers? Were there still cultivators watching in secret in the nearby forest?

    Because they couldn’t figure these individuals out, it became even more difficult to be on guard.


    The moment Lin Xi landed on the ground heavily, Bian Linghan already smashed into the carriage.

    Her hands held a short sword, the blade stabbing deeply into the carriage walls. However, when she exerted more force with her blade, it was as if it was clamped down on by a large hand, difficult for her to move it.

    Her expression immediately became even more deathly white.

    The inside of this carriage actually had a thick steel plate embedded!

    The feminine long bearded man was already less than a few steps from her.

    However, right at this time, this feminine long bearded man raised his head slightly again.

    There really were other cultivators?

    He saw that unknowingly when, in the darkness not far from his carriages, there was a demon-like figure who wasn’t that large and tall that appeared.

    A streak of dark light flew out from this demon-like shadow, arriving before him.

    This shadow and the streak of dark light that suddenly appeared made even him feel a bit strange, which was why a weapon appeared in his hands.

    A pure whiteness that seemed to release a majestic aura made contact with this streak of black light.

    This streak of black light was scattered with a pa noise, but then it became even darker and thicker, a darkness that even he couldn’t see through completely shrouding him within.

    This streak of black light was actually a strange colored glass pellet that released thick black dust.


    Neither Lin Xi nor Chen Feirong saw that this cultivator who suddenly appeared didn’t belong to their side.

    It was because the instant this streak of black light erupted before the feminine long bearded man, the cultivator who wielded the blood-colored long blade already took a step out, releasing a strike.

    The previous blade, despite Lin Xi’s interference, still injured Chen Feirong. However, even now, when facing this blade, Chen Feirong still didn’t back off.

    The soul force within her body poured into the blades in her hands without any regard for the consequences, the silver longsword and purple longsword turning into a shooting star and a butterfly again, interweaving upwards, facing this blade.

    The instant the blades interweaved, some blood flowed out from the corners of her silver mask’s lips again. However, she still didn’t back off, the blades instead releasing sharp and ear-piercing grinding noise, forcibly locking down this blood-colored long blade. “Go!” At this time, she released an extremely decisive roar towards Lin Xi.

    Lin Xi’s eyes flickered with intense radiance, stopping over the carriage Bian Linghan was at.

    However, right at this time, the black dust that erupted immediately scattered, even thicker darkness surrounding him.

    Almost as if by instinct, Lin Xi closed his eyes, even holding his breathing. His entire body leapt into the air. According to what he remembered from a breath ago, his feet moved forwards, fiercely rising into the air, leaping towards that carriage’s window.


    The carriage’s window was smashed open. Lin Xi didn’t leap in through the window like the movies he was familiar with, instead falling heavily into the ground from the recoil force. The instant he fell, he heard the noise of smashing into heavy metal inside.

    The instant his back made contact with the ground, Lin Xi felt as if a gale swept through, everything before his eyes becoming brilliant once again.

    As such, he didn’t do anything, only opening his eyes.

    He was immediately stunned.

    The feminine long bearded man raised a long red banner. Under the rippling of his soul force, the fiery cloud-like runes on the surface of this long red banner released true flames.

    The white-colored weapon in his hands had already been put away. Unknowingly when, his chest had been injured by something, a red blotch currently continuously spreading on his silk clothes.

    This demon-like cultivator already got a bit closer, hidden in the shadows of a carriage.

    This moment of time seemed to have frozen.

    Most people’s eyes were drawn towards the things in the carriage.

    A set of metal armor carrying a black cloak was seated in the carriage like a demon lord.

    The metal surface’s simple and unadorned sapphire blue runes, even without having soul force poured in, were swirling with brilliant color, as if there was precious blood flowing through this set of armor.

    This set of armor was completely sealed, even the eye portions were sealed by two pieces of transparent white crystals, making the armor look like a living creature of its own.

    The completely sealed armor’s helmet area had extended areas, all of them sapphire blue sharp blades.

    The arms, elbows, knees, legs… every single area had wing-like sharp blades.

    On this set of armor filled with a muscular and skeletal realism feel was a black-colored character belonging to this world: Devil!

    Sky Devil Heavy Armor!

    This came from another cultivation holy land under the sky, Purgatory Muntain’s Sky Devil Heavy Armor that even Green Luan had to respect!

    Lin Xi hadn’t seen many sets of armors before, but when he was in Green Luan Weapons Hall, this set of armor occupied a respected position.

    Even though Yunqin’s cultivation methods were rather orthodox, their research regarding weapons and runes was always far ahead of Tangcang and Great Mang. Yunqin cultivators’ soul weapons and armors always had an advantage.

    However, Great Mang’s Purgatory Mountain had two types of powerful weapons, ‘Night Devil’ and ‘Sky Devil’.

    The difficulty of manufacturing ‘Night Devil’ and Yunqin border army’s main heavy armor ‘Green King’ was nearly identical, both of these often appearing on the battlefield. When soul force was infused, the power and defensive strength were also similar. However, Night Devil’s original weight was almost a fourth lighter in weight than the Green King Heavy Armor, signifying more swift and nimble movements and less soul force exhaustion. When fighting in this type of armor, one could last for a longer amount of time.

    Meanwhile, Sky Devil Heavy Armor was extremely rare.

    It was because this was something only the elite disciples of Purgatory Mountain, those with cultivation levels above peak stage Soul Master level had a chance of obtaining. Only then would their soul force strength have a chance of controlling this powerful set of armor!

    This type of armor that only Purgatory Mountain’s great craftsmen had a chance to manufacture wasn’t something silver could purchase at all!

    Because of the item that was being exchanged in this carriage, Lin Xi was completely stunned. Meanwhile, the corners of his eyes passed over that long blood blade wielding cultivator. While borrowing the fiery light that was released at this time, he saw that cultivator’s face clearly for the first time, making him even more so couldn’t help but open his mouth, momentarily unable to release any sounds from shock.