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Chapter 278 - If Not the Face, Where Else Should I Hit?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 278: If Not the Face, Where Else Should I Hit?

    Crocodile was curious. “Boss, where are you going?”

    Lightning smiled and followed Tang Jinyu immediately.

    Crocodile was confused but he followed as well.

    Feng Yi frowned but he followed them too!

    Everyone else in the surveillance room was confused too.

    They wanted to follow but they were working!

    Fortunately, someone had some sense and immediately expressed themselves, “Don’t you think our boss is going to look for Big Sister Qi?”


    “Is he not?”

    “We’ll find out in a while,” someone smiled. “Look at Big Sister Qi!”

    They were all drawn back to Jian Qi on the monitor.

    Meanwhile, the people around Jian Qi and Li Yibo were watching them fight each other.

    Jian Qi was not at all merciful. Her punches were sharp and powerful, and they went straight for Li Yibo’s face.

    When she punched his face, she immediately gave him another kick.

    Li Yibo dodged her first punch and tried to attack her but she immediately gave him another punch.

    Li Yibo could not dodge the second punch and it landed on his face. His mouth was then filled with blood.

    He steadied himself, tilted his head and spit out a mouthful of blood. He lifted his hand and wiped off the remaining blood stain on the corner of his lips. He shuddered.

    “Not bad!” Li Yibo grinned, moving his wound in the process. However, he did not feel pain at all. That punch was more of a challenge.

    He thought that he would finish her very soon, yet he was wounded by her!

    Jian Qi grinned back at him. “How could I fight Sir if I don’t have a hand?

    Li Yibo sneered. “Just a small compliment and you’re proud again!”

    Li Yibo then attacked her again. But this time, he was clearly even more serious than before.

    Because after that punch, he knew that this girl was far more powerful than he thought!

    Since he wanted to teach her a lesson, he should bring out his all!

    If not, he would be humiliated if he were to lose to the same girl twice!

    It would be an ultimate disgrace!

    The veterans were cheering for Jian Qi after seeing that punch, “Bravo, Big Sister Qi!”

    “Big Sister Qi, good luck!”

    Lu Yao was standing at the side watching Jian Qi. Yesterday, when she was fighting one of the veterans, he knew that she had something in her.

    But it did not force her to show all that she was capable of. However, this simple hand-to-hand combat had shown him a better version of Jian Qi!

    Even though Jian Qi was really good, Li Yibo was not bad at all too!

    After a few rounds, they were both equally injured. Jian Qi gave him a kick and Li Yibo was punched in the face again.

    Everyone noticed it as well. This girl always attacked people’s faces!

    After the third punch landed on Li Yibo’s face, he was furious. “Do you know that you shouldn’t punch someone in the face when you fight?”

    Jian Qi shook her hand that was kicked by Li Yibo. Her smile was bloodthirsty. “I fought you just to punch your face today. If not the face, where else should I hit?”

    Everyone. “…”

    This girl was wildly arrogant!