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Book 7 Chapter 13 - Black Snake, Black Dragon, Black Banner

Immortal Devil Transformation
     “Yin yang man!”

    Lin Xi shouted again in dissatisfaction.

    That faint shadow disappeared into the moonless windy mountain stream.

    Just now, when that person twisted his ankles because of Lin Xi’s shout, it really was quite hilarious, but when they saw the corpses all over the ground, saw the exposed Sky Devil Heavy Armors around the carriages, Bian Linghan and the others couldn’t laugh at all.

    “You still haven’t reached State Knight level cultivation?”

    Chen Feirong raised her arms with difficulty, returning the silver and purple slender longswords back into the scabbards on her back, at the same time turning around to look at Uncle Liu, asking this.

    Uncle Liu looked at this silver-masked woman whose cultivation was far beneath his own, but whose actions during the life and death encounter just now already earned his respect, saying, “It hasn’t long been long since I reached this level… he has long reached mid stage StateKnight level cultivation.”

    Chen Feirong no longer said anything. She gently rubbed her arms, unable to help but raise her head, looking towards the starry sky she was so fond of.

    There was no moon tonight. The starlight above Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s great silhouettes was even more brilliant than before.

    Her heart carried great apprehension, but it was even more so towards the excitement and emptiness, the exhaustion and entanglement that was to come after making that great leap today.


    Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t know how great the difference in strength between a newly risen State Knight and that of a mid stage State Knight level cultivator was, but from Uncle Liu and Chen Feirong’s conversation, the two both knew that even if Uncle Liu went out, there was no way he could make this Military Prison Commander remain in this forest.

    This yin yang man’s cultivation and status were both already far above the limits of their imagination.

    The two now understood why this ‘yin yang man’ would immediately be angered to the point where his entire body was shaking.

    It was because for him, with cultivation of their level, officials of their rank, they were nothing more than small fish and prawn in the river. Meanwhile, he was a Flood Dragon that could already call the wind and summon the rain.

    However, a Flood Dragon like him was actually humiliated by Lin Xi’s arrow aimed at his crotch, injured by Bian Linghan’s arrow… Then, he was even more so betrayed by an attendant he personally nurtured, forced to flee in a sorry state.

    Meanwhile, the higher the cultivation and status of this ‘yin yang man’ Mu Chenyun, the more it left them distressed and furious.

    Yunqin’s State Knight… these were the pillars of the empire. A Military Prison Commander was even more so a rank that represented radiance and justice! Yet it was precisely this type of State Knight who was glorious on the surface, yet was actually this filthy!

    Even though their cultivation and statuses were insignificant compared to this person, when they watched helplessly as this person escaped, unable to do anything to stop him, it still filled them with anger and unwillingness.

    The two of them knew that even though Lin Xi looked calm on the surface, he was inwardly resentful as well, or else Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t speak such nasty words, moreover shout again at this time.


    “Damned yin yang man!”

    Lin Xi released another low curse, and then turned around to look towards the figure of that cultivator who was hidden in a carriage’s shadow not too far away.

    Even though he didn’t expect to meet Uncle Liu here, he understood extremely clearly that even if he used his return ability, there was no way he could have a result better than the current one, nor was there a chance to make Mu Chenyun remain behind.

    The cultivator in the darkness seemed to have also given Lin Xi a look.

    Then, a thick darkness spread, turning into even stronger darkness.

    When this even thicker darkness spread, this mysterious cultivator who suddenly appeared disappeared without a trace.

    “Hm? That person isn’t with you all?”

    Chen Feirong looked at Lin Xi with shock. Previously, this cultivator who suddenly appeared suddenly released this type of strong black smoke that obstructed vision. Even though it was quickly dispelled by Mu Chenyun’s banner soul weapon, there was also an injury added to Mu Chenyun’s chest, this injury moreover more severe than the one on his throat. This injury could only have been caused by this cultivator, but judging from Lin Xi and this cultivator’s reactions, Lin Xi clearly didn’t know who this mysterious cultivator was either.

    Lin Xi shook his head. He indeed couldn’t figure out who this person was.

    If it was a lecturer Green Luan Academy secretly sent out to watch over them, then this person’s strength seemed to be a bit too weak.

    It was because he was familiar with those Green Luan Academy lecturers, all of them were lonely eagles that flew high up above, having their own unique pride. If they took action, they shouldn’t only leave behind a light injury on Mu Chenyun’s chest, and if they were going to leave, they didn’t need external objects to assist them.

    However, if it was one of the other cultivators around North Grain Cave Town, when they saw an expert on Mu Chenyun’s level, even if they drooled over the carriage’s contents, they still wouldn’t dare appear.

    He couldn’t figure it out, so he just stopped thinking about it. He turned around to look at the familiar stooped elder, asking, “Uncle Liu, how did you end up working under him?”

    The stooped elder looked at Lin Xi with his turbid yellow eyes, carrying a bit of a sigh as he said, “I ended up provoking quite a bit of trouble on the path back to Deereast City, unable to deal with some vengeful families, so I had to first find a patron.”

