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Chapter 279 - Mighty Big Sister Qi!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 279: Mighty Big Sister Qi!

    Li Yibo sneered. He attacked her again.

    This girl had been too wild.

    Li Yibo’s punches and movement were swift. He threw his punch at Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi became serious. She blocked his attack with her hands and then she went for a kick on his chest.

    Li Yibo raised his other hand and grabbed her leg that was kicking toward his chest. He grabbed her other hand and was going to kick her to the ground.

    Everyone was worried for Jian Qi. Even the veterans who were sitting on the ground could not watch as they covered their eyes with their hands.

    However, while everyone was worried for Jian Qi, surprisingly she lifted her other leg and kicked Li Yibo in the face.

    Li Yibo dodged the kick and at the same time loosened his grip.

    At that moment, Jian Qi withdrew her leg that was grabbed by Li Yibo. She then locked his neck with her legs and smashed him to the ground.

    Li Yibo raised his arms and pulled Jian Qi’s legs apart. He turned and locked her legs in place.

    Jian Qi knew what he was up to. She immediately moved one of her legs and kicked Li Yibo in the face.

    At the same time, she freed her hands from Li Yibo’s clutches.

    Li Yibo did not have time to dodge her kick but he instantly gave her a kick too.

    They were both kicked by each other and were knocked back at the same time.

    Everyone heard how hard they both kicked each other.

    But it was as if the two of them did not feel the pain. They immediately steadied themselves and rushed toward each other for another blow.

    Li Yibo threw a punch at Jian Qi and she dodged it. She grabbed his fist and locked it behind his back. She then kneed his chest.

    Li Yibo immediately broke free from her grip and threw her over his shoulder.

    Just when he was about to kick her, Jian Qi hugged his leg and threw him to the ground.

    She bent her arm and elbowed Li Yibo in the chest.

    Li Yibo grunted and grabbed her arm.

    Jian Qi’s reaction was fast enough so she was able to escape him.

    Watching the fight made the onlookers all heated up. When the other three veterans reached the spot, they were shocked too, “Big Sister Qi is so cool today!”

    One of the veterans that had been watching since the beginning was smiling. “She’s extremely cool!”

    “Why are the three of you here though?” the veteran asked his comrades.

    “They asked us to gather here. Anyways, who’s the three that won the fight here?”

    The three veterans were surprised.

    “Since they have already won, why is Big Sister Qi and Li Yibo still fighting?”

    The veteran thought about it and told them what happened.

    The other three veterans smiled. “Never knew that Big Sister Qi was so brave enough to take on Li Yibo all by herself. Bravo, Big Sister Qi!”

    Lu Yao was speechless watching the veterans cheer for Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi was covered in sweat and bruises but she was still smiling. It was undeniable that the bloodthirsty girl at that moment was very attractive!