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Book 7 Chapter 17 - Train the Sword or Train the Hear

Immortal Devil Transformation
     The cut Mu Chenyun suffered was extremely serious, deep down to the bone.

    The Asura Soul Severing Blade was tempered repeatedly through the use of sinister beasts’ poisonous blood, able to prevent the coagulation of blood. Together with how fast he ran, he lost a lot of blood, leaving his body in an extremely weak state.

    Thirteen sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, this was enough to leave the entire Dragon Snake Border Army shaken. No one could suppress this matter.

    However, Mu Chenyun didn’t flee, instead acting as if nothing happened at all. He returned to his private residence in Deer Forest Province, calling in sick and waiting.

    It was because he was someone who worked under the empire, so as for all of the methods he used, the empire was also aware of them. That was why no matter how great the world under the sky was, he had no place to run to, his life or death would only depend on the emperor’s decree.

    He didn’t even try to ask around to find out just who it was that ruined his plans… no, ruined the plans of the one on Central Continent Imperial City’s dragon throne.

    This feeling of waiting definitely wasn’t good, this even more the case for a cultivator whose soul force already reached mid stage State Knight level.

    The entrance was desolate, sounds of horses infrequent.

    This was a blistering summer day. Outside this private residence of his, not only were there no sounds of people, even the summer cicada noises seemed to have disappeared, making this place incredibly desolate.

    Even though there didn’t seem to be anyone in the surroundings, he knew that this private residence of his had long been surrounded by many hidden individuals. These people were similarly waiting for orders from above, waiting for Central Continent Imperial City’s decree.

    Even though there were no voices, he knew that right now, everyone outside already knew that he was someone without anything down there.

    Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait that long.

    Someone with a head full of completely silver hair, lacking even a trace of impurity, head tied up in a bun walked into his private residence, walking up to his lifeless face.

    This should be an elder who was already quite old, even his brows snow-white, yet his face didn’t have the slightest wrinkle, smooth like white jade.

    Mu Chenyun’s lifeless face revealed an expression of shock. He never expected the one to appear to actually be this person. The instant he saw this silver-haired man, he already stood up as quickly as possible, completely ignoring the injury on his back as he bowed in respect. “Master Ni!”

    Not all cultivators from Yunqin came from the academies, nor were all of the academies like Green Luan Academy, divided into different departments, the teachers called lecturers or professors.

    In Yunqin’s imperial palace, there were always respected existences who were in charge of its protection, as well as helping the emperor foster cultivators.

    Ni Henian nodded his head slightly, this could be considered returning the greeting.

    Mu Chenyun took a deep breath and said, “Master, please sit.”

    “There is no need for excessive formalities.” Ni Henian gave him an indifferent look and said, “I just happened to be in Deer Forest Province, so I came on the emperor’s orders. I am going to set out soon.”

    Mu Chenyun clenched his teeth, asking with an unnaturally high pitched-voice, “How is the emperor preparing to deal with me?”

    “He still remembers your contributions, so he will give you a chance. You are to first remain in house arrest and wait for the investigation to be completed.”

    Ni Hennian looked at Mu Chenyun indifferently. After saying this, he saw the ecstasy on Mu Chenyun’s face, but then said, “Reach out your hand.”

    Mu Chenyun became a bit distracted, somewhat hesitant as he reached out his right hand.

    Ni Henian’s hand also reached out, pressing down on Mu Chenyun’s right hand.

    A terrifying aura instantly flooded this lifeless room. All of the doors and windows were instantly shattered, fragments flying out.

    The green brick under Mu Chenyun’s feet completely shattered, his body sitting down heavily. When he opened his mouth, blood was gushing out. The threads of the sewed up wound on his back all snapped, his back instantly dyed in red blood.

    The moment the jade-like hand of this Great Consecrator of the imperial court reached out, he already sensed danger, but he couldn’t avoid the other party’s seemingly slow press at all.

    However, the instant the mouthful of blood sprayed out, the wound on his back opening again, he understood extremely well that it wasn’t that the other party wished to kill him. That was because with his current injuries and his opponent’s cultivation, killing him was just a trifling task. He wouldn’t just injure his internal organs and make the injury on his back release large amounts of blood like this.

    Ni Henian retracted his hand. The air was calm and the wind was light, the hurricane-like power that shattered all of the doors and windows nowhere to be seen.

    “This is also the emperor’s will.” When he saw Mu Chenyun vomit blood, Ni Henian calmly said this. “He had you help him take care of matters, but he didn’t allow you to do other things that go against Yunqin law. Moreover, it was because you didn’t carefully investigate the people you took in that caused this defeat.”

    Mu Chenyun’s body was unsteady, but he forcibly stood back up, doing his best to adjust his own breathing. After a nod, he coldly asked, “What kind of people are the ones who attacked me… how is the emperor preparing to deal with them?”

    “It is precisely Lin Xi who solved the Silver Hook Lane Case.” Ni Henian looked at Mu Chenyun indifferently, coldly saying, “As for him… do not think that just because you don’t need to worry about your life you can touch him. The emperor and imperial princess have already made a decision regarding him. Similarly, the emperor will also give him a chance to make a choice.”

    “Lin Xi?”

    Mu Chenyun’s face immediately fell. He could no longer control some type of crazy emotion within his body, the expression on his face becoming completely malevolent. “Why? Why would the emperor and imperial princess even do all of this for a small person like him…”

    “For the emperor, no matter how great his talent and background are, he is indeed just an insignificant small figure.” Ni Henian looked at him and said, “However, the key lies in that he could be considered the imperial princess’ disciple. Moreover, he even managed to ruin this matter with his current status and cultivation. If this kind of figure grew up, and was then used by the emperor, wouldn’t he become even more dangerous?”

    “You have to understand.” Ni Henian looked at the still malicious faced Mu Chenyun and added with a calm voice, “Even that figure seated behind the heavy layers of curtains in charge of Justice Sector noticed him because of his performance, he might even decide to support and foster him. Moreover, he even has some connections with Yuhua Family. This type of person, no matter how small, how can he be looked down on?”


    The song of cicadas also filled Swallow Descent Town.

    Lin Xi followed the limestone path into another courtyard, releasing a light cough sound.

    The side room of the other courtyard opened, and then Chen Feirong dressed in ordinary housewife clothes walked out. She also released a light cough towards Lin Xi, saying, “What do you need me to do?”

    Lin Xi revealed a faint smile. “I want you to accompany me in cultivation, in sword training.”

    “Sword training?” Chen Feirong also laughed. “You want to fight against me?”

    Lin Xi nodded. “Your main weapon of cultivation is the sword, while my main weapon is also the sword. Moreover, you wield two swords, so I should be able to learn quite a few things from facing you.”

    Chen Feirong gave Lin Xi a look, saying with pursed lips, “Only sword training?”

    Lin Xi asked, “What, you’re not interested?”

    Chen Feirong shook her head and laughed. “This isn’t a matter of interest. Since I am your attendant, I will naturally do what you wish for me to do. It isn’t just sword training, even if it is something else you want me to do, I won’t refuse.”

    Lin Xi looked at her seriously, saying, “It is just sword training.”

    Chen Feirong released a pfft laugh, her smile extremely sincere. “You are indeed quite interesting.”

    Lin Xi also laughed, saying, “You are also interesting.”

    “You are very smart.” Chen Feirong became serious. “Since even Uncle Liu noticed that I have another reason for following you, there is no way you wouldn’t have noticed. Why haven’t you asked me about it yet?”

    Lin Xi’s brows furrowed as he looked at her. “Everyone will always have some secrets of their own.”

    “Just that simple?” Chen Feirong looked at Lin Xi, wanting to laugh, yet for some reason couldn’t.

    Lin Xi looked at her, a bit distressed, “Sis… I just want to do some sword training.”

    “Where are you going?”

    Chen Feirong calmed down. She looked at Lin Xi and said, “I’m returning to my room to fetch my swords.”

    Lin Xi said, “Second Grandpa Zhang and the others have a large residence in Swallow Descent Town, there is a martial hall inside. Second Grandpa Zhang is a friend of mine on this side, he is also a cultivator.”

    Chen Feirong turned around, walking back to her room, but she carried a bit of surprise as she said, “Even this kind of small place has civilian cultivators?”

    Lin Xi curled his lips, “North Grain Cave Town isn’t a small place?”

    Chen Feirong turned around, saying seriously, “It isn’t the same, that place is one where many cultivators go to carry out transactions. There are some people who, for the sake of becoming cultivators, will head there to try their luck.”


    Lin Xi and Chen Feirong stood in the martial hall that was paved with thick stone strips.

    The waxen yellow Second Grandpa Zhang closed all of the doors and windows of the martial arena, and then sat down on a red sandalwood chair in the corner.

    The martial arena was spacious, no decorations arranged here.

    Chen Feirong faced Lin Xi. She looked at the green clad, Daybreak longsword wielding Lin Xi and asked, “You don’t want to put on some armor?”

    “Not wearing armor will make it more similar to a true dangerous situation, this should instead be more beneficial towards cultivation.” Lin Xi made a ‘please’ gesture towards Chen Feirong.

    “Your way of cultivating really is a bit strange.”

    Chen Feirong said while shaking her head. With a zheng sound, a comet-like streak of white light instead already shot towards Lin Xi’s chest.

    Her sword draw couldn’t compare to Lin Xi’s Green Luan Twenty-Four Forms drawing form. However, when it was thrusted out, by borrowing the entire body’s leaping motion, her entire body shot out like an arrow, speeding up this strike.

    Compared to Green Luan’s sword drawing form that started from beneath the feet, concentrating the strength of one’s entire body in the thrust, this was entirely different.

    The power of this sword thrust couldn’t compare to Green Luan’s sword draw at all, but the speed instead became even more swift.

    Lin Xi only felt his chest become cold, not having any time to evade at all. He could only move the longsword in his hand upwards. Dang! The instant his body shook, a flash of purple light shot out, the purple sword in Chen Feirong’s left hand instead already arriving before his eyes.

    The sword energy was dazzling and piercing. Lin Xi only felt as if all of the fine hair on his entire body erupted, a wave of heat surging out from his dantian. His body immediately leaned backwards into an extremely awkward stance, but his foot also already kicked fiercely at Chen Feirong’s chin.

    A pa noise sounded. The sword hilt of Chen Feirong’s right hand struck against the sole of his foot.

    Lin Xi’s entire foot immediately became numb, his body tumbling backwards, continuously rolling on the ground.

    Chen Feirong didn’t continue to attack, holding her swords in hand as she smiled towards Lin Xi. “Did you want to do some sword training or practice somersaults?”

    Lin Xi pressed against the ground with one hand, quickly bouncing up, and then standing still, saying seriously, “Everything is cultivation.”

    Chen Feirong understood Lin Xi’s intention through his eyes, putting away her jokes, becoming serious. “You wish to sharpen your ability to face a high level cultivator as a lower level cultivator… However, it isn’t only power and speed, even the endurance of the flesh is a moat difficult to cross for lower level cultivators.” Chen Feirong gave Lin Xi’s cloth wrapped hand a look, and then said, “An impact of similar power will leave your opponent perfectly fine, but the space between your thumb and index finger will split, preventing you from holding onto your sword. That is why when a lower level cultivator wishes to win against a higher level cultivator, it is almost impossible.”

    “It is almost impossible, but that also means that there is still a chance.” Lin Xi looked at her and said, “Moreover, many times, lower level cultivators will inevitably run into higher level cultivators.”

    Chen Feirong nodded, her expression gradually becoming serious. “There is a chance. The space between your fingers might tear, but as long as the bones in your fingers haven’t snapped, you can still grip a sword… If you cannot, it is only because of the pain, because of the flesh intuitively protecting itself.”

    Lin Xi’s expression also gradually became serious, but he didn’t say anything, only listening.

    “Some people, even if several of their finger bones snap, they can still firmly grip the weapon in their hands.” Chen Feirong looked at Lin Xi, and then continued, “This is precisely willpower. When a person’s willpower is strong enough, they can overcome the pain and the body’s fear. There are many cases of Dragon Snake Border Army’s soldiers who aren’t cultivators killing cultivators, what they rely on is precisely this type of powerful will that ignores pain.”

    Lin Xi nodded, seriously saying, “Thank you… I understand.”

    Chen Feirong didn’t smile, also continuing to say with a serious voice, “However, under a situation where the difference in strength really is rather great, if a lower level cultivator wants to kill a higher level cultivator, apart from this powerful will, they might also have to rely on blood.”

    Lin Xi nodded and sighed. “When one walks along the river, sometimes, there is no way to prevent one’s shoes from getting wet, it seems like there is no way but to take the blow, and then try again…”