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Book 7 Chapter 37 - A Killing Without Any Aesthetics

Immortal Devil Transformation
     The fluttering green umbrella drew Xue Wantao’s attention.

    The pain coming from his crippled palm scattered his attention.

    However, Lin Xi didn’t stop.

    The instant he seized the light green longsword that was pulled back with the sturdy old cloth, he struck out again. This time, he didn’t use Green Luan’s tyrannical sword drawing form, instead using Chen Feirong’s swift charging sword form.

    The green umbrella was blown by the wind produced by his movements, flying over Xue Wantao’s head.

    His figure instantly charged straight at Xue Wantao, sword radiance scattering out. Xue Wantao wasn’t able to seize the best timing. Even at his peak, when facing this sword that already approached his chest, he still didn’t have time to evade at all, he could only face it head-on.

    The light green sword’s radiance scattered down. Xue Wantao’s snow-white face’s blood vessels seemed to be turning green. He just couldn’t figure out why even though the other party was previously surrounded and attacked from all sides, cultivation clearly much weaker than his own, from the very beginning, when he faced Lin Xi, he was always at a disadvantage. This was especially right now, when he could feel death encroaching. However, he naturally wasn’t willing to just die like that.

    As such, he took another half step back, buying a bit of time for himself. Then, his dagger was held in a reverse grip, wishing to slide towards the longsword in Lin Xi’s hand. He didn’t want to clash head-on, instead wishing to use this technique to fish the longsword out of his hand.

    Right now, reaction speed and experience were the things he could rely on.

    However, Lin Xi seemed to have already anticipated his thoughts. The instant before the emerald green dagger made contact with Lin Xi’s longsword, Lin Xi’s figure suddenly crouched down, all of his strength and weight pressed against the longsword in his hand.

    With Xue Wantao’s cultivation, even with Lin Xi’s full strength and body weight, he could still force Lin Xi back. However, the moment the two swords crossed, sparks flying between the blades, his chest released pain.

    The strength he needed to face Lin Xi leaked out.


    The noise of blades meeting sounded. The longsword in Lin Xi’s hands drew an arc, and then immediately went straight for him. His body seemed to be nailed to the ground, but Xue Wantao was instead forced back.

    The green umbrella in the sky was still fluttering about.

    Xue Wantao could feel his chest’s dampness becoming greater.

    Right now, Xue Wantao didn’t even know whether he should give the green umbrella above him a look or if he should look at his own chest.

    Lin Xi’s figure leapt forward again, thrusting out with his sword. The bottom of his cloth shoes was torn apart because of the force his ten toes exerted. He felt all of his body’s muscles go taut, as if they would snap if they were pulled just a bit more. However, he had never felt his body having so much strength before.

    He killed that damned Mu Chenyun, got revenge for Wang Simin and the dozens of sets of white bones on Death Hanging Island. This made him feel extremely happy.

    He fled after being surrounded by so many people, discovered Dragon Light Quarry and experienced the taste of Scarlet Hemp Tails used by the past White Cloud Monastery daoists in stewing chicken. This made him feel extremely happy.

    He broke through mid stage Soul Expert level to late stage Soul Expert level, able to make his hair fly about even without any wind. This made him feel extremely happy.

    When he left the mountain and saw how happy that ordinary middle-aged woman was when she received the orchids he gifted her, he also felt extremely happy.

    Right now, being able to get revenge for being forced to jump off a cliff to his heart’s content also filled him with happiness.

    These things all made him feel happier and more powerful than ever before. His condition reached an unprecedented peak.


    Xue Wantao actually couldn’t avoid Lin Xi’s direct sword thrust. The dagger in his hands could only stop Lin Xi’s longsword when it was about to reach his face.


    The two individuals’ feet also smashed together at almost the same time.

    A blast of energy erupted between the two. Lin Xi’s figure swayed. When he looked like he couldn’t stand still anymore, with the support of a single hand, he did a pretty somersault and stabilized himself.

    Xue Wantao didn’t step backwards, but his head dropped down.

    There were drops of soybean-sized blood that trickled out like dew on his chest’s bandages.

    The large green umbrella that was already fluttering down between his and Lin Xi’s head was instead sent back into the air by the gust of wind produced from their clash.

    Lin Xi didn’t use any tricks, his feet stepping onto the ground heavily, he once again charged out with a tyrannical stance, going for Xue Wantao’s neck.

    Xue Wantao leaned to the side, this blade flying past his left shoulder. However, before he could seize this opportunity of the sword missing, Lin Xi’s entire body also already arrived at his side. The longsword in his hands already assumed another blade form, flying towards his back.

    This was An Keyi’s blade technique.

    With Lin Xi’s current stance, this blade also silently had An Keyi’s peerless speed.

    Xue Wantao didn’t have time to turn around. When Lin Xi’s sword already cut through his clothes, his hand turned. The emerald green dagger stuck to his own skin as it blocked the edge of Lin Xi’s blade.


    The sound of metal striking sounded again.

    Xue Wantao’s blade was still absolutely wonderful, but the power of Lin Xi’s strike was still like a torrent, ruthlessly smashing into his body.

    Xue Wantao’s body flew forward, an extremely miserable scream sounding.

    Blood gushed out from his mouth.

    The bandages covering his chest were trickling with blood, the bandages on his left hand also dripping blood.

    Xiao Tieleng couldn’t help but take a step forward.

    He didn’t have much friendship with Xue Wantao, but Xue Wantao was a Yunqin cultivator. That was why this step was because of his absolute loyalty towards the empire and his inward unwillingness.

