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Chapter 290 - Naw, Don’t Be Angry

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 290: Naw, Don’t Be Angry

    Ning Meng raised her head and looked toward the stage.

    The host had left the stage after announcing that they have gone live online. Searching among the crowd of participants, she found God. It was his first time in a tournament, and he seemed nervous. Nevertheless, some people were born to adapt to competitions, and God recomposed himself rather quickly.

    The competition started with twenty teams parachuting at the same time, and God brought his other three teammates to land in P City. Lu Jiahao who was sitting in front of Ning Meng turned around and laughed, “P City? Hehe, what a coincidence! I wonder how many people would choose to land in P City?”

    Ning Meng did not respond as she was quite nervous. What she could see was that at least four teams had landed in the same place, but no matter, she believed in God!

    Lu Jiahao chuckled. “Newbies will be newbies. They don’t even have any experience, let’s see how you guys will handle this!”

    He turned back to the front. “Fifteen million at stake here~”


    She raised her hand and was about to pat his shoulders, but she remembered Huo Beichen’s rule. She looked around and finally found a placard next to her to pat his shoulders with. Lu Jiahao turned around and Ning Meng smiled slightly. “Have you heard of the term “big mouth”? I think your mouth is as big as a giant bowl now!”

    After Lu Jiahao was insulted about having a big mouth, he angrily exclaimed, “Don’t you dare insult me here. There is no such rule that I can’t talk quietly talk!”

    Ning Meng sighed.

    Lu Jiahao asked her reluctantly, “Why are you sighing?”

    Ning Meng replied, “Sigh, God was supposed to be the rightful heir apparent to the Lu family, but now, he has to go through the trouble of claiming this title in an E-Sports competition. What was that saying again? When the tiger does something…?”

    Lu Jiahao smoothly continued, “When the tiger comes down from the mountain, they will be bullied by the dogs!”

    Ning Meng laughed. “That’s right!”


    Seeing that Ning Meng did not elaborate any further, he hesitated to turn back to the front. After about two minutes, God led his team to eliminate the other four teams while losing one of his teammates in the process. When they had escaped P City, a sudden realization dawned upon Lu Jiahao.

    He mumbled a “f*ck” under his breath and turned around.

    “You b*tch… You insulted me and called me a dog?!”

    Huo Beichen raised his brow when he heard the words “you b*tch”. He was about to burst out in anger when he saw Ning Meng hold her chin, not seeming to mind his cursing.

    “Oh, did I? You said that sentence out loud yourself, didn’t you? It looks like you know yourself too well!”


    Flushed red upon hearing this, he was about to loudly scold her back when Ning Meng put her finger against her lips and hushed him.

    “This is a competition arena, you’ve gotta talk softly, you know~”

    Lu Jiahao was used to scolding people in full blast mode with those few curse words, but since he had to suppress his voice, he could only curse “you bloody b*tch” quietly and this made him feel as though he had not managed to let anything out at all. He was silenced and could not continue to scold any further, all he could do was to look straight at Ning Meng while trembling in anger.

    Ning Meng fanned the flames even more when she gave a mock magnanimous look. “Naw, don’t be angry. No one cares when you’re angry, it would just hurt your body and your heart. Why would you want to do that to yourself!”


    This was the first time he had been insulted to the point that he was doubting humanity! He drew in a few deep breaths before turning back to the front and continued to watch the match. It was at this time that God and his other two surviving teammates bumped into ET at the bridge!

    Lu Jiahao’s eyes sparkled with hope at that moment, and he turned again to look at Ning Meng maliciously.

    “Mrs. Huo, you’re about to witness what it really means to be the sniper god! I will let God know that this game does not suit him at all!”