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Book 7 Chapter 33 - His Hair is Fluttering

Immortal Devil Transformation
     After the Silver Matron Dragon’s meat is cooked, even though it’s flaky, having a distinctive flavor, compared to the Ironhead Dogfish’s meat, it was still a bit harder to digest. Moreover, Lin Xi would cook it with two sticks of Scarlet Hemp Tail and lichen, this Scarlet Hemp Tail seemingly not that easy to digest either.

    According to Lin Xi’s original appetite, after eating two sticks of Scarlet Hemp Tail in a day, as long as he ate fifteen jin of Silver Matron Dragon meat, it would already be enough to fill him up.

    However, during these two days, he could eat close to twenty jin of Silver Matron Dragon meat. Moreover, after a few hours of cultivation, his stomach would feel empty again, hungry to the point where he would go a bit crazy. Normally, three meals a day was already enough, yet now, he had to eat at least four meals a day.

    His injuries, together with the Radiant King Destroys Restraints, made his body need more nourishment than before.

    In just three days of time, the three Silver Matron Dragons that were more than two hundred jin of valuable fish meat were completely devoured by him.

    In just three days of time, Lin Xi could clearly sense his body’s changes. The muscles in his body became even more firm and durable, the fine rippling of his skin more and more clear.


    On the cliff beside the waterfall, Xue Wantao still didn’t leave, still watching over these two cliffs.

    Some of the woodland behind him had already been cut down, converted into a temporary army camp.

    When one looked down from his location, there were five or six boats that continuously searched about on that extremely narrow looking mountain stream.

    There was a doctor preparing medicine for him in the camp, but the bandages that he changed into still had a bit of pus and blood. Because he previously erupted in anger, throwing down rocks angrily, causing his wounds to open up again, his recovery didn’t really go as well as planned.

    The more it was like this, the harder it was for Xue Wantao to figure things out, the harder for him to remain calm. As such, the aura surging around his body would raise some dust around him from time to time, making the thin and weak yellow wildflowers in front of him tremble.

    Three Reeds Peak’s stream and pool water all gathered between the two cliffs. The water between the mountains then flowed out, becoming the source of Bridge Edge River.

    That river opening already had wooden stakes nailed in, covered in blades and steel wires, completely sealed off. The two sides of the cliff were also watched by him and elite soldiers, so even if Lin Xi was still alive, with so many people searching about on boats, he had no choice but to remain soaked underwater.

    Even if Lin Xi didn’t suffer any additional injuries from jumping off of that altitude even he didn’t dare jump from, just from his left chest’s injuries and by being immersed in water for two days straight, it was still enough to prove fatal. However, Lin Xi’s corpse was still never discovered.

    “Don’t tell me he really can just sprout wings and fly away?”

    Xue Wantao looked at a boat that was trying to approach the waterfall. He couldn’t help but start coughing again.

    The serious faced Yunqin officer was standing at the front of that boat.

    Under the paddling of more than ten strong soldiers, this large boat finally arrived at the waterfall, arriving at the deep pool underneath.

    The splashing water and vapor soaked the black armor on his body, the water then forming transparent streaks, quickly flowing down his armor. While looking at the deep pool in front of him, this Yunqin officer who had long grown accustomed to seeing blood couldn’t help but break out into a shiver.

    He didn’t see any sign of Lin Xi, but instead saw some mountain rocks that had their edges grinded smooth lying in the water like beasts.

    Previously, when he was on the cliff, he couldn’t see the water depth clearly, not daring to jump down. However now, when he saw this place clearly, he was even less willing to jump off of that cliff.

    The weight of these rocks wasn’t light, any one of them fatal if they dropped onto a cultivator. When he saw the scene in this deep pool, he already believed that there was no way Lin Xi was alive.

    However, where was Lin Xi?

    The Yunqin officer shook his head slightly, feeling an indescribable sense of defeat.


    Right now, there were many people in Yunqin who were wondering where Lin Xi was, to the extent where a black-robed lecturer from Green Luan Academy already left Dragon Snake Mountain Range, heading towards Three Reeds Peak.

    However, no one thought that Lin Xi would actually be leisurely fishing.

    He knew that it would take at least ten days before those outside would completely give up, so he patiently cultivated here for a week.

    The seven stalks of Scarlet Hemp Tails were still enough for him to cultivate for three or four days of time, but he didn’t wrong his stomach either.

    His left hand’s movement was already unrestrained, so he used the Silver Matron Dragon’s bones as fish hooks and the tree roots inside to arrange the hooks by the rocky shoal.

    When plump fish bit from time to time, they would be flung ashore by Lin Xi.

    Lin Xi used the fish meat to cook soup, while the scales and innards were tossed into the cave.

    When those fat water rats were drawn by the fishy smell, discovering that Lin Xi didn’t pay them much attention, after enjoying these things that they found quite delectable, these fat water rats became more bold, starting to feel like Lin Xi wasn’t all that scary. It was to the extent where they were drawn in by the fragrance wafting out from the stone room, starting to eye the food in the stone room.

