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Book 7 Chapter 38 - Starting From Tonight, You All Are No Longer Secrets

Immortal Devil Transformation
     The waterfall was too high, streaks of water drawn into white lines, looking like streaks of long beards.

    That was why Three Reeds Peak’s waterfall was called Dragon Tassel Falls.

    In the evening, Green Luan Academy’s black-robed lecturer Guo Fangying stood at the slippery cliff edge, looking at that jade-colored deep pool below the waterfall that seemed as small as a mine entrance, inwardly thinking that this really was quite high. A student like this really was worth himself and many people coming here.

    “After you jumped from here, how did you spend the last two weeks?”

    He turned around, his back facing the precipice and waterfall, not scared of slipping in the slightest as he looked at Lin Xi and asked.

    Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan at Lin Xi’s side also turned around to look at Lin Xi, also wishing to know this answer.

    “The White Cloud Monastery and Dragon Light Tower in these mountains were indeed made from the mountain stone here.” Lin Xi pointed at the cave below, the corners of his lip curling up as he said, “There are quarries inside, but the waterway inside is now covered by the current water level, impossible to see from the outside.”

    “My luck was indeed not bad.” When he saw Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan who suddenly realized what happened, the corners of Lin Xi’s eyes curled up, adding this.

    The black-robed Guo Fangying who carried an arrogance unique to Heaven Ascension Mountain Range and the Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s iron-blooded aura instead shook his head. “This world has never had any so-called luck… The so-called luck is actually a type of inevitable result. Without being able to injure Xue Wantao, without the courage to jump down, all of the so-called luck doesn’t have any chance of happening.”

    “Some unexpected things happened that night.” When Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan began to ponder over the meanings of his words, Guo Fangying then added this line.

    This line seemed extremely abrupt, leaving even Lin Xi a bit stunned. “That night?”

    “The night you all killed Mu Chenyun.”

    Because there were only four people here, there was no need for any superficiality. Guo Fangying gave Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi a look. “For cultivators, killing isn’t anything special, all that matters is whether the consequences of killing can be endured.”

    “Behind cultivators, there might be masters, other formidable cultivators or influential officials who use them.”

    “Our academy will naturally do our best to protect students worth protecting, naturally, we will do our best to allow you all to leave safely after killing Mu Chenyun. However, some unexpected things instead appeared that night, a cultivator the academy didn’t expect to see appeared. That is why you originally didn’t need to jump down this Three Reeds Peak, should already be able to flee back into the provincial capital.”

    Guo Fangying calmly looked at Lin Xi, saying, “The academy’s calculations weren’t wrong, only, no one can guarantee that there won’t be side issues that grow out of control.”

    Lin Xi obviously understood these things, nor would he feel any dissatisfaction towards Green Luan Academy because he encountered danger himself. He nodded. “Has anything happened to the people on our side?”

    Guo Fangying looked at him and said, “There are some injured, but no deaths.”

    Lin Xi thought for a bit and asked, “That Dark Priest, who exactly is he?”

    Guo Fangying calmly explained, “Someone like you all. If you all killed Mu Chenyun and were deemed guilty, and then you all continued to kill those you feel should die… you would become someone like that, disregarding all laws of the world, only carrying out one’s own righteousness in the darkness.”

    Lin Xi was a bit speechless. He seriously said, “Quite liberating, but also rather bitter… I encountered a sword master and a zither master, which one was on our side?”

    Guo Fangying shook his head. “Neither of them were from us.”

    Lin Xi was stunned. “But I clearly saw them face each other.”

    “It wasn’t just that sword master and zither master, back then, there was another powerful archer in the bamboo forest who was also a cultivator from the zither master’s side.” Guo Fangying looked at Lin Xi and said, “That sword master is Ye Wangqing, East Forest Province’s number one sword master, this time, he wished to stop you. I do not know that zither master and archer’s identities, we only knew of their arrival. There were people in the dark who were paying attention to them as well, but they never expected that they wanted to help you, not stop you. Moreover, we didn’t expect that these two really could deal with Ye Wangqing.”

    “Not even the academy knows?”

    Lin Xi became even more shocked. He, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan all understood extremely clearly that Green Luan Academy’s true power definitely didn’t lie in their cultivators on the surface, but rather the hidden and unknown power beneath. Cultivators whose identities not even Green Luan Academy could find out, their backgrounds were definitely not simple.

    “They should be from one of those figures in Imperial City.” Guo Fangying’s face produced a hint of mockery. “The emperor is definitely furious.”

    In Yunqin, only Green Luan Academy and those figures behind heavy layers of curtains in Imperial City dared go against the emperor’s will. Moreover, the more it was someone like this, the more it would leave the emperor furious. It was because these people were those the emperor always had to face head-on and feel apprehension towards during the past few years, yet he couldn't do anything against them.

    Lin Xi laughed and asked, “Who did Xue Wantao work under?”

    “It isn’t a hundred percent confirmed, but there is a high chance of him being someone from Judicial Sector’s Xu Family.”

    “Xu Family?” Lin Xi’s brows furrowed. “I don’t really have much of a grudge with them, right?”

    Guo Fangying had a bit of a ridiculing expression on his face. “Xu Family has a young master named Xu Zhenyan, also a Green Luan Academy student. In the past few days, Xu Family just asked for Qin Family’s hand in marriage, but was directly rejected.”

    “Cough… cough…” Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan both couldn’t help but lightly cough a few times, both of them taking joy in Lin Xi’s disaster.

