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Book 7 Chapter 16 - Everyone Has Mysteries

Immortal Devil Transformation
     Swallow Descent Town.

    Within a quiet small courtyard, Chen Feirong was currently washing some vegetables.

    She already changed into the clothes of a normal woman. Right now, it was only under the sunlight that one could see that there were a few wrinkles between her brows, some secrets of time exposed on her face.

    She washed the vegetables extremely seriously. However, because she didn’t normally do these things, compared to using a sword, she seemed a bit out of practice.

    The somewhat stooped, eyes turbid yellow, body no longer having any iron-blooded aura Uncle Liu who was no different from an elder from the street walked over, sitting down on a wooden bench at her side.

    Chen Feirong smiled in his direction, continuing to focus on washing vegetables.

    “The path of your dual wielding isn’t one of swiftness, but rather fierce and direct. You used to study in the Sword Control Sect?” Uncle Liu watched as she washed the vegetables, speaking out at this time.

    Chen Feirong released an en in acknowledgment, saying, “However, it is rumored that Sword Control Sect doesn’t have anyone who could reach the Sacred Master level, nor was there anyone who could truly control a sword.”

    “You have many secrets.” Uncle Liu nodded. He looked into her eyes, saying this seriously.

    Chen Feirong smiled sweetly, looking at Uncle Liu with an amused expression. “Don’t you similarly have many secrets? Being able to hide your cultivation and breathing to this extent, every movement made with such precision, yet you still possess that frightening mountain of corpses sea of blood aura… I fear that you can only be someone from those armies, right? Actually, I am also quite curious… someone like you, why are you roaming about outside, why would you be so idle as to sit down here to watch me wash vegetables.”

    Uncle Liu’s face sunk slightly, slowly saying, “I don’t care how many secrets you have on you, but he is different from most people of this world. I don’t wish for you to treat him as a tool for helping you reach a certain objective.”

    “Are you talking about Lin Xi?” Chen Feirong revealed a fox-like cunning smile. “He is indeed quite the excellent and interesting young man.”

    Uncle Liu’s brows suddenly furrowed. However, before he even said anything, the expression on Chen Feirong’s face instead already became serious to the point where it even left him a bit shocked.

    “You don’t need to worry… try to place yourself in my shoes.” Chen Feirong looked at him and said, “It is precisely because I have my own secrets, my objectives, this objective more important than anything in my entire life, that the one who can help me reach this objective, his life I will cherish even more than my own.”

    “You might not understand this,” Chen Feirong’s face revealed an expression of melancholy which was previously never seen before. She narrowed her eyes slightly, looking at the rising sun in the sky, and then continued slowly, “Sometimes, when what you are chasing after is too far away, yet you still can’t give it up… this thing, will unknowingly become the sole reason for living. I have witnessed Lin Xi’s ability and prospects. By accepting me, I have seen hope. That is why when he agreed for me to serve as his attendant, I truly already took him on as my master… I will assist him with everything I have, not hesitating to pay any price to do so.”

    “Also, all of you are good people.” Chen Feirong added this sentence at the very end.

    Uncle Liu’s eyelids lowered in confusion. “Good people?”

    “Being able to face life and death together… willing to provoke opponents one can’t afford to offend themselves, these are obviously good people.” Chen Feirong smiled and said.

    Uncle Liu released a sigh, his expression completely becoming soft. “Then this means you will listen to him, quietly help him guard that shop?”

    Chen Feirong nodded, saying extremely naturally, “Of course I will… With his current abilities, he could even take down those thirteen sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, able to ensure your safety, in the future, he will definitely reach a position all people have to look up to. Becoming his attendant means I only need to patiently wait.”

    When Uncle Liu heard this, he also couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile.

    Who would have thought that in just the small courtyard of a Substitute Town Supervisor, there would already be a Soul Master and a State Knight level cultivator?


    Everyone had their own secrets. Lin Xi’s body also had many secrets.

    Inside of the small courtyard’s side room filled with sunset radiance, Lin Xi who was seated on the ground slowly opened his eyes.

    “Those Black Sturgeon and Ironhead Dogfish really weren’t eaten for nothing…”

    When he opened his eyes and released a breath of turbid air, he revealed a brilliant smile.

    He had always been far more diligent than what others imagined. Because he had his redo ability, during these past few days of cultivation, he challenged the limits of life and death many times.

    No one knew that when he practiced his archery, he climbed up onto a cliff, and then leapt off the tall cliff, just to overcome his fear of standing at the edge of the cliff and when in freefall, just to polish his own will.

    Together with the help of those fishermen who caught food for cultivators bringing him a great amount of nurturing food, his cultivation was actually always increasing at an extremely fast rate.

    Before he previously headed out for North Grain Cave Town, he already sensed that his soul force showed faint signs of breaking through.

    He could feel that when his soul force flowed through his body, the surface of his entire body was jumping slightly.

    Moreover, this time, the pressure from the battle against powerful opponents also had some effects, allowing his cultivation to truly break past this critical threshold.

    Right now, his skin didn’t show any changes, but he felt countless waves moving from the inside of his skin to the surface.

