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Chapter 264 - Just How Much Did She Have to Compromise for Him? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 264: Just How Much Did She Have to Compromise for Him? (2)

    "Yeah?" He was back to that ominous monosyllabic reply.

    Unable to hold out beyond a few seconds, Xu Shuai surrendered weakly, and related his strategy to Gu Yu, "Three words. Adapt as appropriate!"

    Gu Yu grunted casually as an acknowledgment of his words.

    After a pause, he asked, "Is there a woman beside you?"

    Xu Shuai was suddenly taken aback by surprise. Was Gu Yu about to offer him some compensation upon knowing that he had interrupted his night of pleasure?

    He thought about it for a moment. Well, he did have his eye on a limited edition watch recently. There were only three pieces in the world. From the looks of things, he was about to get his hands on one very soon!

    Xu Shuai burrowed further into his daydream, and his smile widened till his eyes were closed as he replied, "Yeah. It was the new flavor of the month that I'd been chasing for over two weeks! I'd finally managed to invite her over for a cup for coffee, and now… just to answer your call, I've left her alone on the bed!"

    "I see…" Gu Yu slowly trailed off. "Well, tell her to get dressed and get lost!"

    "What?" Xu Shuai's face froze in shock. This had turned out completely different from what he had imagined!

    "Why? Do you want me to send someone over to pick her up?"

    "But…why? Even a king has to give his subject a reason before sending him to the gallows!" Xu Shuai cried heartbrokenly over the phone.

    Gu Yu sneered and hung up the phone mercilessly without another word.

    Here he was, unable to bed his wife, and having stand on the balcony in the middle of the night with the cold wind blowing, and Xu Shuai wanted to continue enjoying his night? Haha!

    Since they were brothers, hardship was meant to be shared between them.


    Adapt as appropriate. That meant using whatever Xu Weilai fancied to please her and make her happy.

    But, what did she like?

    Gu Yu leaned back on his swivel chair as his eyebrows creased. His eyes were contemplative as he clasped his hands together in front of his body, and tapped his fingers on the back of his hand. He tried to recall the days he had spent with Xu Weilai in the past.

    Xu Weilai seemed to like… almost everything! Regardless of what he gave her, she had always accepted it with a smile and a nod of her head. "I love it! I love it! I love everything you give!" she had said.

    Therefore, despite racking his brain, he couldn't figure out anything that she particularly liked.

    Was it because she had never revealed her real self to him, or because he had never taken the effort to truly get to know her?

    Before that, he hadn't known it because the thought had never even crossed his mind before. But now that he thought about it, he realized that there was very little he knew about Xu Weilai. It wasn't that his memory had dimmed. Rather, that information had never existed in his mind!

    Gu Yu suddenly felt a crushing weight in his heart. It was very discomforting and brought with it a sense of bitterness.

    He knew that his personality made it hard for people to get close to him. In the time that they had dated, on the surface, it seemed like he had doted upon her. However, in reality, she had always been accommodating him and compromising for him, and he had overlooked it all.

    Grandpa Gu was indeed correct. He had unleashed all of his tempers on Xu Weilai alone.

    He clearly liked to see Xu Weilai's smile but had been the very one to rob her of it with his own hands.

    Gu Yu closed his eyes and forcefully suppressed the ache that threatened to erupt behind his eyes. A long while later, he finally reopened them, and his eyes had a hint of red in them.

    His cell phone chimed. Gu Yu picked it up and glanced at the screen.

    It was a short message from Xiao Chun, asking him out for a meal to apologize for the words she had uttered while drunk previously. It was the third time she had sent him a message asking to meet for a meal.

    Gu Yu ignored the message and put the phone down.

    A few seconds later, he picked the phone up again and replied: OK.