    Lin Xi’s face became bitter. “Qin Xiyue?”

    When he saw Guo Fangying nod, he explained with even greater distress, “There isn’t really much between me and her…”

    Guo Fangying seriously said, “I believe you.”

    Lin Xi was helpless and speechless.

    It was because he also understood clearly that it didn’t matter how much Guo Fangying believed him, the key was still in whether Xu Family believed or not.

    “Just because of this, they want me dead?” However, at the same time, he felt a bit angry. “This Xu Family thinks of themselves as this amazing?”

    “Xu Family has Jiang Family behind them, while Jiang Family is one of the nine ancient families.” Guo Fangying gave Lin Xi a look and explained, “What those senators behind the layers of curtains need to consider is different from us. They will place emphasis on nurturing some people, and also try to eliminate people who might have significant impact on the people they have chosen.”

    Lin Xi frowned. “I don’t care. Xu Family wishes to go against me, so I am going to go against them.”

    “You understand the game’s rules well, at the very least, your performance on this matter was far above what Vice Principal Xia anticipated.” Guo Fangying didn’t reply to what Lin Xi just said, only calmly saying, “Only, you are still too young, your cultivation, compared to Ye Wangqing and people on Xu Family’s level is still not enough. In your handling of this matter, there was still an extremely serious area of error and negligence.”

    “Which area?” Lin Xi stared blankly. He exchanged a look with Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan.

    “Even if you are sure Xue Wantao will definitely want you dead, even without forcing him into a duel, you can still find other ways to kill him.” Guo Fangying looked at Lin Xi and said, “The academy didn’t tell me too much about matters relating to you, but for your injuries to heal this quickly, moreover without even a scar left… I already know that you are related to a certain powerful inheritance of the academy. I also know that because of this, there will be others who will also become aware of this fact. Xu Family and even the emperor, when they deal with you, they will definitely be restricted by law, but for some powers and enemy countries, there are no such restrictions.”

    “That is why after this night, you all have officially appeared before the eyes of many people, no longer remaining a secret.”

    The aura around Guo Fangying’s body trembled slightly, scattering all of the water droplets and moisture on his body. “I know that you want to completely whittle away at Xue Wantao’s fighting spirit and mind, but not even ten Xue Wantaos are worth you all officially appearing in the world… Your appearances really are a bit too early, especially yours… Lin Xi, your inheritance will make many cultivators, especially many great cultivators of enemy countries come seek you out without regard for the price that needs to be paid.”

    After a slight pause, Guo Fangying gave Lin Xi who couldn’t really bring himself to smile a look, saying with an even more serious voice, “Do you all feel like most of Green Luan Academy lecturers’ appearances are too ordinary, some even looking plain… like ordinary peasants, not all that outstanding?”

    Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan exchanged another look, not knowing what the meaning behind Guo Fangying’s words was. He didn’t dare make any comments about the appearances of the lecturers and professors either, and as such, the three only remained silent.

    “Even though cultivators are few, each year, with the birth of many newborns, many cultivators would emerge in this world.”

    Guo Fangying raised his head slightly towards the sky, slowly saying, “Each year, there will also be many cultivators who die… Cultivators, compared to ordinary people, die even more easily. Only few cultivators could continue walking for a long time, becoming the powerful existences that this world’s people look upon. Most of the time, those dazzling and brilliant people have an even higher chance of dying. It is instead ordinary cultivators like us, cultivators who don’t seem all that pretty or handsome, who can last a bit longer.”

    There were water droplets that scattered on Lin Xi’s face. He wiped his face, and then said with a bitter smile, “These words really aren’t funny.”

    Guo Fangying nodded. “They are indeed not funny.”

    Lin Xi bowed slightly towards Guo Fangying and said, “Many thanks to teacher for your guidance. In the future, I will pay more attention to my way of doing things… I wonder if teacher has anything else to teach us?”

    “Xue Wantao’s weapon is Immortal Academy’s Green Wasp Needle, fired through soul force and stomping strength. Apart from one’s own soul force, the greater the strength used in the stomp, the greater the power released through the inner mechanisms. As for other things…” Guo Fangying thought for a bit and said, “Neither the emperor nor the academy wish for you to stay in one place for too long. That is why you can make some preparations. According to my judgment, there is a high chance that you will be sent to the Dragon Snake Border Army.”


    In Central Continent Imperial City, the atmosphere was calm. Voices of happiness could be heard.

    In a study, Yunqin Emperor’s hand landed on the golden silk redwood desk.

    Pa! A light noise sounded. Countless cracks suddenly appeared on the desk, extending to the leg of the desk.

    Chi… chi… Light noises sounded. The table seemed to have steam rushing out, the table and its legs all splitting into countless fine wooden splinters. Even the document on the table exploded to pieces.

    The golden floor tile also produced cracks. With a hong noise, a blast of heat erupted from the ground, releasing brick fragments. Then, the surface returned to normal. However, Yunqin emperor’s hand instead suddenly trembled slightly.

    “Who is it?”

    He took a deep breath, quietly saying this with a stern voice into the spacious study.

    His wrath wasn’t because of Lin Xi’s choice. For him, a first year Green Luan Academy student like Lin Xi was only worth him slightly expressing some intent, this was already enough. What left him furious was… those cultivators not even Green Luan Academy knew the backgrounds of. Those cultivators who stood against him were individuals not even he knew the origins of, yet what he was sure of was that they were Yunqin cultivators!