    The effects of tempering the body with soul force went a step further, even his skin having this type of feeling.

    This was the ‘cleansing assault’ of soul force cultivation.

    Lin Xi knew that for a normal warrior, there was skin tempering, bone tempering and marrow tempering, these types of sayings.

    Ordinary warriors would use all types of methods to train their skin, muscles and bones’ toughness and strength. They relied on increasing their appetite, increasing the functions of their internal organs to ultimately strengthen their qi, blood and vigor, continuously increasing their strength in this way.

    However, cultivators instead went from the inside out, the process reversed.

    It was as if one was using their own spiritual world’s will force to change one’s body from the inside out.

    It began with the strengthening of soul force and blood, then continued with slowly strengthening the body from the inside out.

    For warriors, it was easiest to temper the skin and muscles, but it was opposite for cultivators, easier to begin with their internal organs. It was instead more difficult for soul force to reach the skin.

    The soul force of Soul Knights could only adjust the internal organs and blood, while Soul Expert cultivation level could already be used to shake the body, seep into the body’s skin.

    Meanwhile, the wave-like battering of ‘cleansing assault’ was precisely the clear difference between those above and those below the Soul Expert level. Once one reached the peak of Soul Expert level, attempting at the Soul Master breakthrough point, soul force would enter the body’s hairs, even one’s hairs able to sense the cleansing of soul force, becoming ‘hair penetration’.

    Lin Xi’s cultivation finally climbed above the mid stage Soul Expert level, now able to easily raise a four hundred jin stone ball.

    This world’s soul force cultivation was an extremely profound and mysterious thing.

    Once a bowl of water overflowed, it would create a whole new world.

    Once this type of cultivation accumulation reached a certain degree, it would suddenly seem like a gate was pushed open, the feeling inside and outside the body would become different. This gave Lin Xi an extremely happy feeling.

    Lin Xi sat up from the mat, but he suddenly extended his hands in front of his eyes.

    He was immediately a bit stunned.

    When the space between his right hand’s thumb and index finger was ripped apart from the North Grain Cave Town battle, even his palm grinding harshly against the sword hilt, there was quite a bit of flesh ripped off.

    Even if a cultivator’s recovery abilities were a bit stronger, and he had also applied some medicinal ointment, it should still take at least two weeks before it completely recovered.

    However, it had only been five days since he returned after the North Grain Cave Town injuries, yet he discovered that the injuries on his palm already formed scabs and came off, the wound between his thumb and index finger only having a numb and itchy feeling.

    This type of feeling was the sign of a scar about to form a scab and fall off.




    While Lin Xi stared blankly for a bit, he immediately recalled the ‘Glorious King Destroy Restraints’ cultivation diagram’s three words.[1]

    He immediately took a deep breath, closing his eyes.

    A moment later, he released a light cry in disbelief. He opened his eyes again, turning around to look at the floor behind him.

    On the ground behind him was the large wooden chest holding the ‘Daybreak’ longsword and the Divine Pear wooden bow.

    What he tried just now was perception.

    However, the moment he closed his eyes, carefully sensing everything, his surroundings became completely dark, he sensed that this Daybreak longsword was shining, as if calling out to him.

    He could actually clearly sense the Daybreak longsword’s existence in the large wooden chest!

    “This is just a bit too incredible, right?”

    Lin Xi couldn’t help but blink his own eyes, saying this to himself, mumbling this in self-mockery. Then, he closed his eyes again.

    He sensed the Daybreak longsword’s existence again. This time, he calmed down, focusing even more. His mind became even calmer, sensing that the runes on the Daybreak longsword were flickering with some type of mysterious aura.

    The large wooden chest between him and this longsword didn’t seem to exist in this world.

    However, he didn’t sense the Divine Pear Longbow and three arrows’ existences.

    “This is something special with the runes… can’t this be considered the first step to truly walking the flying sword mastery Braveslayer path?”

    Lin Xi’s eyelashes moved. He slowly opened his eyes, somewhat happy and gratified as he said this quietly to himself, as if he gained some type of enlightenment.

    “This really is strange, isn’t this mutilating myself…” Then he muttered this to himself. He opened the large wooden chest, removing the Daybreak longsword, and then made a small cut on his arm.

    Blood trickled out from that cut.

    However, unlike with normal people, the blood that flowed out of Lin Xi’s wound quickly became fine blood droplets. Moreover, the more that seeped out, the slower it flowed. Soon afterwards, there were no more fine blood droplets emerging from the wound.

    Even though Lin Xi was calling himself a freak, after making this cut, he didn’t have a hint of a joking expression on his face, instead seriously sensing the changes in himself.

    Moreover, when the blood droplets no longer came out, he already clearly sensed what was going on. He released a long breath.

    This Glorious King Destroys Restraints’ ‘healing’ really could allow less blood to flow out when injured, so the healing process of these wounds would naturally also be a bit faster.

    Only, for Lin Xi, less blood didn’t mean he wouldn’t lose blood. A single cut might result in less blood lost, but when there were many cuts, when too much blood was lost, he would still die.

    That was why the best way to go about this was obviously to still not suffer any injuries at all.

    1. Glorious King Destroys Restraints: