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Book 7 Chapter 12 - Does Having Great Authority Make One Formidable?

Immortal Devil Transformation
     This cultivator who wielded the blood-like long blade was also momentarily distracted by the Sky Devil Heavy Armor in the carriage.

    He clearly didn’t know what was being transported in the carriage either, it was actually a set of Sky Devil Heavy Armor only a great craftsman from Purgatory Mountain could create.

    He understood much more about weapons and armors than Lin Xi, his knowledge on them more thorough.

    He knew that this Sky Devil Armor was smelted and forged from Sky Devil Tear Metal unique to Purgatory Mountain. The sapphire runes on its surface were all polished and embedded through the use of Sky Devil Orchid Gem.

    These two materials were things that could only be extracted from Purgatory Mountain’s lava ore depths, both of them extremely precious to begin with.

    Even this Sky Devil Heavy Armor’s cloak was made through the ‘Night Devil Armor’s Night Devil Metal. This cloak wasn’t some purely aesthetic useless good, it was covered in runes. When soul force was poured in, when one fell down from above, this cloak could serve as a hang glider.

    Most armors not only increased the defensive strength of cultivators, they would also display overwhelming effects in battle, to the extent where they could directly destroy some of the enemy’s defensive structures, moreover greatly increase the power of the cultivator.

    With ‘Green Kin’ Heavy Armor’ as an example, the original weight was already several hundred jin. Under the support of a cultivator with all his strength, with just the impact following a full speed charge, just how great would the power be?

    This type of heavy armor was like wearing a powerful soul weapon in itself.

    Sky Devil Heavy Armor was equivalent to directly turning a State Knight level cultivator into a soul weapon of massacre.

    Not even the pure strength of a State Master could break through a Sky Devil Heavy Armor, while when a State Knight level cultivator put on this set of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, they could directly face a State Master.

    Even though the consumption of soul force when wearing this heavy armor was extremely astonishing, even if it could only be used for two or three minutes of time, or even just a few dozen breaths of time, this was still already extremely terrifying.

    State Knight level cultivators were already extremely rare, enough for someone to be the high official who ruled over a large area. As for State Master level cultivators, they even more so enjoyed extraordinary status and authority, even more rare.

    However, normally, not even three or four State Knight level cultivators were necessarily a match for a State Master level cultivator.

    But if three or four State Knight level cultivators simultaneously wore this type of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, then they had a chance of killing a State Master level cultivator.

    This type of heavy armor was equivalent to temporarily turning a State Knight level cultivator into a first level State Master… Meanwhile, for cultivators and the battlefield, an extremely short amount of time was still enough to change the final result.

    An armor of this level was the heavy weaponry of a country, every single set was strictly controlled, simply impossible to steal and sell. That was why the one who was doing business here wasn't the Great Mang Dynasty, but rather Purgatory Mountain themselves!

    This discovery made even this blood-colored long blade wielding cultivator become momentarily absent-minded.

    After a brief moment of absent-mindedness, he also saw Lin Xi’s face. The steady blood-colored long blade in his hands also immediately shook slightly.


    The feminine long bearded man’s facial features still lacked all expression. However, his eyes were simply about to release flames.

    “I want them all alive!”

    He took a deep breath, slowly saying this. He looked at this blood-colored long blade wielding cultivator coldly, saying this.

    Chen Feirong already took a few steps back at this time, her hands continuously shaking, her arms’ meridian channels and body’s inner organs already suffered a bit of damage. Under this type of situation, she could no longer take on a third blow from this blood-colored long blade wielding cultivator. However, when she saw that Lin Xi still didn’t call for her to retreat, her body still forcibly stood her ground.


    The blood-colored long blade wielding cultivator nodded, saying this word in an extremely simple manner.

    Right when he spoke, the feminine long bearded man already took a step out.

    With just this step, he already arrived before Bian Linghan who wasn’t far from Lin Xi, one hand grabbing towards her throat.

    His hand released bright yellow light, his eyes flickering with cruel radiance. He was already imagining how he was going to torment this delicate and gentle female cultivator.

    He passed by the side of the blood-colored long blade wielding cultivator, his back currently towards him.

    Before that ‘fine’ word’s sound disappeared, the blood-colored long blade wielding cultivator also already hacked out with his blade.

    This blade was originally aimed at Lin Xi who had just leapt off the ground, but in a manner that was as natural as wind blowing willow trees, it changed direction in midair in an extremely smooth and unhindered manner, cutting through the feminine long bearded man’s cloak and landing on his back.

    The feminine long bearded man turned around, finding this inconceivable, in utter shock. Then, he released a hysterical furious scream, “I was the one who took you in, let you serve as a Consecrator! Without me, you might have already been killed by those people! Even the soul weapons you are using were bestowed upon you by me, yet you are actually stabbing me in the back?!”

