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Book 7 Chapter 21 - The Bottom Line That Cannot Be Seen, But Indeed Exists

Immortal Devil Transformation
     Mu Chenyun howled in pain like an aged and trapped lone wolf, not only because of the acute pain coming from his heel, but even more so because he didn’t have any chance of getting revenge on Lin Xi’s mockery.

    The blood that continuously poured out from the ruptured wound on his back and the scorching heat from his inner organs, together with the intense pain from his heel let him understand that there was no chance to flee again. After releasing a wild beast-like roar, he forcibly turned his body, a foot stepping on the ground, an elbow smashing fiercely at Jiang Xiaoyi’s head.

    Right at this time, Lin Xi already appeared in front of him.

    Lin Xi reached out a hand from his sleeves, tightly gripping a red and green-colored short staff, viciously sending it at his eyes.

    The arm Mu Chenyun originally dropped suddenly rose straight up, his palm striking at the short staff in Lin Xi’s hand.

    The explosive sound of a bamboo joint exploding suddenly rang through the darkness. The short staff in Lin Xi’s hands rubbed off the flesh on his palm, the blood making his palm and fingers completely wet. However, he instead took a step back, his eyes instead becoming brighter.

    He already sensed that Mu Chenyun’s strength was already waning, close to becoming a lamp without fuel, strength already less than Chen Feirong’s.

    His foot kicked out fiercely, kicking high into the air, also aiming at Mu Chenyun’s face.

    Mu Chenyun knew that his final moments had already arrived. He released another wild beast-like howl of pain. Both of his hands released light, wishing to forcibly tear Lin Xi in half.

    However, right at this time, his body suddenly froze, the light released from his hands also quickly growing dim.

    Jiang Xiaoyi’s body was half arched, the long black blade in his hands already planted into his abdomen, and then twisted viciously.

    At this moment, Mu Chenyun didn’t even have time to lower his head to look down. However, the ice-cold metal blade surface that stabbed into his body already allowed him to understand what happened.

    He had mid stage State Knight level cultivation, in this entire East Forest Province, there were already not many people whose cultivation levels were higher than his own. However, right now, when he faced these lower level cultivators who he originally didn’t attach any importance to, all of his strength, his everything, went up in smoke in that instant. He could only watch as that foot got closer and closer to his face. His arms already reached forward, but they were already powerless to reach out any further.


    Lin Xi’s high kick smashed heavily against his face.


    His body fell backwards. The long blade in Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands separated from his abdomen, waves of hot blood and crushed inner organs spraying out from his stomach.

    “By killing me… what benefits does it bring you all? Even I am nothing more than a small chess piece for the emperor, let alone small figures like you all.”

    Mu Chenyun fell to the ground, giving up on clutching the gaping wounds on his abdomen. He looked at Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi, starting to laugh maliciously.

    “There was someone who previously told me… to not undervalue myself. I heard what he said, and I also remembered it.” Jiang Xiaoyi looked at this Military Prison Commander’s final expression, and then the long blade in his hands was brandished once more, hacking down on Mu Chenyun’s neck.

    The sharp blade cut through flesh and bone. Mu Chenyun’s head flew, blood still shooting out from his neck like a fountain, like a dark red flower that bloomed in the air. Sometimes, even when one saw this scene themself, they would still wonder, how could there be this much blood in a person’s body.

    Lin Xi watched as Mu Chenyun’s head flew, and then dropped back down. Even though he had never been fond of this type of bloody scene, right now, he felt a type of indescribable happiness inside.

    He patted Jiang Xiaoyi’s shoulder, and then, his hand landed on the long black blade in Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands.

    Jiagn Xiaoyi suddenly turned around, looked into Lin Xi’s eyes, seemingly obtaining an answer from his gaze.

    Lin Xi nodded towards Jiang Xiaoyi in an extremely firm manner. Jiang Xiaoyi loosened his grip. Lin Xi gripped the long black blade, took a step forward, and then cut open the clothing covering Mu Chenyun’s lower body.

    It was completely empty, nothing there at all.

    He did things extremely carefully. Even now, he still had to carry out the final confirmation.

    “Mu Chenyun’s residence is extremely large, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a set of ordinary clean clothing. Burn away all of the blood-soaked clothing on your body, and then change into a new set of clothes before coming out.” After Lin Xi conducted this final verification, he didn’t return the blood-soaked long black blade to Jiang Xiaoyi, instead looking at his good friend and seriously saying, “Even if you are intercepted by others, don’t take action. Just find a random excuse. Even if you just say you couldn’t sleep, so you went for a stroll, that’s fine. You absolutely cannot admit that Mu Chenyun was killed by us, you cannot say that you killed him, and cannot say that I killed him either.”

    Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t nod, only looking straight at Lin Xi and saying, “Then what about you?”

    “I will run.” Lin Xi said. “As long as I am not caught here by them, there is nothing they can do.”

    Jiang Xiaoyi shook his head. “If we are leaving, we are leaving together. If we are running, we will run together.”

    “This time is different. This time, I am different from you all.” Lin Xi looked at Jiang Xiaoyi who said no to him for the first time. He looked into Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes, and then explained quickly in a calm manner. “You know that my status in Vice Principal Xia and others’ eyes is different, and because I was recommended to attend Green Luan Academy by the imperial princess, moreover got involved in so many matters, in the emperor’s eyes, I am different from you all. Ultimately, this time, the emperor only wished to see where I stand. That is why now that Mu Chenyun died, all of these people’s spears will be pointed at me. They will definitely do everything they can to capture me, and not necessarily care about you.”

    “It is because the emperor’s intention is to see if I will kill Mu Chenyun or not. That is why only by me entering this residence, can Mu Chenyun die. If you and I leave separately, if they seize you and you admit that you killed Mu Chenyun, that you have nothing to do with me, and then I flee, they will face the emperor’s wrath.”

    “In the end, it is still because the emperor has already felt that a small figure like me poses a threat. By making this choice, he will want to get rid of me.” A hint of cold mockery appeared on Lin Xi’s face, mocking the current emperor! “The emperor is an expert at toying with rules, he knows that the only way he can deal with me is through Yunqin law. This is the only way in which Vice Principal Xia and the others cannot dispute, as well as the place where relations with the emperor will be broken. However, his way of dealing with Mu Chenyun is also equivalent to applying a bottom line to these rules. The only proof they can obtainis by capturing me alive during this assasination, and only then can they prove Mu Chenyun was killed by me. Those Senators in court, those Imperial Censors, they will all be watching as well, because they are also scared of the emperor acting without restraint. That is why what I said before was true. Who can prove that I am Lin Xi right now? As long as you don’t admit it and I don’t admit it, unless I am directly seized tonight, even if it is the emperor, he cannot convict me of any crimes, only able to continue playing this game of rules with me.”

    “The academy also knows where the bottom line of these rules is, which is why the one who came is a Dark Priest, and not someone from the academy.”

    Jiang Xiaoyi’s arms and legs became a bit ice-cold again, he also completely understood now. Ever since Lin Xi entered this courtyard, tonight’s main character already became Lin Xi. Meanwhile, no one else had any guilt, the only one who had any guilt was Lin Xi.

    “By following me, you will be convicted as an accomplice. If you don’t follow me, nothing will happen. If you walk out in the open, others will only want to check to see if you are Lin Xi.” Lin Xi patted his shoulder again, and then said quietly, “However, you don’t need to worry… I can promise that I definitely didn’t lie to you. With my status in Vice Principal Xia and the others’ eyes, even if I am captured, it will at most be the academy taking a few steps back, at most me suffering a bit more, I definitely won’t die. Also, you’ve also witnessed my intuition a few times. If I run alone, my chances of success will definitely be much higher than running along with you.”

    Jiang Xiaoyi never doubted Lin Xi’s words before, so he didn’t have any hesitation either, a wave of hot blood surging within him. He looked at Lin Xi, nodding and saying, “You need to be a bit more careful.”

    “I’m leaving first, take care.” After saying this, Lin Xi waved his hand towards Jiang Xiaoyi, quickly leaping towards a corner of this residence.


    Mu Chenyun leapt out of the window and was then killed by Jiang Xiaoyi and Lin Xi. The two then fled separately.

    During this short period of time, Gao Gongyue who stood in the courtyard instead didn’t move at all.

    He was a true expert. Ever since a few years ago, in this entire East Forest Province, there were only two cultivators left who could make him feel apprehension. However, he knew that the other party was a true exceptional expert as well.

    The rustling noises were moving underground, it was almost as if every single noise was an ancient weapon, ready to shoot out from the ground and stab into his body.

    Even with his perception, he couldn’t tell which sounds were real and which sounds were fake.

    The expanse of dark clouds that covered the moon already floated aside, the moon bright and the stars sparse, clear and without rain. However, in Gao Gongyue’s perception, he instead felt as if he was standing under a rainy sky alone, great rain pouring all over his body. Every single drop of rain was a fatal soul weapon.

    He couldn’t sense them clearly, so he didn’t dare move, only continuously stirring on his body’s power, protecting the area three feet around himself, opening this ‘umbrella’ in the rain.

    The aura that surged from his body was incomparably terrifying. The ground beneath his body seemingly became precious stone, shining, even the air outside his body seemed to be completely rejected, the aura released from within his body forming layers of transparent crystal walls. However, his entire body already broke out into cold sweat, even his eyebrows starting to release sweat.

    He couldn’t endure this type of terrifying pressure and consumption, only able to try and be the first to take action. However, he wasn’t willing to truly face this type of terrifying opponent either. As such, Gao Gongyue spoke. “Even if you can win against me, it is still useless. You should understand clearly that… in this East Forest Province, I do not dare claim to be number one. Meanwhile, that person must take action as well. That is why there is no way Lin Xi can escape.”

    “How will we know unless we try?” The sandpaper-like hoarse voice sounded again, incredibly calm. “Moreover, this has nothing to do with me… I only need to prevent you from being able to stop him from leaving.”