    However, after the most daring dozen of their companions instead became bait on the rocky shoals, these fat water rats also finally understood that even though Lin Xi wasn’t that interested in them, it didn’t mean that he would let them act as they pleased. As such, the inner cave and outer quarry seemed to have developed an invisible boundary. These fat water rats normally enjoyed the fish scales and innards Lin Xi threw over, but they didn’t dare take a step out.

    The previous fish hooks were collected by Lin Xi.

    The dozen water rats were pulled by the fishing thread made from tree root skin, tied to the stone stake previously used to anchor a boat. These rats frantically ran about, but when they discovered that they couldn’t escape the fishing thread, after using up all of their energy, the dozen water rats that were daring enough to rush into Lin Xi’s stone room were curled up into a pile by the rocky shoals.

    A large silvery-white fish swam over from the dark water.

    When it smelled the familiar water rat smell, and then saw the dozen water rats by the stone shoal, this Silver Matron Dragon immediately couldn’t suppress its greed. Its tail smacked about in the water, and then it separated from it, jumping onto the rocky shoals.

    The water behind the Silver Matron Dragon was a bit deeper, within the waters was a Silver Matron Dragon that was even a bit larger than this one. This larger Silver Matron Dragon was precisely the one that escaped from Lin Xi last time. Even though it was also drooling with desire, the past encounter made it feel like this place was dangerous, so it didn’t dare immediately come up.

    However, when the Silver Matron Dragon in front of it smacked the water and leapt out, it couldn’t hold back either. As if it completely forgot the past feeling of danger, with a loud splash noise, it instead rushed out of the water even more recklessly, even charging ahead of that other Silver Matron Dragon.

    This was another sadness of the world. Originally, one would already have plans made, but when they see others do something, they would completely forget their previous plans because of greed.

    Two Silver Matron Dragons rushed out one in front of the other, water splashing everywhere as they landed on the ground.

    The slightly larger Silver Matron Dragon opened its large mouth first, devouring the dozen fat water rats with a single gulp, immediately feeling extremely satisfied.

    However, right at this time, a streak of black light descended from the distance. With a chi sound, it pierced through the body of the Silver Matron Dragon beside it. Then, with a dang noise, the sound of a heavy rock falling could be heard, firmly nailing that Silver Matron Dragon to the ground.

    This Silver Matron Dragon finally recalled the terror of what it previously thought, frantically wishing to jump back into water, but it discovered instead that it was firmly grasped by a wave of power.

    This wave of power came from its abdomen, from the dozen fishing lines bound to the stone stake.

    Even now, it still wasn’t willing to spit the food it ingested back out, still wishing to snap the dozen sturdy fishing threads. As such, its body landed on the ground heavily.

    Lin Xi appeared at its side, pulled out the long black blade from the ground, and then pierced through its body.


    The Scarlet Hemp Tails the White Cloud Monastery daoists used to stew chicken were finally all stewed up by Lin Xi. Before the two Silver Matron Dragons’ fish meat was completely used up, Lin Xi heard sounds of ropes snapping.

    A fishing thread was snapped by a large fish.

    Lin Xi’s arms both moved as if by a conditioned reflex, the hemp rope holding the two small boards also snapping, causing the boards to fall from his wrist.

    He stared blankly, wishing to reach out his right hand and try to grab that black long blade. However, when he reached out his right hand, he felt like he shouldn’t really try, and as such, he first placed his right hand before his eyes, moving his right hand’s fingers.

    Then, he heard a light blossoming noise only he could hear. He turned his head around in shock, looking towards his left chest.

    There was a patch of scabs that cracked slightly. The skin underneath was glossy like new.

    Then, he felt that there seemed to be wind that blew the fine hairs on his skin, blowing the hair on his head.

    However, there was no wind right now. This type of feeling came completely from within him.

    As such, he was even more pleasantly surprised. He sat down by the Dragon Light Quarry’s stone stake, sensing this type of aura, moreover starting to think about cultivation matters.

    Without thinking for a long time, he stood back up. Then, he carried a large rock and walked down from the stone shoals, entering the pitch-black waters.

    Only when he really couldn’t hold his breath anymore, continuously choking on water, truly threatened by the fear of death, did he inwardly shout ‘return’.

    Meditation cultivation… Green Luan Twenty-Four Forms… Glorious King Destroys Restraints… in the boundless underworld’s dark waters, he tempered his mind with the true danger of death…

    He lost track of how long he continued this kind of cultivation for. The two Silver Matron Dragons’ meat was completely eaten by him, the fish he previously caught from angling was all roasted and eaten as well. Then, Lin Xi finally stopped.

    There was still no wind in the cave, but his hair that was already rather messy instead slowly fluttered up.

    Under a strange rippling, the bit of filth and dust between his dry and knotted hair was shook off. There was a faint radiance that traveled from his body to his hair.

    He smiled with joy.

    Then, he suddenly felt like he didn’t want to stay here anymore. Thus, he didn’t care that there was a pot of ordinary fish soup that was still being cooked, he didn’t care that there was still a charcoal flame going, instead, he directly entered the waters with the black long blade in hand, leaving this past quarry and not turning back.