    However, this blade was extremely fast, fast to the point where he couldn’t evade it at all. When his furious scream had just sounded, a streak of blood already splashed out from his back.

    The second blade returned without any delay, continuing to hack down ruthlessly.

    The feminine long bearded man leapt out, evading the second blade from this cultivator. He screamed out, blood scattering everywhere. He leapt past several carriages, landing on the roof of a carriage.

    Chen Feirong completely didn’t expect these developments, but she instead thought of a possibility. Her face became deathly white, her entire body also releasing light, wishing to charge at the feminine long bearded man.

    “Don’t go!”

    However, right at this time, the cultivator whose second slash missed saw her intention, stopping in front of her, forcibly ending her momentum.

    The instantaneous change happened just too quickly. Before this feminine long bearded man’s shrill cry ended, Lin Xi already looked at this cultivator with utter excitement, saying, “Uncle Liu, do you know what government official this person is?”

    “Lin Xi knows this person?”

    Bian Linghan who couldn’t stop the other party’s assault just now was completely stunned.

    This was a stooped elder with a wrinkled faced, his eyes already a bit turbid yellow.

    She suddenly recalled that day in Spirit Summer Lakes, when the fist smashed Qiu Lu’s bodyguard crooked, her entire body unable to help but tremble. “It’s him?”

    “It was a set of Sky Devil Heavy Armor in the carriage? If he…” Chen Feirong had no time to think about the relationship between Lin Xi and this elder, only quickly speaking to this elder.

    “I know.” The elder narrowed his eyes slightly, nodding, seemingly replying to her and to Lin Xi.

    “This sword is an Asura Soul Severing Blade. The injuries hacked by this soul weapon are extremely difficult to heal from. If he dares put on the Sky Devil Heavy Armor at this time and use all of his soul force, he will be dead for sure even without us interfering.” When Chen Feirong’s voice was interrupted by him, coming to a stop, he then explained this with an overcast voice.

    Right now, the feminine long bearded man looked at this elder who drove Lin Xi through half of Yunqin Empire with incomparable resentment, screaming out again, “I treated you so well, yet you actually dare betray me!”

    The elder straightened his body slightly. He looked at this feminine long bearded man, the blood-colored long blade pointing at the Sky Devil Heavy Armor in the carriage, shaking his head. “The two of us only mutually used each other, but he is my friend. Also, no matter what, I am a member of Yunqin…”

    “A member of Yunqin?”

    The feminine long bearded man began to laugh crazily, “Low and petty people like you all know absolutely nothing! You actually dare injure me, actually dare say you are a member of Yunqin in front of me?”

    During the screaming noises, his body flew out, rushing towards the mountain stream on the other side of the path.

    With a single leap, it was unknown just how many zhang of distance he crossed.

    With Lin Xi’s cultivation, he couldn’t catch up to this type of speed at all, but he didn’t give chase either. He saw Jiang Xiaoyi who was not far out already leapt over, all of the warriors around him had collapsed as well, so he completely calmed down. Only, he turned around to seriously consult this elder, just like how he did on their journey, “Uncle Liu, you really know this person’s true identity? … to still be this expressionless after suffering your blade, he either had some serious botox injections… or his whole face is a human skin mask?”

    “Don’t speak nonsense!” The elder frowned again unhappily just like on their trip before. After scolding him like this, he instead immediately said with a sunken voice, “Deer Forest Province Military Prison Commander Mu Chenyun… wears a human skin mask.”

    It was as if a wave of bone-chilling cold winds blew across the mountain path.

    Following muffled putong putong noises of heavy objects falling, the personnel who were originally still standing around the carriages all fell to the ground.

    These warriors actually didn’t even try to run, instead directly choosing to end their own lives.

    The mountain path became even colder.

    Provincial level Military Prison Commander… He was the highest level Military Prison official in the entire province, major second rank!

    Moreover, Military Prison was a place that examined if Martial Sector’s local officials failed to do their duty, their authority shockingly great!

    Previously, Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan were already sure that this was a big figure, but none of them expected him to be great to this degree!

    “You all don’t know what you have done at all, none of you will have a good ending… All of you will die extremely miserable deaths.”

    The feminine long bearded man’s sinister and shrill laughter suddenly sounded. In just a moment, his figure already became a faint shadow.

    “Does having great authority make one formidable? After losing so many sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, you still dare act this arrogant?”

    When he heard those words, the originally somewhat stunned Lin Xi immediately couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

    “Damn eunuch!”

    In the end, he cleared his throat, screaming towards that faint figure who was laughing maliciously because he knew there was no way they could catch up.

    After saying this, Lin Xi immediately reacted since the other party definitely didn’t know what he meant, so he shouted again, “Yin yang man! Nothing down there! … the sky is so dark, you are running so fast, be careful not to twist your own feet!”

    The sinister laughter immediately came to a halt. That faint figure’s body clearly froze up. Then, he turned around, looking like he really twisted his ankles because of what he said.