    A trace of black color appeared before his eyes.

    When he took a step forward, Green Luan Academy’s black robed-lecturer Guo Fangying also took a step forward, stepping right in front of him.

    Guo Fangying didn’t say anything. However, all of the officials here were given a fright, no one daring to take another step.


    Xue Wantao landed on the ground, kneeling down on a single knee, coughing out another mouthful of blood.

    This was only a first year Green Luan Academy student… yet he actually had this type of fighting strength, this many methods… At this time, he finally understood why even the one on Central Continent Imperial City’s dragon throne would pay attention to someone of as low status as Lin Xi, to force Lin Xi to make a choice.

    As each drop of blood flowed out, his strength also trickled away bit by bit.

    He knew that if he continued to take on Lin Xi’s blade, even if Lin Xi’s blade didn’t land on his body again, slowly but surely, his blood would completely flow out.

    However, he still refused to believe he couldn’t kill Lin Xi.

    A wild beast-like, life risking roar sounded from his throat. He converted the pain from his crippled palm and chest into the power to risk it all, not holding anything back as he erupted with all of the soul force within his dantian.

    A wave of powerful energy surged from his body.

    The emerald green dagger in his hand surged with sword radiance, the dagger becoming almost the length of a normal sword, becoming incredibly dazzling and brilliant.

    A chi sounded. This sword pierced through the air, stabbing towards Lin Xi’s throat.

    Lin Xi already rushed out, his Daybreak longsword already continuing forward, directly hacking towards the dagger in Xue Wantao’s hand.

    Right when he saw that the two swords were about to cross, Xue Wantao’s face produced an ice-cold expression of mockery.

    “This is what you taught me…”

    The moment he spoke, the emerald green dagger already left his hand, flying at Lin Xi’s face.

    His crippled left palm instead already moved, facing Lin Xi’s light green longsword.

    At the same time, his right heel smashed into the ground heavily.

    He only had mid stage Soul Master level cultivation, his soul force unable to move the vital energy of the world around him and store it in a sword’s runes for a long time. That was why the instant the emerald green dagger left his hands, the radiance already grew dim, becoming like an arrow.

    However, when his right heel dug heavily into the ground, his right leg’s gray boots also split apart, a streak of blue radiance shooting out.

    This was a pinky length fine blue needle.

    This was also his true final murderous blow.

    The longsword in Lin Xi’s hand stabbed through his crippled left hand, causing even more blood to fly out, making the faces of the spectators on the side go even more pale. However, his smile instead became even more ice-cold, filled with mockery.

    Using his flesh to stop the movements of the other party’s blade, buying time to deliver a winning blow, this was what Lin Xi taught him.

    Even if it was a similar level Soul Master, they definitely wouldn’t expect him to have this type of final move. They definitely wouldn’t be able to avoid his true final strike.

    “Just die!”

    When he spoke, he finally felt a feeling of happiness towards Lin Xi he had never felt towards him before.

    However, right at this time, his body went rigid, releasing an unprecedented shrill scream.

    It all happened in that instant.

    When Lin Xi’s longsword had just stabbed through his palm, Lin Xi’s left leg moved sideways without any reason, assuming a stance of a dog urinating, lacking all aesthetic perception.

    No cultivators would ever make this type of movement. When thrusting out, when this type of stance was assumed, it would be hard for him to stand still, difficult to exert strength.

    However, it was precisely this type of unreasonable and disgraceful movement that made Xue Wantao’s emerald green dagger fly past Lin Xi’s cheek, drawing out a faint line of blood across his face. The blue radiance that shot out from his right leg’s shoes instead flew between Lin Xi’s legs. With a bo sound, it nailed itself into a wooden pillar in a hall behind him, even the tail of the needle disappearing inside.

    Xue Wantao’s shrill cry wasn’t because of pain, but because of despair, because he just couldn’t believe what was happening!

    Lin Xi indeed couldn’t stand steadily from this stance, unable to exert force. However, the longsword in his hand still pressed forward, spinning. After twisting out a bloody hole in Xue Wantao’s crippled palm, it also stabbed into Xue Wantao’s chest once more, stabbing into his wound that already reopened.

    Xue Wantao’s right hand also fell, grabbing Lin Xi’s sword.

    Lin Xi’s left leg that flew into the air also descended. He exerted force again, the longsword moving through Xue Wantao’s hands, stabbing through his back, causing a blast of blood to gush out.

    Lin Xi’s body also moved forward with the longsword, almost sticking to Xue Wantao’s body.

    “How is this possible… how were you able to avoid it?”

    Xue Wantao's right hand that gripped the sword loosened. He used the last of his strength to absent-mindedly ask this.

    “Because I am the same type of person as Principal Zhang… The first time, I indeed couldn’t avoid it.” Lin Xi twisted the sword, pulled it out and then stepped backwards. At the same time, he quietly said this by Xue Wantao’s ears with a voice only the two of them could hear.

    Xue Wantao fell backwards, his head facing the sky.

    He only felt shock and confusion… because he still didn’t understand Lin Xi’s words.

    He only saw the green umbrella that was currently fluttering down. He loathed and hated this green umbrella, yet he couldn’t even do anything about this umbrella that was always like a shadow hanging over his head, only able to watch as it covered the last bit of the sky before him, his last bit of vision.

    Xue Wantao landed heavily on the ground, releasing his last breath of air.

    The green umbrella descended. Lin Xi caught it, sheathing the sword back into the umbrella.