    He gave Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others a look, and then asked Lin Xi quietly with a bit of hesitation, “What about you?”

    Lin Xi knew that he was amazed at why he left Green Luan Academy so early, so he immediately explained, “This year, there were great changes made to the curriculum… I am currently serving as Swallow Descent Town’s Substitute Town Supervisor, tracking down a case this person is involved in, which is why I ended up here.”

    The stooped elder frowned.

    He understood what such a chance to a cultivation holy land like Green Luan Academy represented extremely clearly. There was definitely a huge matter he wasn’t aware of that happened.

    “How about we take a look at what’s inside these carriages first?” Lin Xi looked at him, asking probingly.

    The stooped elder nodded. The contents of the steel plated carriages were completely exposed.

    The thirteen carriages were the same. The heavy armors inside were like seated devils, flickering with faint sapphire brilliance, making this mountain path’s temperature drop a bit further.

    “Could it be that this Mu Chenyun is precisely the Great Mang cultivator Xu Ningshen is colluding with?” While looking at this Sky Devil Heavy Armors that naturally gave off a heavy pressure, Bian Linghan coldly asked, “Just what exactly is he planning to do with so many sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor?”

    “Thirteen sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, we really got ourselves pretty deeply involved this time.”

    Lin Xi gave Bian Linghan a look, shaking his head. “However, things on this level cannot be suppressed even by someone like this yin yang commander.”

    “I need to leave first.”

    The stooped elder produced a cloth strip, carefully wrapping up the blood-colored long blade in his hands and attaching it to his body. He looked at Lin Xi and said, “If you want to prevent Mu Chenyun from suppressing this matter, it’s best if you let this side’s border army take over. The border army on this side has enough formidable and upstanding individuals, and the local Military Prison cannot get involved in the Dragon Snake Border Army.”

    Lin Xi didn’t ask why this elder wanted to leave, only nodding and giving him a serious bow of respect. “Uncle Liu, my family is in Swallow Descent Town. If you feel like it is suitable, you can first seek them out… I can promise that as long as you remain with them, even if there are cultivators more formidable than Mu Chenyun who shows up, they definitely cannot do anything to you.”

    The stooped elder examined Lin Xi closely again. Compared to before, Lin Xi already grew much taller, but his temperament was still the same as before, a bit hard for him to figure out.

    “Alright.” After a bit of hesitation, he agreed.

    It was because he knew that the enemies he provoked before, together with Mu Chenyun’s issues now, with his current abilities, it was a situation that was impossible for him to deal with alone.


    Early morning, all of the people who stayed behind in North Grain Cave Town were roused awake by some abnormal sounds. When they looked out of their windows, doors or other openings, they were directly frightened until their bodies were covered in cold sweat, completely losing all feelings of drowsiness.

    Unknowingly when, the mountain path and forest were already completely filled with black-armored soldiers.

    These black-armored soldiers’ faces were all covered in black cloth, the black armor on their bodies made of metal, covering them layer after layer like petals.

    Meanwhile, the runes that covered these armor pieces instead looked like winding snakes.

    Apart from the metal armors, the weapons these soldiers carried were all different. However, all of these black-armored soldiers were similarly stern and silent, giving off a heart palpitating iron-blooded aura.

    “Black Snake Army!”

    Many people who saw the armor on these soldiers’ bodies clutched their wide open mouths, and only then did they forcibly stop cries of alarm from sounding.

    There were more than a hundred thousand soldiers permanently stationed in the vast Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s mountains and rivers, within this region were many towers, strategic valley locations, barracks and granaries most people didn’t know about, as well as too many unknown banners the troops operated under.

    However, among these troops, there were three that were indisputably the most powerful.

    Black Snake Army, Black Dragon Army and Black Flag Army, these three divisions were the trump card armies that only took in the elites of elites in Dragon Snake Border Army.

    The first two divisions’ soldiers, despite not necessarily all being cultivators, most of them had strength that allowed them to face cultivators, their willpower, teamwork and survival ability in this Dragon Snake Mountain Range were even more so things ordinary cultivators couldn’t compare to. Even though some of them might not be able to join the ranks of cultivators, after years of sharpening, their strength and speed also broke through the limits of ordinary warriors.

    As for the Black Flag Army, it was rumored that they were completely formed from cultivators, the death gods of Dragon Snake Mountain Range.

    These three divisions were normally all extremely mysterious among the Dragon Snake Border Army, legendary existences.

    However today, they actually appeared in North Grain Cave, moreover so many of them at once… the entire Black Snake Army might have been transferred over.

    Just what exactly happened?

    While looking at the various strange weapons in those individuals hands, at the Black Snake soldiers who had an asura-like imposing presence, everyone’s minds went blank.

    Right now, there were thirteen carriages that were being rushed to Dragon Snake Border Army’s secret camp by some soldiers dressed in civilian clothes. On the carriage at the very front was a black flag with one character on each side, and nothing else.

    Several dozen li out, a row of roaming mounted soldiers was currently waiting to provide support, looking like they were facing a great enemy.